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How to Increase Battery Life for Laptop (2020)

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No matter what your profession is, your laptop is an indispensable part of your life. And to say the least, it requires the utmost attention.

Most of the issues that your device displays stem from poor usage of the battery. 'Poor usage' includes using the battery too much, or too scarcely.

Astonished? Then note this: not only will overusing your battery cause damage, but it will also deteriorate if you hardly use it.

A common impairment is caused by using electricity to run a fully charged laptop. Are you wondering what you can do to preserve your lifelines?

We have got you covered. Our list of tips will help you take better care of your electronic companions, ensuring a healthier life span for them.

How to Increase Battery Life for Laptop

Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop

A few tips to assist you in maintaining the health of your laptop are as follows:

#1 Lower the Brightness of Your Screen

When you keep the brightness of your laptop increased, you exhaust more of your battery power. It is fine to do it sometimes, especially if you are using the charging cable, but reducing the brightness can take you a long way in conserving battery.

Saving battery power, in turn, saves battery life. Keeping your screen bright all the time, might not prove to be very bright for the future of your laptop!

#2 Change Your Power Settings

Windows 10, the most used operating system in the market, comes with some neat settings. Tweaking these will help you save power. When you are not using your laptop, let it enter the sleep mode. When your device enters the sleep mode, it is using minimal battery power, a feature that can work to increase your battery life.

Do the math here- if you let your laptop sleep after every ten minutes of not using it; and if you are using it at an interval of thirty minutes, you are gifting your computer twenty minutes of battery life every time it was just going to lie idle!

The statistics on this will tell you how helpful this simple gesture can be in the long run.

#3 Turn Off the Wi-Fi When You Are Not Using It

Let us all admit that we never give importance to this point! We, almost always, let the Wi-Fi connection remain on even when we are not using it. This is especially harmful to the battery life of your laptop. No matter how strong and powerful the battery, it is bound to drain out faster due to the overuse of Wi-Fi.

Only turn on the Wi-Fi when you need it. Keeping it on all the time makes your operating system run unnecessary programs in the background in order to keep you connected to all the servers. You can only imagine the kind of avoidable stress this puts on the battery!

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#4 Eject discs

Most of the time, people tend to forget there is a disc rotating inside the laptop. Now, your laptop is an amalgamation of many things, one major part of being the laptop’s hardware. A disc drive is a mechanical part of the hardware that literally moves, or rotates, to make your disc work.

A lot of electrical energy is required to simply keep the disc rotating. Leaving it there does not make it stop in its tracks- in fact, it keeps going unless you eject it. Hence, keep a disc loaded only if you are using it. If you are not working with one, make sure to eject it and reinsert when you need it.

#5 Upgrade to a better battery

Your battery can sustain only for so long before it finally gives up. You must analyze your usage to understand the strength of your battery. Most laptops nowadays come with the facility to upgrade the battery at a later stage.

If you think that you will be using the device to the point of exploitation, it is better to invest in a battery that will support your laptop. This will not only help you work better but will also ensure your laptop does not break down in the middle of an important situation.

#6 Say NO to unnecessary processes running in the Background

The operating system that runs a computer has uncountable processes running in the background. For even the smallest action you wish to take, there are a number of programs that need to be invoked.

However, sometimes it so happens that you leave a task hanging in the background while you switch over to something else. Not using that particular feature makes the operating system shove it to the back of the queue. However, the process does not stop running.

Your OS still has to keep it in its radius, just in case you want to go back to it. To help relieve all this stress, close all the extra processes that might be running without any requirement. You can do this by going to the Task Manager and evaluating the running processes.


Your laptop, although an electronic device, has a longevity that is only tangible. If you do not take care of its hygiene, the last thing it will offer to you is a good performance record. Hence, make sure you take the health of your devices very seriously. Taking care of them will help them sustain a longer lifespan.


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