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How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Organized (Updated 2020)

Edited By Garima Singh, Reviewed By Anupama

Simply owing an electronic item is not enough. Maintaining the same is a challenge which many of us often overlook.

This stands absolutely true for the refrigerator. The product requires maintenance to function properly and provide the cooling which is expected to offer.

Refrigerators itself ensure storage of foods and beverages in a hygienic manner.

Before the advent of refrigerators, life would have been tough, but we are the privileged lot because we live in the age of technology and products add convenience to our living.

Refrigerators have become an integral part and parcel of our life and every kitchen. So while it hips to keep your favorite milkshake cool, there are a few fridge cleaning tips which should be followed to ensure that the product is well-maintained.

We are able to find tough competition in the refrigeration segment as several brands are offering diversified colors, models, and styles of the product.

how to keep your refrigerator clean and organized

Thus purchasing the id products in it is a big challenge which the buyers have to overcome and bring the optimum one to their doorstep.

Once installed, the product starts producing results as expected. Now comes the tricky part; its maintenance. You would be tempted to ask what the need to clean and maintain it is.

  • A machine which is periodically clean and maintained will definitely yield better results. It will offer better cooling, and the longevity of the product will be achieved.
  • As refrigerators are used for the storage of consumable and edible articles, its cleaning is mandatory. From a hygiene point of view, cleaning the machine is inevitable.

Here goes a list of tips how to clean refrigerator. These tips will guide you in keeping it clean, hygienic, and organized so that it can function in an ideal format.

Clean – up timely

If you open the door of the refrigerator, and you are unable to reach or find the item which you want, be sure that it is time to clean the fridge. Organize the fridge in such a manner which allows the placement of the eatables in an organized fashion and you can spot the item which you want easily.

So the way to begin is to unload the fridge and load it again. This tip can be very helpful in the perfect maintenance of the fridge, and you can spot the article of your choice easily.

Use the compartments wisely 

Each product has compartments as per its size. Use compartments for the storage of the food articles according to the nature of the product. For example, reserve one shelf for the fruits and veggies. In some products, the vegetable section is separately designed with a separate door.

This in itself is organized and the user can easily load the veggies/fruits in that part of the fridge. Still, periodic fridge cleaning of the same would be important. Are you are the proud owner of a single-door fridge, and then you can use each shelf wisely, and store the items accordingly.

Similarly, meat, dairy products, etc. should be wisely stored as well.

Use storage boxes 

If you want to know, how to use refrigerator Storage boxes which are an ideal way to store the items in the different compartments of the fridge. Perishable items like milk, tofu, cheese, etc. can be stored in the first shelf where it can be easily accessed.

Use mats 

Mats are an impactful way to ensure the maintenance of the compartments. Even if there is a spill by mistake, the mat can be simply taken out cleaned and installed backed into the fridge. The containers which have food items can be sticky and make the mat sticky or smelly.

This too can be easily cleaned or replaced with another mat.

How to clean water bottles in the fridge?

Yes, it is true that when we keep the ketchup bottle in the fridge, we do not bother to clean it after cooking each time. But the monthly cleaning task should be carried out perfectly. The ketchup, mustard, juice, peanut butter, or pasta sauce should be cleaned bottle down. This will make the bottle hygienic too.

Keep the stuff in the order of priority

The latest refrigerators found in the market are big and quite spacious. The compartments have enough space which can allow enough loading of eatable in it. But the loading has to be done as per the priority of the item.

The products which we often require should be placed in front and the items which are not to be used on a daily basis can be placed behind the priority items. This will help in keeping the fridge clean.

Leftover food should be placed within easy reach

It is essential to store the leftover food items within easy reach. It should be easily visible so that it can be eaten. Often we keep the leftover item in the fridge and if it not visible, then we tend to forget it and it may get spoiled. Hence, the placement of the perishable leftover food articles should be done within eye contact.

Load the freezer with intelligence

The freezer is another part of the refrigerator which is used for making ice and stalking packaged items and ice-creams. These should be stored in closed containers, and the freezer should also be cleaned on a regular basis.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Pressure cleaning is a good idea as it is very helpful in sucking the food item which gets stuck in the fridge and results in a foul smell.

The little food items get dried and get stuck in the drawers. The debris can be effectively cleaned by changing or alternating the brush attachment of the vacuum. It is an efficient way of cleaning the fridge and maintaining the cleanliness of the same.

Clean the water/ice dispenser

Technology has offered a new twist to the existing product and refrigerators these days come attached with water and ice dispenser. But do you know how to clean fridge's inside part, which is very important because droplets of water leave a mark on the body of the product and create staining.

Dripping water stains are also clearly visible. These can be easily removed and is an important task which should not be ignored.

Organize with Beverage Holders

Keeping the edible items in containers, small jars, and clear bins will give an organized look to the fridge.

Similarly, the beverage bottles should also make use of beverage can holders, stackable wine bottle holders, and binder clippers to hold the beer bottles or likewise in place. Movement of such products in the fridge gets restricted, and the area looks extremely neat and organized.

Daily Maintenance is the Best

You are a boon for your refrigerator is you like to load the fridge in an organized method on a daily method.

This will save the time spent on a single cleaning session because keeping things in an organized fashion will naturally keep the fridge in an ideal state. A simple rubbing of the compartments will be a good streak of care for the fridge.

Labeling Can be a Great Idea

If the fridge is big, and has several side racks and compartments, labeling the same can be a great way to optimize the use of the product.

Different food items can be stored in different compartments and racks, and these should be labeled. This will save your time to find the article which you are looking for, and also offer an organized look to the fridge.

De-Clutter the Fridge

Do not indulge in overloading the fridge. This can causing crowding of the food elements and slows the cooling of the fridge. The warm spots will cause spoilage of food and can even lead to odour.

Store Whole

Do not indulge in cutting or slicing the food item and then storing. When you are ready to consume, only then cut veggies, meat, and whole items. Cutting and storing the veggies for long will take away the nutrients from it. However, if you intend to freeze the item it can be cut/sliced and then stored. 

The product belongs to you and being the proud owner of the refrigerator, it is your responsibility to keep it a mess and clutter-free.

The old items should be eliminated from the fridge because of the food articles do come with an expiry date. Even leftover food should not stay in the fridge for a long time as they develop harmful bacteria. Hence, storage should be done intelligently.

To get better about how to clean fridge, we suggest a video. It will make the process much simpler and easier for you. Just click below and here we go:

If you want to put your creativity to use, then go ahead. Use magazine holders as freezer shelves.

The packed items can be stored in these shelves which will definitely give it renewed and creative look to the area. If you want to be reminded, then you can probably label the box as, “eat me first” and save the item from getting spoiled. These are tips which will help you to keep the fridge neat, organized, and tidy.


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