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How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Blocking is one of WhatsApp features with which you can either block someone from your contact list or an anonymous person.

In turn, this may raise a question, what if someone blocks you in the WhatsApp messenger?  How to know this move?

Here we’ve compiled some of the essential tricks to understand the block feature. We’ve also attached some screenshots for your better understanding.

How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp

1. Check their profile picture

To confirm your active connection with the user on the other end, check the profile image visibility first. You can access his/her display picture (DP) either from the chat room or the chat list. 

To view the image from the stacked list, tap the image beside the individual’s name. In the chat room which contains the messages between you two people, tap the profile name to expand the profile details and see the person’s DP. If you find the generic profile icon instead of their photos, that’s a probability indicating you are blocked.

But the situation varies as they might have removed the profile pic for some time. In such cases, check for the profile status within the contact’s profile section. 

Let’s see a picture to comprehend the feature better. As you can see here, the profile pic is not visible in the photo section.


2. Is the last seen status still visible?

Last seen visibility is also a sign signallingsignaling the person’s ban on you.  In the respective chat page, check the person’s last seen status in the profile snippet. If it doesn’t load, then there’s a possibility of you being blocked. 

However, there are chances that the person may have hidden their last seen as the similar option is available in the WhatsApp settings. If you want to try this feature, head to the account menu in the settings, and change the last seen status to nobody. 

Let’s decode the trick with imagery. As said earlier, you can witness the invisibility of neither online nor the last availability of the respective person.


3. Have you checked the About section?

Another option to know if you have been blocked is, inspecting the About section of the user.  Tap the user profile and verify the visibility of the About element. 

If you can’t see any status update, then it’s one of the strong signs of the block. But, there are options available to hide one’s profile status from the world. They could have turned off the profile status visibility. 

If you want to try this, hit this option in the account section's privacy menu in the settings. Check the Nobody from the list and use Whatsapp in a camouflage mode.

Look at the picture to recognize it better. The About section which should appear below the profile icon is not visible.


4. Read receipts

When you send a message, you can see a single tick icon indicating the message sent. For example, if you have sent a message sometime before and if the tick icon doesn’t transform into double ticks, then it’s definite that the user has blocked you from their activities.

Double ticks represent the delivery of the message. There is no option available in WhatsApp to turn off the message delivery status until now. 

As you can see in the image, the message we sent remains static with the single tick mark instead of double ticks. 


5. Add to WhatsApp group

This is the next sure sign to know your block status. Clear the air by adding them to a Whatsapp group. If you can’t add them and find the contact in the participants’ list, then it’s a sure sign of you being blocked by the person. 

From the picture, it’s evident that we can’t add the person to the group when we tried to.


6. Check the 24 hours status

The invisibility of the short-term is a clear indication apart from the tricks as mentioned earlier. You should have used this feature at least once to share your daily through various media formats such as pictures, gifs, and videos.

If you have a mutual friend, ask them to check for the person’s status on their phone. If the volatile status is visible to them and does not appear for you, then it’s an assured mark of the ban. 

When we wished to view the person’s status simultaneously when it’s available on our friend’s phone, we couldn’t see any updates.

7. Ask your friend

It is one of the simplest methods to find out the block quest. If you are suspicious about a person's activity, you can ask your friends or well-known persons to check their profile status for you.

When all the person's tasks that imposed a block on you are available in another individual’s handset, then you confirm your inability. 

Bonus tip!

When we were referring to some articles, we found the platforms stating that placing a WhatsApp call won’t work with the opposite person. But, when we tried to call the person, we were able to hear the ring as usual. We tried this several times, and the results were the same. 

So, to find if someone has blocked you, use the tricks mentioned above and clear your confusion about the block action. Share if you use any other tricks to find the activity in the comment section below.


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