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How to Lighten Dark Lips (2020)

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Luscious and pink lips instantly grab attention and also indicate a healthy lifestyle.

But nowadays, due to pollution and other external aggressors, you might lose the natural color of your lips, giving it a chapped and unattractive look.

Dark lips have become a common problem in today’s era, and you might be putting on different shades of lipstick to hide the pigmentation on your lips.

But is this solving your complex problem?

How to Lighten Dark Lips

Give it a thought, and you would instantly realize that it’s high time that you take proper care of your lips for that pink and luscious lips. Your lips should be nourished so that people stay in awe after having a look at your baby soft and pink lips.

Need for Lip care

A proper healthy regime for face and hair overshadows the need for lip care, which reaps lethal consequences for the concerned person. Negligence in the proper care of your lips may lead to hazardous results, which, most of the time, makes it a daunting task for the person to reverse the effects.

An unhealthy lifestyle and harsh surroundings often cause pigmentation on the surface of the lips, and the situation gets even worse if the concerned person does not execute proper care of lips. Thus, if a person experiences pigmentation on their lips, it becomes crucial to find solutions quite desperately.

But if you think that it’s too late to bring back the charm of your luscious lips, then you should precisely follow this article for all the incredible ways of reversing darkened lips and bring back their original stunning luster!

Natural Ways to Lighten Your Lips

Blend of Honey and lemon

This incredible lend is the most effective natural way of treating the darkened lips. The astringent properties of lemon are well known all over the world, and many de-tan products are enriched with this majestic fruit, which eliminates the core roots of pigmentation.

Honey, on the other hand, has incredible properties of natural moisturizers, and it also has a soothing effect on the complexion of the skin as well. Thus, a powerful blend of these two elements must be applied on the lips and should be washed after half an hour or so.

Gradually, you would start experiencing healthier and juicy lips, which you always dreamt of!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is quite renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a nourishing substance with the capacity to hydrate. Many brands like wet-wipes use aloe-vera to manufacture high water content products.

Thus, the application of this natural remedy would certainly hydrate your lips and have a healing, soothing effect on the sunburnt lips. It will reduce the darkening of lips that was caused by the consumption of tobacco or smoking.

Just break a little portion of an aloe vera plant and apply the gel on the outer lips. Keep it for some time and wash it off for astonishing recovery of your depleted and darker lips.

Use of Baking Soda

Baking Soda has massive exfoliating properties that are even used for skin texture and eliminating pale and dead skin cells. Applying water and baking soda mixture on the lips will eliminate a worn layer of the upper skin and ensure that your lips would get lighter after a few days.

But it is crucial to apply this mixture once a week as over-use of powerful substances like baking soda may cause lethal side effects.

Use of rose petals

Use of rose water or even rose petals can have a magical effect on the quality of the health of your lips. Rose has aromatic as well as moisturizing properties, which makes it easy for a person to retain the natural flair of the lips.

Crushing rose petals along with honey or even rose water would make a highly effective remedy for the lightening of your darkened lips. You must have seen several products utilizing the essence of rose in their production.

More importantly, Rose has always been one of the most commonly known herbal treatments for several problems. Grinding rose petals in cream to apply on the lips is also a fantastic alternative for better lip quality.

Tomato Juice

Very few would know about the powerful offerings of tomato, which are extremely capable of reducing the pigmentation from lips. Tomato juice helps in the effective treatment of darkened lips. Applying tomato juice for a quarter of an hour would give incredible results.

Don’t forget to rinse off as tomato applied on the lips for a long time can cause itching and burning sensations as well. You can also consume tomatoes and other red vegetables daily to retain the pink or red pigmentation of your lips.

There are added benefits as they are nutritious and will also help in giving a glow to your skin, like pink cheeks.

Natural Ways to Lighten Lips

Blend of almond oil and sugar

Sugar along with almond oil has natural properties for exfoliation of skin as well as lips. It is important to remove the dead cells that cluster on top of the lips. As stated, it is one of the primary reasons for chapped lips with ‘hanging skin.’

The pigmented layer of the lips will get cured with the help of is blend. It promotes the regeneration of the luscious pink layer of lips. One can also apply cocoa butter which has nourishing properties.

Milk and turmeric

A blend of milk and turmeric has incredible healing properties as well as moisturizing elements, as well. Milk and Turmeric are also great for consumption and is a well-known solution to pollution. It enhances the detoxifying capabilities of the body.

Applying the mixture of this remedy will give nourished and softer lips, which you could flaunt on every occasion. Daily consumption will bear extra benefits. After all, any natural remedy is bound to have more than a singular effect for extra goodness.


Cucumber is well known for its soothing and calming effect on burning sensations, but it’s vitamin- c proficiencies also make it quite a powerful agent against the reckless pigmentation of lips.

Thus, applying cucumber slices directly on your lips or extracting cucumber juice and applying it on the lips reaps massive results for the effective lightening of darker lips.

Pomegranate seeds blended with rose water

In the serious condition of hyperpigmentation, Seeds of pomegranate along with rose water and brisk formulation of cream(dairy) may give instant relief from the severe conditions and the skin would also get lightened after regular use.

It is a mixture of perfect nourishment and moisturizing capabilities of cream, with the healing aspects and fantastic fragrance of rose and red pigmentation of pomegranate with juice to fill the damaged cracks of the lips with perfect refuel.

Darks Lips to Pink Lips Naturally

Precautions to Prevent Dark Lips

Avoid the application of dark colors on your lips

Latest Trends May Seem Aesthetically Stylish, But They Can Lead To Certain Lethal Effects If Used In Excess. Dark-colored lip products can extract the natural flair of your luscious pink lips.

Due to the wear and tear from the hazardous elements in the surroundings like smoke and dirt, your lips are not able to retain their natural essence. Thus, the darker lipsticks leave their texture on the lips, which has a bad impact on the condition of the lips.

Thus, it is crucial to use gentle and soft colors for lipsticks and also keep a check on the top-notch quality of your lipsticks as local products have adverse effects on the lips as well.

Use of SPF protected Lip care

How to Lighten Dark Lips

Using moisturizers with SPF protection will not only save you lips from the brutal effects of UV rays but also would ensure that you are shielding your lips against harmful pollutants in the surroundings and the harsh climatic conditions as well.

Lip care products from certified brands also don’t affect the natural traits from your lips. Thus the protection of lips is done in quite an impactful way.

Using mediocre products for your lips would only make the situation worse. Thus, invest in a good quality product for the nourishment of your lips.

Consult A Veteran Dermatologist

Veteran dermatologists are extremely well equipped with intense knowledge and information. Using their vast experience, they can give an appropriate solution for your Lip darkening issues and could also recommend a compatible medication which doesn’t harm your body in any way.

They would also prescribe to you the ideal dosage and drugs for a quick healing and recovery process repairing the ill effects of pigmentation and other allergic causes.


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