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How to PLAY FREE FIRE on PC (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Garena Free Fire is the most popular survival royal mayhem game and was even awarded as the “Most Popular Game” in 2019. The game revolves around a battlefield that has players immersed in for many hours. It has become a personal favourite of the gaming community.

As a player, you will be pitted against others in a single survival match to see who can last till the end. It allows you to cover a safe position for yourself, and collect supplies to build on your survival chances with medical equipment or weaponry. 

Garena studios launched this royal battle genre game in both Android and iOS devices. This, however, does not leave behind users of Windows and MAC computers/ laptops. Though the initial version of the app is not accessible directly via computers, through this article, we will help you find your way through.

We will also provide you with a few tips and tricks for keyboard-control users. For that, you need to download the “Bluestacks” software on your laptop.  

Download the Bluestacks Software for a Thrilling Experience

Bluestacks is a software designed to enable users to experience the Android apps and games to run on computers and laptops with Windows OS and MAC OS. This is easily accessible to download, as it is available for free on the Bluestacks official website. Once you have installed the software on your application, follow the next steps mentioned to play the amazing Free Fire game. 

Step 1:  Install Bluestacks software by downloading the installer file and running it on your PC.

Step 2:   Through the software, go to the search bar at the top right corner of the screen and type “Garena Free Fire.”

Step 3:   Tap on the game icon and click the “Install” button

Step 4:   Post-installation, you will be able to find the “Garena Free Fire” icon under the “My APPS” tab on Bluestacks. 

Step 5:   Tap on it and enjoy your game.

Bluestacks is a fantastic software emulator for Free Fire as it provides great keyboard bindings that are customised specially for you. Besides, you can also enjoy higher sensitivity with mouse controls and experience of a larger FOV on the monitor. It is most efficient for shooter games of Free Fire.

Now that you have downloaded the software, you need to be able to understand the keyboard controls. You can also access the Free Fire game from an app called “Nox player”. Remember that every game is only 10 minutes long, set on a remote island with 49 other players.

What matters is how you do not just strive to stay in the safe zone but survive until the end of the game. “Survival of the fittest” is the only true motto. So, buckle up as we provide you with some free tips. 

The main aim is to survive. Moreover, the real-life features allow you to go anywhere you wish, drive vehicles and use a map.

It would be best if you stayed in a safe zone not to be eliminated but also equipped with weapons and tools to kill enemies and increase your chances of winning. Stay hidden in the grass and drive your enemies to death with cars.

How to Play Free Fire on PC

But what if I am using a Nox player from a PC?

Don’t worry. We got you COVERED! You must be facing recent issues of running the Free Fire game with the “Failed to save file” error after installation. Press “OK” several times till you are in the game.

Once you are, use the following tips:

1.  Look out for a Minimap:  This will assist you to look out for safe zones and the danger that awaits you. Moreover, you can locate the gunshots directly with the minimap. Take the opportunity to kill your opponent or cover for yourself.

2.  An isolated location is the best solution: If you are in a secluded spot, the chances of your survival are higher. But be careful to not lose out on any weapons or equipment to cover.

3.  Keyboard + Control = Shoot to win: You can customise your keyboard settings and take quick actions. Check out for special instructions with special letters- like WASD means walking direction, TAB refers to bag opening.

4.  Your Gear is your Shield: Your defence depends on your access to weaponry and medical equipment but more importantly, your helmet and vest. They will save you from any crossfires and provide the maximum protection.

With these, you are ready to ace the games. Remember to use the tips and software to have maximum experience of this mayhem survival game where crisis looms everywhere! 


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