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How To Play Ludo Online

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Board games have always been a treat for the people of all age groups. One could spend hours playing it with his pals without noticing the passing time. 

LUDO KING is a free to play game application developed by Gametion Technologies that, in the modern-day has come up as one of the most popular multiplayer games.

While the application has already become friendly with the people from young age groups, it has been helping the elder ones to recreate the memories of their childhood. 

The application’s achievement of being able to be closely related to the classic board game has helped it to gain spontaneous popularity.

As a consequence, it is giving a tough time to the giants like PUBG and Clash of Clans. 

How To Play Ludo King Online-min

People can enjoy the game in both offline and online modes. The application allows a maximum of six players to join the game at the same time, while a minimum of two players is required to begin the game.

Pursuing the game in offline mode is fairly easy where you get two options of playing as a team or as individuals. But when people are physically and geographically separated, the only way left to enjoy the game is by accessing the online mode. 

Below are the guidelines which would help you to learn the procedure of playing the game online:

1. Download the application

The very first step, to begin with, is to download the game application. The game is available both on Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store of iPhones. Either search directly for Ludo King or look for the top applications which would come upon searching simply for ‘Ludo’.

The application will take at least 45 MB of space on our phone. 

2. Home Screen

Once downloaded, simply open the application. On doing so, you will get a view of the home screen of the application where you will see all the languages in which you would be able to operate the game application. Choose the language best suited for you and confirm.

3. Login

After you have selected the default language, you could either enter the game through Facebook or you could opt for the ‘Play as Guest’ option below it. If you choose to ‘Login with Facebook’, the app will automatically fetch all the required information from the social platform. 

It will further notify you that the app will not post anything on your Facebook profile. One advantage of linking your Facebook profile to the application will be that you will be able to connect to all your Facebook friends using Ludo King.

You could challenge and play by connecting with your friends who would be online. If you choose to play as a guest, the next screen that would come up will have more options. You will have to select your country and change the guest username.

Further, you will have to choose your profile picture from the list of options. 

4. Themes and Missions

While there are many ways to commence playing, the application will first show up available themes. There would also appear the various missions. On completing the various missions, you will be able to unlock various themes which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. 

The daily bonus box would further come up. The box will showcase the ‘Daily bonus’, the rewards or number of coins which you would be able to claim for the next week.

5. Join/Create

To play with your friends who are not close to you, you will have to click on the option saying, ‘Play with friends’. After tapping on it, you will have to select a colour for your pawns (blue, green, red or yellow). Following it, you can either join the game or create a new one. 

When you create a game, the application will allow you to generate an exclusive code. You will get to decide the entry coins required to enter the game. Minimum coins required are 100. On sharing the code with your friends, they will get access to the game.

You can share this code with your friends via WhatsApp, SMS, email or any other messaging app. The game starts when all your friends join the lobby. If in case you choose to join a game, you will have to enter the code to join the corresponding game.

Once you enter the code, you will directly get access to the lobby. 

6. Start

To start the game, the first player will simply have to tap on the dice. One will only be able to move the pawns if the dice shows six after rolling. Any other number won’t suffice at the start, similar to the classic rules of the board game. 

You could also chat with other members of the game by tapping on the chat bubble above your avatar’s head. Remember every emoji that you would send to others will cost ten-game coins, and you begin the game with 5250 coins. 

How To Play Ludo King Online

Additional Features of Ludo King

Apart from this feature which allows you to play with your friends online, you could also play with strangers. On tapping the option which says ‘Play Online’, a screen showing two categories or modes would appear. You will have to either select the CLASSIC mode or go for the POPULAR mode.

The feature that distinguishes both the modes is the second currency (other than coins) of the game that comes in the scenario- diamonds. Coins and diamonds are two important currencies of the game.

They help you unlock various chapters and themes. In the popular mode of the game, the players are allowed to use diamonds extensively.

What do diamonds do?

Well, by using the diamonds in the ‘Popular mode’, a player can roll the dice again if in case he is not satisfied with the initial outcome and wishes to improve it. That being said, the diamonds don’t allow the players to roll the dice successively but only gives a chance to improve the result. 

For example, a player may be able to improve from 2 to 4 or from 4 to 6. Also, there is a chance that he could capture the pawn of other players by using diamonds. One cannot use this feature in the ‘Classic mode’.

That being the only difference between the two modes, after selecting any one mode, you can either opt for online games with two players or four players. Once you select it, you will be automatically paired with players online all across the world.  

Normally it takes nearly 3 hours to generate currency in the form of diamonds and coins. One perk of linking your Facebook account to the application is that you get currencies as rewards. When you invite more and more of your contacts to join the game, the currencies pile up! Although people may also use actual money to get diamonds from the store. 

Apart from the enticing online modes of the game, players can also pass their time in the offline modes.

The ‘Play n Pass’ option on the main screen would allow your friends sitting together to savour the game just like the online mode. You may either select to play the game as individuals or even team up and enjoy.


With constant new updates and all the versatile features available, Ludo King is undoubtedly one of the best ways to deal with boredom and is still getting better. You will thus never regret having it on your smart-phone! 


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