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How to Record Screen in Windows 10 (2020)

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Looking for how to record screen in windows 10?

Well, there may be a number of reasons for recording and you can be a gamer, blogger, YouTuber or simply a person trying to make a presentation.

All of these require screen recording and it allows users to simplify various processes.

It is the easiest way to explain a phenomena and becomes particularly helpful when you are trying to share something with your teammates.

How to Record Screen in Windows 10

A screengrab of what you are doing on your computer will help others to identify issues easily and learn things without any difficulty. So, whether you are trying to make an instructional video recording or designing a tutorial for your office mates, a screen recording can be quite handy.

Screen Recorder Windows 10 can be accomplished with a number of programs. While basic recordings can be done with pre-installed programs like the Xbox app, screen video recorder can be installed for recording perfect videos with customized settings.

Here’s how to record your screen on windows 10 easily.

Pre-installed Xbox App in Windows 10

If you are trying to choose the best PC screen recorder for windows 10, the pre-installed Xbox app can be quite useful. Although, you may not realize its potential at the beginning, this built-in recording tool will help you complete simple recordings without any difficulty.

To make easier for you, we've searched and outlined a few simple step by step guide on how to record video of an app in Windows 10 using Pre-installed Xbox App.

  • Type Xbox in your Window’s search box to locate it.
  • Tap on Windows button + G on your keyboard and hit ‘Yes, this is a game’.
  • Now you can easily record the screen by tapping on Windows + Alt + R to start the recording. 
  • When you finish recording click the same buttons, that is, Windows + Alt + R to stop and finish the screen recording. 
  • You can find the saved videos in the Videos/ Capture folder of your computer.
  • They will be recorded in MP4 format which you can later change to any other format using suitable software.

Customize Settings for Screen Recordings

The screen recorder’s settings can also be customized according to your preferences. Log in to the Xbox app on Windows 10 and access the Game DVR option. Although, destination folder for recordings cannot be selected, quality settings can be changed.

Here you can choose maximum clip lengths and confirm whether you need a video with or without audio. Scroll down to ‘Record audio when I record a game’.

If you disable this, it will turn off audio from all your recordings and vice versa. There is also a button to enable microphone recording.

Click on ‘Turn on mic by default when I record’ to create live voice overs along with your screen recording. The volume slider buttons can be used to balance the microphone volume.

The default settings for video is ideal for any desktop screen recorder and you may not bother about changing them.

But, you do have options to adjust the video quality with the dropdown menu. Another very important feature which you would probably want to enable is ‘Capture mouse cursor in recordings’. It is particularly helpful for educational or instructional videos.

Once the settings are finalized, you can go ahead and start the recording. But, you need to convince Windows that you are actually in a game and to do this, open a window on your desktop.

To record an application, the same window can be used or you can open a dummy app to start the recording. For example, open up Notepad on your computer and press Windows + G on your keyboard.

The Xbox Game bar appears on the right side of the screen and you can click ‘Yes this is a game’ checkbox to continue. The keyboard shortcut for starting and stopping recordings (Windows + Alt + R) can now be used for starting and stopping the screen recording.

However, keep in mind, all Windows 10 devices are not capable of running this operation. To utilize this feature you need a video card supporting encoders such as NVIDIA NVENC, Intel Quick Sync H.260 or AMD VCE.

How to Record Screen in Windows 10 Using the Pre-Installed Xbox App

Other Options to Record Computer Screen

If your PC is equipped with NVIDIA, screen recording will be integrated within the GeForce Experience app. Open this app and go to the Settings page. Find ‘In-Game Overlay’ panel and enable it. Go back to the Settings once again and open the overlay’s dedicated settings.

When it opens, go to Menu and enter ‘Privacy Control’. Enable ‘Desktop capture’ and you are ready for windows screen recorder in Windows 10 PC. Press Ctrl + Shift + F12 to start screen recordings. After the recording is done, it is saved in the Desktop folder within the Videos folder.

The graphic drivers of AMD also has screen capture feature. The company’s crimson series of drivers are designed to record screen in window 10. Go to AMD Radeon Settings app and click ReLive at the bottom of the screen. Make sure that the toggles on ‘Record Desktop’ and ‘Relive’ are turned on.

Now press Ctrl + Shift + R on your keyboard to start the recording. You can find the recorded videos in the folder showed in Radeon Settings.

How To Screen Record In Windows 10 Using Free Screen Recorder ?

FlashBack Express

If your PC doesn’t support the Game Bar and you are finding it difficult to record the screen, use FlashBack Express which is the best screen recorder for windows 10. It is an excellent application that can be downloaded and installed in your Windows 10 PC.

Open the application and click ‘Record your screen’.

A large number of customizable settings will be available and you can select from full screen recordings, specific window to a custom area selected with the mouse or webcam.

Sound settings can also be adjusted here. It also gives you the option to record audio from a microphone as a separate track.

flashback express

This is particularly useful for editing purposes. You can also capture keystrokes, replace passwords with asterisk and limit recordings in accordance with time or file size. Recordings can also be scheduled with FlashBack Express.

After recording a video, you can review the video with FlashBack Express 5 Player and trim or crop it according to your preferences.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Apowersoft free screen recorder for windows 10 is an excellent tool for recording your Windows 10 screen. There is no need to install any program and you can directly use it from the web browser. Visit the site and click on ‘Start Recording’.

A small launcher application has to be downloaded and then you can record videos without any hassle. This windows 10 screen recorder online is ideal for presentations or instructional videos as it can include the cursor movements, keystrokes and add annotations while the recording is in progress.


It also gives you the option to choose the area which you wish to record. You can either select full screen or a selected area, according to your requirement. Once you finish recording, click the pause button and tick the box.

You can now find your saved video in the Documents folder in MP4 format.

Icecream Screen Recording Software for Windows 10

Another alternative for recording your Windows 10 screen can be the Icecream Screen Recorder for pc . It is a useful tool and has an attractive interface with nicely arranged buttons.

The application offers good quality screen recordings in different formats ranging from MKV, AVI to MP4.

To start off, download the program and install it in your PC. Launch the application and go to Settings. Customize the settings according to your preference.

Click ‘Capture Video’ and resize the recording frame. Press ‘Rec’ to start the recording.

ice cream screen recorder

When you finish recording, click ‘Stop’ and save the video in your hard drive. This application also comes with a screenshot tool which allows users to capture images which can be later edited and inserted in videos.

But, it is a premium screen recorder PC in windows 10 and comes with a subscription fee. If you are using the trial version, you can record videos for 10 minutes only.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is one of the best screen recorder for PC. It not only allows users to record audio and video, it also comes with a powerful editor which can largely enhance the quality of your videos. To begin with, install the program and run the installation file.

Once it is successfully installed, the program opens automatically. Go to ‘Record Screen’ to start a recording. You can also select the capture area with this program. Keep your cursor over the application window you are going to record and click on it.

Additionally, you can select a frame for capturing the video by dragging your mouse around the specified area. Once the capture interface is selected, select a preset size from the Capture Area list. 

Specify the audio devices that are going to use for the recording – microphone, speakers or both.


Adjust the volume and you are all set. Keystroke recordings and cursor effects must be enabled to highlight these movements. The duration for a recording can also be set with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Recordings can also be scheduled ahead of time from the ‘Capture’ menu. Click on ‘REC’ to start a recording.

The video can be paused or stopped whenever you want to. Options for grabbing screenshots are also available with this program. After you finish recording, find the saved video in MKV format

The built-in video editing app allows users to tweak their recordings or save it in different formats.  

There are plenty of ways to record your Windows 10 screen. Choose one that is convenient and easy to use. While there are some free recorders available online, a premium one will certainly offer plenty of choices that will enhance the quality of your recordings.


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