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How to Record Your Computer Screen (2020)

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Like all smartphone users, you must be acquainted with a screenshot. It’s easy to capture a screen grab of your mobile phone, but have you ever wondered about the same for your PC screen?

Well, you may have saved a few internet pages from your computer, but how about a video? Have you ever thought about how to record screen of you PC?

Suppose you want to show someone how to proceed with an online operation, it is easiest to explain with a screen recording.

Although, you might explain the entire procedure verbally or in a written format, it often becomes difficult to grasp everything.

How to Record Your Computer Screen

If you are taking the help of a screen recording, you’ll not only be able to show every step in detail, it can also record audio, as and when required. Computers nowadays are equipped with webcams and microphones but there are moments when many of us would wish it could be recorded.

Whether you are making a YouTube video or simply wish to create a tutorial for your teammates, screen recording has its advantages. The computer screen can be recorded with the help of free software as well as hi-tech tools, loaded with features for professional output.

To make things easier, let’s find out how to record PC screen.

How To Record Screen In Windows 10

If you have a laptop or desktop operating with Windows 10, you might already have access to some apps which can record your PC screen. It may not be the primary purpose of the app but, it can very well execute the task of recording.

PowerPoint is one such tool. It can also be used as screen recorder for Windows 10. If you have a latest version of PowerPoint, here’s how you can go about it. Go to the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Screen Recording’.

Now click on ‘Select Area’ to choose a particular area of the screen which you want to record. If you need a full screen recording, press ‘Windows key+ Shift+ F’. The ‘Record’ button will appear and you can easily start recording.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Hitting the ‘Pause’ button will stop the recording for some time and when you are ready to complete the process, click ‘Stop’. The video grab can now be saved in a separate file. Although, the options for editing here is quite limited, it can be extremely useful when you need a screen recording instantly.

PowerPoint, however, does provide some video enhancement tools that can add a glow, shadows or borders to the existing video.   

Recording YouTube live streams

If you are ready to go live on YouTube but, lack the time to record a video, YouTube can be used for recording your screen and publishing it on the site. All you have to do is sign into your account and click on the Creator Studio tab.

Select ‘Events’ from Live Streaming section and choose ‘Enable Live Streaming’. Go to ‘New Live Event’. Now you will be asked to fill in some information and pick ‘Quick’ or ‘Custom’ for the kind of video you want. If you choose ‘Quick’, it immediately opens up a live streaming window.

But, ‘Custom’ offers more coding options which can be customized according to your preference. Click ‘Go Live Now’ to start your recording. When you are done, click ‘Stop’ and save the Event.

Offline apps for screen recording

There are a number of specialized apps used for professional screen recordings. These can be downloaded and used for advanced operations. OBS Studio is a free screen recorder for windows.

It is an open source that allows unlimited recordings without watermarks. It not only provides excellent hardware support, it also has a built-in streaming function for people who want to broadcast their recordings to a live audience.

OBS Studio has plenty of premium features which can be customized according to user preferences. But, it takes a little longer to set up this app. However, once downloaded and set up on your computer, it can work better than many paid apps.

Snagit and Camtasia are also great options for recording Mac or Windows PC. Snagit is perfect for short and simple desktop recordings. Camtasia, on the other hand, executes more complex tasks. So, if you are trying to make professional recordings, Camtasia is a better option.

However, videos from Snagit can also be shared with Camtasia, where it can be assembled for making longer and complex versions of the same video. If you are creating marketing videos, making vlogs and recording how-to features then this PC screen recorder, Snagit can be quite helpful.

It has plenty of recording features that can be used for showing off your products, which is particularly useful in case of marketing videos. Videos with multiple graphics and screen recording can be seamlessly produced with Snagit and if you are ready to pay for its service, it will prove to be really helpful.

How to Record Screen In Windows 10 Using Pre-Installed Windows 10 Feature

How to record desktop screen

First of all, select a software that you wish to use for recording your desktop screen. Select the area on the screen that you wish to record. While some videos require full-screen recording, there are others which do not require this.

A tutorial video for example, which shows how to proceed with a certain operation, may not require a full-screen recording. You need to ensure that the viewer is focused only on what’s important and not on the entire desktop. So, it will be wise to record only certain sections of the screen.

Start recording when you have selected a designated region on your screen. If you are doing a full-screen recording, it is better to remove bookmarks or the browser history. Similarly, if you are on the desktop, declutter a bit to remove the unnecessary stuff from your screengrab.

If you are recording something that requires you to show how to log in, blur the username and password for extra security. Finally, you can edit the recording before publishing or sharing. It is important to edit the videos because there will always be some unnecessary recordings at the beginning or end.

Snagit can be used to trim recordings and to remove unwanted portions. Once the editing is completed, you can share or publish the screen recording. If you are using Snagit or Camtasia, it can also be stored in MP4 format.

A lot of sharing options are also available and you can directly upload videos to Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube. A file can also be saved in your local drive. In order to enhance screen recordings, you can add audio clips later.

The editing facilities of Camtasia, for example, helps you to insert audio tracks after the recording is completed.

How To Record Screen On Mac

If you are wondering how to record screen on Mac with audio and are looking for specialized tools for your Mac then QuickTime Player, Camtasia and Any Video Converter Ultimate can be extremely handy. 


This is probably the easiest to use and you can simply launch the application and start recording. Quick Time Player is free screen recorder for Mac. When the Screen Recording window opens, use the small triangle button on the right to change a few settings.

Once done, click on ‘Record’ to capture your screen. Based on your preference, choose a full screen recording or a part of the screen. Click on ‘Stop’ to finish the recording. Save the video in your internal drive for later use. This is a great way to record movies or audio clips while it is playing on your screen.

Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a powerful tool used to record live videos, matches, online videos and live streams. Its excellent speed, great audio and video quality makes it one of the best apps to record your Mac screen.

It also allows conversions to several formats including MP4, MPG, MP3, FLV, WMV, AVI, WMA, 3G2, SWF, 3GP and many more.

How to Record Your MAC SCREEN


Want to know how to record screen in Windows 7 with audio? If you want to capture desktop videos, choose Movavi Desktop Video Recorder.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is equipped to record complete screen activities with voiceover and sound. It also has tools for editing the recorded video and the finished files can be saved in multiple formats.

In order to use the video recorder, you have to download and install the file on your hard drive. Follow the instructions to run it on your PC or Mac. You can select recording parameters and resize the frame according to your wish. This is the best screen recorder for windows 7 and it works on Mac as well.

Full screen as well as parts of the screen can be captured with this software. If your computer is connected with sound devices, the video recorder can easily record audio from them. But, you have to click on the sound icon to activate it.


Volumes of audio sources can also be adjusted according to your requirement. Once you have captured the video, open editing tools to make the necessary changes. There are options to adjust the screen brightness, contrast, saturation etc. The saved video can be converted to multiple formats for later use.

Screen recordings can be quite interesting and if you really want to play with it, choose tools with editing facilities. It will allows you to insert sound, voiceovers, special effects and special permissions for trimming and cutting videos wherever necessary.

But, you should be mindful of certain things, especially if you are making a video tutorial. Try to make the narration crisp and clear. Avoid ‘uhhs’ and ‘umms’ as much as possible to keep the audience engaged. These are particularly useful if you are planning to publish your video online.

However, if you are just looking forward to spread the message through a presentation for your colleagues, simple recordings may suffice.


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