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How to Recover Data from Hard Disk (2020)

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Our dependence on digital media has increased lately. Exchange of essential files, audio, or video media are actions that one performs on a daily basis.

Hard disks play an important role in a digitally advanced world. Storing and carrying data becomes easier with such devices available.

However, loss of data is also pretty common with hard disks too. There might be instances where you might accidentally lose or delete some crucial data which can be very stressful.

But, with so much advancement taking place in the IT sector, recovering lost data is no longer remained a painful task. IT companies have come up with brilliant recovery software to help you recover your lost data.

All information about retrieving your data is mentioned below, so, let’s dig right into the valuable information.

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk

Why Does Data Loss happen and What Can Be Done?

Indefinite answers can be given for this question, some common causes of data loss are discussed further.

Without a doubt, it can be said that recovering some types of data can be very painful, while others might not be so. Data loss happens due to errors made by humans, for instance, accidentally deleting data from your disk.

Recovering data lost in this manner is sometimes possible and fairly easy to do with professional software.

More often than not, viruses and malware are major factors that lead to data loss. If your desktop or laptop does not have an antivirus installed, the risk of a virus attack is high. So, consider getting anti-virus software for your device as soon as possible. Recovering data in such cases can require a lot of meticulous planning.

If you do not have the habit of keeping a backup, recovering data can be impossible. Data lost due to viruses can only be recovered via backups.

Technical reasons such as any kind of damage to your hard disk can also lead to loss of data. Almost always, these damages cannot be reversed.  In such cases, professional help is the only option you are left with since the expert possesses the right skill and expertise for the whole process.

There are different ways of recovering data, but it totally depends on the way data is lost. Accidental deletion of data can be retrieved very easily, but a complex loss of data is tough to recover. So, keeping a backup of all your data is highly advisable.

Ways To Recover Lost Data

There are different ways to recover lost data. However, primarily, two approaches are used by most people. We will discuss both these ways below:

Recovering Data Using A Software

The IT sector is making innovations every single day, and you can find software for almost anything now. Similarly, data recovery software is also available in the market. Just enter data recovery software in Google, and you will have hundreds of results displayed on your screen.

Infinite options can make you confused, so consider doing a background check. Invest a little time in reading the reviews of the software. Doing so will help you prevent the installation of any kind of fraud software on your device.

Depending upon the requirements of the users, there are both paid and free software available in the market for data recovery. The most used and popular ones being- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Disk Drill, Recuva, and UnDeleteMyFiles Pro.

These are available for free on the internet. As said above, each one has its own advantages. Just skim through their features before you use them and go for the one that best suits your needs.

As said above, the software is a handy solution if you have lost data accidentally. You don’t necessarily need a professional by your side to use data recovery software. 

How to Recover Data from a Dead Drive

By just following the instructions mentioned by the software provider, easy recovery is possible.

Lastly, the choice between software and professional is completely your call. Hiring a professional for minor data losses is less advisable since it tantamounts to wasting your precious money. You can recover such data quickly with the help of a software.

Get in touch with a professional if the data loss conditions are very complex.

Taking Help From A Professional

A professional service person has adequate skills to help you recover your data. Locating a professional is not a painful task either, Google can be of great help. You can also get in touch with the company whose PC you have been using. They can help you get in touch with a professional data recovery service person.

A professional data recovery person can prove to be beneficial, but you will have to pay a price too. The fee of the service totally depends on the complexity of the situation. So, the more complex the situation, the higher the fees will be.

So, even though it is the easiest way and securest to recover data, it could prove to be a costly one.

Don't Waste $1,000 on Data Recovery

How to Prevent Loss of Data?

Data loss can land you into substantial financial or business losses. To prevent these losses, you can keep specific points in mind to make sure that complexities do not arise in the future. Here are certain things that will help you prevent the loss of data in the future:

  • BACKUP - Keeping backup is one of the best ways to protect all your data. If needed, consider making more than two copies of your important files. Besides, with pen drives and portable hard disks creating a backup is no more painful task.
  • PROTECT YOUR COMPUTERS - If you do not have an anti-virus on your computer, install it right away. Viruses and malware are not just critical for your data but for various other matters as well.
  • KEEP YOUR COMPUTER SAFE - Don’t keep your computers or laptops in a location where the risk of damage is high. Any kind of physical damage can lead to data loss instantly.

These are some of the crucial points that you must take into consideration if you own a PC. 


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