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How to Remove Passwords From PDF (2020)

Edited By Piyush Kashyap, Reviewed By Gulshan

Digitisation has been a great boon for the Millenials. Boon, in the sense that we can access everything on our fingertips.

It has constant exposure to some eye-opening content and comes with a certain level of security as well.

Let’s talk about PDFs today, which is one of the highest shared file formats in every organization. PDF, or as we all know it as Portable Document Format, is a printed document or we can say an electronic image which can easily be accessed and shared amongst your trusted source.

Of late, PDFs have been encrypted with secure and reliable passwords, to maintain the security of the confidential information related to a particular entity or individual.

how to remove passwords from PDF files

Few PDFs which we receive from any trusted source are end-to-end encrypted. If the PDF files are password encrypted, then any other third-party source cannot open, edit and make changes on the data.

Of course, it is an extremely secure way of data sharing, but at the end of the day, it becomes irritating for us to regularly access the PDF by typing the password for the same.

You might have received several password encrypted PDF, and remembering passwords for each PDF has never been feasible for you. In our hectic schedules, it is difficult to remember so many passwords. 

Also, different business entities and other private or government organizations have their own set of password rules. So, you cannot just set a password as per your wish. There’s a particular format that needs to be followed. And memorising each specific format for every PDF file is indeed next to impossible. 

This guide will release you from the hassling process of entering a password every time you open a PDF document. Is It Possible To Remove Pdf Passwords From All Operating Systems (OS)? Yes, it is possible to remove the password encryption from all operating systems.

However, you need to follow a few smart tricks, by which you can delete passwords on your own. The solution to this issue is straightforward, with a couple of points which you need to follow.

You can either deactivate the password by altering the security settings of the document, or you could just utilise the current applications on your system to make a duplicate PDF without having any password.

It's essential to note that either alternative expects you to at first open a PDF document by giving a password. However, if there’s no PDF password, there are various free software tools and programs to open it. Printing limitations additionally may make it hard to copy a document, since various passwords might be required to open a PDF and change the document’s security settings. 

Numerous product programs, for example, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, permit PDF 

makers to confine individuals from altering, duplicating, or printing the document by setting the underlying security details. During this procedure, separate passwords can be made to get to the PDF and change the document's security settings.

These security processes are ensured to protect sensitive and personal information, such as bank account details, address, name and other security-related codes. Let's check out the step by step process of removing passwords from PDF in different operating systems. 

Steps to Remove Password from PDF in Website Browser 

A PDF can be easily accessed and disabled through almost any website browser, regardless of whether you are using Chrome OS, macOS, or Linux. By following a few simple steps, you can easily unlock any type of PDF which is password encrypted in any web browser.

  1. 1
    First, you need to open your web browser and then access the PDF file by entering the password. Now click on the “printer” option in the File toolbar section.
  2. 2

    Once the "print" popup is visible on your Windows screen look for a "destination." section. There you can find a change button.

  3. 3
    Now under the "destination" field, you need to choose the "save as PDF" option from.the extensive list of options that are available. Again a popup will appear when you need to change the title of your PDF file and then search for a place on your computer to save your unlocked PDF file.
  4. 4
    You can save the PDF in any location of your system or store it in your Google Drive.

Steps to Remove Password from PDF on iPhone Device

Just like Android devices, passwords can be removed from your PDF file on iOS devices too. Download and get the “PDF Expert” app installed via App Store. Although this is a free app which you can download easily, you need to pay for the password removal feature.

The subscription cost of PDF Expert Pro annually is Rs 4099/-. However, there is a trick. If you take a week's time and remove the password from all your PDF documents, then you can immediately cancel your subscription without paying extra. You can cancel the subscription any time.

All you need is to go to the app store, click on your “profile” menu and then select the “PDF Expert” and then finally click on the “cancel” button. Let's check out the further steps of password removal from PDF document below:

  1. 1
    As already mentioned, you need to download the PDF expert app on your iOS device. You need to open the “files” folder from the “menu” section and then find your PDF from your files folder.
  2. 2
    Click on the file to open it and then enter your password. Once your document is unlocked now tap on the icon where you can see the three dots which are available in the right-hand top corner. There you will find the “change password” section where you need to tap on the “remove password” option.
  3. 3
    This will automatically disable the password encrypted PDF file, and from the next time when you try accessing it, you won't be able to type the password again

Steps to Remove Password from PDF in Android Devices 

Android devices are one of the most commonly used and preferred devices for both young and old alike. And when it comes to working on PDF, most of us try opening it on our smartphones, instead of our computers. Smartphones are one of the handiest devices for accessing PDF files in one go.

However, it becomes quite irritating if we need to enter a password for the file every time we try to access it. Again, with the availability of various smart features of Android smartphones, we can remove password from PDF file in the below-mentioned steps:

  1. 1
    For removing the password from PDF, you need to download and get “PDF Utilities” installed from Google Play. But before downloading the app, make sure that you already have the password-protected PDF file present in your Android device.
  2. 2
    After you have downloaded the app “PDF Utilities” app, click on the “select next” option.
  3. 3
    Once you have located the PDF file, select it and open it. Now you will get a pop up where you will be asked to enter the password for your PDF file. And it and then click on “Ok”.
  4. 4

    Now you just need to go back to the original destination where you have previously saved your PDF file. You can now access it without entering the password.

Steps to Remove PDF Password in Adobe Acrobat 

If you are planning to disable the password from your PDF file directly on your Mac or Windows 10 system, you can directly use Google Chrome for it.

However, if you are willing to do this through Adobe acrobat DC, you will be required to purchase the complete version of it, and this will cost you around Rs 1014 per month. After you are done with your subscription part, here are the steps which you need to follow:

  1. 1

    In Acrobat Pro you need to open the PDF document. Now you need to type the password for unlocking the file.

  2. 2

    After you are able to access the file, you need to click on the “lock” section on the left side of the page, and below the security settings, you need to tap on the “permission details” option.

  3. 3

    Next, you will click on the “security” option, where you need to set the “security method” and then to finish the process you have to click the “ok” tab and remove the current password.

  4. 4
    Lastly, you need to open the file and then go to the “save” option. You can save the PDF anywhere in your system and access it anytime you like without entering the password multiple times.

In Conclusion 

So now you see how simple it is to remove a password from your PDF step-by-step on all your devices. However, you need to make sure that you do not lose any of your details and other secured information after disabling the password encryption method.

Currently, the internet is full of hackers who are always on a mission to slyly extract user’s information. You need to keep your confidential PDFs secured from your end in both your smartphone and computers. However, you can always revert to your password encrypted mode anytime you want to.

If you are facing any kind of issues in removing a password from your PDF in any of your devices, then this handy guide will help you in doing so. Hope it has helped in solving all your queries in removing PDF passwords.


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