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How to Remove Pimples Naturally for Oily Skin (2020)

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Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle which we are living these days, there are so many health issues popping up.

Some are curable while for some, you might have to invest a lot of money to get the right treatment done.

Skin issues, weight gain, stress are some of the most common problems that people of our generation are facing on a large scale.

Today, we shall be talking on the problem of oily skin and how to remove the pimples without making it worse.

How to Remove Pimples Naturally for Oily Skin

But before that, you need to understand the root cause and signs associated with it so that proper action can be taken.

Know more about oily Skin

This can either be a tendency that you might have got since birth or because of excess stress or lack of care and nourishment that your skin needed at an early age. Some think that oily skin is not a serious problem. But the fact is anything of excess is a major concern.

If this problem is not treated on time then it can make your personality worst and you may lose your level of confidence. Nobody wants to see this happening and that is why you must treat the problem from the root instead of simply treating it for a while.

The problem of oily skin is the prominent and common one amongst many people. It generally occurs because of the sebum overproduction. Sebaceous glands that are located under the surface of the skin created sebum. Sebum is the poly yet waxy substance that protects the skin to keep it dehydrated in the long run.

It is, of course, important for your skin to stay healthy. However, if the range of sebum is quite high on the face then it may result in oily skin with clogged pores and acne issues. To manage oily skin, you must take extra care of the skin and tissues. Rather, you must inculcate it as a habit in your routine living.

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Do you Notice any Symptoms?

Oily skin can easily be recognized by merely looking at the skin itself. This type of skin gives a shiny appearance and have ample of pores and skin starts looking rough. This, of course, you don’t want for your face and that is why it is always better to take precautionary measures.

Understand that the frequent effects of oily skin can increase if you don’t treat it on time. For this, you need to take care of your skin by reducing the signs or symptoms associated with it such as:

  • A greasy or shiny look
  • The most obvious pores on the skin
  • Sin starts looking rough and thick
  • There might be some persistent or occasional pimples
  • The blackheads will start popping
  • Clogged pores will be visible

Issues that People with Oily skin may face

For those who have oily skin might be already frustrated to wash their face each time with water or clean the pores where dirt gets accumulated.

Oily skin tends to have open pores. This means dirt gets an easy way to enter the tissues and start damaging. That is why, people who have such a problem must frequently wash the face otherwise, the percentage of acne increases.

Moving further, people with such skin types also have a problem to get the makeup on the skin. Makeup may get mixed with the sebum because of which there will altogether be a different consistency. For such people, the normal, cheap makeup is not suitable.

pimply skin

They need to invest in the high quality and pricey makeup application solution to get the right effect for which they had been striving hard.

Understand that genetics play a crucial role in how your skin will turn out to be. Other than this, there are hormonal changes as well or high-stress level which increases sebum production. People with such skin problems would have to cover their skin all the time irrespective of the season.

Otherwise, skin starts getting damaged and open pores get filled with dirt which results in even worse acne that can be painful and if busted can leave a mark too.

Dealing with Oily skin problem

To deal with oily skin and removing pimples from it can be a challenging task.

Along with it if there is an acne problem too then you have to make up your mind that it will take some time to get healed. But the good part is once the problem gets healed you will not have to work on it again and again since the problem is eradicated from the root itself.

Although there are so many expensive cosmetics, treatments and surgery that are available in the market claiming to give quick results, the decision is entirely on you to choose from the options.

Of course, such treatment options are pricey but there is no harm to give it a try for home remedies before you make up your mind. Below are some points which you need to follow to deal with oily skin:

Medical Treatment over Home remedies

Both have their perks and drawbacks and the decision, of course, is on you.

However, you need to know that medical treatment gives an instant result and you will not even go through any kind of pain.

In other cases, home remedies are slow but once they start showing results, the problem of oily skin will be kicked off permanently.

Medical treatment is pricey and it is not always necessary that you will get positive results from it.

natural oil for skin

That is why I see to it that you choose some home remedies before opting for such an option. Home remedies are safe, don’t have any negative effects. The problem will arise only when you are allergic to a particular ingredient.

Let us focus on some of the best ways by which you can get rid of the pimples from oily skin in a natural manner and also reduce the problem of skin looking greasy.

Your face needs to be washed regularly

Water can help you in many ways. Besides, it is harmless. If you have pimples and oily skin then it is very important for you to frequently wash your face. It is advised to wash the face at least twice a day. However, overdoing it can harm the tissues.

You must also avoid using detergent or soap thinking that your problem will get cured in less time. In case, you still want to use some face wash then seeking the help of a dermatologist is advised. However, merely with water if you wash the face, you will see the rate of pimple getting reduced.

Cosmetic Clay

Pimples can always be another reason for excess dirt that gets soaked up in your poly skin pores. That is when cosmetic clay can be used. Known for the strong healing powers, you can use it for absorbing the oil from the skin and even treat different skin conditions.

There is also French green clay which works like the popular treatment to deal with acne and oily skin problem. It is extremely absorbent and if you want some better yet positive effects then you can consider the option of French green clay too. It comes in powder form and is safe to use.


You may find this a little weird but yes, this is a fact that oatmeal can do wonders. It helps in healing the inflamed skin and also absorbs the excess oil. It also helps in exfoliating dead skin. If you use it in your facial mask, you are most likely to apply it as the base for effective results.

Further its blend with yogurt, honey and even mashed fruit like apples and bananas, can give your face an easy way to eradicate the pimples problem from the root itself. It is harmless and there are no chances for your face to get worse when you apply it

Egg whites and lemons

This has been in demand and uses form traditional dimes and undoubtedly it seems to be of great help. It is believed that egg whites and lemons together can heal the problem of oily skin and thus remove pimples as well. Besides it also tightens the pores so that in future the risk of pimples will not even occur.

Since lemon is known to have antibacterial abilities, you can rest assured that there are more advantages than any drawback that you will get. However, those who have problem with egg or egg yolks shall surely ignore applying it

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Most of the people are in a misconception that almond is just good for health. However, the fact is if you apply ground almonds past on your skin, it would exfoliate dead skin, reduce the pimples and sop up the excess oil and deal with impurities.

Make sure you grind the ground almond and apply a little warm water in it and then use it as the mask on your face. Leave the mask on for the next 15 minutes and again rinse it with warm water. Pat it dry and get the results in less time. However, if by any chance you are allergic to almonds, then avoid using it.

A toner is good too

Astringent toner is the best solution for the acne problem. It contains alcohol that dries out the skin instantly. As the oil from the skin gets into control eventually pimples ratio also reduces. 

However, as per the research made, it has been said that natural astringents like witch hazel may have soothing properties but can make enlarged pores small and this way the clog pores will be cleaned off and acne or pimple problem can also be dealt well.

However, such a product is not just made for everyone. Some may have to deal with itchiness or tingles.

Use natural moisturizers

A moisturizer is always a good option for your healthy soothing skin. Yes, here we are talking about Aloe Vera which is extremely useful for removing pimples from oily skin in a natural way and without causing any pain or drawback.

People with oily skin problems can get rid of pimples using aloe vera since it has the compound that offers your skin-soothing effect. It is an effective moisturizer that you can buy online also. The best part is it is enriched with healing properties.

So if there is any stretch mark or cut other then pimple, you can use this option to heal them all.

Best Way to Prevent the pimple from attacking your oily skin

Of course, oily skin is the most delicate one and is certainly associated with genetics. To prevent it from occurring can be challenging but at least to control pimples is possible. The best way to control oily skin and get rid of pimples is by covering the face when going out.

It is also important to clean the face with water every time you come home. Follow the skin routines as advised above and avoid makeup as much impossible since there are ample of negative ingredients added.

You can, however, choose water-based makeup as it is safe and will not cause any kind of negative effect on the body.

Along with bringing outer changes, bring inner changes in your body too. Drink lots of water. See to it that you only eat healthy food and inculcate a lot of water-based fruits in your body. Say no to junk food and follow regular sleeping patterns.

These are tiny routine changes that you need to make but suffice it to say that small changes like these have a big impact and if you want to stop pimples from occurring on your face then surely this is the right option that you can choose.


pimple skin

With so many home remedies given above, it should of course not be difficult for you to get rid of implies in case you still want to look for treatments then make sure you do good research, speak with your dermatologist and then take the right preventive measures.

After all, your facial skin is the most delicate part of the body and if tends to be oily while emitting pimples frequently then, of course, you need to take extra care.


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