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How to Set Caller Tune on Jio

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Reliance telecommunication’s Jio network has completely changed mobile phone usage patterns in India. Offering high speed 4G LTE connection with plenty of affordable data plans

It has become the most popular mobile network within a very short period of time. Its cheap data plans, free calls and SMS have become extremely popular along with its content rich apps.

With the opportunity to make unlimited free voice or video calls, Jio has touched every strata of society and mobile phone usage has become extremely easy and cheap for everyone, owing to Reliance Jio’s services across the country.

While many are aware of these benefits from the house of Jio, not many know about the caller tunes services from Jio. 

how to set jio caller tune

If you activate the caller tunes service, callers to your phone will be able to hear songs and will no longer be greeted with the usual ringtone. It may be a good idea to enthrall your callers with this interesting service and if you are still wondering about its cost,

Here’s the major surprise. Unlike other telecommunication service providers, Jio offers this service free of cost and it offers plenty of options for downloading your favorite music. So, if you want to say ‘Hello’ in style, Jio is all set to make your wish come true.

There are plenty of songs to choose from the Jio library and you can select songs according to your mood. With over 4 lakh songs covering every genre ranging from Bollywood and International hits to regional and devotional songs, there’s plenty to choose.

Being a free service, Jio allows users to change their caller tunes as many times a day as they want to and it is particularly exciting for music lovers. Still wondering how to get the Jio caller tunes? Here’s our guide to activate the service.

Activate Jio Caller Tunes by Sending SMS

If you are thinking how to set caller tune in Jio then follow the instruction and get your favorite song, SMS is the easiest way to activate Jio caller tunes on your phone. All you have to do is send a SMS. Write JP and send it to 56789. A message will be sent to your phone, specifying the numbers for each category.

Reply to the SMS with the chosen number. Select - '1'‘for Bollywood, ‘2’ for Regional and ‘3’ for International.

To select Bollywood songs as your caller tune, reply with option 1 and you’ll get another list that will help you choose further. Options like Song of the Day, Top 10 Songs and Popular Songs will be mentioned along with their number code.

If you want to pick the popular songs category, reply with number 3. You will receive a reply with a list of all the popular songs trending at the moment. You can choose from a list of 10 songs. To pick one from this list, simply reply back with the number mentioned alongside the song name.

Jio will ask for your confirmation and immediately activate the caller tune on your Jio phone.

In case, you do not like the song or if you are looking for a particular song, write the first three words of the song and reply to the message. But make sure to not cross the 40 character threshold. If you are looking for a movie, reply with MOVIE <Movie Name> to 56789.

Similarly, if you are searching an album, type ALBUM <Album Name> and send it to the same number. Singer specific searches are also possible with Jio caller tunes and you can easily do it by typing SINGER <Singer Name>.

If you love Regional songs, you have to type ‘2’ and reply back after you receive the first SMS from Jio. A list of all available regional languages will pop up on your message screen. Select the preferred language and reply with the adjoining number code.

For example, if you choose Bengali, type ‘1’ and send it to 56789. It will immediately show up all the Bengali songs available and you can choose any one, based on your mood or preference.

>> How to set Jio Caller Tune <<

Similarly, if you love international songs and thinking how to set Jio tune, you can choose this option to activate a caller tune with your favorite English song.

After sending the message, wait for a confirmation from Jio. Once you receive the message, you’ll be prompted to select the option number to activate the service. Reply to the message with the chosen option and your caller tunes service will be activated free of cost.

If you are no longer interested to use caller tunes or want to deactivate the service, simply follow the steps mentioned here and you can stop the service any time. There is no need to call a call center or go through a cumbersome deactivation process.

Jio has made the process extremely simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is send a SMS. To deactivate or stop the service anytime, type STOP and send it to 56789. A confirmation message will be sent to your phone, informing you about your choice.

Alternatively, you can call 155223 and select the IVR option to deactivate Jio Caller tunes service.

The caller tune subscription is activated for 30 days, if you do not wish to cancel it in between. Upon completion of 30 days, the subscription will be renewed for the next 30 days. However, it is a free service and therefore, you may or may not keep track of the subscription dates.

Activate Jio caller tunes with Jio Saavn Music App 

Another interesting option to activate Jio caller tunes would be through the Jio Saavn Music App. Download the app from Google Play Store if you are an Android user or the Apple store if you have an iOS smartphone. It is a free app which provides access to millions of songs.

Log into the account with your My Jio account details. You will be presented with an enormous library, featuring songs from every genre and region. Jio Saavn is an extensive music library with over 45 million tracks to choose from. It not only shows the popular tracks, it can also create personalized playlists. 

So, whether you are happy, excited, sad or angry, there is a song to compliment your mood. You can also build your own library here with your chosen songs or uploads and the best part is that all of it can be set as your customized caller tune. Besides, 

For whom who thinks how to change Jio caller tune, then Jio Saavn also provides exclusive access to podcasts and original content from renowned music artists. 

>> Trick- How to set caller tune in Jio <<

It is an excellent app that allows you to build your own music library, enjoy the best songs and get recommendations free of cost. And to top it up, you have unlimited access to this song chest, which allows you to pick and choose caller tunes for your Jio phone.

Search your favorite songs, from across genres, regions or languages and select one that you wish to activate as your caller tune. Click on ‘Set as Jio Tune’ and a preview will pop up on your screen. You can listen to the song here and get a fair idea about its sound as a caller tune.

If you are satisfied with it, hit ‘Set as Jio Tune’ and you are all set for a great caller tune experience. Jio will send an activation message to your phone to confirm the services. Now, you are ready to charm callers with your new caller tune.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of the Jio Saavn Music app and turn on caller tunes on your phone.

How to copy caller tune in Jio

You are calling a friend and suddenly realize that you absolutely love the caller tune. What do you do? You can simply copy the

caller tune and make it your own. To copy the caller tune you have to open up your phone’s dial pad.

Press the * button on it and the same caller tune will be copied. In the next step, Jio will send you a notification message, informing you about your choice. Reply back with a ‘Y’ and soon you’ll receive a confirmation message stating you’ve successfully activated the caller tune services on Jio.

Unlimited free calls to near and dear ones have reduced distances and people can now talk freely throughout the day. An interesting caller tune might just be the icing on the cake that will greet your callers from now.

Since it is a free service, you can change it frequently and express yourself with your favorite songs every day. Activating and deactivating Jio caller tunes is extremely easy and simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

Whether you are choosing from thousands of songs in the Jio Saavn app or through the SMS service, you can never go wrong with this. And the best part is that you can do it any number of times, throughout the day, without going through a cumbersome process or a customer care center.You are in charge of everything

Here, so go ahead and get ready to activate your Jio caller tunes service.


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