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How to Unlock Your Android Phone’s Bootloader – (2020)

There are certain types of phones today and based on the bootloading two categories emerge – that allows you to unlock the bootloader and the others don’t.

Unlocking a bootloader helps you in rooting your phone and installing “read-only memory” commonly called the ROMs. However, doing so is a little challenging.  

Manufacturers do not allow users to have control over this function or some have an external key unlock access that is available only with them.

In other cases, there are official websites of different phones that provide users with the key know-hows, how to install flashing custom ROMs. Since there exist tons of mobile manufacturers out in the market, we will provide some basic tips.

 This article does not, however, guarantee that the particular method will suit your phone type. If it does not help, please reach out to the company manufacturers to provide you with suitable help.

How to Unlock Your Android Phone’s Bootloader – (2020)

There are many developers which we have enlisted below that can help you understand how to unlock – whether the official or unofficial way. Let’s take a look at them:

XDA Developers: 

You can browse a section in this forum and check the category of unlocking ability – whether there is an official way to unlock or rooting method. If the phone supports an official way of unlocking, you can access the content through their direct websites. However, for unofficial unlocking, here are a few step:

1. Complete the backup before rooting

Rooting your phone will inevitably erase all data- everything from pictures to documents. It is important if you so want, to transfer them to your computer. Please also ensure to do the same with applications, say Whatsapp, going over and creating backup file settings and transferring them to the computer.

2. Install the Android SDK and Phone Driver

  • Download the latest Android Debug Bridge, which helps you access the interface with your phone and its drivers. Then move over to “SDK Tools Only” and download and ZIP file that is best suited for you. Begin the process with the SDK Manager and ensure to deselect all other options except for the “Android SDK” platform.
  • For Nexus phones, use “Google USB Driver”. Post this, close the SDK Manager and install USB drivers for your phone.
  • There might come an option of additionally rebooting your computer. Please do so.
  • Plug your phone to the computer > Open “Platform Tools” folder in the Android SDK folder > Press Shift + Right Click >  opt for “Open a Command Prompt” and type “adb devices
  • If there is a serial number that is displayed, then the device has now been recognised, and you should proceed with the process.
How to Unlock Your Android Phone’s Bootloader – (2020)

3. Enable the feature USB Debugging

  • Access the “Settings icon” and choose “About Phone”. There will be a “Build Number” mentioned. Tap it 7 times, and it will enable you with a message that you are now a developer.
  • In the main Settings page, there will be “Developer Options”. Press that option, and it will feature “OEM Unlocking”. Some phones do not have this option, so don’t worry; it is not so necessary. Then enable the option “USB debugging" and enter the PIN/ password only if required.
  • Through your computer screen, you can see “Allow USB Debugging”. Press the “Allow” option and tap “OK”.

4. Find/Have access to your unlock key

  • Move to the Bootloader Unlocking page option and pick your device model. Create an account for yourself.
  • Turn off your phone > Boot into fast boot mode by holding power and volume button together for 10 seconds > You are now in fastboot.
  • Note: This option varies from phone to phone, HTC users can use Volume down key with press power to select or simply Google according to your phone type.
  • Now connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable > Open “Platform Tools” folder in the Android SDK folder > Press Shift + Right Click > opt for “Open a Command Prompt Here” > Retrieve the unlock key as described by manufacturer > Copy and Paste, the long text, with no spaces on your manufacture website > Submit form.
  • Note: If you are unable to unlock and a message states so, find unofficial methods to do so via XDA Developers.
Bootloader Sequence

5. You can now Unlock your Phone

  • If your phone is still in fastboot mode, run the following command based on your manufacturer's command provided to you. For example, Motorola users use “fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY”. These are also different for Nexus, Windows, Linux and HTC users.
  • Post this you will be asked the option whether you wish to unlock the same. Different phones will have different keys to confirm, but usually, you can either tap or use the volume key.
  • Fastboot Unlock” will now appear on your screen and if the process is successful, you will receive the message that your bootloader is unlocked and it should boot it in Android. Please wait for this process to get completed and it is necessary.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Android?


You have now unlocked the bootloader on your phone. It’s an easy and straightforward process. Go ahead and access all the custom rooting options, with the tools you’ve achieved with unlocking the bootloader.


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