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How to Update Windows 10 (2020)

Microsoft has invented a successor of the OS family, Windows 10, which is a sequence of the operating system and a part of Windows NT, a processor-independent with an operating system that is multi-user.

You can use the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and the web portal Microsoft Technet to install Windows 10 as an upgrade, free of cost.

Microsoft aims to overcome the past shortcomings through Windows 10 and wants to assure a functionality more consistent than Windows 8.

Update Windows 10

Why update to Windows 10?

Windows 8 introduced Metro-style apps, and Windows 10 provides further expansion for the same. Moreover, one of the most prominent features of Windows 10 is the support provided for universal apps under Universal Windows Platform which is designed to provide access through multiple products of Microsoft.

Windows 10 introduces a system of virtual desktop wherein the software expands the line of limitations beyond the corporeal restrictions of screen display capacity.

Two more features that were added in the update are the Task View on the window and desktop for switching tasks, and a feature that provides support for the login through face recognition and fingerprint.

 Microsoft Store in Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Photos, which makes reliving memories easier. Now you can share your memories and also edit and organize them according to your convenience. Storytelling is made more accessible through photos.

Microsoft Photos allows a creative way of video editing and movie editing; you can generate a movie in moments quickly through a click! This feature of Windows 10 enables trimming of videos and adding a 3D effect to your videos.

Your dreams can be turned into reality through art, as Microsoft Photos allows you to doodle and draw and further customize with ink. 

Windows 10 presents easier accessibility through its features. The Modern world is all about multi-tasking, keeping in mind the several tasks you have in hand, Windows 10 introduces a feature of talk instead of type, you can now dictate the tasks if you do not want to type.

A hearing impact is an essential feature for intelligence and sharp memory, Windows 10 assures an outstanding user experience as it introduces the feature of “Read Aloud”, wherein Microsoft Edge can read aloud the content on your screen which can be PDFs, e-books, etc.

Furthermore, features like magnifying your screen for better visuals, turning off animations to avoid any kind of distractions during important assignments are available on Windows 10. The Quick Action button or the Action Centre icon lets you access the focus assist where the user can set priority contacts to reach or restrict access to other apps than alarms. 

Presentation is a way to introduce your idea to people through various data, statistics, and images.

Windows 10 Free Apps You Should Know About!

Windows 10 helps in making your presentations better with the new feature in PowerPoint that suggests multiple design ideas for your presentation, along with additional 3D models to use and the user can use a digital pen during the presentation to move between the slides.

Furthermore, Windows 10 Nearby Sharing feature offers a technique to share and receive content from a nearby device, this feature was available on iPhone or Mac, and now Windows 10 users can enjoy the same. 

A secure PC is a safe confidant; Windows 10 offers the best security and privacy settings. The privacy dashboard lets the user manage and decide the kind of data that is being saved into the Microsoft account.

The system’s ransomware protections allow apps to access the folders which are controlled through third-party security. The built-in antivirus has improved with the version updates as it has managed to score full score in the AV-test evaluations.

To monitor and prevent attacks, Windows 10 has enriched Windows Defender ATP, i.e. Advanced Threat Protection. The settings panel of security deals with protection that is provided by Windows 10 against ransomware.

Privacy and security settings can be enhanced when a user installs the VPN software. This software helps in data encryption and protection from intruders of IP addresses.

Parental control is also offered by Windows 10, which assists in blocking specific sites for the protection and welfare of children at home. It also allows the user to control how much time a child can spend on the device by setting a limit on screen time. 

The major features of a PC are storage and communication, the apps which provide ace services for these features are OneDrive and Skype, and they also play a notable role in the Update Windows 10.

Instead of downloading files on your PC, OneDrive UWP allows the user to create an account which saves all these files and helps to manage and organize them in the Windows 10 update. It allows you to sync or backup your documents, files, and desktop automatically.

In case you cannot access your device due to unforeseeable events, but your documents and files are saved in OneDrive in Windows 10, you may access it by logging in to the account.

This not only ensures quick access but assures a safe and secure space for your important and essential files. Skype, on the other hand, makes communication easy as the UWP Skype app lets the user reply to messages inside the Action Center. 

Hear it from the experts

The reviews of Windows 10 update have been reaching its peak with reviews that deliberate on the secure, efficient, and reliable service provided along with time-saving features that help in multi-tasking.

Windows 10 is said to be the best operating system as it is better than ever and yet continues to develop at a remarkable scale through its constant updates.

Windows 10 is said to be essential in life for completing tasks faster due to the features it provides and unlimited support which adds up to its versatility.

Windows 10 offers security that is an enterprise-grade, with easy semi-annual updates. 

Update Windows 10

The prime update rolled out by Microsoft in 2020 improves the performance, by providing the best security along with a chat-based interface for users on Cortana.

The update has also taken care of constantly bugging advertisements as it allows for a method to block unwanted apps through PUA, i.e. Potentially Unwanted Apps.

The update is also useful for crypto mining as Windows 10 identifies fraud and unnecessary apps and further informs you regarding a notified decision about its download. One of the most attractive features is memory usage reduction to 27% due to Microsoft Edge software introduced by Windows 10 update.

The latest update can let you forgo the passwords as it makes your device passwordless as it provides biometric sign-ins. If there is a definition of the best Operating System, it’s the update of Windows 10. 

10 Best Features of Windows 10

Procedure to Update Windows 10

To ensure a secure and smooth run of your device, you must update to the latest Window 10 version.

To check and analyze your options for an update, you may access Check for Windows updates or press Start button > select the Settings Option > then go to the Update & Security option > and select Windows Update then finally selecting Download and Install.

The latest update is free of cost for current owners of Windows 10 PC. There are a few technical questions that occur to people trying to update, here is some info which might help:

  1. 1
    Checking installed updates: The update history of your device can be accessed under Programs and Features. Select the option of the start button, click the option of the control panel which shall further direct you to Programs, opening which you shall find Programs and Features which present the option of View installed updates. 
  2. 2
    2004 Version not offered: You may check for updates and get the same manually through the Update Assistant


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