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How To Use Dual Whatsapp In A Single Smartphone (2020)

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Nowadays, almost all smartphones have dual sim support to provide convenience to those who have to manage their personal life and official work together.

Even though dual sim phones were in place for a pretty long time, in the earlier days, people were able to use only one number for WhatsApp Messenger.

But over a period of time, as smartphone companies started developing their version of the operating system, which can operate above the existing Android OS, this situation has completely changed. 

Here in this article, let us explain the various ways you can install two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone and use them for your personal and business activities. 

WhatsApp in Single Phone

There are three broad ways for Android OS and one way for iOS, in which you can install two WhatsApp accounts in a single device. Now, let us quickly go through them. 

1. Native cloning apps

Even though the native cloning app is an awesome option for all those who want to keep multiple accounts of popular social media apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc., the catch here is that this option is not available on all smartphones.


To access the multiple app feature, you need to search for dual apps in the phone's settings section. Once it is opened, you will see a list of apps for which you can use multiple accounts. Just select the required apps you need and then click on the "Turn on" button to activate the dual feature app. 

There is also one more option through which you can access multiple WhatsApp accounts in private mode. To do this, you can use the switch feature, which is available in advanced models like Redmi Note 9 Pro Max.

This feature allows you to create a complete alternate space in the same smartphone. It cannot be accessed by anyone other than the people who know the mobile password or have saved their fingerprint on the device.


Samsung also offers a native cloning app called dual messenger through which you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. All you need to do is go to the search bar in the settings app and search for '"Dual messenger".

Select the required apps for which you need to have multiple accounts and then click OK to activate the feature, a small icon will appear with a badge next to the app's original icon. Likewise, you can do the same for other smartphones as well. Given below are a few cloning apps in various smartphones.

Smartphone Brand

Name of the cloning app (to be searched in settings)


Clone Apps


App Clone

Honor & Huawei

App Twin


Twin Apps

2. Third-party apps

If your phone lacks a native cloning app, you can try using third-party apps available for free on Google Play Store like Parallel Space, Dual Space, etc. You just need to install these apps in your smartphone from the Play Store, and then, when you open the app, it will automatically show a list of recommended apps that you can clone.

These third-party apps also provide other features like the native cloning apps available in other smartphone brands, but you might have to bear some advertisements in between, which is the only downside of using third-party apps. 

3. Using a WhatsApp business account

Even though this method is not recommended for regular personal usage, it can be quite handy if you need to have a second or even a third account of WhatsApp on the same smartphone.

You can either use the native cloning app or third-party apps to install the second account of WhatsApp and then use this 'WhatsApp Business' app to sign up for a third account on WhatsApp. 

The only problem that might arise is  your chat will be shown as a business account, and hence, people might not respond to you as quickly as they would to an otherwise normal account. 

How to Install 2 WhatsApp on the Same Android Phone

4. Using Dual WhatsApp on iOS Devices

Generally, the iOS platform doesn't allow the user to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single device, and it is nearly impossible to install apps through APKs also. But luckily, there is an app called "Dual Messenger for WhatsApp - Chats," which can be found on the Apple store.

Once this app is installed, the user needs to do the following steps:

  • Scan a QR code that appears on the starting screen from any other device
  • Follow the installation process of WhatsApp as usual.
  • Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web / Desktop > Scan QR code
  • After finishing this process, the messages will be synced in both the devices, and you can use the second account on the mobile as well.


Thus, we saw the various ways in which we can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. Depending on your usage, you can also go for a maximum of three accounts on a single device, thereby increasing the ease with which you manage various domains in your life.

We would personally recommend you to always try native cloning apps as they offer better security compared to third party apps, and are also free of any unnecessary advertisements. If you like this article, please do take a look at other articles on our website and keep often visiting for more exciting content!


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