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Top 12 Best Inverter for Home in India (2020)

Edited by Garima, Reviewed by Anupama

Looking for the Best Inverter for home?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

As the demand for electricity increases across India, Inverter have become a basic requirement as they deliver much-needed power backup for home during electrical outages.

Many parts of the country experience power shortages especially during the hot summer months when fans, water coolers, and air conditioners are being used continually.

This leads to overloading the power grid resulting in frequent power trips especially in two and three-tier cities and towns. Important cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and other large commercial cities are supplied with non-stop power.

Best Inverter for Home in India

If you’re confused over which model to pick, in today’s vast and endless market, then we have slimmed it down for you in our buyer’s guide which is at the end of the article.

Due to the majority of industrial and commercial establishments being located in these cities. Therefore, an small inverter with battery for home is very useful for recharging batteries which can be used as an electric power backup. 

Each inverter is designed for a different input voltage and frequency which influences its overall power handling, whereas the output capacity depends on the design of the inverter.

If you live in a place with frequent power cuts, you require a power backup source to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. A whole range of emergency lighting systems is available in the marketplace. These include solar lighting, rechargeable lamps as well as inverter batteries.

The inverter rechargeable battery is the most popular among the lighting options due to their affordability and low maintenance requirements. Below are the top 10 inverter battery for home.

We Highly recommend you to read the Inverter Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Inverter technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 12 best inverter for home in India.

Top 12 Best Inverter for Home in India

Although my favorite among all is Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave UPS

Luminous Zelio+ 1700VA Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter (Black)


  • Technology: State of the art technology used with the display of power back up right up to hours and minutes
  • Processor: Powered by a 32 bit DSP processor
  • Maintenance: Hassle-free thanks to the electrolyte indicators
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Power: power and an operating voltage of 110-290 volts

The Luminous Zelio 1700 UPS provides instant power supply when the mains switch off.

This inverter is ideal for home use to power your appliances and gizmos like laptops, TV, mixer-grinder, DVD player, lighting and fans.

This Luminous ups is considered as one of the most intelligent homes UPS available in the market and features indicators that allow you to know the status of the UPS.

It has a Power back up time display (HH: MM), hassle-free water level maintenanceMCB protection.  

It is also equipped with a Bypass Switch which continues to supply output from the grid when the inverter fails. The running load can easily run 4 CFL, 4 Tube lights, 4 Ceiling Fans, 2 Television, and 1 air Cooler.

It is also equipped with a Bypass Switch which continues to supply output from the grid when the inverter fails. The running load can easily run 4 CFL, 4 Tube lights, 4 Ceiling Fans, 2 Television, and 1 air Cooler.


  • Durable battery. Will last for years
  • Stylish design will blend in any home decor
  • Does not need much space. Can fit in any corner of your home
  • Switch over from Mains to UPS and vice versa is instantaneous.


  • Heavy to move around
  • Creates a low buzzing sound

2. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter (Black)


  • Protection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.
  • Backup: Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes
  • Running Load: 3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 air Cooler
  • Battery System: Single battery / 12V; Capacity: 900 VA, Rated Power: 756W. Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)
  • External Battery: The battery is not included with this purchase
  • Safety: Safe for sensitive appliances with Sinewave out-put.

If you are searching for a standout inverter among the most well-known models in India than consider the Luminous battery.

This is a 900 VA/12 V (single battery) inverter from Luminous and useful for most standard Indian families.

Being a 900 VA inverter, it’s capable of powering a fridge alongside a few fans and lights making it best home inverter in India.

This inverter has a 32 bit DSP processor which goes about as a battery administration framework to enhance battery charging.

The best thing about this inverter is its inbuilt voltage protection which prevents damage to apparatus. It has an inbuilt MCB with a short out and over-burden security to protect any connected appliances .


  • The inverter is useful for hardware
  • LCD Display is very helpful for charging time.
  • Good security of machines.
  • UPS mode is very helpful if there should arise an occurrence of voltage variances.


  • 900 VA is somewhat little if you need great adaptability to utilize a great number of apparatuses or enormous machines.
  • No low voltage charging of batteries.
  • The sidestep switch isn't programmed.

3.  Microtek UPS 24A7 HB 1125Va Hybrid Inverter

Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 1125Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter


  • Dimensions: 39.8 x 39.2 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 11.2 Kg
  • Technology: Hybrid technology for noiseless and better performance    
  • IBGM technology: increases battery life          
  • Charging: PWM controlled multistage ATM (automatic trickle mode) charging
  • Bypass switch: In case of ups failure, electricity will be bypassed

This Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter comes with loads of useful features like battery gravity management and a built-in bypass switch.

It is recommended for use with sensitive appliances since it does not create any humming noise. The Microtek inverter battery with great technology that helps in extending the battery life expectancy.

It also features a bypass switch where the electricity will be bypassed if the UPS stops working.

These particular inverter scores are high on the security and durability count as well thanks to the multitude of relevant features.

The special short circuit protection along with the smart overload sense is the main security features. Also, there are circuit breakers than can be reset inbuilt. The auto-reset features shut down the UPS whenever there is an overload and automatically resets. When the load is once again reduced to acceptable levels with this great quality features. 


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Complement your home decor
  • Does not need much space. Can be placed in any corner of the room
  • Provides many hours of power during power cuts


  • Nothing At All 

4. APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE

4. APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE


  • Protection: Shockproof, special protection against short circuits, safe for children
  • Employs pure sine wave tech ideal for uninterrupted power supply for modern home appliances
  • Battery: Can be powered by both flat plate as well as tubular batteries
  • Supports batteries: 80-180 Ah range
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty

This APC home UPS is one of the most dependable inverters and is suitable for areas with frequent power failures.

This APC product is the best ups for home in terms of  delivering pure sine wave standby power. 

You can connect it to your home appliances like TVs, home theatres, audio systems, gaming consoles, fans, and lighting.

No more darkness or suffering in the sweltering heat. This inverter is shockproof and comes with short circuit protection.

It is designed with the most stable Sine Wave Technology that ensures uninterrupted supply and maximum energy saving. The APC inverter is compatible with best battery for inverter in the market.  Using the inverter saves power and lowers your electricity bills. It has a stylish compact design which blends into every home decor.


  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic switching from power to the inverter  to a power source
  • Up to 5 hours of power for home appliances
  • Provides many hours of power during power cuts


  • Creates some noise when connected to a battery
  • Comparatively lighter than other inverters in its class

5. Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter - Digital Display


  • Protection: Well protected up to the PCB
  • Processor: Sine Wave UPS employing DSP technology through a microprocessor serving to provide mains quality power
  • Display: Comes with an LCD that provides information on crucial data
  • Technology: It is equipped with ASIC or Auto Sense Intelligent Control Technology
  • Sensor: Ships with Electrolyte Sensor Indicator
  • Power: Changes power source fast
  • Capacity: load capacity of 580 watts

The Exide Home Inverter features a digital display that shows the status of the unit. 

It also has an indicator that light up when the unit is switched on, when charging is going on or the unit is charged.  It has an important indicator that lights up when the water level is low.

This best home inverter is suitable for operating your laptop, TV, Lights, kitchen mixer, water purifier, and other home appliances.

The LCD Display is provided for better user interface and displays the state of battery voltage and charge, AC mains input voltage.

The display also shows the actual connected load (in %), overload, short circuit, main fuse blowout, etc. The SP (Digital Signal Processor) is developed while using the best pure sine wave inverter in India. The Electrolyte level sensor indicator lights up when the water level is low and needs to be topped.

The change over time from mains to UPS and vice versa is less than 10 milliseconds ensuring uninterrupted backup switchovers.


  • Quick change over from mains to UPS and vice versa
  • Robust and compact construction
  • Does not occupy much space.
  • Comparatively lighter than other in its class
  • Reliable and has a long life


  • There are complaints of poor after-sales service by some customers

6. Microtek UPS EB900 VA Inverter

Microtek Upseb 900 Va Inverter


  • Weight: 9.920 kg
  • Dimensions: 382x339x192
  • Battery: 1 battery system
  • Design: Intelligent control design based on micro-controllers
  • Indicators: Display indications                  
  • Technology: Employs CCCV technology along with auto trickle mode
  • Protection: Protection from short circuits with smart overload sense

The Microtek Inverter battery is based on an Intelligent Micro Controller Design and comes with many user-friendly features.

It has a Voltage Range of 100V to 300V and a Narrow Voltage Range of 180V to 260V.

The Inverter has a LED display on the front panel displaying the “Mains ON, UPS ON, Charging, Overload, and Battery Low status.

It also features with the latest CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode, Smart Overload Sensor, Short Circuit Protection, Battery State Monitoring, Multi-Stage Battery Charger, and Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch.

The Microtek Inverter is a single battery system and is built using state-of-the-art technology and it's the best solar inverter for home. It protects your expensive home appliance and other equipment using smart overload sensors and an advance short circuit protection feature.


  • Smart Overload Sensor
  • Ideal for home use
  • Lasts for several hours
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • Some users complain that the battery drains out too quickly

7. Luminous HKVA  2 KVA Sine Cruze Wave UPS

Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS Inverter (Silver)


  • Voltage: The Luminous Inverter operates at 180 Volts
  • Dimensions: 43x 35 x 34 cms
  • Weight: 23.6 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Operating voltage: 180 volts
  • Battery: Recommended Battery Ah -135 Ah - 180Ah
  • Charging: Full Battery Recharge Time-10 - 12 Hour
  • Includes: Main Unit and Warranty Manual
  • External Battery: The battery is not included with this purchase

This inverter is ideal for commercial establishments. You can operate sensitive appliances with the Luminous inverter without hesitation.

The operation cost of the Inverter is lower than diesel generators. The battery is not included with this product.

The front panel has a LED display showing the ON indicator, the battery charge percentage indicator, and other status indicators.

Commercial establishments have higher power needs and power cuts cause reduced overall productivity, performance, and profitability of the businesses.

The Luminous ups offers a robust and reliable power alternative for running your commercial establishments and sensitive equipment's.

The inverter is characterized by its special sensitivity which makes it ideal to power trade tools like dental chairs and embroidery machines. It is meant for consumers who have heavy power demand for extended periods.


  • Can operate sensitive equipment’s and gadgets
  • Gives long hours of uninterrupted power on a full charge
  • Made for Indian harsh conditions


  • Very heavy – difficult to carry around
  • Creates some noise during operation

8. Microtek – UPS 24A×7 HB 725VA

Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 725Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter


  • Capacity: 725VA/12v, 1 battery system (12 VDC)
  • Performance: Hybrid technology for noiseless and better performance
  • IBGM technology:  increases battery life
  • Charging: PWM controlled multistage ATM (automatic trickle mode) charging
  • Operating voltage: 180 volts
  • Battery Charging Mode: Manual Switching
  • Design: Specially Intelligent Control Hybrid design based on digital signature controller

If you are searching for an inverter for a mediocre home necessity – a couple of fans, a couple of lights and a TV/PC, then Microtek is the best ups for home use.

This 725 VA/12 V single battery inverter is an unadulterated sine wave inverter which has a quiet execution. It has an IBGM – Intelligent Battery Gravity Management Technology.

This is a shrewd battery administration innovation that enables the inverter to charge batteries rapidly and while giving longer battery life and backups.

This inverter has two charging modes: standard (10 Amp) and Fast Charging (14 Amps), which implies a consistent 150 Ah

This battery can get charged in 150/10 = 15 hrs in standard mode and 150/14 = 10.71 hrs in quick charging mode. The inverter uses PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging which guarantees the battery’s wellbeing when the battery is fully charged.


  • Noiseless inverter
  • Speedy charging
  • Stronger battery administration


  • Switchover time could have been lower
  • Sidestep is manual and not programmed
  • No LCD show of battery status and charging.
  • No electrical switch.

9. Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter


  • Input voltage: 100 v - 300 v  
  • Output Power: 760 Watts.
  • Rated Capacity950 VA        
  • Warranty: 2 years

If you are searching for best inverter in India for a marginally greater home prerequisite, and only need to run fans, lights, PCs and a fridge, than the Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA is a perfect choice.

The highlights of this product include its highly efficient power-saving design make this product as the best inverter for home.

This unadulterated sinewave inverter has quiet execution and as it instigates low music, it is incredible for electronic machines also.

It has a smaller scale controller-based hitter administration framework. This microtek inverter with additionally feature is very effective for home use.

It has a LED show to demonstrate the status of the battery and on the off chance that there are any flaws. Its reputed brand name ensure you never face trouble with after-sales service with this product. Also suggested for the best inverter with battery for home. 


  • It is useful for hardware
  • LCD Display is very helpful for knowing the charge levels and charging time
  • Good insurance of apparatus


  • The cost may upset some

10. Luminous Cruze 5.2 KVA Commercial UPS

Luminous Cruze 5.2 KVA Commercial UPS


  • Warranty: 2 years of product warranty
  • Power: 4000 watts Power
  • Voltage: 180 volts Operating Voltage
  • Battery System: Six battery / 72V
  •  Battery Support: 120 Ah – 220 Ah
  • Recommended Battery Ah: 135 Ah - 180Ah
  • Charging Time: Full Battery Recharge Time-10 - 12 Hours

The Luminous Cruze 5.2 KVA Commercial UPS is a special high power inverter.

It can effectively meet the power requirements of even highly demanding electronic appliances like air conditioners, laser printers and power-consuming desktops.

These are typically a common feature in a small to medium-sized commercial establishments or big villa-like houses. This inverter lets you connect as many as 6 batteries to the inverter.

Another interesting thing to note about this sole commercial UPS comes with 6-batteries which makes it best ups for home use.

That it is compatible with all types of inverter batteries including tubular, flat plate, SMF and VRLA batteries that provide you with flexibility. In all, we would say that this is an excellent inverter choice for small offices and business establishments.


  • Plentiful set of great features
  • Good back up times
  • Fast charging
  • Intuitive Display


  • Some buyers complain that the inverter heats up quickly

11. Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave UPS

Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave UPS


  • Technology: DSP technology, IBSS (Intelli Battery Safeguard), Quick Charging Technology

  • Output: Sine Wave Output
  • Processor: Intelligent Microprocessor
  • Battery: 1-12V battery required
  • Others: Power Saving, resettable, less power loss.

When it comes to inverter, Amaron has an extensive list of products to choose from.

Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave Ups is one of their most refined products that is not just a solution to your power cuts but more than that.

It is a trusted product that brings quality backup power with its unhindered performance so that you live your life uninterrupted.

This UPS is integrated with DSP technology that firstly enhances the life of an electrical appliance and secondly, damps its humming.

In a lot of incidents when there is a sudden power surge, the inverter is unable to restrict the current which harms the battery.  In Amaron 880Va Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave Ups you get to enjoy IBSS (Intelli Battery Safeguard) that ensures protection of your battery which increases its life. 

While adhering to the TS 16940 ISO 9001, this compact inverter also supports quick-charging technology that recharges the battery quickly.  All these advantages make Amaron 880Va an ideal product and an optimum solution for people. From a rugged and compact design to better performance; this particular device keeps you safeguarded from every related thing.


  • It comes with the quick charging technology.
  • It has an IBSS that increases battery life.
  • It has a compact design that requires minimal space.
  • It has better protection to safeguard the UPS from external damage.
  • The body of this UPS is elegant, which makes it ideal for any home.


  • No cons as such

12. V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS


  • Output: Sine Wave Output
  • Inverter Capacity: 800w

  • Battery Range: 80-230 AH

  • Battery charge time: 8-10 hours
  • Other features: Battery water topping reminder, battery gravity builder, high-performance selection switch, UPS mode, buzzer mute option.

V-Guard is an Indian Brand that is known for manufacturing a wide range of quality electrical appliances. Their domain includes designing and manufacturing UPS as well.

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS is one of their most sold inverters pan India. V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS is an efficient UPS that works on less power consumption, making it ideal for electronic equipment.

It has a capacity of 800w and a battery that lasts longer than the other market products. The battery of this inverter has a range of 80-230 AH.

This heavy-duty inverter is equipped with several convenience features which include battery water topping reminder, battery gravity builder, high-performance selection switch, UPS mode, and many others.  The extensive list of features, options, and functions in this product makes it an ideal one for your house. So, if you are looking for a durable product that tells you everything, then this should be your pick.


  • It has a good battery backup
  • The UPS does not produce any sound
  • It has excellent audio and display
  • There are many helpful alarms and features in the UPS
  • You can also mute the buzzer.
  • Value for money product


  • So far, there is no problem with this product.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Inverter for Home

Due to the irregularity in power supply and the persistent problem of voltage drop, inverter for computer are becoming more and more common in India. An inverter with a best inverter brand that powers vital electrical appliances like Air Conditions and Fridge even in the absence of electricity as supplied by the local power supply company.

Besides this, it also functions to convert DC power found in low voltages into something that could power AC power based air-conditioners. A single inverter can often power a large number of household devices that require electricity for their operation.

How to Choose Best Inverter and Battery for Home

Inverter are selling by a wide variety of brands come in a similarly vast price range. In case the you require is priced beyond your means then you can consider renting an inverter.

The Questions to Ask

Before you choose a inverter with battery in India for home or office needs, you need to ask and find the answers to the following questions:

  • What inverter type is most suitable for my purpose? Am I going to use it in my home or office?
  • Which is the best inverter battery brands that are available in the market?
  • Which battery type would be more suitable for my purpose viz maintenance-free ones or the tubular batteries?
  • What amount of power supply is required by the inverter for it to display good operational efficiency?
  • For how much time can the inverter provide backup power?
  • Which type of inverter you want affected by home inverter price

Inverter Types

There are three distinct types of best inverter for home use in India which are available in the market. They are as follows:

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter: This inverter type makes use of transistor circuits to control and monitor applications. This is NOT the inverter type you want to choose if the use is going to be prolonged or exhaustive or if you need to operate sophisticated appliances . But if you are looking for something that would do for the temporary moment then in most cases this inverter type would do fine.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Inverter for home employs the very latest DSP or digital signal processing technology in addition to microcontrollers to control and monitoring applications. The costs of such inverters are usually considerable but its long life combines with the ability to run any type of electronic device are become popular in today's market
  • Digital Inverter: This is the latest addition to the inverter types stable. In this inverter type transistor circuits and switching devices based on transistors are dispensed with in favor of DSP technology paired with microcontrollers. MOSFET transistors take the place of switching transistors.

Types of Inverter Batteries

A distinction can be made between which inverter is best based on battery types also as the latter is the most important component of an inverter. If you choose the wrong type of battery or even if the settings of the battery are not proper it can hamper the efficiency of the inverter and cause and thereby result in draining your resources.

The capacity of the small inverter for home is measured through the unit Ampere denoted by the Ah symbol. This unit stands for the current rate the battery can provide for a specified duration. A best battery for inverter supply 100 Ah current for an hour.

The different types of batteries used in inverters are as follows:

  • Automotive Batteries: Termed as high-cycle batteries for the high amount of power they can provide albeit, for a short duration of time, these are constituted of lead-acid. It should be noted that this battery type is lacking when it comes to discharging capacity and that they are unable to discharge anything greater than one-fourth of the rated capacity. Additionally, they cannot ensure frequent charges and discharges of power. They also need to be paid close attention and maintenance as distilled water needs to be poured regularly.
  • Maintenance Free Batteries: In case of normal batteries powered by lead-acid, you need to check the electrolyte levels constantly for maintenance purposes. In contrast maintenance, free batteries are still lead-acid batteries but they are sealed and do not need additional ventilation or being checked regularly. Even though these batteries are significantly more expensive than the automotive type the convenience they present in the form of being maintenance-free makes them hugely popular.
  • Tubular Batteries: While searching for best inverter for home the battery type is characterized by its long life and high efficiency which is made possible by the complexity of their design. The disadvantage of a large price tag is offset to a great extent by their long life span. They are maintenance-free, charge fast and have high efficiency.

You can choose your best inverter battery based on your particular needs in terms of performance as well as backup times.

Things to Know About Your Inverter

Make sure that you keep yourself acquainted with the following specifics of your inverter. This will help you in ensuring that your choice for best inverter in India.

  • Battery Guarantee and Warranty: Warranty and guarantee are two crucial parts of every home inverter with battery. While warranty ensures that the product will be repaired or fixed for a particular period from the date of purchase, guarantee ensures that you will get an outright replacement for a defective product. The bigger battery brands out there typically come with 48 months of warranty.
  • Inverter Efficiency: Inverter efficiency is another crucial factor for you to keep in mind while buying an inverter battery for home. This efficiency is affected by the following two factors:
  • Charging- Inverter efficiency depends on batteries DC voltage. Completely charged batteries can be as efficient as 90%, for semi-charged batteries, the efficiency drops to something like 60%. Some of the local battery brands out there might be cheaper but you risk in losing out on efficiency too.
  • DC to AC Power Conversion-Inverter efficiency is greatly affected additionally by the power source. The efficiency is found to vary while the process of conversion of DC power to AC power is going on. It is determined by the received DC flow while being charged. So you should try to ensure a good and reliable power source while charging your inverter battery. You would do well to opt for higher conversion rates or simply batteries that charge quickly and provide power backup for home.
  • Inverter Capacity: The inverter capacity that is necessary for your use is determined by the wattage of the appliances which are intended to be powered by the inverter in the absence of the primary power source. This load is measured in terms of VA or Voltage Ampere. You need to find an solar inverter for home with at least 50% more power than the total load or the total wattage demand formed by your appliances. The additional power will help account for start-up power of appliances or the enhanced amount of power appliances need while starting up.

The P=V*I Formula

This is the formula that determines the inverter voltage which should be in sync with the inverter battery.

Features To Look For In Your Inverter

  • Ground Fault Protection - This feature is nothing short of a literal lifesaver, It allows the inverter to switch itself off automatically whenever it comes across wet or damp surfaces which in turn helps to keep life-threatening accidents like shocks and fire at bay.
  • Transfer Switch -This switch lets the inverter to seamlessly swap power sources for appliances i.e. utility power and inverter power.
  • Support for Solar Power - This feature lets inverters convert the DC power generated by exide solar inverter which are typically used in homes and commercially. They are slightly more expensive due to the necessary extra equipment and the electric work required aligning it with the electrical set up of the entire household.
  • Low Voltage Alarm - Voltage is a big issue while searching for best pure sine wave inverter in India. This is an absolute must among the various features commonly found in inverters. It makes you aware of the low battery voltage, thereby preventing it from causing permanent damage to the battery.
  • Remote Control - This is also an absolute necessity as it lets you use the inverter without having to move frequently to check in on it or to perform the basic functions.
  • Power Save or Sleep Mode - The presence of such operating modes in your inverter helps you save valuable battery power by keeping the inverter in sleep mode while it is not being used. Technical specifications are primary, but there are various factors that one should keep in mind before buying a inverter; here are some of them.
  • Bypass switch - Whenever you buy an inverter, there are chances that you might have to face a few inevitable issues. Blown fuse and power overload are a few of such prevalent issues. A bypass switch helps in eliminating such issues.

  • Wiring of the house - While you get the inverter set up in your house, make sure to check the house wiring. You can consult an electrician in this situation and ask him to check the backup power wiring.
  • Earthing and other issues - Before setting up the inverter, make sure that you check your house has proper earthing facilities or not. It is essential to do this because it will help you in preventing your family from getting electrocuted and short circuit situations. 
  • Inverter Trolley - The inverter might not be heavy for you, but the battery would surely be. So it is advised that you buy an inverter trolley to keep both these devices together.
  • Brand - Branded products have many features and they are high-quality products. Batteries of branded inverters last longer than any local battery so it is advised that you should bank on the branded ones.
  • Price - Generally, an inverter costs between 5000-8000, but it highly depends on the brand, technical specifications, feature list, and other things. Safety Measures to keep in mind while operating the inverter. You must follow the below-listed measures:
  • The inverter battery needs a water change and top-up every 1-3 months. It is advised that you keep checking the water-level.
  • Whenever you operate your inverter or its battery, make sure to keep your hands dry.
  • Do not jam your inverter in a corner or a congested place. 
  • There is a fan located in the inverter; make sure that it is placed in such a way that the fan blows away heat from the device. 
  • If you see your inverter corroding, use water and baking soda to clean it. 

How to choose any inverter for a particular home?

Let’s check-out the critical parameters based on which you should buy an inverter. 

  • Requirement of power - Ideally, a 300w inverter is best for your house. If the needs increase, you will have to buy a more powerful device.
  • Inverter Capacity -This switch lets the inverter to seamlessly swap power sources for appliances i.e. utility power and inverter power.
  • Battery Size - If you pair a larger battery with a smaller inverter, you will face issues, and if you pair a smaller battery with a larger inverter, you won’t get the efficiency. To make it even and get the best results, make sure to check the battery power and match it with the inverter capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do inverters come with batteries?

If you are still wondering if you get batteries with your device, then you are partially correct. There are many local and also reputed brands that offer batteries with their device, but in most cases, you don’t get one. You have to buy it separately. Also, while buying, make sure you compare the battery size with the inverter capacity you chose. If you bring home a miss-match of battery and inverter, you will suffer issues later on, and it will damage the longevity of your inverter as well as the battery.

2.  Can these batteries be charged in solar?

Well, if you wish to charge your battery using solar energy, make sure you have a solar battery instead. The ordinary batteries you use will not tend to get charged from sunlight. All the batteries having this function are differently made, and they have different sets of instructions. If you buy one such battery, you will have to go through the manual and then be thorough with what they are saying. Do all your research before making any decision.

3.  How can I know if my inverter is fully charged already?

Now the first and foremost requirement that an inverter has to fulfill is the power requirement during the main power-cut. But knowing that your battery is charged or not is equally essential for you. In many inverters, there are digital battery charging display units, but in the rest of them, you get a green signal when the battery is charged ultimately. If your inverter battery is fully charged you will get the LED light on which says that your battery is eventually charged.

4. Will this stabilise high voltage fluctuation?

Buying a quality product is one thing, but maintaining it is something different altogether. To get the best results and a long-life, you need to take safety measures. But some of the features are already integrated into the inverters. One such part is the stabilizing feature. In cases when there is a sudden surge of electricity your inverter smartly regulates it without hampering any of your electronic items. Branded inverters come equipped with features like stabiliser which takes away the worry from you.

5. Is it normal that it makes a sound while in use?

An inverter is an essential device that you install in your house. It has to give you the amount of backup you want. Keeping this in mind, you should always keep technical specifications as your immediate need while purchasing an inverter. Make your decision as per the size of your house, the number of appliances you wish to connect, and the features you want. One of the best features that a right inverter has is the zero sound operation. This means you will not get any sound when the inverter is being used.

6. What is the normal life of an inverter or its battery?

You might get a lot of local brands as an option, but it will always be wise to go for branded and reputed manufacturers only. There are many benefits of buying a branded product which also includes the after sales-services. If you choose to buy a branded product, the battery life will be longer, and when you go for the local one, there is no expectancy of these products. So it is better not to take any risk which will make you suffer later.

7. What precautions should one take while operating an inverter?

You might get a lot of local brands as an option, but it will always be wise to go for branded and reputed manufacturers only. There are many benefits of buying a branded product which also includes the after sales-services. If you choose to buy a branded product, the battery life will be longer, and when you go for the local one, there is no expectancy of these products. So it is better not to take any risk which will make you suffer later.

8. What appliances can I run on my inverter?

Ideally, it depends on the size of the battery and the inverter that you are using. If you have a medium-sized inverter, you can use an LED bulb, a CFL, one fan, one tube light, and 1 TV on an inverter. In some cases, power inverters give the users a chance to operate refrigerators, room coolers, mixer-grinders, and much more. But you need to have a powerful battery to support these electrical appliances. Do check the specification’s list and match it up with the battery power.

9. What is the difference between inverter and UPS?

The basic and most prominent difference between an inverter and UPS is the switch-over time. Ideally, a UPS takes 3 to 5 milliseconds to switch the power whereas an inverter can take anywhere between 10 to 100 milliseconds to switch the power supply. Now, due to this factor, people mostly incline towards UPS because there is almost no notice of the power switch when there is a power-cut. Also, UPS has more advanced technology used as compared to that of an inverter.

10. Why should I buy an Inverter?

Like many other things, having an inverter in your home has now become a necessity, especially for those who live in developing areas of the country. Power cuts and load shedding are a common occurrence in those areas. To get even power supply throughout the day, people have started installing inverters in their homes. There are a few alternatives that can be used instead. Still, these compact, durable, and reliable devices are an all-round performer because they work wonderfully without eating too much space in your house.


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