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Top 16 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Edited By Garima Singh, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for best Kitchen Chimney in India?

Great! this article definitely will help you to find best for you, Let’s get started!

A kitchen is one of the most important sections of your house and among all chimney is essential appliance that protects your walls and ceilings from the strains generated during cooking.

Since Indian cooking involves a lot of grilling and frying which can leave your kitchen in a mess thus it’s important to equip with a chimney.

Buying a chimney for your kitchen might look an easy deal but considering the different features,

It’s best to do a bit of research before purchasing the product else you could end up buying the chimney which may be not be ideal for you.  

Best Kitchen Chimneys

Here, in this article we’ve compiled the list of the best chimney for Indian kitchen, which you can go through and select the one which suits you the best. For a detailed analysis of the best chimneys from top chimney brands in India, it’s features and how to select the best product, we recommend going through our buyer's guide given at the bottom of our article.

Following are the crucial aspects of top 10 chimney in India:

  • Filters: Choosing the right filter enhances the performance of chimney. If it does not function appropriately, the suction can break and can pose threat.
  • Suction Power: A chimney with higher air suction power is considered ideal. If you cook on a daily basis the range must be between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr.
  • Care and Maintenance: It is recommended to install the chimney at a low height of around 4 feet so that cleaning becomes easy. In addition, it is suitable to buy a chimney which needs less maintenance.
  • Blower/ Motor: Make sure the motor is perfectly sealed so that grime and dust does not get into it.
  • Budget: Electric chimneys are available in the range of 2500 to 100000. Choose the one that suits your budget.

We Highly recommend you to read the Chimney Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Chimney technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 16 Best Kitchen Chimney in India ( 2022 )

Although my favorite among all is  Faber 90 cm Chimney but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Faber 90 cm Chimney

1.Faber 90 cm 1200 m3 hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90, Filterless, Touch _ Gesture Control, Black)


  • It has 1200 m3/hr suction power and includes auto clean technology
  • Five years warranty on motor as and one year on the main product.
  • It is made from high-quality glass
  • It has baffle filters with extra layering for long life

A top class product that’s become the hallmark of style and performance.

The chimney is a delight for the consumers as it comes loaded with an auto clean feature.

Just a click and the chimney will produce heat to force the grease and other unwanted deposits to get collected in the can.

Faber kitchen chimney are popular highly popular for their higher competence, advanced suction technology, and lesser noise in the kitchen.

It is a filter less chimney that accessible with 3-5 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys, 

Moreover, their durability, high performance, and smart looks makes it as one of the highest rated chimneys in the Indian market.


  • It comes with Heat-Auto-Clean technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Wall mounted
  • High quality glass
  • Touch & gesture control
  • Less noise
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Filter-less technology
  • Oil collector


  • Little on the expensive side

2. Elica 60 cm Chimney

2.Elica 60 cm 1200 m3 hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)


  • It has double layer of baffle filters along with smart touch & controlling panel
  • It comes with auto clean feature and curved glass
  • A very high power motor with energy saving mode

Elica is known as best chimney brand in India, and make their product with lot of refinement and modishness and their 60mm 1200m3/hr,

It is a best auto clean chimney for kitchen and specially designed to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Equipped with two LED lamps which give ideal lighting while cooking, the chimney offers easy operation through its touch control panel.

Elica auto clean chimney takes cares of the cleaning process by a single press.

Elica kitchen chimney attained by making use of heating component which eliminates sticky particles and gets them collected in oil can. Stylish and convenient, this is one of the best elica chimney review you can opt for.


  • Stylish look along with curved glass
  • The suction power of 1200 m3/hr
  • Ideal for 2 & 4 burners
  • Usually consumes around 180-watt
  • 2 baffle filters
  • Touch panel for operation
  • 2 LED lamps for perfect lighting
  • It comes with auto clean technology


  • It is not ductless

3. GLEN CH6050DXBLK60BF Wall Mounted Chimney 1000 CMH

GLEN CH6050DXBLK60BF Wall Mounted Chimney (BLACK 1000 CMH)


  • Available in black color
  • It comes with curved glass as well as it can be mounted on the Wall
  • The chimney suction capacity is around 1200 m3/hr for heavy grilling and frying
  • It is accessible in 2 and 4 burner stove with size of 60cm

When it comes to manufacturing of modern kitchen tools in India, the first name that comes to our minds is GLEN.

Over the years the company has been producing appliances with smart features that are completely based on your requirements.

When it comes to chimneys, its GLEN CH6050DXBLK60BF Wall Mounted Chimney 1000 CMH is the best they offer.

It comes with an advanced baffle filter chimney, which offers active airflow & high competence.

All the major components implemented in this special chimney are of top quality.

It is suitable for 3-4 Burners gas stove (60 cm), and comes with pocket friendly budget that makes it one of the finest product among the top 5 chimney brands in India. The motor is equipped with thermal protector while the fan, housing, and the entire wiring of the chimney are created with flame retardant plastic.

These significant aspects guarantee maximum safety and durability. The modern and improved design helps to collect the unwanted residues separately. Power saving mode LED lights helps to light up the stove area for a better cooking experience.


  • It is the perfect blend of performance and quality
  • No special maintenance required
  • Noise free
  • It is also equipped with baffle filter
  • It comes with stylish glass body
  • It is equipped with bright LED lights for convenient and comfortable cooking
  • Modern and advanced design along with maximum airflow
  • It is made up of Italian copper motor
  • The chimney has 1000m3/hr suction capability
  • The chimney is extremely durable
  • The wirings are made from flame retardant plastic


  • Customer care service is not up to the mark

4. Hindware 90cm Chimney

4.Hindware 90cm 1200 m3 hr Auto Clean Chimney


  • High suction power of  1200 m3
  • It has button controlling panel
  • In-built auto cleaning system

For around sixty years, Hindware has consistently created its mark on a national scale

Its amazing quality, modern technology, commitment, revolutionary designs as well as long-lasting products.

These significant aspects make this stylish product ideal and popular for all Indian kitchens.

This chimney is extremely efficient in eliminating odour, smoke, and harmful gases.

The finest finish of stainless steel will certainly add a touch of elegance to the kitchen interiors. 

Hind-ware is a renewed brand name  in the market and it is the best chimney for kitchen.

It is  comes with a one year all-inclusive as well as motor warranty for five years, hence quality of the product is guaranteed. When you buy the product, the service engineers will help too with its installation. Perfect in all aspects!


  • Baffle filters
  • This chimney is perfect for >200 sqft kitchen size
  • Auto clean
  • Can be easily mounted on the wall.
  • It has in-built oil collector can to remove the unwanted elements
  • It has suction capacity of around 1200 m3/hr and maximum airflow
  • The quality of the stainless steel is of high quality
  • Inbuilt 2 LED lamps


  • The manufacturer supports with installation of the product, but sometimes they charge individually

5. Kaff ASTRA DHC-60 CM Chimney

Kaff ASTRA DHC-60 CM() LIFE TIME WARRANTY Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel 1180 CMH)


  • It comes with baffle filter
  • The chimney air flow is around 1180 m³/hr
  • The noise level is around 68 (dba)
  • It also comes with touch control panel
  • It has LED lamps with touch control
  • It is equipped with dry heat auto cleaning

The Kaff chimneys are known for its smart designs its ASTRA DHC DHC -60 CM is a perfect blend of style and performance.

The chimney operates considerably at low noise and acts as the perfect ventilation for your kitchen by eliminating smell and smoke from it.

Extremely sleek and compact in design it’s equipped with modern features such as power saving LED lights for better experience.

It is a best auto clean chimney in India, which produces heat and eliminates all the unwanted residue from your chimney. Worth every penny!


  • Extremely efficient in eliminating smell
  • It is perfect for 3 to 4 Burners
  • Maintenance is needed after every 6 months


  • Filters cleaning is required manually

6. Prestige 90cm Chimney

6.Prestige 90cm 850 m3 hr Chimney


  • The major benefits is that this magnificent chimneys comes with 2 years warranty on the product; along with ten years warranty on motor
  • It has the capability to offer the perfect illumination in the cooking zone along with 2 LED lamps to save energy
  • It has the suction capacity of around 850 m3/hr

Prestige is the best chimney company in India, when it comes to customer satisfaction, none is even close to the quality that Prestige offers.

From crockeries to kitchen and home appliances Prestige has always delivered amazing products.

Taking about thus particular chimney, it offers outstanding performance, high-durability and value for money.

This amazing chimney is specially designed keeping the modern kitchen in mind and will definitely enhance your kitchen interiors.


  • This chimney makes use of baffle filters
  • This chimney is perfectly well-suited for all cooking ranges
  • It is made by keeping modern design in mind
  • It comes with Auto clean aspect


  • Little expensive as compared to other chimney
  • The installation of this chimney can be on the higher side

7. Eurodomo Chimney

7.Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3 h Auto-Clean Chimney


  • Cleaning is necessary after every 6 month
  • It comes with tempered glass
  • It is also equipped with touch control panel
  • It comes with 2 LED lights for proper illumination
  • It comes with 2 LED lights for proper illumination

Eurodomo is a  known kitchen chimney brands, that is ingeniously into manufacturing of kitchen appliances and providing the best service to their customers.

It is one of the most well renowned and popular European brand,offers high quality products that are specially designed keeping the needs of the customers.

Eurodomo chimneys are extremely stylish and will add charm to your kitchen. It comes with black tempered glass cooking top to add extra glam to your cooking zone.

It is made up of high-quality baffle filters and is one of the most beautifully designed chimneys available in the Indian market.

Furthermore, it also comes with an auto-clean feature, which is an added benefit as it helps to get rid of the stubborn oil from the filter. Eurodomo is available on pocket friendly budget in the market, which makes it best kitchen chimney under 10000.


  • It comes with black finish to add glam to your kitchen
  • The chimney comes with auto-clean element
  • This chimney offers one year warranty on product. Also around five years warranty on the motor
  • The suction capacity is around 1200 m3/h


  • User manual is not given correctly
  • It produce around 58Db noise

8. Seavy Ciaz Stainless Steel 60cm

Seavy Ciaz Stainless Steel 60cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Silver_Steel Grey 1200 CMH)


  • Baffle filters
  • It comes with tempered glass
  • Also it has 5 years warranty on motor
  • Auto cleaning system
  • Touch control panel comes with easy application
  • equipped

The Seavy Ciaz is a reliable and renowned brand which is well known for manufacturing top quality kitchen appliances.

 It has brought a ground-breaking change in the sector of kitchen equipment by offering the advanced designs to the customers and can be a perfect package for your kitchen interiors.

Seavy is a best auto clean chimney for kitchen  that offers easy operations through its touch control panel and is among the top trending chimneys in the Indian market.

It has effective technology eliminates the entire unwanted residue from your kitchen and keeps it clean and odor free.

With a 5 year warranty on the motor and 1 year warranty on the product, the chimney promises high durability.


  • Baffle filter
  • Requires cleaning after six months
  • The chimney has 1200m3/hr suction capability
  • Efficient appliance
  • It has Auto-clean technology
  • It can be operated very easily with touch panel
  • The speed of the chimney can be controlled
  • The set-up kit comes along with the product


  • Not apt for small kitchens

9. SUNFLAME 90cm Chimney

9.Sunflame RAPID 90 AUTO CLEAN DX Wall and Ceiling Mounted Chimney


  • Baffle filters
  • The chimney has a suction power of 1100m3/hr
  • It is equipped with baffle and charcoal filter
  • It also has touch control panel

Sun-flame is a electric chimney for kitchen, and its a brand renowned for manufacturing various kinds of products and among all,

Sun-flame ductless chimney have certainly grabbed a place in the market owing to its capability and performance.

Made from curved glass, the manufacturers have given it a metallic finish to give you a solid product with very high durability.

Equipped with baffle filters, the chimney eliminates oil residues by not blocking the air flow.

These baffle filters are ideal for Indian kitchens particularly for heavy grilling and frying . Moreover, the  chimney comes with attached two burners which is an added advantage. Overall, this  product is coming with excellent features which makes it the best chimney in India   that will never disappoint you.


  • It is perfect for small to medium size kitchens
  • The chimney comes with the combination of gas stove
  • The chimney comes with matte finish
  • It comes with extra spacious glass top


  • It is not ductless
  • It has not auto clean features

10. Bosch Serie 2 60 cm Chimney along with glass hood

10.Bosch 60 cm Straight Glass hood Wall Mounted Chimney (silver 800 CMH)


  • It comes with push button control
  • Two detachable metal fitters
  • Comes with two years warranty

This Bosch serie is the best kitchen chimney, which is comes with a remarkable power of around 705 qmh that helps to extract air efficiently.

This beautifully designed chimney comes attached LEDs that give you perfect lightning in the cooking area.

Along with this it’s quipped with heavy stainless steel with high-capacity in oil absorption. It also has a glass top along with wall mounting. Wonderful product!


  • It comes with transparent glass cooktop
  • It comes with baffle filters
  • The chimneys are brushed with stainless steel


  • Ducting for this chimney is completely mandatory for auto cleaning

11. Kutchina Chimney Fieona

11.kutchina Fieona Auto clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1000 CMH)


  • This Kutchina chimney comes with suction power of 1080 m3/h
  • This kitchen chimneys is also ideal smaller size kitchen
  • Kutchina chimney will offer proper ventilation
  • It has the noise level of 62 dB

This  brand of chimney is the best chimney for Indian cooking, that comes in compact size which is considered perfect to set up over the cooking cabinet.

Effective in eliminating all the bad odour and unwanted residue, it produces no to low level of sound for disturbance free cooking.

The push buttons installed in the chimney provides easy operation. It’s a perfect complement for a modern kitchen.


  • It has the suction power of around 1080 m3/hr
  • It comes with auto clean technology
  • It comes with two LED lamps
  • It comes with two button control
  • It also comes with lifetime motor warranty


  • The filter needs to be cleaned after every two weeks

12. Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica

Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica


  • The product comes with an anti-rust black powder-coated body
  • It is easily accessible with a 2 or 4 burner stove of 60 centimetres size
  • Excellent for a kitchen size of 175 square feet
  • Ideal for heavy and medium grilling and frying
  • The chimney comes with high-quality glass and can be mounted on the sidewall
  • It is one of the most energy-efficient kitchen chimneys so far

Inalsa has always been the first choice of Indians when it comes to the kitchen appliances.

It is known to offer some of the most advanced and high-performance chimneys in the world.

One of the best chimney models rolled out by Inalsa so far is the Classica.

It is a pyramid-shaped chimney that comes with a sidewall mounting offering an elegant look to your kitchen décor. 

The best part about this model is that it suits perfectly with any décor theme and kitchen layout.

Its fantastic airflow capacity of 1050 m3/hour eliminates dust, pollutants, grease, and odours effortlessly. Moreover, if you are a no-noise person, this can be the best pick for you. The model ensures minimal operational noise for the user’s convenience. However, the highest level of noise at maximum suction can go up to 65 dBA.

This chimney comes with two stainless steel baffle filters that are ideal for Indian spicy food. The baffles are powerful enough to capture every single smoke and dust particle in the kitchen. It also captures cooking odours and keeps the air clean. It is suitable for two to four burners with a capacity of 60 cms.

The push-button control feature offers a delightful cooking experience to the user. These illuminated buttons will enable you to control lights, power, and fan speed. You have an option to select from high, medium, and low suction settings as per your convenience.

Leave behind all your dim lighting worries as this chimney comes with high-quality touch-enabled dual LED lamps. Moreover, the lights are positioned in such a way that it throws light directly on the kitchen top. 

The best part about this chimney is that it quickly neutralizes the kitchen odour with its fantastic suction capacity of 1050 cubic meters per hour. This feature will leave your kitchen with zero harmful odour and smell.

Inalsa Classica clears the air of airborne viruses and toxins. Moreover, you can easily clean the grease accumulated on its baffle filters. Regular and easy cleaning will avert any instances of fire in the kitchen. This chimney can produce a sound of 58 dB at the highest suction setting.


  • Affordable
  • Advanced features
  • Odour control
  • High-quality lighting
  • 3-speed controls
  • Amazing airflow


  • Noisy
  • Flimsy body
  • Customer sales service not up to the mark

13. Elica 60 cm Chimney

Elica 60 cm Chimney


  • The chimney comes with an attractive design
  • It comes with a max airflow feature of 880 cubic meters per hour
  • The model is suitable for two to four burners stove of 60 centimetres size 
  • Excellent accessory for the kitchen of size up to 200 square feet
  • The product comes with a rated motor input power of 230 watts
  • A superb combination of style, looks, and performance
  • Comes with a noise level of 58 dB
  • Ideal for heavy grilling and frying

Elica is a renowned company that is known to offer some of the most stylish and elegant chimney models in the world.

Elica offers a robust combination of functionality and looks. The perfectly compact chimney can fit into the smallest of the spaces.

This chimney is designed to suit all the modern cooking needs and to take your cooking experience to another level.

It also promises you a superb amalgamation of aesthetics and excellent performance.

It offers a dust-free, oil-free, and smoke-free cooking experience to the user. The Elica CF 60 SS chimney comes with a sophisticated pyramid shape look and stainless steel finish. Moreover, it is easy to install and easy to use.

This chimney will amaze you with its superb suction capacity of 880 cubic meters per hour. It sucks out all the cooking odours leaving your kitchen fresh and healthy. This suction capacity allows you to cook hassle-free sans any dust or smoke. 

The upgraded and brighter LED lamp will instantly brighten the cooking area. The lamps are positioned to offer the best lighting required for cooking.  Moreover, the high-quality and stylish push-button feature makes the chimney super-easy to operate.

The product comes with two cassette filters plus a layered metal filter. These filters offer efficient purification of the air. The best part about these filters is that they are easy to remove, replace, and clean. You can clean the filter without any professional assistance.

This, a 230 watts Elica chimney, is energy-efficient and consumes comparatively less power. It is a must-have kitchen appliance in every household.


  • Noise-free
  • Urbane looks
  • The superb suction capacity of 880 cubic meters per hour
  • Odour, smoke, and dust control
  • Durable body
  • Equipped with two cassette filters
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • The installation can be better
  • Installation charges are almost 40% of the total cost of the chimney.

14. Eurodomo 60 cms Chimney

Eurodomo 60 cms Chimney


  • This chimney is suitable for two to four burner gas stoves of size 90 centimetres.
  • The suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 cubic meters per hour.
  • The elegant black finish adds to the ambience of the kitchen.
  • The curved tempered glass enhances the aesthetic appeal of the chimney.
  • It has two high-quality LED lights for illumination in the cooking area.
  • The auto-clean feature makes this product a must-have kitchen appliance.
  • It also has two stainless steel baffle filters for dust and odour-free cooking experience.

Eurodomo is a European brand that has been rolling out some of the most innovative and stylish chimneys in the market for the last 15 years.

This chimney comes with a black finish curved tempered glass will give a polished look to your kitchen interiors. It also comes with high-quality baffle filters. 

These stainless steel filters are ideal for an Indian kitchen and its spicy food. Now forget all your oil, smoke, and dust worries with these high-power baffle filters.

These filters need very low maintenance and should be cleaned once in six months. The product comes with an innovative auto-clean feature.  

It enables you to clean the chimney with a single press of a button. The chimney comes with a high suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour. 

This power is sufficient enough to remove dirt, vapours, and smoke emitted while cooking food. This chimney is very energy efficient as it can operate on just 180 watts. Moreover, the Hood Classy HC TC 60 model is made of tempered glass material that gives it a classy look.

The width of this chimney is 90 centimetres. It can easily cover two to four burners gas stoves. The product also comes with two high-quality LED lights designed at the chimney’s front portion. Their prime motive is to illuminate the cooking area properly.

The Eurodomo kitchen chimney comes with a touch control panel that offers fast and easy operations. The chimney can produce a sound of 58 dB at the highest suction setting. The touch control panel is the highlight of this product. You see, it offers quick and easy operation at a single tap.


  • Stylish and polished looks
  • Great performance
  • Suitable for modern households
  • Touch control features
  • Offers one year warranty on product and five years on motor


  • Can becomes noisy at highest suction setting
  • User manual not as per the expectations

15. Hindware 60 cm Sabina Chimney

Hindware 60 cm Sabina Chimney


  • This chimney is suitable for up to 200 square feet kitchen size
  • It is 6 centimetres long and suitable for two to four burners stove 
  • The curved glass and wall mount feature gives a stylish look to the chimney
  • The product comes with a maximum airflow feature 
  • It has a superb suction capacity of 1100 cubic meter per hour
  • Baffle filter has an oil collector to collect residual oil
  • It is also equipped with a soft push-button control system
  • The classic black colours add a style to the kitchen

Hindware, a 60-year-old company, carved its niche nationwide with its commitment, quality, advanced technology, durable and energy-efficient products, and futuristic designs.

One of the masterpiece of Hindware is Sabina Black 60. It is beautiful, compact, and perfectly fits into any kitchen interior style. 

The urbane features of this Hindware chimney ensure high efficiency and great performance.

The chimney comes with a superb suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour. It offers a perfect blend of performance and suave looks. 

This chimney fulfils your dream of cooking in a fresh, clean, smoke-free kitchen environment. Use it to the maximum capacity to enjoy a fresh and delightful cooking experience.

The best part about this chimney is, it is a silent performer that ensures a happy and peaceful cooking experience for the user.

The Sabina 60 stylish chimney comes with a robust 1100 cubic metric per hour suction capacity. Its powerful airflow will effectively remove minute traces of cooking odour, smoke, grease, steam, fumes, combustion products, and heat from the kitchen environment and protect you from health issues.

It will also prevent any sort of uneasiness and suffocation while cooking and will leave your kitchen clean and fresh all day long. The powerful stainless steel baffle filters will effectively collect oil residue inside it. Moreover, you can wash these filters easily at home without any professional assistance. The metallic design of the chimney offers durability and sturdiness to the chimney.

Lighting can never be an issue with the versatile Hindware Sabina chimney. The model comes with two high-quality LED lights to enable you to enjoy hassle-free cooking. The brightness is enough to see countertops.


  • Designer chimney
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable body
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps
  • Ideal product for Indian kitchens
  • It comes with a one-year product warranty and five years of motor warranty.


  • Subpar installation services
  • Noisy

16. Faber 60 cm (Hood Orient) Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60 cm (Hood Orient) Kitchen Chimney


  • This chimney comes with a powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic metric per hour
  • It is a noise-free chimney that has a maximum noise level of 58 dB
  • The black colours and curved glass are the USP of this chimney
  • It is suitable for heavy grilling and frying
  • Its size of 60 centimetres and is ideal for two to four burner-set stove
  • The chimney offers a gesture free control
  • It is a filterless chimney that has an auto-clean feature 
  • It has two energy-efficient LED lights

Faber is a leading international brand of kitchen appliances that introduced electric chimneys in the market.

Faber 60 cm is a heat auto clean chimney that comes with a powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour

This chimney works efficiently in a kitchen area up to 200 square feet. It is also suitable for heavy grilling and frying.

Faber auto-clean chimneys make cooking an enjoyable task for you. It also makes your kitchen smoke-free and oil-free.

This Faber Hood Orient chimney is a perfect amalgamation of looks and performance. 

Coming to the aesthetics, the ravishing black colour of this freestanding wall mount Hood Orient and technology instantly uplifts the elegance of your kitchen. It will enhance your kitchen décor plus fits perfectly in any type of interior.

The 3-speed motion sensor touch-control feature is the highlight of this chimney. It effectively recognizes and interprets the human body movements sans any direct physical contact. This Hood Orient chimney comes with two high-quality LED lights

They are energy-efficient and throw ample brightness on the kitchen top. It is hands down one of the best kitchen chimneys that offer a combination of gesture control and auto-clean feature.

This chimney comes with a powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour. It is very easy to use and maintain. The robust motor ensures a peaceful and noise-free cooking experience for the user. However, the maximum noise level can go up to 68 dB.


  • Auto clean feature
  • Noise-free
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for Indian kitchenSuitable for Indian kitchen
  • Powerful suction capacity 
  • Excellent motor


  • Price slightly on a higher side

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Chimneys

Looking for best chimney for your kitchen? here is a detailed buying guide that will make you choice perfect, 

Chimneys are an important appliances to have if you want your kitchen to be free of stains and bad odour. They work by eliminating all the smoke, unwanted residue and gives your kitchen a fresh look.

Moreover, if you cook using a gas stove or other traditional methods of cooking that involve fire. Fumes caused by cooking need to be cleared out as soon as they are produced else, they contaminate your walls and ceiling and make them look dirty.

How to select chimney

There are certain things you must keep a note out before you step out to purchase the best kitchen chimney in India.

Cassette Filters

All chimneys have a specific kind of filter and each filter type has varying levels of effectiveness. Here are some essential guidelines to choosing the right kind of filter.

One of the most popular variants is the cassette filter that comes with an aluminium mesh. They offer great suction power suits most cooking habits. Oil, grease and other particles are easily trapped in the filters thanks to the fine aluminium thread that is more than capable of serving the average kitchen user’s needs.

One of the drawbacks of using cassette filters is the frequent maintenance that they need. Depending on your cooking habits and how much oil you use, the filter cleaning regiment may vary.

However, cleaning them is not that big of a deal as you simply need to pull them out of the appliance and leave them in a bucket of detergent for a while to loosen up all the grease and dirt which can then be removed using a scrubber.

Baffle Filter

Baffle filters have in-built flow control panels that allow you to adjust the curve of the filters. These special filters can be changed based on the direction of smoke to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The filters are highly effective and do not affect the suction power of the chimneys in kitchen .Baffle filters does not requires much maintenance. Occasional cleaning will keep your filters working for a long time.

Carbon / Charcoal Filters:

Carbon or charcoal filters are not a standalone filter type, they usually complement baffle or cassette filters and make them more effective. Carbon filters are more effective than cassette filters at collecting smaller particles and specks of grease and just like cassette filters you need to clean them every few months to keep your chimney effective.

How to Clean Chimney Filters? 

This article give a detailed information about various kitchen chimney design, and chimney filters needs timely cleaning for their proper functioning. While it might sound a tedious task, cleaning of your chimney is pretty quick and easy.

All it takes a detergent and a dishwasher to make your filters clean. Simply let the filters soak in all of the detergent and rinse them thoroughly for a quick and efficient wash.

How to Clean YOUR Kitchen Chimneys - FULL GUIDE

If you are thinking which chimney is best in the market? then these factors will help you to make your choice better.

Auto-Clean Chimneys

One of the latest innovations in kitchenware is auto-cleaning chimneys. The product does exactly what the name suggests, it cleans the filters automatically. A turbine blower is in place that blows cooling and pushes the oil particles away.

Any oil that that is collected is stored in a compartment meant for storing oil. You can simply detach the container and clean it out once it’s close to being full. These chimneys not only help you preserve the longevity of your appliance but also makes the cleaning process far less annoying.

You do not get to skip on the cleaning process, but it’s much simpler than having to take off the filters and cleaning them every few months. Do note that auto-clean chimneys are far more expensive than standard offerings you will find online or with retailers.

However, they are worth the extra money because you will have to spend far less on maintenance over the time as the mechanism prevents oil from reaching your internal components completely which is very good.

Duct-Less Chimneys

Unlike your standard chimneys that take all of the hot air outside your kitchen, duct-less chimneys are for those people who do not have the provision to make an opening in their walls due to various reasons.

It is a common design choice mostly for apartments whose kitchens do not have access to an exterior wall. All of the standard components are present like you would expect on a normal chimney but the biggest difference is that the smoke air is pushed into a filter which cleans it and puts out filtered air back into the kitchen.

The air filter requires a lot of maintenance but the added convenience of not having to make a duct is something a lot of home owners need and hence the option is very viable for them.

A lot of home owners purchase duct-less chimneys for aesthetic reasons as well so that is something you can follow too if you want to get a more streamlined look for your kitchen.

Conventional and Contemporary Chimneys

Conventional chimneys are far more practical and are seen in most kitchens. These chimneys are primarily made with stainless steel and have coating on them to prevent corrosion.

Convectional chimneys come in two variants that come with and without ducts but the biggest draw of the variant is its performance. They are extremely powerful and are capable of cleaning the air far more effectively than any other kind.

Conventional Kitchen Chimney:

Contemporary kitchen chimneys on the other hand are mostly used in modular kitchens and they are primarily built in a way to add more aesthetic value. These chimneys often have glass or crystal used in their external chassis for aesthetic appeal.

You should invest in them only if you can keep up with the high amount of maintenance costs involved with such types of chimneys. A lot of home owners purchase modular kitchens but fail to keep up with the maintenance as it requires a lot of effort to keep your kitchen squeaky clean all the time.

Suction power is very important when it comes to kitchen chimney reviews and a lot of users do not consider it when purchasing one. There is no right suction power that works for all home owners and it is all about what your personal needs are.

Contemporary Kitchen Chimney

Also, the suction power you should be opting for not only depends on your kitchen but also your home. If you have a home with just one or two rooms, a maximum of 550 m3/hr is usually enough.

However, bigger homes may need up to 1000 m3/hr suction power for their chimneys. A simple rule of thumb that you can follow when choosing top chimney brands, for yourself is to ensure that your chimney is capable of changing the air at least 10 times an hour.

So calculate the amount of air in your kitchen in cubic meters and multiply it with ten to get the right value. All you need to get your measurements is to measure all three dimensions of your kitchen in meters and multiply them with each other (length x breadth x height).

Best chimneys in India, vary drastically depending on their technology and size. Just because you are investing more money doesn’t mean you are getting a strictly better product. You may be getting a chimney that is too powerful for your kitchen and eventually it will be power efficient and not add much to your needs.

It’s important to always look for the right size depending on the size of your home, here's the line will help to to find best kitchen chimney brands comparison.

Best Chimney Brands in India

  • Elica
  • Sunflame
  • Glen
  • Prestige
  • Bright Flame
  • Kaff
  • IFB
  • Faber

Should You Buy Chimneys Online? 

We are listed best chimney brand in world where One of the biggest reasons people hesitate to buy chimneys online because of different types of chimney companies in India. It’s actually the opposite, as you get access to more information online than you would at your local retailer. From the suction capacity to what materials that are used in them.

You do not have to worry about misinformation and salespeople trying to coerce you into getting something that is most profitable for them. Instead, you can pick the right products for your need at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an auto-clean chimney?

An auto-clean chimney comes with a non-stick aluminum blower that allows the cooking fumes to pass by. The chimney follows the principle of centrifugal force. Auto-clean chimneys are cost-effective, energy-efficient, have a higher suction capacity, are easy to maintain, and have an extended lifespan.

2. How do I choose a chimney size?

The kitchen chimney should be selected according to the size of your stove, kitchen, and hob. Experts recommend that the size of the kitchen chimney should be slightly larger than the burner stove. It should cover the entire cooking range to suck in all the oil residues and gases effectively. Ideally, a 60 cm kitchen chimney is sufficient for a 2-4 burners stove. Whereas, a 90 cm kitchen would be sufficient for 3-5 burners stove.

3. Which chimney is the best auto clean or manual?

An auto clean chimney is convenient to use and easy to maintain. It prevents the oil and dust particles from clogging the filter. It also helps in maintaining the effectiveness and performance of the chimney. Apart from this, the non-stick aluminum turbine blower avoids oil clogging on the internal surface of the kitchen chimney.

4. Which chimney is the best- duct or ductless?

A ducted chimney will efficiently eradicate moisture and miscellaneous airborne particles out of your kitchen. In other words, ducted kitchen chimneys can keep your kitchen drier and fresher. It is more energy-efficient and will help you in getting rid of steam and humidity in the cooking area. Ducted kitchen chimneys do not filter or recirculate the air. On the contrary, it vents out the air completely out of the kitchen. A ductless chimney range might filter the smoke and dirty air in the kitchen but will not eradicate it. In other words, the moisture and heat will be retained in your kitchen air. Overall, it proves that ducted chimneys are the best for modern Indian households. 

5. Which chimney makes less noise?

Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hour Chimney makes less noise. Its 880 cubic meters per hour suction capacity generates a maximum sound of 58 dB at the highest suction setting. It sucks out all the cooking odours leaving the kitchen fresh and healthy.

6. What should be the noise level of the chimney?

The ideal noise level range of the kitchen chimney should be between 48 to 58 dB. Make sure you invest in reputed brands like Faber, Insalsa, Eurodomo, Hindware, and Elica. These chimneys come with superb suction capacity, advanced technology, and noise control features.

7. Why is air blowing down my chimney? 

It is quite a common problem faced by house owners nowadays. The air can blow down the kitchen chimney due to the lack of ventilation, weak draw, exposed property, and wind. Ideally, the air movement should start from your kitchen into the stove and then up the chimney. If you experience persistent issues, you should connect with a chimney installation expert immediately. They will check if there are any blockages in the system that is blowing the air down the chimney. Make sure you trust only the professionals for the permanent solution.

8. How do I stop smoke coming down my chimney?

If you are experiencing smoke coming down your kitchen chimney, you should immediately connect with your chimney service provider. You can take temporary measures like checking for blockages, cleaning the filters, and washing the collectors. If the issue persists, you should also check your upper chimney outlet.

9. What should be the distance between stove and chimney?

You should maintain a distance in the range of 26 to 30 inches between stove and chimney. This is an ideal distance range that should be maintained without fail. Any distance that is over this range will make it difficult for the chimney to suck the cooking gases, heat, oil, and smell. On the other hand, any distance less than 26 inches can hamper your cooking process.

10. What type of chimney has a higher suction power?

Suction power is the capacity of the motor to suck in cooking odour and oil particles. The suction capacity of a kitchen chimney is measured in cubic meters per hour. The chimney that has a long hose is believed to have higher suction power as compared to others. Moreover, the ideal suction capacity for the Indian kitchen should be in the range of 400 cubic meters per hour to 1000 cubic meters per hour. Any model having a suction capacity over 1000 cubic meters per hour will have a better suction power. You should consult an expert before selecting the best kitchen chimney for you.

Here is the List of Top 16 Best Kitchen Chimney in India


We hope we made your buying process much easier and you should be able to have a better understanding of all the types of kitchen chimney that are on offer and how you can pick the right one for yourself without a fuss.


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