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Madras Rockers: Download Latest Tamil, Bollywood & Hollywood Movies

Madras Rockers has become the pioneer of latest movies and TV shows. It’s one of the most popular websites in the world of film piracy business.

The entertainment industry has expanded and become one of the biggest and most valued industries not only in India but across the world. Entertainment has itself become a broad term as it now includes movies, web shows, sports and much more. 

The industry has grown so big that any person who even gets an average job in this industry has a better average salary than people working in other sectors. The reason for this growth has been the price of service.

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Today you step out to watch a movie and you have options of purchasing a ticket starting from 100 rupees to 1000 rupees. 1000 rupees was supposed to get you to watch movies more than what you could count in your fingers but that's not the case nowadays.

Similarly, OTT platforms also come with premium charges and with so many options that you can't end up getting 'em all and by default miss out on some great content. Cable too has a similar system these days with each channel asking for a separate charge and thus, even rendering it useless.

With such issues, Madras rockers come as a knight in shining armour for the viewers. The website asks for nil and in return allows the user to access the latest content. Let's take a closer look at this website in detail.

Content leaked by Madras Rockers movie download website 

Madras rockers com deal in pirated content. The website is notorious for allowing viewers to watch and download Tamil films. Not just any Tamil films, the website has a huge collection of Tamil films. The viewers can access films from 1950 onwards. The latest movies are also available on the website. Other than that dubbed movies and actor based lists of movies also are available. 

The site offers all the films in high-quality options and the recent releases feature, 'AGP', 'Yaaro', 'Gamanam' and 'Luca' along with many other films. Even the old movies on the website are of good quality. The MP4 HD files also get downloaded quickly on the user's device and the streaming option also works smoothly and efficiently to provide an excellent movie-watching experience.

All the films are available within days of the film's original release and so the people are never really out of options of content with this website. 

Various extensions of Madras rockers

Madras is a very popular website and people surely might have come across its website at least once. The website has a lot of pseudo names that it uses to exist on the internet and all these differently named websites perform a more or less similar function as the main website. A few of the similar websites are,

  • Madrasrockers.helpsarkari

    Moving on from providing only Tamil content this variant of the website provides Telugu, Hindi and Hollywood content to the users. Other than that Tamil content and dubbed films are also available on this website. 

    Back to providing just Tamil content. This website has a collection of Tamil films from 2020 onwards and also has dubbed films. Other than that people can also stream Tamil Big Boss on this website.  
  • Madras rockers 2022

    This extension of the website deals in regional content only and provides Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films to the users. The latest films are available on this website in sequential order and are only downloadable and not streamable. 

    The website is known for making available regional content like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. The website also has 18+ films on the website and the films can only be downloaded from this website and not be streamed on it. 

With a lot of extensions being made regularly, each extension has its own special set of niches that it caters to and thus, all the websites are different from each other for the varied content that they offer. 

Websites like Madras rockers are just another water droplet in the ocean.

Even with its many extensions the website still does not cover the whole internet in fact not even a part of it as there are literally thousands to millions more such pirated websites out there providing a similar service.   

Government measures to curb piracy

Every professional institution was founded and then rules and regulations were laid for everyone to follow. Be it a school, college, hospital, courtroom or any such place there are a set of norms to follow that dictate the behaviour of people in the premises of these institutions.

Similarly, a cinema hall/movie theatre also has its own rules and these may have not been taken too seriously and so a few laws were added to take care of it. 

Recording a movie and selling it to outsiders counts as piracy and is not allowed legally. However, piracy has been an issue for a long time and to curb practices like these the government came up with two sets of laws 43 years apart to put a strict penalty on those who dared to get involved in such illegal tasks. 

Copyright Act 1957

The first act was introduced in 1957 and was focused on safeguarding the work of a creative/artist. Under this act, the work of art became the property of a person that was the creator of that piece of art. This property just like any land could not be used by others unless authorised by the original owner of the creative.

If the person went ahead and did so anyway then they would find themselves breaking the law and we're eligible to be punished. 

Information Technology Act 2000

A similar law was devised 43 years after the original act. In this act, the focus was shifted to suit more recent times as the country had now moved to digital space.

Any data stored on a person's device or any creative work stored on their devices that belongs to them and is registered by them is their property and to use them or imitate them the original owner's permission needed to be taken. Failing to do so would make a person liable to be punished by the government any way they deemed fit. 

Are Madras rockers legal? What happens if you use such websites in India?

They say nothing is perfect, not even your illusion of perfectness. That is how it is for Madras as well. Seeming perfect from top to bottom, providing the latest movies and shows for great quality and the too for free, nothing better could have been wished for.

This was however too nice a scenario and so a chink in the armour was required to shatter the illusion and that is what exactly we got served because the site is indeed illegal and using it or getting in contact with it is punishable by the law. 

Where does it all go wrong? The website deals in pirated content and that in the eyes of law is a big crime. Piracy has been a punishable offence ever since the copyright and information technology act came into existence. Thus, using these sites can get a person into trouble.

If you use such websites in India you are bound to come across a lot of banned and blocked websites, however, if you find an active one you may see that your IP address is exposed. Using this IP you can be tracked.

A person can be tracked and punished if using these websites. These punishments are severe and may include paying penalties and serving time in custody. Fines of lakhs and multiple year jail terms are standard procedures followed in these kinds of circumstances.

The act of piracy is treated as a criminal act and so getting caught in such an act may also have other repercussions on the life of a person. 

Is downloading content from Madras rockers safe?

If you have a good device, stable net connection, time to spare, patience and a good ad blocker then you are good to go. With all these at your disposal, you may not need to worry about downloading anything from the website.

However, an ad blocker might seem like an off item to be on this list and that is only because it indeed comes into the scene with a tricky aspect of the website that may bother the users. 

The website as everyone knows is known for dealing with pirated content. All the latest movies and TV shows are available for the users to access, however, how exactly is providing all of it for free serving the interest of the website? This is where the tricky part comes in.

In exchange for money, the website becomes host to a lot of ads. These ads are the income source for the website and these ads are all third party ads that the website is just a host and no other connection is shared between them.

These ads when clicked take the users to a new page that is no longer the page of the website. Logically you are now outside the space of the website and this is exactly the place to be bothered about this page is the source of any worries, viruses, or malware that may bother your device.

So the website is safe and it can be made safer if an ad blocker is used to avoid coming in contact with any such potential threats. 

How does one download content from Madras rockers?

First of all Madrasrockers com is a website that only deals in Tamil content and this is what everyone needs to remember before logging on to the page. If a person is looking for some other language-based content then they need to check for another extension of the website that deals in other language content. 

Once the necessary link has been found, the user can start looking for the movie or TV show that they wish to watch. The movies may be divided by year if released, alphabetically order it in a sequence of recency.

Other than that the content can be divided page-wise or genre-wise. It's better to come to the page with a name in your mind to avoid any such elaborate searches or delays. Directly use the search box present at the top of the page to search for the movie if you have a name in your mind. 

The movie poster appears on your screen. The poster also has details about the quality and language options that the film is available in. The user just needs to make sure that the details are matching their search requirement and then they can click on the poster.

The poster now gets enlarged and below it, the user can see an option to download or stream the movie, here the user needs to click on the download button for downloading the movie. A lot of popup ads may come in your way and distract you, however, keep closing all of these and after a few clicks, you can proceed with your downloading. 


So some of the features of Madras rockers are that the website is free to use, it is a pirated website, it is illegal, it has a lot of extensions and alternatives, it is easy to find and use, it does not require registration. All of these features along with other features can be classified into pros and cons as per the people to decide for themselves if they want to use the website or not. 

These websites are usually aimed at creating a niche in tier 2 and tier 3 cities where the people don't believe in paying for movie tickets or OTT subscriptions.

The people living in villages also don't have much money that they can spend on entertainment or they have money but the resources are missing and it is websites like these that bridges the gap for them. Thus, even after being illegal, these websites enjoy a huge crowd on their page. 


  • Can I watch Hollywood films on Madras rockers?

    Madras rockers website only allows people to download Tamil films. The website does not even offer web shows, however, the extensions of the website take care of content from various other languages.  
  • Are Madras rockers and Tamil rockers the same?

    No, both the websites are different. The content provided, the language options, etc. are different from each other. At best both the websites are each other's alternatives, however, they are der from being the same website.  
  • Do Madras rockers also allow streaming content?

    Madras rockers is a Tamil pirated film providing website. The users can download as well as stream content using this website. The website is totally free to use. 
  • Is registration compulsory on Madras rockers?

    The website does not have any terms and conditions under which the user is bound to register with the page. Certain similar websites ask for registration to give away premium service or to make available HD content, however, no such provision exists on this website and thus no registration is required. 
  • Can I avoid ads on Madras rockers?

    To be able to avoid ads on Madras rockers, users need to have ad blockers enabled on their devices. These blockers make sure that no such ads bother the user so that the user can have a nice and pleasant experience on the website.


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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