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Top 10 Best Male Condoms in India (2022) – Reviews & Comparison

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Looking for the best condoms in india?

you are at the right place.

A great health risk is posed by unprotected sexual intercourse. Apart from sexual abstinence, the condom is the sole contraceptive method that prevents the spread of STIs as well. 

This it does not only for the prevalent HPV virus but for the much rarer HIV virus as well.

The ease of use of condoms along with the peace of mind it offers about its effectiveness makes it the most common type of contraceptive method.

Top 10 Best Male Condoms in India (2020) – Reviews & Comparison

We Highly recommend you to read the Male Condom Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest male condom technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Male Condoms in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Durex Condoms Extra Time but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Durex Condoms (Extra Time)

Durex Condoms (Extra Time)


  • Contains Benzocaine which facilitates longer sexual performance
  • The condoms are straight walled, smell good and are teat ended
  • The rubber latex is natural and lubricated apart from being transparent
  • Fully safe and secure after being tested by dermatologists
  • Length: 180 ± 2 mm
  • Width: 53 ± 2 mm

In order for you to heighten the pleasure of your intimate moments with your partner, Durex extra time condoms prove to be an invaluable ally.

The USP of this condom is the lubricant benzocaine which is special for its ability to control the climaxes of sexual pleasure which makes up for longer and more fulfilling sex sessions.

Add to that all the protection against STIs and the functionality of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Durex has been around for nearly a century and is a name that is trusted by millions of people the world over and used on a daily basis.

In fact, Durex is one of the few brands that not only meets the stringent standards of related international bodies but goes one step ahead and creates new standards.

With Durex, you can finally make love with all the confidence in the world. Each condom is intended for being used one time only.

Proper usage ensures that risks of acquiring STIs especially HIV are reduced to a minimum. Durex condoms are also tested by dermatologists. You will be well advised to keep the condom at a cool and dry place where it does not come in contact with direct sunlight.


  • Works like claimed and provides an extra time of pleasure


  • The extra time comes the cost of decreased sensitivity

2. Durex Performax Intense (R&D w/ Delay Lubricant)

Durex Performax Intense (R&D w/ Delay Lubricant)


  • Ribbed, dotted and has a specially formulated delay lubricant
  • It has a special shape which makes it easy to put on
  • 100% tested electronically for reliability, strength, and flexibility
  • Smells good too
  • Comes from the world’s No.1 Condom brand

Like other performance enhancer condoms, the Performax from Durex came with a special lubricant that helps to desensitize the male genital and thus results in longer intercourses. 

Apart from this they are also textured in such a way that it facilitates the female partner's climax and also helps quicken it.

This is what it does for the ladies, for the gents out there it has on the inside a climax control lube that gets activated by heat apart from yet another lubricant containing 5% benzocaine on the outside.

The condom is designed in such a way that ladies too derive maximum pleasure from their sexual encounters. The condom is textured with dots and ribs that add to the female sensation during sex.

The extra lubrication of the condom serves to make the sensation even more intense.

Not only that this condom is really easy to put and wearing it is also similarly comfortable. Durex has stood the test of time as a leading name in the world of condoms and this condom too has been thoroughly tested for its flexibility, strength, and reliability.

Even the scent coming out of the piece is arousing!  


  • Delays climax as claimed
  • Works well for sensitive skin too


  • Should be worn sometime before sex as the lubricant takes time to start its performance enhancing functions
  • Expensive

3. Durex Condoms (Extra Ribbed)

Durex Condoms (Extra Ribbed)


  • Dotted and ribbed to provide better stimulation
  • Unique easy on shape
  • Attractive smell
  • Transparent
  • Lubricated
  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • Tested electronically
  • Complies to ISO 4074 Standards
  • Length: 180 ± 2 mm
  • Width: 53 ± 2 mm

If you are looking for extra pleasure for both the partners while having sex, then the Extra Ribbed condoms from Durex is exactly what you were looking for.

The design is special particularly the shape as well as the raised dots and ribs positioned at unique and pleasurable places.

With such dotted and ribbed condoms located strategically at the bottom, the stimulation for clitoris is greater and naturally provides more pleasure.

The condom also smells very appealing and ensures that you are free from distractions while at play and can relax and let your senses feel the highest amount of pleasure.

4. Skore Honeymoon 8 Variants Condoms

Skore Honeymoon 8 Variants Condoms


  • 8 boxed varieties of 10 condoms
  • Long use time on a single buy
  • Get protection+ enhanced pleasure

Looking for a condom pack that has something to spice up your honeymoon like nothing else, then look no further as the Skore honeymoon condoms have no lesser than 8 variants of condoms. 

The condoms include flavored, dotted, colored and even condoms that serve to delay and heighten the climax.

The pack is especially commendable due to its affordable price and the quality products. The pack lets you play out mood on the bed and you are able to explore the pleasures of erotica to its fullest.

Say goodbye to the days of sexual monotony with this great condom pack. Featuring 10 condoms in terms of a number of pieces, this pack makes sure. 

Considering that it is used properly, that your sexual encounters do not result in pregnancies as well as prevent the spread of infections and diseases that spread through sexual intercourse.


  • Feels very good to use
  • Provides variety in sex life
  • No need to buy regularly as the collection has in all 80 condoms


  • Not of the premium quality

5. Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms


  • The thinnest condom variety in the Durex lineup
  • Extra sensitive and ultra-thin
  • Tested dermatologically for the highest levels of protection
  • Is straight walled and has a teat end
  • Made up of rubber latex that is lubricated and transparent
  • Length: 180 ± 2 mm; Width: 53 ± 2 mm

The Air line up of ultra-thin condoms is one of the thinnest condoms that you can find on the market which allows for higher levels of intimacy besides greater sensitivity without sacrificing the protective functions of a condom.

The protection levels and strength of the condom are proved through dermatological tests and the condoms are made up of latex characterized by their ultra-thin dimension.

While wearing the Air, sexual encounters are more natural, and the feeling of sexual pleasure is heightened by highlighting the sensitivity made possible with the ultra-thin latex.

The condom proves a thin skin like feel and the straight walled design makes up for maximum sensitivity in the spots where it pleases the most.

The condom is lubricated generously and is designed to ease the friction that occurs as a result of sexual intercourse. It also avoids the other extreme of that irritating sticky feeling.

The result is an indulging in pleasure for both the partners. The condom is specially built to smell the best which makes the partners avoid distractions and creates an involved experience for both the people involved.

Get this condom if you want to make love the safe way and yet want to be as close to your partner as you can.


  • Allows all positions
  • Smooth operation
  • Really, really thin
  • Good lubricant


  • May prove to be too thin for comfort

6. Manforce 3-in-1 Wild Ribbed Contour Dotted C.

Manforce 3-in-1 Wild Ribbed Contour Dotted C.


  • Enhances the pleasure of sex for both the partners
  • Makes up for long lasting sexual performance
  • Strawberry flavored
  • Ribbed, dotted and contoured

Manforce is one of the premium condom brands which are available in India. Their product range follows the guidelines prescribed by our national ISO authorities. 

As a brand Manforce places a special emphasis on safe sex. Their range of condoms bears testimony to this fact.

This particular condom is especially adept at heightening sexual pleasure and increase the satisfaction coming out of the encounter for both the partners.

They provide a level of variety that is rarely matched by other condoms.

They are just perfect to flare up your sexual imagination and makes up for more fulfilling play in bed.


  • Good experience
  • Lubricated


  • Dots are too small

7. KamaSutra Skyn Original Natural Feeling

KamaSutra Skyn Original Natural Feeling


  • Made from non-latex polyisoprene
  • Enhances stimulation, this has been clinically proved
  • Comes with all the strength of latex with the sensitivity of ultra-thin condoms

Do not go for cheap condoms that often burst right in the middle of the sexual act. Some are accompanied by a pungent smell that destroys the whole sexual mood created between you and your partner.

One of the better options open to you while using male condoms is using the SKYN by Kamasutra.

This condom is as good as things come as it not only facilitates pleasurable sex but actually serves to add to its pleasure.

The manufacturing process includes polyisoprene being used in making the condom which serves to make it incredibly sensitive.

If you are sensitive to latex, then this is the condom for you as it is made from non-latex material.

 The odorless, soft and comfortable constituting material is strong and burst proof. The condom is also effective as a contraceptive and helps to stop the spread of STIs when used in the right manner.

It comes with a lubricant which makes the sexual act ultra-smooth, a straight shape which makes things comfortable and a reservoir which serves to enhance safety.


  • If you are latex-sensitive this is the condom for you
  • Outstanding sensitivity
  • Durable


  • Not as thin as claimed

8. Skore Notout Climax Delay Condoms

Skore Notout Climax Delay Condoms


  • Dotted condoms
  • Made especially for males
  • Made up of Latex

If you are dotted sexual life full of fun and games, then this Skore condom is exactly what the doctor ordered.

They come with a lubricant that has been formulated especially with the end of delaying the sexual climax and keep you at it for the maximum time for extreme pleasure.

The texture made up of dots makes the moments while you are at it even more pleasurable. The lubricant is safe and causes no rashes or infections by way of delivering on its promise of heightened performance.

This condom from Skore scores high on stopping sexually transmitted diseases from spreading beside carrying out the standard function of a contraceptive provided it is used properly.

This condom is especially for you if you are young. We can now practice safe sex more easily but with even more pleasure with this Skore condom.


  • Works like a normal condom
  • Good value for money when compared with Durex Extended Pleasure


  • Some complain that the lubricant causes the loss of sensitivity in the genital organs

9. Moods Ribbed Condoms

Moods Ribbed Condoms


  • Ribbed Condoms
  • Created keeping in mind men
  • Latex is the constituting material

The condom brand moods is a trusted name in the world of people who like to have safe sex. The Moods brand is well known for the ribbed textures of some models as well as the long-lasting varieties of this brand.

They are widely acknowledged for the powerful way in which they function. Deserving of special mention are the ribbed condoms from Moods.

On its outside, it features round ribs throughout the condom’s length.

The ribs themselves are small projections that provide a new level of sensation to the ladies and stimulate her to heightened sexual pleasure.

The rigid yet delicate ribs stimulate not only the ladies but the gents as well. It provides sexual fervor to both the parties involved.

This is caused by the ribbing and winding of the outer ribs as well as the ribbing going on below the head. The sensation is something that just has to be experienced.


  • Good function
  • Odorless
  • Attractively packaged


  • Could have been more comfortable

10. Kohinoor Xtra Time Condom

Kohinoor Xtra Time Condom


  • Made from best quality rubber latex with teat endings
  • The climax is prolonged with the Kohinoor Extra Time Condoms
  • Is dotted densely for extra stimulation

Yet another performance-enhancing condom in this list, this time from the popular Indian brand Kohinoor, this condom fits snuggly and the shapes closely follows human anatomy.

The dots and ribs that this condom comes with create an additional sexual sensation.

The shape is bulbous which facilitates the creation of extra pleasure and excitement during the act.

The product is dermatologically tested and provides all the contraceptive functions as well as the protective function of stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The constituting material is high-quality latex and the condom is well lubricated. The fragrance is an enticing one, typical of Kohinoor condoms. This condoms ship with Benzocaine which happens to be a special lubricant helping in controlling the climax.

This is one of the best options you have if the male partner wishes to last longer in bed.


  • Works as claimed
  • Affordable


  • No major cons

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Male Condoms

If you are looking for a means to avoid sexually transmitted infections as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies, then the male condom is your weapon of choice.

Technically speaking the prophylactic or the male condom is a type of pouch or sheath of latex or polyisoprene or polyurethane or such flexible material that is placed over an erect penis. It functions by trapping sperm inside it during sexual intercourse.

As a result, the sperm is unable to reach the female mucous membrane and, in the process, prevent pregnancies as well as arrest the spread of sexually transmitted infections or STIs.

male condoms -feature-

Types of Condoms

Picking a condom from the several types on offer in the market can be at times a little bit tricky. One good pointer as to what type of condom you want is to carefully think whether you are looking for a contraceptive or something akin to a sex toy.

If you are looking for something belonging to the former category you will be well advised to ensure that it is approved by international health authorities for the same. Another vital thing to keep in mind while buying a condom is its expiration date.

The different types of condoms in the market right now are as follows:

Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms

If you are looking for a condom that would serve good both as a playful as well as contraceptive condom then glow-in-the-dark condoms are what you asked for as they are usually certified by bodies like the FDA of the US. This type of condom should be exposed to light before use which allows them to glow.

The condom is built up of three non-toxic layers. The outer and inner latex layers contain a layer of pigment safe for humans that begins glowing.

Flavored Condoms

There are a number of flavored condoms in the market which have a great taste apart from an aroma which does not fail to tantalize. Such condoms are found in a wide variety of flavor types like in the taste of various fruits, drinks, and even food.

The color often matches the flavor of the condom and the primary purpose of this condom type is to make oral sex spicier while wearing them. The strength and the level of protection provided by this condom type is good and they are often approved by regulatory bodies.

However, one word of caution, if you are going to use this condom type for vaginal intercourse then you should ensure that they are free from sugar as the latter can cause yeast infections in the vagina by affecting the pH balance of the same.

Textured or Studded Condoms

This type of condom is specially textured and shaped for elevating the sexual pleasure of intercourse. This optimization for pleasure may be either for the male or the female or even for both which is determined by the location of the ribs and the raised studs.

Some varieties of such condoms have two distinct ribbed sections located at the base and the top which makes up for stimulation for females. Hundreds of raised studs placed on the outside or inside can add to the sexual pleasure of females and males respectively.

Males can also derive increased pleasure from the wide and bulb-shaped tips of such condoms which let the nerve endings remain at their sensitive best making for better sexual pleasure.

Warming Condoms

This type of condom too heightens and increases the sexual sensation. It is made of a thinner variety of latex and typically contains a warming lubricant which presses into action once it comes in contact with the moisture of the body.

The sensations created by such condoms are gently warm and enhance the sexual pleasure of both the parties.


This type of condom is larger than the usual variety and has tips shaped like a pouch. The wide tips stimulate the nerve endings of the penis tip more resulting from the increased friction. A winding twisting shape facilitates more vigorous sexual action besides heightening the sensitivity of both men as well as women.

Colored Condoms

You can find condoms for almost every color of the rainbow. There are even dual colored as well as tricolored condoms matching the national colors of major western countries. The dual colored condoms are appropriate for certain festivities and holidays.

This type of condom is quite effective for preventing pregnancy as well as ensuring that the partners do not end up transmitting STIs.

Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips

This is the first condom tech to have been approved by the FDA of the US in over 50 years. They are made up of latex and are lubricated as well. This type of condoms features QuickStrips which work akin to band-aid pull-off tabs.

This helps you in putting on the condom which is a very common cause of condom failure. This condom type is easy to put on by virtue of the ridges which you can feel and pull down very quickly and in the right manner.

It is available in both micro as well as thin-dot ribs, is shaped like a contour and the bumps, dots, and rings with ribs together serve to enliven the sexual life of both men and women.

Tingling Pleasure Condoms

If you are looking for an intense, tingling experience while having sexual intercourse then the tingling pleasure condoms are meant for you. The ones manufactured by Durex have tingling lubricant that is spearmint flavored and safe for humans along with a minty scent.

Edible Condoms

This is a type of condom that does not provide any sort of contraceptive protection or prevent sexually transmitted diseases. This type of condom is put on and then can be physically consumed. They typically come in packs of four and come in a wide flavor variety.

Why Use Male Condoms?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of the male condom as a means for safe and playful sex. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • The ease with which condoms can be used and their affordability have contributed significantly to their popularity. Not to mention that they are really easy to get hold of both online as well as offline.
  • They let people control contraception according to their wishes. There is no need to visit doctors or other medical personnel.
  • They are easy to carry with discretion.
  • It is very unlikely that you will have a side effect due to wearing a condom unless you are suffering from an allergy or are generally intolerant of the condom constituting material.
  • You do not have to take any sort of hormone or anything like that.
  • You can stop using them as and when you wish.
  • They provide a high degree of effectiveness as a contraceptive method when used the right way and on every sexual occasion. In fact, their effectiveness in this respect stands at a mighty 98%.

Tips for Using Male Condoms

If you use condoms properly you increase its effectiveness in contraception by leaps and bounds. Some tips to help you ensure the same are as follows:

  • You should put on the condom before you had any type of oral or vaginal contact.
  • It is important to use lubrication of the right variety and amount in order to ensure a more satisfactory sexual intercourse. While using condoms it is recommended that you use water-based lubricants. If you fail to use lubricants, you increase the chances of damaging your condom. Fatty substances like Vaseline might cause damage to condoms built up of latex. The same holds ground for vaginal creams. Ensure that the vaginal cream you purchase for the female partner does not damage the lining of the condom.
  • You must put on the condom in the right manner. Ensure that your penis is erect and then place it at its tip and keep holding it with one hand and unroll the condom to the base using the other hand. If the condom fails to unroll this may be an indication that you are using a damaged or old condom or perhaps you are using it inside out. Replace the condom if anything of this sort happens.
  • If the condom does not have a reservoir at the top by design, it is necessary to leave a gap of 1-2 cm at the condom tip where you can retain the sperm.
  • Make it a point to use the condom throughout the period of sexual intercourse until you ejaculate.
  • You should remove the condom while your penis is erect. If this is not the case, you should hold the base firmly while you withdraw the condom from the body of your partner.
  • Make it a point not to use condoms stored poorly like being exposed highly warm or cold temperatures or ones that are damaged or the ones that have passed their expiry date.
  • If your condom slid down or tore up during sex, then this can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. It would be advisable to use emergency contraceptive pills in such cases. Though the max limit of time to take the pill is 120 hours, you would be well advised to ensure that the female partner takes it at the soonest.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Male Condoms in India


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