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Top 25 Best Wedding Gifts in India (2020)

Edited by  Jhalak

Have you recently bombarded with your best friend’s engagement news? Or your relative’s wedding is knocking at the door? Then you must have here out of gift item ideas!

Don’t panic, just relax in this article our team of creative ninjas has come up with some mind-boggling best wedding gifts ideas only for you. Let the couple awestruck with your unique gift.

You can’t give anything to the person, right? It has to match his/her personality; besides, the gift will also reflect your taste, so yes, you have to be creative.

You can wish them with such wonderful gift items, something that they will remember years after the big day.

Finding a best wedding gifts for couples, and they will be will truly feel your gratitude when you give something unique to elevate their happiness and well being.

Best Wedding Gifts

Well, this cannot be measured by monetary value, because of its pure love and its intangible.

As we grow, we learn that the simple act of giving makes us happier than receiving. It is also a good way of strengthening the relationship. It shows that you care; it shows you are happy that they have come to the milestone because action speaks louder than the voice.

Let’s see how these wedding gift ideas can help you out!

Top 25 Best Wedding Gifts in India

Although my favorite among all is Jewellery but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Jewelry

The most lovable and evergreen best gift for wedding couple as a gifting option of all the time is a Jewellery. It’s  not only makes the couple happy but also it has resale value.

In the future, if the couple feels to sell or exchange it, they can do that seamlessly.

If you are gifting jewellery to the couple, it also reflects your inner taste.

They will always cherish the gift for their lifetime, as it will continue to externalize the precious moments every time they hold it or wear it.

The jewellery can be personalized, like the couple’s names or initials can be mentioned somewhere, in order to give it a personal touch which will be surely a best marriage gifts for couple !! 

Even though, It can be a small pendant or an entire jewellery set; you can easily sparkle up your closed one’s mind with your modish gift.

2. Chocolate Box

The personalized chocolate box can be yet another viable option when it comes to gift it to a would-be couple.

Chocolate gifting has a symbolic meaning of showing love, care, and passion for a happy life.

If you know the couple or anyone of it is a passionate chocolate lover; there is no other way you can make them happy. It is also a sign of royalty.

If you think the couple is going to love chocolate, then try for dark chocolate, one with a decorated gift box.

Chocolate can intensify the happiness within minutes through its glorious presence. The gifting trend is also rapidly shifting to the chocolate due to its variety and classiness.

It can instantly make the couple smile because the taste of the chocolate can stimulate the emotion of the person who is at the receiving end.

3. Home Décor

A newly married couple is always looking for cute and stylish pieces to decorate their personal space.

So, if you are struggling regarding what to gift to the would-be couple straight, go for a piece of home décor item which will really help you too make your gift as a best marriage gifts they have received.

Choose one which can add a spark to that corner of the house. There are certain home décor ideas that you might consider-

  • pendant light (which can be hung from the ceiling)
  • pen stand
  • a decanter
  • bookshelf
  • cushions with stylish covers
  • flower vase
  •  jewelry box
  • A hookah stand
  • Spiritual murtis
  • Scented candle

Besides the above mentioned decorating pieces, you can also add any personalized items to cheer up your friend’s or relative’s wedding.

4. Dinner Set

One of the most common yet conventional gifting options is a Dinner set. It has pleased the heart of others for decades.

Gifting a dinner set to a couple also means you are caring about their family as they can use it in their new house. It is a kind of grandeur and a caring gesture.

If you are opting for the dinner set, choose one with light floral decoration as the pattern will intensify the appearance of the gift set.

A set of dessert bowl can be innovative over a traditional dinner set.

Whatever dinner set you are buying, make sure each piece is microwave proof as it has become an essential feature in today’s living.

5. Electronics

Electronics items are considered as one of the most useful items, so if you choose a piece of electronics item for the would-be tech-savvy couple, we bet they will be totally happy.

You can mesmerize them with the coolest tech gadgets like a Bluetooth speaker or a power bank, why not extending their battery life a little more!

If your friend is a workaholic in nature, you can delight them with an external hard drive or even a pen-drive.

You can couple that with a pair of headphones which will be surely a best electronic gifts for couples you can give to them on their special day.

Another innovative gifting idea for your tech-savvy friend can be a smart fitness watch or Amazon echo.

Your friend will proudly display the gift to others mentioning your name.

Some other innovative wedding gift ideas under the Electronics category can be-

6. Breakfast Appliances 

Breakfast appliances are very useful and worth giving as a best marriage gift, especially to the would-be newly married couple as they are going to set up their kitchen.

You will have endless options among breakfast appliances; choose anyone as per the requirement and give it as a marriage gifts for newly married couple.

You can ask the couple about it, not directly, of course, but in a tricky way.

A sandwich maker or a juicer can be ultimately useful for a busy couple, whether they are hitting the office or chilling on a Sunday morning surely it will be really helpful and come up in a best gift items for marriage.

If the couple loves to cook by themselves then go for a hand blender or a mixer coupled with a spoon set or a chopper set.

You can make your gift a little innovative by adding a couple apron set.

How about gifting a table griller or an instant marinator together with a microwave? 

If you are looking for some more option in the category of breakfast appliances look at the list below-

  • Handmade coaster
  • Teapot set
  • Stoneware dish
  • Hot sauce kit
  • Oil infuser
  • Rice cooker
  • Idle maker
  • Toaster

Those appliances will not only make them happy but surely make their breakfast great. 

7. Fashion 

If your friend loves to be updated regarding recent trends and styles, then you cannot make him/her happy with anything else other than some cool fashion stuff which will be a best marriage gifts for couple for their wedding.

You will have endless ideas to impress your would-be couple.

From personalized jewelry to glam wear essentials and beyond, we have listed all the best fashionable gifts to awestruck your fashionista friend.

A cool sunglass together with a pastel-shaded scarf can make your stylish friend delight.

If your friend loves to wear fancy jewelry then go for earrings, anklet ring, or a necklace with a zodiac pendant.

If you think those are too common then go for an animal printed dress or cold weather boots or a leather jacket.

Looking for more innovative options? Take a look at the list below-

Choose one or more from the above list according to the taste of your friend and amplify their wedding with your present.

8. Coffee Mugs 

If your friend is a coffee person, then nothing can be more impressive than a coffee mug with a pouch of filtered coffee as a wedding gift. A coffee maker will also be an awesome idea.

As a friend, he/she will expect you to understand their emotions, and of course, you know their coffee emotion, right?

So what about a set of coffee mugs with a personalized touch!

Fresh coffee beans paired with dark chocolate can also mesmerize your newlywed couple as gift items for marriage.

You can gift them a book on how to make better coffee or how to impress your partner with coffee.

Google it! You will surely find a number of books on that topic which will make their best gifts for marriage they have received. 

Don’t think you have any less option for your coffee lover friend, take a look at the list-

  • A mocha espresso pot
  • Coffee bean with dark chocolate
  • Coffee mug set
  • Coffee flavored cookie
  • Coffee jar
  • An espresso machine
  • A sleek glass, pour-over coffee pot
  • A portable hand-powered espresso kit
  • A versatile three in one coffee maker

9. Kindle

If your friend is a true book lover, then double his/her happiness with a kindle.

You can handover the gift to the person or can ask Amazon to do it.

E-books are fantastic presents; it will enlighten your friend’s mood within seconds while he/she will hardly guess what is inside of the package which will be can make their best gift for marriage they have received.

Irrespective of your budget and your friend’s taste, digital books will always make them happy.

Gifting a Kindle is probably one of the easiest options, go to Amazon and place your order according to your budget, make the payment and do nothing but wait for it to come.

So, with the Kindle, you are sorted for your best friend’s wedding.

10. Photo Frame

If you want to gift your friend something unique that will stand out among the rest of the wedding gifts, then go for a personalized photo frame.

Choose the frame wisely so that he/she will not think twice before hanging it on their wall.

Instead of giving an empty frame, you can frame up a funny or emotional picture of that friend to make them go to flashback.

You can choose a classy black photo frame twisted with a little creativity if you think it will perfectly blend with their interiors.

You can add a personal touch by mentioning a love or friendship quote on the frame.

If your friend is an antique lover, then go for a metal frame. Buy one which has an acrylic coat to give it an elegant finish.

Let them preserve their memories with the lavish photo frames that can speak louder than voice.

11. Virtual Assistant 

Are you still struggling with how to make your tech-savvy friend happy with your present?

Then how about giving a virtual assistant? Isn’t it will be a perfect gift?

Say it loudly that you have the perfect gift!

Make your friend’s work life a little more interesting with a virtual assistant.

With a VA, he/she can easily work from anywhere in the world.

Just place it somewhere near you and seamlessly perform your job. With the VA, a seamless workflow will be ensured to your friend’s life for sure. 

So what are your VA gifting options? Let’s see-

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • An Apple watch
  • Laptop: Macbook
  • Google Home mini
  • Desktop camera
  • Cool laptop bag
  • A microphone

12. Watch

Yet another innovative gifting option we have in our wedding gift ideas is a Wristwatch. It is trendy, as well as classy at the same time.

couple watch is the best wedding gift option as both of them can flaunt the gift together.

Some couples also believe getting watch as a gift is a good omen.

When it comes to a couple watch you can go for those with golden frames as they will always feel classy on their hands.

If the couple is fashionable go for the rose gold color.

You can also go for a big dialed watch with a leather belt, which will be a perfect blend of traditional and trendy which will be a best wedding gifts for couples you can gift!

The watch will be like a memory of yours wrapped around their wrist or hang on their wall.

Every time they will look into the watch to see the time, they will remember you and your way of expressing love, which will always brighten their mood.

And yes, they will miss you more!

13. Luggage

You can easily freshen up the mood of the new couple with a piece of language bag. It can be a trolley or a backpack, perfect luggage which they can carry to their honeymoon.

That gift will enhance your image in front of them because luggage bags are the best gifts for marriage even they have more utility value than any other gift item.

They will appreciate it every time they carry; moreover, it will strengthen your relationship with the person.

It will fill their minds with so much positivity.

If your friend is a woman, then a single handbag can make her feel heavenly than anything else.

Below we have listed some of the most useful luggage items that you can gift your friends at their weddings.

  • Trolley
  • Suitcase
  • Backpack
  • Duffle, carry bag
  • Personalize leather bag
  • Jute bag
  • Handmade bag
  • Tent (if they love to trek)
  • Crafted gift bags

14. Wall Clock (Antique)

Many believe wall clock gifting comes with a good omen as a gifts for marriage.

If you can gift a classy antique wall clock to your friend, you will secure a permanent place in your in their living room or any other part of the house.

Different clock for different personality, go for a patterned one with a contemporary look for your stylish couple.

If they like colorful things, choose one with floral motifs.

You can customize one with a collage of their photographs. For the outdoor lovers, choose a clock with a green and leafy fashioned.

A good piece of wall clock can enhance their home décor, and they will proudly mention your name whenever someone asks or praise the wall clock.

15.  Bar Toolset

A bar toolset can be a very good gift in the list of best gifts for wedding couple if you have an alcoholic friend :')

If you gift them an exclusive range of bar accessories so that they can host a perfect party every time, they will be absolutely impressed.

So, don’t think gifting alcohol is not appropriate.

Some people love to display bar accessories in their living or dining room; if your couple friend is one of them, there is no other way you can overwhelm them.

Every time whenever they host a party, they will remember you and praise your gift choice.

So, let’s see what are some perfect home bar accessories gift ideas-

  • Beer mug
  • Shot Glass
  • Wine Glass
  • Whiskey Glass
  • Peg Maker
  • Decanter
  • Decorated wine bottle
  • Crystal ashtray

16. Notebook or Diary (Stylish and Functional Planner)

If you want to gift your friend something related to books, then go for a notebook or a diary.

Add a personal touch in it by adding a handwritten note on the first page.

Let your friend memorize something funny whenever he/she is going to open it.

Diaries serve all-purpose, it can be one of the most useful for your workaholic friend surely it will be out rank in all the best wedding gifts for couples you can choose!

You can write down a quote on it to make them feel you care about their happiness. Attach a pen with the diary to give it a complete touch.

You can add a classy touch if you purchase a diary with a leather cover.

You can combine a cardholder or an event planner along with the diary.

17. Camera

If you are going to the wedding of your photographer friend, then you must take something meaningful which can be really useful for them.

If you are aware of his/her profession, they will surely expect something unique out of you.

As you know, photography is an expensive profession, they cannot always go and buy the best in market tools for them, So why not gifting them something which they can love the most!

Check the list below to discover your options under this category-

  • Polarised camera
  • Camera cleaning kit
  • Tripod
  • Diffuser
  • Reflector
  • Flash
  • Photo editing software
  • Lens ball
  • Prism
  • Camera lens tumbler
  • Photo printer

See how many options you have for your photographer friend. Choose one according to your budget and double their happiness.

18. Speaker

If your friend demand something which they can really use for a long time then you can go for a speaker. If they love to host events, then they will just love it, as speakers are the heart of events.

You can couple up the speaker along with the wireless headset, if your budget permits so.

You can bring a personal touch to your gift by adding a mood lamp speaker that can be connected with Bluetooth.

You can put a personalized picture with some musical notes.

There will be a lot of color options for Bluetooth speakers. Starting from black, white, and steel to orange, red, green, yellow, and many more.

19. Gourmet and Hampers

If you want to gift your friend something fancy, gourmets and hampers can save you.

You can decorate the hamper along with some dark chocolate or perfume.

You can add a hand full of skincare products to it to make it more useful and interesting to gifts for newly married couple and comes under our best wedding gifts for couples list too.

If your hamper contains different types of dry fruit and dark chocolate, it will look awesome beside it will also elevate the dimension of your gift.

You can also add a few essential oils into the hamper.

Add a handwritten note along with the hamper to give it a more personal touch.

You can wrap the hamper with a see-through paper so that the person can get a look at the materials inside.

20. Teapot Set

If your friend is a tea lover, gift him/her an elegant bone china tea set. Or what about a tea hamper filled with different flavored tea along with a tea set.

You can add small packets of Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Jasmine tea, Green tea, Chamomile tea, White tea, etc.

A ceramic teapot, along with a customized serving tray, can be another great option.  A floral kettle can also be added within the tea hamper.

You can gift your tea lover friend a pack of Oolong tea with a vintage tea tin.

Having perfect tea accessories with perfect tea leaves can delight the mood of your friend more than anything else.

A glass kettle with a stainless steel steeper along with some handcrafted teas can be another option in the  best gifts for wedding couple list.

21. Perfumes

If your friend is obsessed with a good smell, then go for Perfume as a gifts for married couple.

A set of perfume can be a best gift ideas in a list to make them happy, and they will surely praise your choice for that.

It can be a perfect mood changer. Every time whenever they spray the perfume, they will remember you more.

Perfumes are easy and safe options for every friend no matter their age and choice, be on the safe side just hand over a series of mesmerizing perfume.

A wedding card with a handwritten note can go hand in hand with the perfume can be a best marriage gifts for couple.

Purchase one with a cool and fancy bottle so that your friend can get the perfect flavor of the perfume. You can also pack it with a handmade gift wrapper.

22. Bed Linen

One of the most common yet classy wedding gift options is bed linen. Those are expensive but fine and eye-soothing, it also shows your class and choice.

You play with the color of the bed sheet or can keep simply while or any other pastel shade.

A geometric patterned bed sheet can look modish and can also perfectly blend with the home décor of the newly married couple.

Gifting linen bed sheets means ensuring comfort; it can be a perfect gift for a summer wedding. Don’t forget to add matching pillow covers so that the look can be completed.

Natural linen is soft and comfortable, making it an ideal bedding idea.

A white bed sheet means a blank canvas which ensures ultimate comfort without distracting.

23. Table Lamps

Table lamps are yet other trendy and cozy wedding gift ideas.

There are so many modern kinds of table lamps available in the market which can enhance the home décor of your friend.

You can choose one with your flexible pricing option.

If you want to add a high-class flavor to your gift, go for an antique one, which can be his/her perfect late-night reading partner.

You can also choose a personalized table lamp with funny quotes to make them remember you more.

24. Book

If your best friend is a bookworm and he/she want the whole world to know it, then gifting books will be ideal.

If you are not sure what your friend already has read the latest summer collection of his/her favorite author, then shop for a creative present that highlights their favorite hobby- reading.

Maybe it’s not a life-changing novel, but it will make them feel complete.

  • Out of print banned book tote bag
  • Glass with a quote like- “kindly go away, I am reading.”
  • Custom book bracelet
  • Book page holder
  • Bookends
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • Folded book art
  • Hand stamped spoon bookmark
  • Pillow with a quote
  • Kindle case
  • Bookworm scented candle
  • T-Shirt with a book lover quote

25. Hair Styling Products

You can double the happiness of your friend by gifting a hair stylist product.

How about gifting a good hair straightener as a wedding gift to your long haired friend!

She will not only be happy but will also appreciate your choice. You can also gift a curler as well.

You can try giving a trimmer to your boy-friend, as boys are obsessed with their beard, saying that, how about gifting a beard grow oil?

It will be an amazing choice, to show how much you care for them.

You can try gifting a hair spa set, an all purpose hair gel or hydrating styling cream to upgrade their hair care regime.

So, are you drowning in the ocean of best wedding gift ideas for couple? Hold yourself back, as you got covered with our top selected and innovative wedding gift ideas.

Choose wisely and perfectly to make your friend ultimately happy, take this as an opportunity to show your love, care and respect to the loving person while gift has the sole purpose of all this.

So, what will you choose?


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