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Mi Home Security Camera 360° Review | Latest Wifi CCTV Camera (2020)

In the past, people used to put a notice board on their gates with the words "beware of dogs" to prevent thieves. The security of a place is becoming a high priority due to increase in robbery cased and crimes.

So this is the reason of the great demand for CCTV. As a result of this, today, we see the board of "This house or office is under CCTV surveillance.

" Apart from this, "You are under surveillance of the camera", this board can also be seen now mostly. Does this mean you should have this board at your gates and try to trick the thieves?

You may be successful, but to protect your valuable assets, it is better to install a security system of CCTV or security cameras in your home.

In most modern residential apartment complexes, this system is being used today to ensure the safety of residents. 

Mi Home Security Camera 360° Review | Latest Wifi CCTV Camera

In almost all offices, banks, jewelry shops, department stores, restaurants, and other business places, they are placed as an additional layer of protection.

China's company Xiaomi's Mijia ecosystem includes a wide range of smart home devices that include everything from washing machines to smart cameras. The surveillance camera advertise in India is a developing industry, it is developing quickly.

One explanation for this is the expansion in threatening components and wrongdoing in the nation which are influencing families and organizations the same.

When searching for a surveillance camera, there are numerous choices, another participant into this space is Xiaomi, which intends to give convenience to its mi camera 360. Xiaomi's surveillance camera is a piece of their Smart Home item lineup.

The Xiaomi brand is also very popular in India. The Mi Home Security Camera of the same company falls under the category of 360 ° security and is one of the few ecosystem products to be launched in India. Its design is very attractive and it has many features including live audio talkback and AI motion detection.

Design and Build Quality of Mi Home Security Camera 360 °

Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° has a clean and attractive design and looks almost like a toy, made from a solid built. The main camera body has a spherical shell with a tablet-shaped cutout, which allows the camera lens to tilt up and down.

There is also a microSD card slot under the lens. The rounded speaker behind the rounded body is the grille. Its base has a matte finish and you will also get a reset button and a micro-USB port at the rear. The entire device appears to be made of strong polycarbonate.

Installation is easy

This camera from MI is one of the best cameras available in the Indian market. This camera is ideal for installing for your home as it is easy to install and easy to use. You can also use specific mobile applications designed for this.

First of all, by installing this application on your mobile, laptop, tablet or computer, you can control the camera from anywhere via Wi-Fi. The principle issue with the Mi Security Camera 360 is the establishment procedure.

Since the gadget is a piece of the Mijia environment of items, you should download the Mi Home application.

The application requires a ton of authorizations as it refreshes the firmware of individual items without the intercession of the Play Store.

Xiaomi makes continuous updates to its shrewd home items, and Mi Home naturally downloads and introduces them.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° Review | Latest Wifi CCTV Camera

You Can Set up the Camera Anywhere

You can set this camera anywhere. Place it on the shelf of the kitchen or drawing room or even hang it on the sidewall or ceiling with a wall-mounting bracket. You can also use it by hanging it at the gate or window.

The Camera has In-Built Microphone

One feature of this camera is that you can hear the sound from it as well. This camera is equipped with an inbuilt microphone which enables you to listen to what is happening in the room.

Therefore, it is ideal to monitor sensitive people like your children or elders of the house. With the help of this inbuilt microphone, you can keep your home and business safe.


The Mi CCTV Camera is a vault type CCTV camera and is made out of plastic which feels solid. The surveillance camera effectively turns by 360-degree on a plane level and has a vertical perspective on around 96-degrees.

The microSD card opening is covered up underneath the principle body and it is just when we move the camera up vertically, that it is uncovered.

The back of the camera has a flame broil plan for the speaker unit. There is a reset catch nearby the power information space and the base of the surveillance camera has an opening for mounting it on the divider. Xiaomi gives the mount section in-the-container.

The camera can be introduced upstanding or rearranged on a table or divider. The matte completion nearly mixes into the dividers which could regularly make it resemble a piece of the divider itself.

Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360

Night Vision

Built with IR LED, provide a high-quality night vision for view to all things and record everything in complete darkness. The surveillance camera is likewise structured with 8 infrared illuminators, which help the camera's f/2.1 gap catch all the more light, bringing about more splendid pictures and video.

Another little detail of this element is that when the light goes out, the camera naturally goes to night vision. We were dazzled with the night film from the camera, even in the corner of the pitch, the camera had the option to make and record the scene.

This 360-degree camera is equipped for recording at Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) goals and the nature of the recorded photographs and recordings is normally wide. At the point when the camera changes to night vision, the clamor is reflected in the recording yet it is insignificant and would thus be able to be disregarded.

2-Way Audio & Storage

This camera comes with a dual facility, that is, this camera has a microphone and speaker so that we can talk to our loved ones and children, see them live and hear their voice from a distance. This device supports up to 64GB micro SD cards with which we can store and playback the audio and video recorded by the camera.

We can view the app's playback option or the SD card recorded video in the PC as well as we can download the recoding without deleting it from the camera.

Connect with Any Device

After starting the Mi Security camera, we search it to connect to the device around it and when it appears near the device tab, we are preparing to connect it to Wi-Fi and it will be connected to that Wi-Fi. Let's add.

Apart from this, we also have to keep some other things in mind, such as, at one point it can be tried to add it by QR code, for this QR code is scanned by the phone's camera and it Registers with MI account.

After reaching a point I had to go through several issues on some fronts and realized that the camera would have to be reset too many times to reach the end of this point.

Because when Wi-Fi was being searched, the camera was neglected many times during that, so it was receiving reset repeatedly.

Then a reset was successful and it was successful to see it through the system, even though I did not get any success in associating with it.

After this, I did a reset again and after that, it was connected to the Wi-Fi event, but the problem still persisted because it did not match my Mi account.

It took a long time to reset many times, and then this Mi Security camera started working correctly. If you want to connect it to Wi-Fi quickly, then this gadget will not connect easily at all if you connect it with the intention of being connected for the first time.

Motion sensor

The camera is fit for identifying movement and sending alarms straightforwardly to your telephone. This movement or motion discovery highlight records a video clasp of 10 seconds before the sensor is turned on. This is really one of the distinctive highlights of this surveillance camera.

There were times when during our testing the camera would get speed for at any rate something as a mosquito. Obviously, the affectability of alarms can be designed with the Mi Home application; however, it shows the effectiveness and responsiveness of the gadget to identify movement in the casing.

In our utilization, we got movement recognition to work perfectly.

The Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree is an ideal gadget for those who need extra true peace while away from their homes. Currently, we make sure that there are a ton of options on the market, yet what the Mi Home Security camera is, this is anything but tricky to use.

It does not have to be particularly techno-proficient to work.


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