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Moviesmon 2022: All HD Movies Site To Watch 300MB, 720p Movies HD

Moviesmon Web site – Online Piracy of Content causes terrible mishaps for the creators of homes and producers of TV and film programs.

Free! Free! Free! Free! This is the word that people just love to hear. Buy a biscuit and get a toy for free, buy a pencil box and get w rubber for free.

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From the smallest such schemes to the biggest benefits like getting a few amenities free on buying a car or getting a good complex and facilities on buying a flat, all of this makes people very happy.

Some things might not even serve a purpose for certain people and yet getting it for free might make them want it. 

A lot of companies were born out of this technique and a lot of companies grew because of the technique, by offering their products for free with another object.

A lot of purchases entail free items to accompany the main purchase to make the offer seem lucrative and similarly we bring to you one such website that makes an offer that you can't ignore.

Moviesmon is a pirated website that brings to you the latest content for Free! Now that we have your attention let's get you to know more about this website. 

Content leaked by Moviesmon website

Bored and running out of content to watch? With moviesmon, you never need to worry about paying again to watch a movie or a TV show. The website brings a whole host of pirated content for the years to access.

A person can go on looking and the options just don't seem to end. Be it Hindi, Hollywood, Irani, Nepali, Odia or any other regional language the site has content of a wide range of languages. 

The website has the latest movies and TV shows for people to stream and download. 'Rudra' the latest Ajay Devgn starter web series is one of the most recent pieces of content that is available on the website.

The website also has the Korean 18+ movie, 'Affair 2'. The website also allows the users to download videos and songs and other than that even WWE's content is available on the website for downloading and viewing. 

Various extensions of Moviesmon

One can not miss out on Moviesmon easily the website is easy to find and has tons of extensions of near-identical names and thus it is not possible to miss out on the website. Here are a few extensions and their purpose,

  • Yeemovies

    The website is home to Hindi and English content with movies and TV shows both available for access. The website also has content from the past years and offers download quality options and file size options also to choose from. 

    3D, Arabic, Nepali, Bhojpuri and Assamese content are some of the most distinct options that are available on this website. TV shows, songs, Urdu movies and a lot of regional content is available on this website. 

    The website is next to none functional and has around 300 unique visitors a day. The website is safe to connect to and just like the main extension it is also used to provide free content to the users. 

    18+movies, trailers, Urdu, Bengali and lots of other options of content are available to choose from on this website. The user can choose from various audio options and quality options as to which variant they want to download on their device. 
  • Others -,, &

The names of these extensions keep changing from time to time and so the website might be available with a different name but it serves the same purpose.  

Websites like Moviesmon

Moviesmon not only has extensions but also has alternatives like everything else has. Here are a few alternate websites that compete with Moviesmon.  

The alternative websites each have their own extensions as well and so the internet is pretty much clamped with such websites. 

Government measures to curb piracy

Making laws and keeping watch on things is very much necessary. Without laws and rules, the planet may become a war house and might not even last a year. As everything comes with rules and regulations and a code of conduct, so does the field of Art and Literature. In the past, there were no proper norms to follow when it came to dealing with corrective property. 

A lot of situations in the past have taken place where a person's work has been used by others or has been stolen by others and due to the absence of proof, the credit of work has been given to people who don't deserve it leaving the original creator helpless.

To avoid encountering such situations in the future the government came up with two acts that dealt with such issues. The copyright act and the information technology act are two acts that were devised by the government to deal with issues like piracy and to prevent people from stealing others' work. 

Copyright Act 1957

As the name states, copy and right, the act was aimed at making sure that the work of a person was not copied without the right to use it. The person looking to use it for the original creative work is bound by law to take the permission from the original creator to be able to imitate their work and if they don't follow the law then they are legally punishable in the court of law. 

Information Technology Act 2000

With the introduction of technology and the internet now the time came to put similar laws on non-physical creative work that was stored in the form of data/intangible files. To safeguard these assets of the creator an act was passed to make stealing a person's work stored on their devices a crime. 

Is Moviesmon legal? What happens if you use such websites in India?

With moviesmon, the issues don't seem to end. First, it provides content for free, then it fights a lot of competitors and their extensions for pulling in a huge crowd and on top of all this, the website is not even legal to use. Yes, the website is too good to be true and thus this is where the problems begin for a website like Moviemon that was good so far. 

The content that the website provides is not its own nor are they purchased by the company. Moviesmon does not operate like a TV channel or an OTT platform and so the content in no way belongs to them.

What the website does is that it pirates the content and makes it available for free on their website. Since the content is not their own it violates the laws acts mentioned above and thus has punishment provisions attached to it. 

If found guilty of piracy the acts then have punishments terms set for the people. This punishment includes serving time in jail and paying a handsome amount. The person is subject to criminal treatment as the act of piracy is a criminal act. The person is supposed to serve 3 years in jail and the fine may range from a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs depending on the severity of their crime. 

The person pirating, accessing pirated content or just dealing in it, all of the parties are equally guilty in the eye of the law and so it is recommended to stay away from such websites to avoid having a tussle with the law. 

Is downloading content from Moviesmon safe?

Problems just don't seem to die down for moviesmon. Though it is very safe to download files from the website there is another problem that plagues it. Moviesmon and all of its extensions make sure to provide the latest and good quality content available to the users for free. However, this free service is what comes with an indirect cost and might scare a few years from using the website. 

While viruses and hackers are not a very scary problem anymore with today's devices they still pose a considerable threat to the user's device. The website is totally free of any such threats but the website deals with third-party websites that may expose you and your device to such threats. How?

The website that you are downloading and watching the content from/on also needs money to stay in business. But how do they earn money if they provide content to people for free? The websites have a way of making money by showing ads to the users. These ads are pop up ads and these keep showing up on your device while using the website. 

These ads are placed and made in such a way that they are bound to get a few clicks and these clicks take the user to another page that is not the website's and this page may be your reason to worry and source of your problems. So that's what you need to worry about and having a good ad blocker may be enough to deal with any such issues. 

How does one download content from Moviesmon?

Do you know how to start your computer? Or your smartphone? It's just about clicking a button or two and in no time the device is up and running. Similarly, that is how easy it is to use such websites and to download content from them. All you need is a fast and protected network connection and a device with sufficient storage space and from there we begin with the downloading. 

Head to any internet browser that you run on your device. On the internet browser search for 'moviesmon' and you may see many extensions of the website.

Of these, a few might work while others won't and so you need to find a working extension for yourself. Once you have found a working link enter the link and let the page load. On your screen, you now have a lot of movies and genres and language options to choose from. 

Go surfing in the various categories and keep looking for the movie or show that you wish to download. If you already have a name in mind then that takes care of it. Be careful to avoid pop up ads although some may not even go out without taking you to another page. Close these ads and head to the banner of the movie that you wish to download. 

The movie banner has details like language, audio, subtitle and quality. Check all these options if or not they match the choices that you wish to have, if all is good then go ahead and click on the poster. On the next page, you can simply click on the big download button and your movie begins to download. 


There are a lot of issues associated with using a pirated website like moviesmon and that is evident. Be it the third party pages, the popup ads or the illegality of the website the problems don't seem to end for this website and its extensions. However, the benefits outweigh the cons because the free content available on the website is a very lucrative offer to avoid. 

More than a million shows and movies to download across languages and all of it available for free, this aspect of the website makes it very appealing to any user who is looking to not only access the content but to do so for absolutely free.

It all depends on a user if they want to deal with such websites or not but to make one thing clear the websites like these have a lot of viewers each day and that is why these websites keep coming up with new names and ids even after being banned and blocked. Thus, for now, these websites continue to remain popular and useful.  

Looking at the worries of the people

  • Why can't I stream movies on the website?

    Moviesmon is a download only website. A lot of alternatives and extensions if the website exists and a few allow the users to stream content online as well. However, the main website is only usable for downloading purposes. 
  • Moviesmon number of users?

    Websites like moviesmon see at least a lakh customers a day on most of the days. The website is targeted at people who cannot afford to buy or don't have access to cable and OTT services. A lot of tier 2 and tier 3 city people are happy to see such sites and so they drive up the crowd of such websites. 
  • Moviesmon download quality options?

    Moviesmon has a lot of content from a lot of genres and languages to offer to the users. All of this content is accessible in multiple qualities, the website has content ranging from 480p to 1080p and so people can choose from these options. 
  • Does moviesmon require registration?

    On moviesmon, all the content is available for free. The registration option is available on certain websites similar to moviesmon and requires people to provide their card details, however, no such feature exists on moviesmon. 
  • Is moviesmon an OTT platform?

    An OTT platform is a legal and verified platform that is backed by the government and private entities. The latter may be similar for moviesmon but the government and legality are not in favour of the website and since it deals in pirated content, the website is in no way close to an OTT platform. Though the two provide content to people, their model and business are totally different.


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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