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Top 10 Best Printers for Home Use in India

Edited By Piyush, Reviewed By Shashank

Looking for the Best Printer for Home use in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry for the past few years.

Our home is a breath of fresh air from our everyday busy and tedious routines, thus, having devices at home which are easy and efficient is an added blessing.

Your home needs a compact and an energy efficient printing device which should meet your daily needs for printing and also align with the persona of your house.

In fact, the use of home printers has significantly increased in the last five years.

We can’t be making errands to the cafe every now and then! The home printer is one of the most handpicked devices for everyday printing solutions. These products are portable, compact and can be connected to various other gadgets

Best Printers for Home Use In India

The need for printing is not limited to documents, receipts and photocopies but also it is one of the best recognizable options to represent your ideas in a “hard” way, that too at a minimum cost.

The home printers nowadays are much affordable and easy to use. Thus, we have listed some of the best printers in India for home use, with all the details that will help you pick your best option.

For detailed information about all such features and more information relevant to best printer for home use which help you make an informed choice, please consult the buyers guide at the end of the top 10 list.

Before heading for the list, let’s consider a few facts which will help you to choose understand the functionalities and choose better-

  • Printing Quality: It implies to the quality of the printout post printing. It is measured in DPI (Dots per Inch), the higher the DPI the better is the quality produced.
  • Size and Speed: The speed of printing is how fast a page is printed maintaining the actual format of the brands outsource their sales and after sales services to a third party. Thus, it is essential to know the terms and conditions as well.
  • After Sales Support: Premium brands to maintain customer retention offers after sales support post installation, which is a bonus.

Here is a list of top 10 printers in India, which will help you choose the perfect device for your home

We Highly recommend you to read the Printer for Home Use Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest printer technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Printer for Home Use in India.

Top 10 Best Printer for Home Use in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer

Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer


  • Printer Type: Single Function (Print only), Ink Tank jet.
  • Printer Output: Color and Black&White
  • Connectivity: Supports USB 2.0
  • Speed/minute: 27 B&W pages,
  • Impression per minute: It is upto 4.5 for color and 8.5 for B&W.
  • Max sheet capacity: 50
  • Print Resolution: 5760* 1440 Pixel
  • Ink Bottle: T6641 (Black), T6644(Yellow), T6643(Magenta), T6642(Cyan)
  • Warranty: 1 Year or 15000 pages

Epson is one of the best printer brand in India, crafting home printers for decades. The model L130 is the print only printer uses ink tank functionality to print.

It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and can print at a speed of 27 B&W pages per minute, perfect for a home printer.

Epson L130 is the best printer for office use, it supports manual duplex print with a maximum print resolution of 5760 * 1440 pixels.

The printer is efficient and supports all sizes of paper- A4, A6, A5, C6, B5, DLIt is fast and affordable and per page cost of printing is as lower than 7 Paisa. .

If you are looking for free installation and productive support post installation, this Epson L130 is the best ink tank printer under 10000.


  • Ink Tank type printing with Low-Cost printing
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Standard USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Up to 27 B&W pages/ minute print capacity.
  • Up to 50 pages input capacity.
  • Comes with an original Epson ink bottle with the box
  • Supports almost all the paper for printing
  • Splendid maximum resolution of 5760*1440
  • Best for small office and home
  • Right choice with right router connectivity for Wifi


  • Need to clear the nozzle if not used regularly
  • Connectivity issue on the first connection
  • Internal parts replacement cost is high

2. HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer with scanner

HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer


  • Printer Type: Laserjet with Multifunctional Units (Print, Scan, Copy).
  • Scanner type: Flatbed
  • Connectivity: Standard USB 2.0
  • Printer Output: B&W only
  • Duplex printing: Manual
  • Resolution: 600*600 DPI
  • Suitability: Industrial, regular users, Big to Medium Offices
  • Compatible Ink: H12A Black Original cartridges with laserjet toner
  • Duty Cycle: 5000Pages/ Month
  • Energy Efficiency: 230 Watt(Energy Star Qualified)

HP brings for you the best printer for home use, their Laserjet Multifunction printer for smooth and effortless printing.

The most reliable Laserjet printing technology with a flatbed scanner makes your every idea look alive on paper.

It is supported with standard USB 2.0 connectivity with a super smooth 2 inch LCD for an easy command to print.

If you are looking the best laser printer under 15000, this HP Laserjet M1005 printer is one for you.

HP Laserjet M1005 supports all ISO standards and with the printing speed of 14 B&W pages/ minute, it cost effective with Rs. 1.4/ page. This is the best printer for office use in India.

It supports all the page sizes, such as A4, B5, C5, A5, C6, DL, Postcard. This printer is best suitable for industrial use or frequent users.


  • Laserjet printing
  • Monochrome Laser
  • Multifunctionality (Print, Scan & Copy )
  • Print Resolution of 600*600DPI
  • 2 inch LCD Display
  • High-speed USB 2.0
  • 14Pages/ Minute Speed
  • Manual Duplex printing
  • Power Consumption Max 230 Watt
  • Supported media: Normal, 3rd party, labels, transparencies, cardstock, postcard and envelops


  • Only Black and White printing
  • Good for only frequent use
  • No Wireless printing
  • No automated duplex print

3. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer (Black)

Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer (Black)


  • Printer Type: Color, integrated Ink Tank type & Multi Function.
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Number of Nozzles: 1472
  • Display Screen: 1.2” LCD
  • Printer’s command display refresh rate: 60 HZ
  • Printing Speed/ Minute: 8.8Pages(B&W) costs 8Paisa/Page, 5Pages(Color) costs 21Paisa/Page
  • Page Size: A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal
  • Compatible Ink: GI-790(Black), GI-790(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

Canon is known for making high-quality home printers. Canon Pixma G2012 is the best colour printer for home use in India.

Canon Pixma G2012 is a multifunctional color printer with the ability to print, scan and copy.

It might be the right choice for your house as it uses modern USB connectivity for a hassle-free printing command with a 1.2-inch display LCD screen. 

Easy to use for even children for school assignments and other innovative works. Canon Pixma G2012 is the best ink tank printer in India.

The printer brings the speed of 8.8 pages per minute B&W printing & 5 pages per minute for color printing. This printer is also compatible with every Window versions.

The compatible ink bottles it supports are GI-790(Black), and GI-790(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), which also comes free with the box. The printing options support a minimum of 4”*6” pages till A4, Letter, Legal, A5, B5, etc. Canon Pixma G2012 is the best printer under 10000.


  • Multifunctional appliance with Print, Scan & copy
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity with LCD Display
  • Integrated Ink tank system
  • Printing cost is 8 Paisa/ Page in B&W
  • Easily suitable for Home for basic works
  • Perfect printing Speed of 8.8 pages/minute
  • 1472 Nozzle for easy printing
  • Prints A4, a5, B5, Legal, Letter, and 4” * 6” print
  • Borderless printing available
  • Self-installable in house


  • Not compatible with Mac
  • No Duplex printing
  • It makes noise a bit at times

4. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing


  • Printer Type: Single function (Print only), B&W printing
  • Printing Technology: Laserjet
  • Duplex printing: Yes, Automated
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Printing Speed/Minute: 30 pages/ minute
  • Max input Sheet Capacity: 250 sheets
  • Recommended Paper type: A4, A5, A6, Executive, legal, letter, folio.
  • Max supported print resolution: 2400*600 DPI

If you are searching for a Monochrome printer for your household in an affordable price range with an Auto duplex printing option.

Then Brother brings you their HL L2321D model, a tailor device for your needs. It is a single function (Print only) laserjet printer with USB 2.0 connectivity.

It supports the max printing option of 2400*600 DPI with a speed of 30 pages/ minute, perfect rate for small tasks.

Brother HL-L2321D is the best laser printer for home use in India. It is fast and supports A4, A5, A6, executive, legal, and folio printing.

The standard toning laserjet cartridges yield 2600 pages. HL-L2321D is designed to serve for frequent use. 


  • Fast as a single function model 
  • Supports USB 2.0
  • Good printing speed
  • Duplex Automated printing
  • Max input sheet capacity
  • Ideal usage for home
  • Almost all paper sizes supported


  • Only B&W
  • Printing cost is a but high/page
  • Paper jam on the input tray

5. HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer


  • Printer Type: Laserjet, single functional (print only)
  • Printing Technology: Laserjet
  • Duplex printing: Yes, Automated
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Printing Speed/Minute: 14 pages/ minute
  • Max input Sheet Capacity: 250 sheets
  • Recommended Paper type: A4, A5, A6, Executive, legal, letter, folio.
  • Max supported print resolution: 2400*600 DPI

HP produced variety of devices for their home printer section. They have added to the list a 1020 Plus single functional (Print only), monochrome laser printer.

It is power efficient and fast B&W printer with the latest high-speed and USB connectivity support coverage available in the market. 

This printer works in variable voltage inputs and also it is energy star qualified to save the burning a hole in your pocket. It can even work in a low voltage condition in your home.

The printing speed is 14 pages/minute, which is apt for home environment for printing. The laserjet printing capability is one of the USP of this home printer.

This HP 1020 printer is the best printer under 15000. HP 1020 also supports variable paper sizes such as envelope, card-stock, labels, transparencies, postcards, and standard papers, often more used at home.  

This masterpiece is an affordable monochrome printer with widespread use and is sure keep you satisfied.


  • Fast printing speed 
  • Laserjet technology
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Long lasting cartridge capability 
  • Energy star qualified
  • Print resolution 1200DPI at max 


  • B&W printing only 
  • No automated duplex rating
  • The high cost of printing 

6. Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer

Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer


  • Printer Type: Laserjet, Multifunctional (Print Scan Copy)
  • Output: B&W only
  • Print Speed: 22-23 Pages/Minutes
  • Input Sheet Tray: 150 pages at a time
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Display Output: 600*600 DPI; max at 1200DPI
  • Paper Type Supported: A4, Legal
  • Manual control button: Front
  • Toner Saver Mode: Yes

Ricoh brings a compact quality monochrome printer for everyday use, embedded with multi functions.

The printing cost of this printer is 40 paisa/page, which is less than any standard unit of a B&W printer. The USP of the Ricoh printer is the warm-up time: 25sec.

The front panel buttons are easy to function, also suitable for kids- our budding future!

The best feature is crisp print output, even with 600*600DPI. Also, it supports high-speed USB 2.0.

The built-in 128 MB RAM enhances the print-speed around 23 pages/ minute, faster than average.

This printer can print with variable paper sizes- suitable for educational, legal and small assignments. 

Ricoh home printers are designed to be aligned with your home ambiance. That's why Ricoh SP210SU is the best multifunction laser printer in India.


  • Laserjet printing 
  • 128 MB Ram
  • Front control button
  • A4 and legal  paper type supported 
  • Per page printing cost is less
  • Affordable maintenance cost
  • Good Warm-up time
  • Standard input tray with 150 pages input at a go


  • High Cartridge price
  • No Automated duplex printing
  • Only B&W prints
  • Do not support Mac

7. Epson L380 Multi-Function InkTank Colour Printer (Black)

Epson L380 Multi-Function InkTank Colour Printer (Black)


  • Printer Type: Multifunction, Ink Tank Type
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed
  • Print Speed/Minute: 33 Pages B&W
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Cartridge capacity: Up to 7500 Color pages, and 4500 pages B&W
  • Display Output: 600*1200 DPI
  • Paper Size supported: A4, A5, B5, A6, C6, DL
  • Duplex Print: Manual
  • Compatible Ink: T6641 (Black), T6643 (Magenta), T6642 (Cyan), T6644 (Yellow)
  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Your search for a one-touch multifunctional color printer for home use with a refillable ink tank ends here. 

Epson brings L380 all-in-one, flatbed scanner type fast home printer designed to print 33 pages/minute.

The printer technology is piezoelectric makes it a stress free printer, with on-demand inkjet technology added on it. This is best inkjet printer in India.

The internal design supports USB 2.0 that also best printer for office use in regular basis. 

The compatible inks are all genuine Epson ink that supports 4500 pages/cartridge. The A4, A5, B5, A6, C6, DL all these varied paper sizes are printable through this printer.


  • Multifunctional (Print, Scan, Copy)
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Output B&W and color
  • Breakneck print speed
  • High cartridge yield
  • Less per page printing cost
  • Almost all paper size supported
  • Crisp output print display  
  • Two bottles of black ink are free in the box


  • No automated duplex printing
  • Connection time is a bit slow

8. HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer (Black)

HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer (Black)


  • Printer type: Desk Jet, Ink Advantage
  • Functionality: All-in-one (Print, scan, copy, fax)
  • Display unit: 2.2” touchscreen
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Display Output: 4800*1200 DPI
  • Compatible Cartridges: Original HP 680 tricolor
  • Input tray capacity: 60 pages
  • Document Feeder: Automatic
  • Operating System Support: Windows, IOS, Mac OS

This is a modern HP color printer upped with Wifi technology, especially built-in for home uses or work desk.w ith all-in-one functionality to simplify your needs at a reasonable price.

HP Deskjet 3835 is the best all in one printer in India for home use. It has an integrated 2.2” touch screen display unit with a compact design to fit into any corner of your room. 

Fax, Scan, copy your multi page document from anywhere in your house without waiting for long. This HP ink tank printer is the best printer under 10000.

The print speed of this machine is 8.5 pages per minute accompanied with a 60 sheet input tray.

The output display is bright, sharp, and crisp, with 4800* 1200 DPI. This is best colour printer in India.


  • Deskjet printing with ink tank advantage
  • All in one functionality
  • 2.2" touch display
  • Breakneck print speed
  • Wifi, USB App connectivity
  • Optimized  display 4800*1200 DPI
  • Automatic Document feeder
  • All paper support
  • Input tray capacity
  • Suitable for home and start-ups
  • Support all OS


  • Print cost is a bit higher
  • No duplex printing

9. Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer (Black)

Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer (Black)


  • Printer Type: Single Function, Monochrome
  • Printing technology: Laser
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Canon Technology: CAPT, Hi-SciA, on-demand fixing technology
  • OS support: All windows including server with only 64bit version
  • Cartridge Capacity: 2000 Pages
  • Page type Support: A4, Letter, etc.
  • Display output: 2400*600DPI
  • Compatible Ink: Cartridge 303
  • Print Speed/ Minute: 12 Pages

Canon brings you a classy printer with its monochrome single-function laser printer, which is USB 2.0 supported, can be the best fit for your newly decorated house.

With the best design around Canon image CLASS LBP2900B supports all Windows OS with only 64 bit variants to speed up your printing with no time wasted.

Canon Advanced printing technology (CAPT) gives you the freedom to work smart with this printer.

Canon Hi-sciA or high smart compression architecture gives you a print speed of 12 pages per minute with print output resolution at a max of 2400*600 DPI to sharpen your focused work.

It is the best laser printer for home use, where you need to print around 500 pages per month. The cartridge yield 2000 pages for single use.


  • Laser printing technology
  • High-speed USB connectivity
  • CAPT with Hi-SciA
  • Paper support A4, Letter and more
  • Output Display 2400*600DPI
  • Superfast print Speed
  • High smart compression architecture
  • Canon On-demand fixing technology
  • Wake up time 10sec
  • Support all OS


  • No automated duplex printing
  • Printing cost

10. Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer

Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer with Wireless and Automatic Document Feeder Printing


  • Printer Type: Color, Inktank
  • Functionality: All-in-One
  • Scanner Type: Flatbet
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Wifi direct, USB 2.0, Wireless
  • Document Feeder: Automatic
  • Cartridge Capacity: 1300 Pages
  • Page type Support: A4, Letter, etc.
  • Display output: 1200*6000 DPI
  • Paper Size: A4, Envelope, Mexico Legal, India, Legal Photo (Variable Sizes) Letter
  • Duplex Print: Yes
  • Duty Cycle: 2500 Pages/Month

Brother brings you another budget-friendly system printer, with wireless technology built-in for your daily printing oriented tasks. It runs on the Ink tank system with a refillable tank option.

The connectivity issue, unlike other printers, is sorted with Wifi, Wifi direct, USB 2.0 for fast printing options and smart services.

Brother DCP-T710w is the best all in one printer in India. It has a special feature of printing photos, which adds to your daily needs with convenience. The Brother DCP-T710 printer is digitally designed for optimum utilization.

The USP of this printer is an automatic document feeder with all-in-one functionality. The scanner type is flatbed, just like the trend in the market. 

People recommend this printer as the best photo printer in India. Almost all kinds of page types are supported, such as A4, Mexico legal, India legal, LetterEnvelopes, photos, etc. Compatible ink cartridges yield 13000 pages at max with 1200*6000 DPI.


  • All in One Function 
  • Wireless connections along with USB 2.0
  • Automated document feeder
  • 13000 pages/ Cartridge print
  • Supports variable Paper size
  • Photo printer 
  • Output display
  • Heavy duty cycle
  • Wake up time 10sec
  • Support all OS


  • Small feed tray 
  • Bulk
  • No automated duplex print

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Printer for Home Use 

For a modern home an effortless home printer is indispensable. For the last-minute presentation, school assessments, a creative work, photocopies, travel documents and other daily needs the best printer for home use is essential and handy. Thus, choosing that tailor made device coupled with the latest technology is vital.

Since there are multiple options for the same kind of printing available in the market choosing a perfect one can be challenging. The terminology under for different functions and features makes it even more complicated!

Which printer is best for home use in India?

The answer is based on your needs and consumption pattern. Ask yourself, what are your requirements? Is it for cost-cutting, time-saving, or enhanced security of your credentials or maybe to enhance our children’s capability?

There are various types of printers with different kinds of printing capability.

  • Print Speed: Average print speed is how many pages a printer can print in a minute.
  • Printer image quality: 600*600dots per inch is the minimum output display criteria. For B&W, it is 2400*1200DPI to be standard and for color prints 1200*1200DPI; whereas 4800*2400 is considered to be the best resolution image produced by a printer.
  • Functionality: Single functionality
  • (Print only), Multifunctionality(Print, Scan, Copy), All-in-one(Print Scan, Copy, Fax, and more).
  • Output Color: Monochrome or Color.
  • Page size support: Most of the printers support A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, legal, envelope commonly. In many cases, color printers print high-resolution images as well.
We can categorize the home printers into Laser printers and Inkjets printers.
  • Inkjets or Laser: Inkjet is an advanced technology. Most of the brands are shifting to produce their new-age home printers with inkjets, it features a continuous supply of ink control the settled output. The laser, on the other hand, is used different models of the latest printer which are inclined to heavy uses. The best laser printer for home uses a cartridge storing option for ink and it lasts longer than 3rd party ink in inkjets. The printing cost for laser printers is higher than the inkjet, which should be considered before buying the best laser printer in India. The laser printers cartridges yield more than inkjets, but the printing time of inkjets printers per page are less than laser printers. If streamlined to only Black and white printing, then most of the differences get nullified, where only printing speed matters. Inkjets clearly have an advantage, in this case. So for home use, you get a lot of benefits with Inkjet home printers. So you should always go for the best printer for home use.
  • Toner Vs. Ink: This is simply the ink component for printing. It is easy to decide whether to go for a semi-old printing component (Ink) or to choose within the modern element (Toner). Ink cartridges contain pigment or dye-based liquids, whereas inkjets are fitted into ink tanks with toner cartridges. (The toner cartridges are dry and powdery substances). Irregular use of ink cartridges on printers may end up with a dried up nozzle hole and the ink too. Whereas with 3rd party toners, there are no such issues that occur with toner cartridges.

Printing Color Storing Functionality

Let’s understand the printers’ color storing function. Considering the facts, a digital printer works on 4 primary color storage options to print. Such as-
  • Monochrome Cartridges: Black is the only option of color for printing.
  • 2 ink cartridges: One black cartridge and another all-in-one color cartridge to print and to produce output.
  • 4 ink cartridges: A black cartridge and three separate color cartridge for printing such as Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. This is called the CMYK model.
  • Inkwells: This is the most modern tech for storing colors in printers. The printer draws color from a well, which is refillable.
Earlier, printers used cartridges with a complicated process of opening top printers in India and changing the unit as required. Lately, the process is simplified with Inkwell or ink tanks. The ink cartridges have an attachment of pointy heads to print and the nozzles for printers are separate units than the ink storing tanks.

The tanks or wells continuously inject ink to the nozzles for printing. The cost of modern ink tanks and wells are pocket-friendly as there are 3rd party options of ink jars. The price of old-timer cartridge is a bit high though the class it brings to the output is matchless.
  • The benefits of digital printers: To buy one latest upped model, you need to know the advantages it has over the older version. Home printers use advanced technology to print soft data into a print medium, where a few features are advanced and efficient-
  • Low cost set up
  • Affordable printing cost
  • Speed of turn around
  • Accurate photographic image production
  • Best for short prints
  • The maintenance cost is meagre
  • Can be easily customized
  • No bulge printing, inks sits flats on the printing surface

You need to check the rating of the product!!

You need to check the rating of the product you have chosen. The best buy always depends on the overall scores of the users. Also, you must check if the product is available offline for buying, in case you are an offline buyer. You should go for the best laser printer in India.

The Feedback!!

If you are an online buyer, you might know this, but for offline buyers, it would be a susceptible choice reading this. The feedback of each previous buyer helps you see an updated rating of the product; the feedback might help you choose (Beware of promotional and fake reviews!).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges in India?

Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer requires the cheapest ink cartridges in India. This printer can print up to 15 to 27 pages per minute, incurring a low cost of 7 to 18 paisa per page only. The inherent ink tank functionality enables the lower running cost of this printer. A 70 ml refill ink bottle can print up to 4000 to 6500 pages in total. Hence, this is the most cost-effective printer in India with the cheapest ink cartridges. This is also the reason why Epson L130 is one of the most sold printers in India.

2. Which is the best printer scanner copier for home use?

HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer has the best scanning features available at affordable prices. The Optical Character Recognition software is a unique feature of the HP Laserjet printer. It allows it to scan and convert documents into digital copies at an excellent resolution. The printer comes with the installation drivers for the OCR software. Hence, it is easy to use at home. If you want to scan your old photos or other documents at home, this flatbed-type scanner can do it with a high resolution of 1200 dpi. Hence, this is the best scanner available at a very nominal price for use at home.

3. Which brand has the cheapest printers?

Printers sold by the brand Brother is one of the cheapest printers available in India. Brother provides the most affordable printers for use at home without compromising on the quality. For example, Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing provides features like Auto Duplex Printing. It also has a very high printing speed of 30 pages per minute at meager prices compared to other products of the same range. Hence, the printers by Brother helps in permitting a professional touch to your documents from the comfort of your homes at affordable prices.

4. Which printer has the cheapest ink?

Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer has the cheapest ink for printing the best-quality documents. It has an extremely high yield of 6000 to 7000 pages per bottle of ink. The cheap ink enables its deployment for high-volume printing at home. The compatible ink models are GI-790 (Black) and GI-790 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow). They give sharp and presentable documents at the lowest price. Hence, you can print high-resolution images and other documents at a speed of 15 ppm without incurring a huge cost.

5. Which brands of printers are reliable?

Printers by HP are one of the most reliable printers for use at home. The printers of HP deploy the most reliable laser printing technology. This ensures that high-quality and high-resolution documents are printed and scanned every time you use the printer. For example, HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Laser Printer has a duty cycle of around 5000 pages per month without deteriorating the quality of images and documents during the entire cycle. You can install this printer and then never worry about the quality of the next document being printed.

6. What is the most economical home printer?

Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer is the most economical printer for use at home. This printer is sold at an extremely low price compared to its competitors. At the same time, it maintains the integrity of the design and quality standards. Optimum performance is maintained while delivering a high speed of about 30 pages per minute. If you are planning to buy a printer for personal use, which does not burn a hole in your pocket, you should go with this printer. At such a low price and advanced features, this is the best deal you can get.

7. What type of printer lasts the longest?

HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer lasts the longest for one refill of the ink cartridge. The Instant On technology is one of its best features. It allows the minimum use of ink when it is rebooted. This leads to efficient use of the cartridge leading to a long-lasting performance. This printer prints out the first document in less than 10 seconds once it is switched on. The high-yield cartridge used in this printer also helps get more copies in less amount of ink. The low energy usage while booting up helps the printer stay durable for a long time.

8. Which one is better? Inkjet or laser?

The choice of printer depends on two factors - how much are you going to print and what are you going to print. Inkjet printers are cheap to install, but their printing cost per page is higher. Hence, if you want to use a printer for personal use, you can go for an inkjet printer. For printing plain documents, laser printers are the best. For printing photos, inkjet printers are better. Inkjet printers are more compact than laser printers. Hence, they are more suitable for use at home. However, if you want to set up a home business, buy a laser printer because of its lower operational cost.

9. Which one is cheaper? Inkjet or laser?

The face value of the inkjet printer is less than a laser printer. However, the operation cost is what matters if you want to print documents in bulk. The operation cost of a laser printer is much lower than an inkjet printer. Hence, for printing bulk documents, laser printers are cheaper than inkjet printers in the long-run. However, if you tend to use the printer only for personal use, the inkjet printer will prove to be cheaper for you.  Its face value at the time of buying is low.

10. What is the price range for a decent printer?

The price range of a decent printer varies from INR 6,000 to 20,000. This price depends on the features associated with the model. You can choose a model as per your requirements. Printers like Ricoh SP210SU Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer are available in the range of INR 6000-7000.  High-end printers of HP can cost anything between INR 15000-20000. If you want a simple printer to print your documents at home, you can go with a basic model. However, to print good quality photos or bulky documents, high-end printers, like HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Laser Printer, can be the right choice.


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