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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: How to Survive and Win a Battle Royale? (2020)

Since the launch of the mobile version, PUBG has been quite popular among gamers throughout the world. The game, in essence, is quite simple, to say the least.

Here, all you have to do is survive against 99 other players in an imaginative yet mildly realistic world.

Nevertheless, it isn’t as easy or as straightforward as it sounds. Like you, the other players will also try their best to live to tell the tale.

Additionally, they will be armed as well. Lastly, there will also be a storm that will try to engulf you from time to time.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks How to Survive and Win a Battle Royale

Thus, as you can see, surviving in this world, against so many adversities, is not going to be a piece of cake. The issue is more prominent if you are a beginner.

However, you do not have to worry about anything. We will be helping you out with the same. Here, you are going to find out about all the fundamentals that can get you started in the game.

We will also offer some insights on a few other pointers, which, in turn, will make you play like a professional. So, let’s not wait for the grass to grow and delve into the tutorial right away. 

PUBG Mobile: Basic Gameplay Tips 

Here, we will be talking about several fundamental aspects that a brand new PUBG player needs to know. However, there will be a few crucial gameplay tips available in this section as well.

So, even if you are an intermediate player, make sure to check them out to refresh your memory and upgrade your gameplay.

Create Your Profile First

After entering the game, the first thing that you need to do is create your profile correctly. It is an online game. Therefore, it will be better for you to not provide your real name. So, try to come up with a made-up name and use the same in it.

Next, you will have to bind your account. You can do so with either your Facebook account or Google Play ID. But, why is this step so essential? Well, while playing the game, you are going to get a lot of items or gun skins that can help you with your future endeavours.

Hence, if you do pair up your account with something, then you will not have to worry about losing your data. Using social media IDs will make it easier for you to invite your friends in the lobby and play the game together.

TPP or FPP: That is the Question

Well, in essence, TPP refers to a third-person perspective while FPP stands for a first-person perspective. So, if you do choose the first one, then you will be able to see your character and everything they do on the field.

Conversely, the second one will make you feel like you are playing on the battlefield. Now, choosing between these two can be a tricky job. It will depend on you and how you want to play the game.

If you cannot make any choice, then we would ask you to try out both of them. It, in turn, will help you to understand which mode suits your gameplay the best. However, most gamers tend to play in FPP as it aids them in focusing more on the environment than their character.

Check the Ping Before Starting the Game

As mentioned before, PUBG is an online game. Therefore, the stability of it will solely depend on your internet connection. It also does depend on the server that you are playing on.

For example, if you belong to India, then it would be better for you to play on the Indian server. Instead, if you do start your game on other servers, such as NA or Europe, then you might encounter lags.

Thus, before you start playing, make sure to check your ping or MS first. You can find the same at the top right corner of your screen.

Enable Aim Assist and Open Door


As a starter, you will face some difficulties while aiming at your enemy. You may miss them while shooting, which, in turn, may get you eliminated from the game.

Thus, it becomes a necessity for you to enable the aim assist option in your game. Besides, while you are at it, make sure to activate the Auto Open Doors as well. It will open the doors automatically for you whenever you go in front of them.

For doing so, you can go to the Settings section and then click on Basic. You can find whatever you need in that tab.   

Freefall as Speedily as Possible


Yes, you have seen it right. You can, indeed, control how quickly you can fall from the aircraft and land on the ground safely. You can do so by pushing your controller forward as much as possible.

It, in turn, will keep your character’s head 180⁰ downwards and increase your falling speed. But why are we telling you to do so? Well, for starters, it will help you to reach the ground and acquire weapons more quickly.

Thus, in a way, you will have the upper hand over your opponents. Don’t worry. Your parachute will open all by itself when it comes closer to the ground. So, you will not die.

However, if you want to, then you can also open the parachute earlier as well. It will help you to have full control over it. So, you can traverse around the map, away from the players, and land in a safe and secure area.

Nonetheless, if you do try the same method in popular or crowded areas, then you may miss out on the weapons.

Choose a Good Landing Area


In essence, a single game of PUBG generally lasts around 30 minutes or so. However, if you do not follow the steps thoroughly and become casual upon landing, then it will be over for you within a few moments.

Hence, to avert this from happening, you will have to choose a proper landing area first. Frankly, you can do this in two ways. You can either go for the spots where the best guns and armors spawn or opt for a secluded place.

When talking about the best places for vests and guns, the first name that comes to the mind is the Military Base. It is located almost in the middle of the map. So, if you are watching the map carefully, then you will surely be able to find it.

The Power Plant would also be a decent option for you in this aspect. However, as these places are the literal manifestation of the best weapons, many people will try to land here. So, before you can even get some weapons, your character might get killed.

So, what are you going to do in this aspect? Well, in this case, you can keep your eye on the list of total players. It will keep decreasing while the plane is crossing the battlefield. Hence, as a rule of thumb, you can go down when the number has become less than 20.

But how can you survive in crowded areas? It is quite easy. After jumping off the cargo plane, you will have to keep a lookout on the other players and where they are headed! This way, you will be able to change your direction and land somewhere safe.

When you are playing in a crowded area, you should always try to find a home, which comes with a rooftop. If you do get a sniper weapon in there, then it would be easier for you to stay undetected and eliminate others.

Loot as Quickly as Possible

If you are playing duo or team mode, then you will get the chance of being revived. However, if you are a lone wolf, then you would not have anyone to watch your back. So, in this case, you cannot play ruthlessly at all.

Thus, upon your landing, the first thing that you will need to do is to loot everything as soon as possible. Make sure to find a gun first, and then, look for other things, such as a vest, helmet, and so on. It, in turn, will help you survive the initial scuffles.

Additionally, only grabbing the guns is not going to help you out. You will also need to be a lot more careful in your approach. For example, it is always better to stay in a shelter rather than roaming here and there in the field.

You may leave the house if you do hear the sound of bullets nearby. It may indicate that two players have encountered and started brawling. Thus, now, in this aspect, your job will be to locate them as quickly as possible.

If you do find them while fighting, then make sure to wait until their battle is over. Once they are done with it, you can, then, make the winner your prey. After a long fight, they will be somewhat vulnerable.

Hence, they will never see you coming. Make sure not to hesitate while attacking them. If they were in your place, they would do the same thing.

Activate the Auto Pick-up Feature

Keeping an eye on the enemies and changing armors can be quite a disturbing and tiring task. Hence, to keep your focus on the real deal, you will have to activate the coveted auto pick-up feature.

It will help your character pick-up the higher grade weapons even when you are doing it manually. Thus, with it, you can always keep a lookout on your environment while picking up new guns or vests.   

Nevertheless, sometimes, the auto pick-up feature can fill your bags by gathering unnecessary things. Hence, to avert this troublesome situation, you can customise the pick-up options. You can let it either take more of the similar substances or limit them as per your needs.

Keep Emptying Your Backpack

As mentioned before, you will have to pick up whatever you can get early in the game. Now, if you do keep this up, then your bag will start overflowing with items, some time. So, how are you going to take care of this situation?

Well, you will have to keep emptying your bag as soon as you get a better item. For example, if you have a pile of level 1 vest in your backpack and get a level 2 one suddenly, then make sure to throw the former away.

Anyways, you would not have to do the same with weapons, as you can only carry three of them at a time. So, once you try to equip a new one, then another gun will get replaced automatically. But, make sure to keep an eye on the ammo for less trouble.

Squat Down While Collecting the Crates

After you have killed someone, you can, then, loot their belongings, such as guns or vests. However, the job is not going to be so easy. The boxes from the eliminated players generally emit green-coloured smoke for quite a few minutes.

Hence, the other players, who are roaming at that section of the map, would be alerted by it. This, in turn, may prompt you to enter a few other battles in quick succession. Moreover, they may also snipe you from a distance.

Thus, to avoid such a problematic situation, you will have to either squat or lie down while approaching the crate. It, sequentially, will keep you out of the sight of others and help you in surviving for a prolonged period. 

Learn to Lock Sprinting

To avoid the danger zones or to dodge the bullets of other players, you will need to sprint. However, while you are manually running, you will not be able to look around your environment. Thus, it might be a little bit dangerous for you.

So, you will have to lock your sprinting action. But, how can you do that? Well, while dashing through the field, you will be able to see a Running option hanging a little bit over your screen. You can click on it to lock your action. 

There is a way which can improve your sprinting efficiency. For that, you will have to drink two energy drinks back to back. You can find such beverages while looting the houses. So, do not forget to make the most of them.

Avoid Being in the Enemy’s Sight by Swimming

Have the enemies eliminated your whole team and are now trying to find you? Well, then you can dive underwater and go on a swimming drill. Well, it may sound a little bit weird but, it is, indeed, an effective trick to keep yourself out of danger.

Moreover, while you are underwater, your opponents would also not be able to shoot you. So, you can stay there protected for a few moments and come out after they are gone. Just make sure not to float on the surface of the water. 

Accumulate a Huge Number of Medikits

Frankly, PUBG Mobile is not all about killing people and making a massacre. Say, you have killed ten people and, in turn, finished in the 20th place, what good will it do for you? Your prime objective in the game is to survive.

For that, you will either have to play stealthily or collect as many Medikits as possible. In a way, no matter how careful you are, you will have to face off at least one person before you can win the game. 

Hence, the Medikits will help you survive for a longer period by mending your damages and healing you. Moreover, if you are playing a supporter role in your team, then you will have to collect medical supplies to save your friends from danger.

Keep an Eye on Open Doors

Well, as you probably already know, the doors of the houses in the game usually stay closed at the beginning. Now, once you have entered it, then the door will open and it will stay that way until you manually close it.

Now, many people tend to rush here and there in a hurry. Hence, they generally keep the doors of the house open. While moving around the map, if you do find an opened door, then you can assume that there is someone in there.

Don’t Wear Shoes

Many people have the false assumption that wearing shoes may provide them with extra armor. But, as you can tell, it does nothing but makes you look well-groomed and neat.

Besides, it also makes things highly noisy, even when you are walking in a room or down the street. So, to get some help in this aspect, you will have to leave your shoes out before entering the lobby. 

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PUBG Mobile: Tips Related to the Map 

The geography of the maps does play an integral part in any battle royale game. The same goes for PUBG as well. So, here, we will be discussing some tips regarding the maps that can help you to understand its initials more efficiently. Let’s get started.

Download the Maps and Try Them Out

Upon its release, PUBG Mobile only had a single map, known as Erangel. As you do understand, it is the most basic map out there. Hence, to keep things interesting for the gamers, the developers decided to add three more maps to the game. The list includes Vikendi, Miramar, and Sanhok.

Each of these maps is different from the other, and thus, offers different types of weapons and armors. But, before we start talking about the best looting spots for each of them, let’s know how to download them first.

For that, you would, first, have to click on Select Mode and then, go to Classic. From here, you can download everything. So, let’s start with the best looting areas for the Erangel map.

To get the best weapons here, you will have to either land at Georgopol or Military base. Pochinki and Severny offer high-end vests as well as decent sniper weapons.

Nonetheless, if you are thinking about getting some good assault rifles, then Mansion, Mylta, and Novorepnoye should be your go-to option.

On the other hand, Los Leones and Prison are, hands down, the best places to find almost any type of weapons. Hacienda Del Patron and Campo Militar are also decent options for you in this aspect.

Conversely, if you are playing on the Miramar map, then always try to land on Paradise Resort and Ruins. But, if you do miss out on them, then Pai Naan and Bootcamp can be decent for you.

Finally, the best place to loot some decent weapons in the Vikendi map is Goroku. The Villa, Tovar, and Castle are excellent options as well. But, they are usually crowded almost all the time. 

Keep an Eye on the Mini-Map 

It may not look like it, but the mini-map in the game does serve a crucial part in your gameplay. With it, you can learn more about the place where you are currently roaming as well as the movements of the cars.

Besides, if you do keep a close eye on the map, then you will also be able to know about the direction of the gunshots. In addition, it also offers details about timing as well as the issue of safe zone shrinkage.

Use the Map Marker

Each of the maps of PUBG Mobile is quite vast. Thus, if you do not know much about the game, then you might get lost easily. You may also end up roaming around the same place and getting eliminated by another player.

Therefore, to solve this issue, you will have to use the map marker. With this option, you can mark a specific place on your mini-map and get there quite easily. The titular feature works like magic while you are playing with a team.

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PUBG Mobile: Tips Regarding Guns and Armors 

Whether you believe it or not, but PUBG isn’t really a game for the pacifists. Even if you do try your best, you are not going to win the game without eliminating anyone. Hence, in that case, you would require a proper gun in your arsenal.

But, which one should you take? Do you need to know anything else regarding weaponry? You can find all the answers to your questions down below. 

Know About the Guns in the Game

Well, contrary to popular belief, there is no gun known as the best gun available in the game. You will have to pick up something that suits your playing style perfectly. For example, if you like to stay undetected then, snipers should be ideal for you. 

On the other hand, if you are more of a brawler and like to stay at the front line of your group, then assault rifles should be your go-to option. And, if you still do not know how you want to play, then you can also try out the SMGs and LMGs. 

If you are thinking about choosing the assault rifles, then we would suggest you go for Gorza. It has an extraordinary accuracy and is fire-rated as well. Moreover, comparably, the overall damage done by the gun is quite top-notch too.

However, if you cannot find a Gorza anywhere, then M416 and SCAR-L can be a decent option for you. The latter has a decent hit rate while the former offers exceptional stability, which can help you get rid of the nimble players.

Nonetheless, if you want to take a more assassin-like approach, then opting for a Kar98k would be perfect for you. It is quite common. Therefore, you can get it almost anywhere. However, there’s a hitch. Its hit rate is pretty low. So, if anyone spots you, then you will get killed instantly.

For a more ‘one shot-one kill’ approach, you can use the AWM. It has a low fire rate and can rarely be found throughout the map. However, if you manage to make a headshot with it, then you won’t need another bullet to eliminate other players. 

Conversely, if you are looking for either a SMG or LMG, then DP28 would be a decent choice. It has a high damage capacity and a decent hit rate. Nonetheless, the best one in this category is M249. It has a high reloading speed, and thus, offers a better DPS than the former one.  

Lastly, you can also find a lot of shotguns, such as S12K, S1897, and S686, throughout the map. However, if you are not that good at sneaking and charging, then we would suggest you stay away from them.  

Get a Weapon as Soon as Possible

If you want to survive the blows, then you will have to get a weapon as quickly as possible. No, we are not talking about the frying pans. Rather, we are suggesting you find a real gun and a good one at that.

If you do find any of the previously-mentioned ones, then you are in luck. However, if you are ill-fated, like most other newbies, then you will have to pick up whatever you do get. Even a 9MM would do the trick for you. 

Once you have found something, you can then move on and try to acquire a better one. However, before doing so, you will need to put on some defensive items as well, such as a helmet or a vest. 

Try your best not to engage with a player until you have attained a level 3 vest and helmet. Also, make sure to carry some grenades. It may help you out in the tight spots. Lastly, do not forget to maintain your bag properly. Otherwise, you may run out of space.

Keep Upgrading Armors

Well, you may not believe it but, if you do upgrade your armors, then it will increase your inventory capacity too. Well, in a way, it will boost your defence as well and make you somewhat invincible against heavy artillery.

Nonetheless, the fact that they will let you have a lot more space for keeping the guns is even more impressive. 

Switch Between Single and Auto Attacks

The newbies tend to use auto attacks quite a lot. Well, we are not saying that it is an ineffective strategy. In fact, some guns work best if you do use this method. But, it does affect your chances of winning against skilled players.

That’s right. The professionals can easily understand that you are using auto attacks. So, they will be able to dodge them quite comfortably. Moreover, if you are auto-attacking with a sniper, then you may also get killed, as the hit rate would be a lot slower in this aspect. 

However, when you are playing in a single-mode, you will not experience the recoiling effects that prominently, making it easier for you to hit your opponent without missing.

Hence, as a rule of thumb, if you are trying to hit someone from a short-range, the auto-attacks can be quite viable. But, the single ones can be ideal for long-range battles.

Learn to Use the Right Guns

In PUBG, you can only keep two guns and one revolver in your bag. Hence, even if you do find a lot of guns, you will have to make the hard choice and choose the best ones amongst them.

Now, for starters, if you want to play an all-round game, then you can choose an assault rifle and a sniper. With the former, you can comfortably win whenever you confront an enemy.

Conversely, the latter can help you to eliminate others undetected, from a safe distance. Hence, you will have to choose the right gun for the right moment. You cannot opt for an assault firearm for fighting others from a tower, as you will miss most of your shots.

Do Not Forget to Replace Helmets and Vests

If you have confronted an enemy, then there is a high chance that you had to endure a few shots. Now, if you have managed to live to tell the tale, then make sure to thank your helmet and vest. However, that does not mean that you will have to keep wearing them. 

When you take shots, your defensive wearable items get damaged. This, in turn, makes them a lot more vulnerable for the next few shots. Thus, after battling with another player, you should always try your best to replace them. 

You can find the new ones either from another player or anywhere in the terrain. So, make sure to search every house before dealing with other players. Don’t try to be brave, and run away whenever you get in a tight spot with the damaged vests.

Shoot to Kill, Not to Alert Them

If you are using a sniper, then you will have to shoot others with an intention to kill. Yes, you understood right. With the sharpshooters, you cannot afford to let them know about your hiding spot.

If they have an assault rifle, then they will easily be able to kill you, as their hit rate is much better. In the same way, when you are using an assault or SMG, make sure not to spray your bullets everywhere in the field.

Try to master the single attacks, so that you can land your attacks as efficiently possible. If you have a smoke bomb, then you can also use it to your advantage. You may throw it towards them undetected and gun them down quickly.

Don’t worry, most of the players will be surprised by the bomb. So, they will not move from their place that quickly.

Try to Collect as Many Sights as Possible

Whether you are using an assault rifle or sniper, you would always require sights for better convenience and vision. Now, while on the road, you are going to find four different types of scopes, which are 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Now, at the early stage of the game, you will only be able to find 2x and 4x sights. You can use them on both the assault and snipers. Just make sure not to use them on SMGs, as they perform better when you are closer to your enemy. 

Anyways, if you do find a 6x scope anywhere, then do not forget to equip it on your assaults. It will provide you with a better vision and take down your enemies quickly. The 8x sights can only be attached to the snipers. So, you will have no choice with them.

But, why are we asking you to take all the scopes that you can find on your way? Well, you can give them to your friends, who are using sniper rifles. Moreover, by taking them with you, you are also nullifying the abilities of the next person who would have found it after you. 

Consider the Silencer to be Your Best Friend

Yes, using a silencer can turn the whole tide of a battle to you. Say, out of four, only you and one of your friends have survived the recent skirmish. Now, if you do have a silencer, then you can hide in one place and kill the remaining enemies without making any sound; As it suppresses the noise, your opponents will not even know what has hit them.

You will be able to finish them off even before they can find you. Moreover, when playing in solo mode, using a silencer can also help you to avert attracting unnecessary attention. The best thing about the silencers is that you can use them on anything and everything.

Get a Ghillie Suit

If you are using a sniper and want to stay undetected, then you will have to find a Ghillie suit and wear it. But what is it? It is a camouflage wearable that can help you to appear just like a bush.

So, if anyone is passing by you, they will simply refer to you as just another shrub in the game. The Ghillie suits are quite rare and only appear in the late game airdrops. So, acquiring them can be a little bit risky for you. 

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PUBG Mobile: Vehicle-Related Tips 

One of the best things about PUBG Mobile is that you can also drive vehicles here. There are a plethora of transportation modules available in the game, such as bikes and cars, which can help you out for your purpose. So, let’s take a look at them.

Use Vehicles Whenever You Can

While exploring through the maps of PUBG Mobile, you will be able to find a lot of vehicles scattered here and there. Amongst them, Jeeps and Bikes are the most common. They are highly feasible, as well.

Hence, if you do need to go somewhere quickly, then you can always opt for them. The bikes are more agile than cars, so you may use them to save yourself from the looming danger zone, which keeps shrinking from time to time.

Moreover, they can also save you from others, you can rush away from them quickly. On the other hand, if you do want a more attacking approach, then you can use the eeps. They do run a little bit slow but are still pretty viable, to say the least.

Furthermore, if you want to, then you can also run over other players with them. If they are not wearing enough armor, then one hit of the vehicle can kill them. The cars may also temporarily save you from the enemy attacks if you use them as a shield.

Avoid Jumping off the Vehicles

Many new PUBG Mobile players tend to jump off the vehicles while driving for no reason. However, it is not the right thing to do. If you do jump from a running vehicle, then you will get severely wounded.

Further, if you do not have enough life or armor, then you may also die. So, in a way, it is an unforced error that will ruin your whole game. 

Do Not Use Vehicles for Protection

Well, if you found a vehicle, then using it as a protective shield is a natural thing to do. Frankly, there is no harm in doing so as well. However, the vehicles of PUBG are quite realistic.

Hence, if they do endure a lot of hits from the bullets, then there is a high chance that they will explode right away. The same is true for armored cars and luxurious boats too. So, you should never think that you are invincible while riding a car.

Your enemy can continuously shoot it to explode it and kill you. But, there is a good piece of news. You can do the same as well. Just make sure to use a decent assault rifle or SMGs for this purpose. 

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PUBG Mobile: Other Miscellaneous Tips Regarding Survival 

As of now, you probably already know that the main point of the game is surviving in a pool of adversities. However, unlike how it sounds, dealing with everything in PUBG Mobile can be pretty difficult.

Thus, here, we will be talking about a few miscellaneous tips that may aid you in your sole purpose.

Do Not Ignore a Flare Gun

Many people, mostly the new players, tend to ignore the flare guns. Well, they do not inflict any damage on the opponents. So, in a way, it does make sense. However, with the flare guns, you can call upon a personal airdrop with a plethora of weapons and other things.

There is a trick to make your flare gun more effective though. If you use the same outside of the playing zone, then you can get an armor to save yourself. Unlike the normal ones, it can endure a lot of bullets and help you in eliminating others. 

Nonetheless, like everything, this too, has a breaking point. Therefore, it will explode one time or another. Also, the smoke emission from the flare can be seen by your opponents as well. So, you will have to be very careful after using it.

Have a Healthy Communication With the Teammates

Playing solo in PUBG Mobile is quite excellent and offers a decent gaming experience. However, if you want to savour the beauty of the game properly, then we would suggest you play with your friends.

There is a voice chat option available in the game that can help you and others to strategize your moves before even making them. Moreover, you can also alert your teammates about other players that might be approaching your territory.

Nonetheless, for better gameplay and communicative aspects, make sure to use headphones.

Learn to Use the Eye Button

While playing you will be able to find an Eye button on the right side of your screen. It might look useless at first, but when you click on it, you can see the whole area without moving from one place to another.

It enables you to pan your view at a complete 360-degree angle and watch everything that has been going around you. This feature can do wonders if you are hiding in a bush and trying to prey on people with your sniper.

Try to Keep Moving, Always

The world of PUBG is highly dangerous and volatile. You cannot just stop at a single place and think about things. You will always have to keep moving. Otherwise, anyone with a sniper can pick you up.

You need to know another thing in this aspect. The Kar98k sniper can blow your character’s head in a single shot if you are wearing something under a level 3 helmet. So, always try your best to find a level 3 headwear as soon as possible.

Make Sure to Avoid Bridges

Sometimes, while rushing to your designated spot, you might encounter a bridge in front of you. If you are mid-game (12 minutes or so in), then make sure to avoid it at all costs. Most times, the professional players tend to use the bridge as a killing spot.

They will block the road with some vehicles, and when you try to go past them, they will headshot you. So, to avoid any unwanted ambush, you will need to go through the river that has been flowing down below. 

Pistols are Not Pointless at All

There are many players out there who consider pistols to be entirely useless. Nonetheless, this notion is entirely false and fake. Earlier in the game, you may find some bad shooters to say the least.

However, as you approach the later game, you can acquire an automatic pistol, which works almost like UZI. It has a decent DPS as well. So, if you do ever run out of bullets, then it may help you save your day.

Crawling is Better Than Running

Well, this tip is most viable for late in the game. After reaching the mark of around 20 minutes, the world of PUBG Mobile will get reduced in a small circle. Therefore, there will be a high chance that you will meet your opponents more frequently.

So, to avoid their sight, you will have to crawl your way through. If the area is grassy, then it can work at your advantage as well. Just make sure to run when the circle gets even smaller.

Use Molotov More Late in the Game

Frankly, the people who have lasted for at least 20 minutes are a lot more skilled and professional than others. So, if you are facing them, especially as a beginner, you will have to be a lot more careful in your approach.

Due to this reason, many people tend to save their Molotov cocktails until the end. If you are suspecting something, then you can throw it on a nearby bush to find out if anyone is in there or not. This specific strategy works best against those who are wearing camouflage.  

Keep an Eye on Your Helicopter’s Warning Signs

In all honesty, the helicopters are fun to use. They can get you from one place to another quite quickly. However, they will make you a much easier target. The enemies can gun down the chopper by shooting at it. 

Hence, to know more about this aspect, you will have to keep an eye on the warning sign. It will flash right away if someone starts shooting your copter. In that case, you will have to jump off it and use the parachute right away.

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A game of PUBG usually lasts for around 30 minutes. Hence, your sole purpose will be to survive half an hour at any cost. Sometimes, it may feel like a year. However, if you stay calm and patient, then you can overcome almost anything and everything.

In the end, surviving through harsh conditions is a skill. So, if you do want to be more adept in the game and pave your path to glory, then make sure to follow the aforementioned tips as meticulously as possible.

They may not help you to become a professional right away, but they will definitely help you to hone your skills and become a better player nonetheless. 

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks How to Survive and Win a Battle Royale 002


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Piyush Kashyap is a Ph.D student at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur. He is a budding editor/ writer and has been working as a part-time reviewer for online content. He loves to read tech-based articles and has a knack for reviewing such articles He likes to stay updated about the latest trends in technology. He has also been working as a reviewer for many scientific journals. He also writes articles based on science. Know More About Piyush

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