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Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India (2020)

Edited by Garima, Reviewed by Anupama

Looking for best room heater in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Winter season and the chill give an ecstatic feeling. The snowfall in winter adds flavor to the season and people from different places visit hill stations to experience the divine experience.

However, with the pleasant feel of the season comes the problem of catching cold and many other winter-related problems.

However, one can install room heaters in his/her house so that to enjoy the pleasant weather minus its side-effects. Room heaters help in keeping room warmer and cozy during winters.

Best Room Heaters In India

Like electric geysers and air purifier, there are various options available in the market. One needs to consider various factors before buying a best room heater for winter. The following are the main noteworthy features that a room heater must have to considered:

  • Automatic switch on-off feature: This feature helps to turn off the room warmer if it gets overheated. Some units are available with an automatic switch that automatically turns off if something or someone touches the protective grill.
  • Wattage feature: The power of the heater ascertains the heat output and hence, higher the wattage, higher will be the heat-producing ability. 1000W room heater comprises of 5 Amps socket while 1500W room warmer consists of 15 Amps plug. Most of the houses have 5 Amps sockets. So if needed, the sockets should be changed or a converter should be plugged in.
  • Cord length: The presence of a long cord ensures the placement of the heater is not a case of worry. An extension board is required if the cord length is too short.
  • Easy to install and lightweight: The heater for room must be lightweight and easy to install. This would help you to use it and move it to any corner of the house whenever required.

The following table will help you to compare between the heaters and take the correct decision that which is best room heater.

We Highly recommend you to read the best Room Heater Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Room Heater technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs:)

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India.

Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India

Although my favorite among all is Orpat OEH-1220 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Orpat OEH-1220

Orpat OEH-1220


  • This orpat room heater comprises of two heat settings, i.e, 1000W and 2000W ensuring better heat control.
  • Thermal cut out feature ensures safety.
  • Great device with ergonomic design
  • Speedy heating
  • Presence of cool-to-touch exterior ensures the heater can be handled even when it is operating
  • With the inbuilt handle, the heater can be moved from one place to another
  • Comes in color white with a year warranty

Orpat heater OEH-1220 is undoubtedly the best room heater in India if you are looking for a heater for room that is power-efficient and easy to use.

With two heat settings i.e., 1000W and 2000W, the heater ensures that heat is distributed evenly and quickly.

The heater is best suited for heating the place for a considerable time without any glitch.

This orpat room heater work as a blower heater for room as well as a fan heater. During summer, the same can be used as a table fan

The provision of cool-to-touch exterior ensures that the heater can be moved even when it is in the switch-on mode. 

The orpat room heater blower is convenient to place anywhere and is among the best heaters in India recommended by our Editor.


  • Consists of two power setting for heat and hence heat capacity can be increased or decreased
  • During summer, the same can be used as a table fan
  • Heat a medium-size room extremely well


  • The noise produced by the fan disturbs at times
  • Angling feature is absent

2. Bajaj Flashy

Bajaj Flashy


  • A 1000 watt room heater that keeps the chill at bay
  • Provides the best heating results for a medium-sized room as it warms evenly
  • Comes in nickel chrome plated ensuring the long-lasting and best performance
  • With 2 years warranty, it provides quality assurance
  • Consists of 5amp socket

Bajaj is known for its quality assurance. This Bajaj room heater ensures warmth from the chilling atmosphere.

The heater can deliver the power of 1000 Watts and the nickel-chrome plated body ensures the best performance. This bajaj room heater price in India is reasonable.

Being compact and stylish, it provides the best of looks and does not occupy much place. Bajaj room heaters are ISI approved and contain a host of other functions.

The 2-year warranty ensures that any kind of defect is taken care of by the company that's why it's in the list of top 10 best room heaters.


  • The best result for a medium-size room
  • Sleek and stylish design that looks great and does not occupy much place
  • The room gets heated fast hence, a commendable performance


  • Overhear socket problem in hill stations

3. Eveready HC2000

Eveready HC2000


  • Easy spot heating
  • Dual heat inlet vents ensure better air taking capacity
  • Adjustable height and temperature control provides better performance
  • Strong outer build for a maximum performance
  • Competitive price as compared to other peer models

How about winter with spot heating heater?

Yes, with the Eveready room heater HC2000 you get spot heating feature as the best room heater in India that wraps the chill with a layer of warmth as it comes with 2000 watts.

It adjusts the temperature as per the requirements of the room. Further, it offers portability and hence, can be carried to any place.

The presence of thermostat control is an additional feature that helps you control the temperature and height of the eveready room heater.

This Eveready room heater is ISI certified, it ensures safety. The dual side air inlet passage ensures proper ventilation and even distribution of heat.


  • Heats the room in 10 minutes
  • Strong outer build
  • Two air inlets for maximum air intake
  • Dual heats setting let you control the temperature that is 1000W/2000W


  • Takes away the moisture in the room

4. Morphy Richards OFR 9F

Morphy Richards OFR 9F


  • Presence of 9-fins ensures that the room is heated quickly.
  • With the mounting plate, it is easier to mount the heater on a wall or at the desired place
  • With tip-over switch, the switch turns the heater off when it moves more than the desired level
  • Appropriate for any size of the room.
  • Consumes 2400 Watts of power and is quite energy-efficient
  • Long cord ensures that the heater can be installed anywhere in the room.
  • The presence of power selector ensures balance from the electric loads

If you want to experience great warmth during the winter chill then consider buying this best oil filled room heater in India with PTC Fan heater.

This Morphy richards room heater is loaded with several features and ensures complete warmth in every part of the room.

It consumes 2400 Watts of power and is quite power-efficient when compared to its contemporaries.

This heating device features 9 radiator fins, adjustable thermostat, and tip-over switch amongst other features.

The fins ensure that the room is heated instantly and evenly. The presence of thermostat ensures that the temperature is maintained in the desired set point.

The tip-over switch is the biggest highlight that ensures prevention from electric shock or fire. When the heater moves more than the specified range then the switch let the heater off ensuring comfort and safety.


  • It heats the room with the desired temperature
  • Appropriate for small rooms
  • Safety measures are available
  • The power cord can be mounted


  • Not suitable for the region with extreme climates

5. Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002)

Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002)


  • Best suited for spot heating
  • The availability of two heating options ensure proper heating
  • No provision for over-heating as the switch automatically shuts it off
  • Specifically designed for low power consumption
  • Comprises of 1-year product warranty

Usha Quartz room heater is one of the most economically designed heaters that keep the surroundings warm.

You don’t need to worry about the overheating perspective because the switch automatically shuts itself off.

With the consumption of 230 volts, it provides an effective result. The presence of two heating options ensures that the heating is desirable and comfortable.

The heater is finished with a powder coating that does not allow the heater to corrode.

It comes with a hook that helps to mount the cord for easy storage.


  • It heats the room with the desired temperature
  • Appropriate for small rooms
  • Safety measures are available
  • The power cord can be mounted


  • Not suitable for the region with extreme climates

6. Morphy Richards Aristo

Morphy Richards Aristo


  • Comes with a power rating of 2000 watts ensuring unmatched performance
  • The electric knob ensures that the power level is set as per the requirements
  • Controls the temperature as per the weather scenario
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Morphy Richards room heater is one of the best room heaters in India by Morphy purchases for your winter days.

With a power rating of 2000 watts, it can deliver an incredible performance. It comes with a powerful selection knob that helps to set the power as per your requirements.

Further, you can use the control knob to set temperature depending on the weather condition.

It's more efficient when you are living in the hilly regions as it heats the rooms quickly. The indicator light ensures operations are done with ease.


  • Easy, lightweight and heats the surrounding quickly
  • No noise while the operation
  • Control the desired level of temperature


  • The vent should be more adjustable

7. Eveready QH800

Eveready QH800


  • The heater is made from a hard plastic body that makes it sturdy and performance-oriented.
  • Best suited for instant heating, ensuring quick warmth and composure
  • Direct heating owing to the presence of quartz tubes
  • Safety tip-over switch that helps to safeguard the user from any accident
  • The power indicator is ISI certified from better safety

This room heater comes from the house of Eveready and can deliver unmatchable performance. With dual settings, it controls the heat as per your comfort level.

The tip-over switch ensures safety. The LED power light indicates the modes and options.

As this heater consumes 800 Watts of power, the heater is best suited for immediate heating.

The provision of variable-speed blower ensures that the humidity of the atmosphere is properly balanced. This heater is made from Quartz tubes that make it robust and durable.


  • Compact size and hence easy to handle
  • Safety measure of cut off power if it falls
  • Dual heat settings ensure better room temperature control
  • A durable plastic body that makes it sturdy and lightweight


  • Lack of service center of Eveready

8. Havells GHRFHAGW200

Havells GHRFHAGW200


  • Innovative technology that has an inbuilt 2000 Watt comforter
  • Ease of handling and safety as it comprises of cool touch body
  • Cooling fan function ensures that the heater gets cooled on its own
  • The presence of double safety overheat ensures safety from overheating
  • Thermostat control ensure temperature regulation
  • Portable and hence is easy to handle and carry

Hailing from the house of Havells and comprising of various features Havells room heater GHRFHAGW200 is an innovative breakthrough.

With the cool-on-touch body, double safety features and armed with an adjustable thermostat control knob.

It is the best device that ensures quick and even distribution of heat. The adjustable veins ensure that air delivery is provided well.

The availability of the thermostat control knob ensures proper regulation of the temperature.

This Havells room heater is the one of the best havells room heater in Indian market for sell.

The cool touch body ensures that the hand is not burnt if the heater is touched or handled. The inbuilt cooling fan keeps the appliance cool and doesn’t let it heat.


  • Heat the room in a very quick period
  • Integrated handle and hence, easy to carry
  • Adjustable vent ensures air delivery is as per needs
  • Two power setting mode makes it easy to set temperature


  • Product quality could have been better

9. Lasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

 Lasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater


  • The presence of timer function ensures saving energy
  • Sleek and sturdy body ensuring the performance is never compromised
  • Presence of quiet settings that is high heat, low heat and auto
  • The availability of remote control ensures better temperature control
  • Automatic set up ensures effortless regulation of temperature

Lasko is one of the most innovative heaters that consume only 1500 Watt of power and is quite energy-efficient.

The remote control feature ensures the convenience to use the heating device from anywhere.

It provides advanced safety features that comprise of self-regulation and automated overheat safeguard.

The heater ensures that the adequate temperature is maintained and the provision of remote control keeps the control at the fingertips.

The three settings,i.e, high, low and auto provides a better function and proper temperature control as per the requirements. 

The heater abounds in adjustable thermostat and built-in safety. Further, easy-grip ensures better safety.


  • Easy to use features
  • Temperature is regulated smartly
  • The remote control makes work easier in terms of regulation and control
  • Oscillation ensures widespread and even heat distribution.


  • The fan is very loud

10. Usha HC 812 T

Usha HC 812 T


  • Presence of two heating option that is 1000W or 2000W
  • Provides three heating position and hence provides the best heating experience
  • In-built thermal cut out feature protects voltage variation
  • Better heat distribution through twin-blade fans
  • Copper conductors in the cord provide an additional level of safety

This Usha room heater HC 812T is best heat convector which is designed keeping into consideration the aspect of portability. 

It helps to adjust the temperature and comprises of three heating modes and two fans options.

With the consumption of either 1000W or 2000W as per the setting, it provides effortless temperature control.

The adjustable height option provides a lot of flexibility hence it can be used to provide heat to a specific area or even a wide area.

This Usha blower room heater comprises of night light indicator that can help guide the user even when it is too dark.

For the excess fluctuations, it comprises of inbuilt thermal cut out feature.


  • Better distribution of heat through two-blade fan
  • LED indicator that aids in the dark
  • Adjustable height for better flexibility


  • Little alignment issue

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Room Heaters

Due to the harsh extremes of climatic conditions, it is advisable to stay safe and makes the indoors cozier. You can install a room heater blower that doesn’t affect the moisture level of the room and keeps it warm and cozy.

India is a large market with over a 1.2 billion population. As a result, people here might require different features in their room warmer that can suit their requirements and budget. A various device manufacturing companies design room heaters with different features so that to ensure comfort and ease of the users.

Do not give in to the words of marketers, they are doing their job and pushing the products harping on features that might prove to be of no use to you. So, to make an informed choice, it is necessary to be aware of the various features of room heaters in addition to the myriad sizes and costs them come with.

Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters are also referred to as space heaters. There are three types of best room heaters in the terms of the technology employed by the appliance to keep the inmates of a room warm and comfortable even when it is chillingly cold inside.

 They are as follows:
  • Fan or Convection Heaters: Fan/Convection heater for room function using the circulation of hot air in the room through the use of a fan to heat the room. These types of heaters are also considered as blower heaters. In such room heater blower varieties, electric energy undergoes conversion to take the form of heat energy. This is the safest as well as these types of room heater price in India is very cheap. They also provide ample coverage adding to their benefits. In terms of size, they are quite small and occupy a minimum amount of space. The disadvantages of these types of room heaters are that they create a lot of noise. They are also known for their high power consumption and can quickly add up to your electricity bills.
  • Infrared or Radiant Heaters: Infrared or radiant heaters put into use infrared technology to generate heat and transfer it to its surroundings equally and evenly. If you are looking for something that can heat your room quick then you should go for this variety as the heat undergoes dissipation the moment the machine is turned off. However, it should be noted that these work for a comparatively small room or space. The infrared or radiant heaters emit a high amount of energy with a minimal amount of noise created.
  • Oil Filled Room Heaters: Best oil heater in India is witnessing a rapid rise in popularity due to the effectiveness and efficiency with which they serve their purpose. The methodology using which such heaters function is that the oil inside the heater body absorbs heat and functions as a reservoir of the same which in turn leads to its circulation. Oil filled room heater are efficient in heating any space of any size. The heating device of this type creates a considerably low amount of noise, ensuring a peaceful sleep. However, oil room heaters are a bit costlier compared to other types. Moreover, these are energy-efficient and are easy on your electricity bills.

A Word of Warning

One of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind while buying the best room heater is about infrared heaters are the concerns of safety of the people around it while it is turned on, especially children.

In case of halogen room heater, the heating element turns hot, in fact, red hot and it might cause severe injuries especially. Though it would do fine for most of the households where there are only adults if there are kids, it is better not to install one.

Qualities of a Best Heater for Winter

  1. A good heater for room bought online or from the stores, but you must research well and make a wise decision accordingly. A good room blower heater must have below-mentioned qualities:
  • WATTAGE: The first thing you must know is which electric room heater with a particular wattage rating would suffice for the space you want to heat. Knowing this is no hard task. As a rule of thumb, you need to multiply your room area as measured in square feet by 10. A room of 100 sq. feet requires a room heater blower with a 1000-watt rating. Make sure to check the energy consumption level so that you can save on your electricity bills.
  • HEAT SETTINGS: When you have heat settings at your disposal, you can choose the temperature according to the situation at hand, much like the air-conditioners. Another feature you want to check out in this context is humidification which often determines our perception of a place being warm or cold.
  • HEATING CAPACITY: This is simply a benchmark of the amount of heat that a particular electric room heaters can generate. Linked with the wattage rating, both the parameters serve a similar purpose.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: People nowadays are looking for various ways to cut down on the amount of energy used by them. Besides contributing to the overall welfare of the world, it also helps save quite a lot of money in our utility bills. Energy consumption ratings are particularly important for electrical appliances like best air conditioners, best refrigerators as well as the tower fans in India. The better the energy efficiency of your room heater, the less expenditure will you incur in the long run. So, it is essential to ensure that heater for room adheres to at least some amount of energy conservation or efficiency standards.
  • SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONS: Being an electric device, it is essential for the blower heaters to have safety features to protect the inmates in case of malfunction or overheating. If proper monitoring of the heaters is not carried out, fire hazards caused by overheating are quite likely. Ensure that your room heater blower shuts off by itself automatically using an internal switch in case there is overheating. Such switches are equipped with the sensors that signal the circuitry to shut down if temperatures exceed certain limits.
  • NOISE EMISSION: Unwanted noise is not what we want at the cost of a warm room during the winter months. Like all devices powered by electricity, heaters for room create noise when they are working, sometimes irritatingly and obstructively. This noise factor is even more profound in the case of room heaters that have fans. Look for blower heaters that create noise to bearable extents. Heaters  for room are equipped with baseboards cut down on the noise to a considerable level.
  • AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: We have mentioned this feature earlier as part of the safety features. If there’s no automatic on/off feature, it necessary to switch off room heaters when not in use if there is any signal of overheating.
  • HANDLE/S AND CORD LENGTH: The length of the electric room heaters cord should be sufficient enough so that it can be placed anywhere.

Other Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Best Room Heaters in India:

  • Room Heater Portability: Summer portability of the heater for room is always an asset. During the winters, you might visit a place where you might not be getting a room heater. You can buy a portable room heater price in India at affordable price which ensures that you can just take it with yourself under such circumstances. If you find yourself in such situations a small electric room heater and halogen room heater scores high on the portability factor. Do not expect to carry around an oil filled room heater all over the country. In contrast, infrared and fan heaters will work just fine under such circumstances.
  • Room Humidity and Oxygen Levels: Radiance heaters and oil room heater work by burning Oxygen in their quest to keep the room warm. In the case of the former kind of heater, the air is first pushed on to a hot coil before finding its way out as hot air. Oil filled room heater price in India is quite expensive.


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