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Top 10 Best Roti Maker in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for a comfortable way to make Rotis? Buy a Best Roti maker in India.

A Roti-maker is an electrical device that works on the principle of pressure and heat. A Roti maker takes lesser time to prepare chapatis than the handmade ones and saves effort.

Roti makers are the perfect appliances that help women in this fast-paced life and make it possible for them to balance their work and personal life without depending on others. 

No wonder, they are called a home-maker’s best friend, and for the right reasons.

There is a myth that Roti-maker delivers hard chapatis but there are a number of people who use Roti-makers and are highly satisfied with the services.

Roti makers can easily satiate your taste craving for soft and puffy chapatis without troubling anyone else. Moreover, this Roti making tool is convenient to use for people of all ages. A Roti maker can help bachelors, home-makers and working couples make fresh rotis without putting any manual effort.

Best Roti Maker In India

Making chapatis with Roti makers is very simple than the traditional ways where you need to knead the dough, flatten it using chakla-belan and then roast it on the tawa. If you are a novice, you might end up burning your hands in the traditional roti making process.

Finding a best roti maker online is can be big deal !!  But once you have gone through our in-depth research on Roti makers and based on the features, we selected these top 10 best roti makers in India.

You can choose any of them through the buying guide and ditch the traditional ways of making chapatis. Incorporated with lots of safety features, Roti makers are handy appliances for all the Indian kitchens. Impressed and planning to buy a Roti-maker now?

Make sure to look for these features before you purchase one:

  • Power Usage: A Roti-maker must reach a temperature of about 425 degrees for the best possible outcome.
  • Light Indicator: Purchase the Roti-maker that features on/off light indication as it helps in preventing unwanted accidents.
  • Brand: It is suggested to buy a branded Roti-maker that gives you quality assurance.

We Highly recommend you to read the Roti Maker Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about best roti maker products and it's tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Roti Makers in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Prestige Xclusive Stainless Steel PRM 5.0 Roti-Maker but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Prestige Xclusive Stainless Steel PRM 5.0

Prestige Xclusive Stainless Steel PRM 5.0


  • Product measurements: 15 x 15 x 20 cm
  • Product weight: 499 g
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Type: Automatic/Electric
  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Special Feature: Granite Non-stick coating, Unique Curved Surface, Power Indicator, Adjustable Temperature Control

We have found this impressive prestige roti maker for your kitchen that would help you out when cooking meals for your loved ones.

With this incredible roti making tool, you can make soft and perfectly round rotis without putting a lot of effort.

Prestige chapati maker comes with a Durable Stainless Steel Body, and the Power Indicators to ensure safety. Make round, fluffy and soft Rotis every time you use it.

It also comes with an adjustable temperature control knob that allows you to adjust the heating level according to your needs.

You don’t need to spend hours making Rotis in the kitchen as this stunning Roti-maker will make your task quicker and simpler. It is a multi-purpose electric Roti maker where you can cook Omelets, Pancake, Uttapam, Thepla, etc. with ease, that is why we have considered this as a best roti maker in India.

The robust body of this prestige chapati maker item makes it extremely safe to use along with its shockproof properties.


  • User-friendly and durable
  • Uniformed heating option
  • It comes with a smart handle (non-heating handle)


  • Frozen dough cannot be used in the Roti-maker as the only freshly made dough would make fluffy Rotis

 2. Bajaj Vacco 900W “Go-Ezzee” C-02

Bajaj Vacco 900W “Go-Ezzee” C-02


  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Light Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Special Feature: Steel Body, Shock Proof, Automatic Temp. Control, High quality components

Bajaj Vacco 900W is a fully-automatic and electrically-operated Roti-maker that comes with quality assurance and is one of the bestselling Roti-makers in India.

It has an automatic cut-off feature that ensures the safety of the user while using it, considered as a best automatic chapati maker machine in all above.

The Bajaj Roti maker has an ergonomic design that ensures fluffy and soft Rotisbringing back the nostalgic and pleasant memories of the Rotis served hot by your mother/grandmother.

The Roti-maker has been crafted to utmost precision.

The minutest parts of the appliance are designed with care, which has made this chapathi making machine quite sturdy and durable. Since this Bajaj Roti maker is quite lightweight, you can use it daily and can carry it along, so this is the best roti maker machine you can find with all the features in this!


  • The special temperature cut-off feature that works automatically is commendable
  • Besides making Rotis, it can also prepare parathas, khakhras, papads, and kulchas
  • Energy-efficient and saves time
  • Comes with a demonstration CD


  • Slightly expensive
  • Some concerns about the texture and thickness of the Rotis are present

 3. SUZO Roti-maker/Khakhra Maker

SUZO Roti-maker/Khakhra Maker


  • Product measurements: 28 x 26 x 14 cm
  • Plate diameter: 8 inch
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Type: Automatic/Electric
  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Special Feature: Durable and trust worthy

This Roti-maker comes in different colors such as silver, red and blue so you can choose the one according to your color choice. This Roti-maker is designed to be a helping hand in the kitchen and assist you in making round, firm and delicious Rotis in no time.

Rotis are consumed widely in India as it is a common food item. They are considered as a healthy staple food to be consumed during Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner time. Perfectly made Rotis are delicious to eat. At times, we are too tired to make Rotis at home and end up ordering them from the restaurants.

However, if you have SUZO Roti maker with you, then you don’t have to waste your money by ordering Rotis from the restaurants. It is easy to use with manual instructions and even a child can use it.

Make sure to take the right amount of ingredients and you’ll get perfect chapatis with this Roti or khakhra maker machine. Making Rotis with this Roti-maker won’t be a tiring task as it may seem with the traditional chakla-belan and tawa sometimes.

It may take time for you to adjust with the new technology but Suzo Roti maker would give you the ease of working in kitchen.


  • Easy to carry around with you while traveling
  • Quite affordable
  • Offer a convenient way of making Rotis


  • The freshly made dough cannot be used instantly as the atta should rest for at least 1 hour before cooking

4. Prestige PRM 3.0

Prestige PRM 3.0


  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Overheating Protection : Yes
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Light Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Special Feature: Adjustable temperature knob, Shock proof base

The Prestige roti maker is the one appliance you were looking for if you need to make Rotis wider than the conventional ones. Moreover, these Rotis are fluffy and perfectly round.

The design of this roti making machine is compact and therefore occupies a minimal amount of kitchen storage space.

If you have decided to buy this Roti maker, you can be rest assured to can't get this better choice product in this best rotimatic price in India we have gone through.

If want to know more check the roti maker video, and so that you can check and analyse properly that why this prestige roti maker price is worth it.

Once you have been habituated to using this product, we believe you will never want to go back to the old ways of preparing traditional Rotis.


  • The design is quite smart and compact
  • Quite lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with a demonstration CD
  • Looks elegant


  • Inadequate safety features
  • The preparation of Rotis takes a significant amount of time

5. Sunflame RM1

Sunflame RM1


  • Warranty: 1 year on the product
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Non Stick Surface: Yes
  • Light Indicator: Yes
  • Special Feature: Uniform heating, Oil-free cooking

This particular Roti-maker product from Sunflame is surprisingly light. But don’t let its weight fool you in terms of durability as it is among the best roti makers in India that the Indian market has offering.

The dependability with which it churns out great tasting and looking Rotis and Khakhras with ease makes it a great appliance.

The chapatis and Rotis made with this chapathi making machine are soft and supple and can be prepared quickly, in no time at all.

The sunflame roti maker comes with a light indicator and the body is made up of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable enough for everyday kitchen use.

It is an integral part of every Indian kitchen. The body is resistant to rust which ensures long service life for the appliance. With it, you get to save time and energy when it comes to the preparation of Rotis.


  • Quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Safety features include a thermostat
  • The handle can be lifted with ease
  • The base is wide and lets you cook a variety of items


  • Safety features are not comprehensive
  • Heats up too much

6. Shivay International Eagle

Shivay International Eagle


  • Product measurements: 10 x 15 x 10 cm
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Diameter: 8 Inch
  • Type: Automatic/Electric
  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Special Feature: Uniform heating, Fully Automatic, Oil-free cooking, Shock Proof

If you wish to make round, soft and perfect Rotis just like your mother and grandmother used to, then we have a secret tool that will help you in making perfect Rotis.

As eating Rotis is a part of our daily routine, Roti-makers are one of the most basic equipment you might need as Shivay International Eagle Non-Stick Roti-maker is trusted and used by many Indians.

The best part of this appliance is that it needs almost minimum or no effort to prepare yummiest Rotis. So even if you’re in a hurry, or hosting a party at home, this Roti-maker comes handy.

It ensures healthy and oil-free cooking that is good for health-conscious people and is resistant to all kinds of damages (up to an extent). It makes sure that the Rotis consumed are hygienic and tasty.


  • Saves time and energy as well
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to clean and requires no complex procedures


  • Rotis should be consumed fresh and hot, as with time, the Rotis become hard and difficult to consume

7. Hilton New Hilton Roti-maker (Multi-Utility)

Hilton New Hilton Roti-maker (Multi-Utility)


  • Diameter of Surface: 20 cm
  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Non-Stick Roti-maker: Yes
  • Type: Automatic/Electric

This Roti-maker is the ultimate solution for your kitchen. It is designed for the comfort of the customer by making it travel-friendly. This Roti-maker comes with two standard lights i.e. Green and Red, indicating different functions.

It has a nonstick coating that makes the process of making Rotis a lot easier and quicker. After using it, you have to simply wipe off the surface with a clean cloth and no scrubbing is required as it has nonstick properties.

You can make different items such as Khakhra, Bread Pakora, Egg Omelets, etc. in this Roti maker. The power requirement is 230V/50HZ and power consumption of 900W, this is the unbeatable best rotimatic price in india in this price range with all required elements.


  • Automatic temperature control
  • Heat adjustment dial for setting different temperatures
  • Easy to handle with proper guidance and instructions
  • Occupy less space in your kitchen
  • Energy-efficient


  • Cannot pack Rotis for lunch and take them to the office or trip

8. Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo

Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo


  • Power Consumption: 1000 Watts
  • Shock Proof: Yes
  • Indicator light: Yes
  • Non-stick Coating: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

The JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti-maker from the house of Jaipan is what you are looking for if you are on the hunt for an efficient chapati maker that can make your everyday meals special.

Like some of the other Roti-makers featured in this list, this one tool is an appliance that serves multiple purposes and can prepare Papad, Paper Dosa, Pancakes and other delicacies with ease.

The model features a shiny black color and is also shockproof.

This Roti-maker is quite lightweight yet sturdy, which makes it ideal to use daily.

The body of this Roti machine is made of stainless steel, and the non-stick surface has the coating of Greblon Gamma. The voltage requirement for the operation of this device is 230-240 volts. It also comes with a single year warranty.


  • Can be used with ease
  • The quality of product is quite good
  • Available with an informative CD
  • Comes with an ergonomic design


  • Many complaints of for defective product

9. Victoria 8" Cast Iron Tortilla Press & Pataconer

Victoria 8" Cast Iron Tortilla Press & Pataconer


  • Subject matter: Cast-iron
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Diameter: 8 Inch

Victoria’s 8 inch Cast Iron press is considered to be a superlative Roti-maker. If it were not for its price we would have surely placed it at the top spot.

The cast iron body that this Tortilla Press and Pataconer maker is made up of performs in a stellar way when it comes to durability, besides the fact that it is pre-seasoned too.

It features a special technology for its reinforced handle that makes any gripping surface easy to use.

Besides making Rotis, you can use this as a basic cast iron press to prepare tortillas, empanadas and similar food items.

This appliance can serve as a handy kitchen tool to prepare various food items, hence we are stating it as a best roti maker in India. The instructions and guidelines are fairly easy to follow.

All you have to do is to keep the dough ball in the center and then press the top portion of the appliance into its bottom half. You can make consistent and uniform flatbreads with it.


  • Comes with an extra handle
  • Makes good quality Rotis


  • Requires practice
  • Expensive

10. XODI Eagle/National Roti-maker Eagle Made Life 4500

XODI Eagle/National Roti-maker Eagle Made Life 4500


  • Power Consumption: 900 w
  • Non-stick Coating: Yes with high-quality Teflon
  • Light Indicator: Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light
  • Material: Stainless steel body
  • Special Feature: heat resistant handles, shockproof body  

Save time and effort with automatic roti maker machine. It made life easy to enjoy delicious roti from this chapati maker machine.

XODI Electricals is one of the reputed national companies that offer outstanding quality electrical products to the consumers.

This roti making machine has come up with some unique features automatic cut-off.

There’s an indicator light which sets ‘off’ when the device is all set to take your dough ball.

All the safety features are taken care of by the manufacturing company. This Roti maker or a khakhra maker machine is designed with shockproof body and heat resistant handles.

The beautiful and sleek design of this appliance adds grace to your kitchen and it’s quite lightweight, which makes it extremely portable. Available at a very reasonable price, this Roti-maker is a perfect addition to any Indian kitchen and will surely make your life easy.


  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and convenient to use


  • Excessive heating up, making it quite unsafe to use

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Roti Maker Machine

A little help in doing our kitchen chores can ease the home maker. Normally people has a common question how to make roti in roti maker?

Appliances like mixer-grinders, vegetable choppers, dough kneaders and chapati makers can help us in cooking healthy food everyday without taking toll on our health or making us tired.  

So if you have prepared yourself to buy a new Roti-maker, make sure to look for the good brands so that you can buy the best one available in the market. You can even get them on discounts if you are planning to buy roti maker online.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Roti maker

There is a little amount of unanimity about Roti makers to go by. Therefore, you would do well to keep in mind the following points before you make a final decision. Read the buyer's guide to know how to use roti maker.


There are several situations where buying the costliest option available is not necessarily a wise decision to make.

With cheap roti making machine products, you might not get any extra benefit and may lose out in terms of features and utility. As a result, you would not get a cost-effective product.

However, it is important to keep in mind that while buying Roti makers you might get the best deals with branded products. You must opt for a branded Rotimaker machine due to several crucial reasons. Often an unbranded and cheap chapathi maker can cause several operating issues.

Good rotimaker from branded companies make sure to manufacture the Rotimakers with care so that the Rotis that you make with it are uniformly cooked and are of good taste.

Some unbranded automatic chapati maker machine for home use are even unsafe to use.


You need to be aware of the fact that the wheat dough to be used in the rotimaker are quite different from the ones you knead regularly for the hand-cooked rotis. They need to be softer and more nonstick their regular counterparts meant to be used for hand cooked Rotis.

Follow these steps to produce dough for Roti makers:

  1. 1
    Take the required amount of dough.
  2. 2
    You should add about 15-20% or more water than you would use for normal Rotis.
  3. 3
    You do not need to put much effort into kneading the dough.
  4. 4
    For optimum results, you should leave the dough covered for about an hour when you have finished preparing it.


Another thing that must be kept in mind is that Roti-makers do not work well with dough made from wheat that has been stored or refrigerated. The use of refrigerated wheat in making dough for chapathi makers will result in crisp and hard Rotis and not soft and supple as you want them to be.

Ideally, you should prepare the dough at least twenty minutes before you intend to use it in the preparation of Rotis in the Roti-maker.


Ideally, the dough should be given some time to solidify and settle. The optimum time for the dough to be left after preparation and before being employed to produce Rotis in the Roti-maker is 1 hour.

This is a necessary process that helps the gluten strands to melt in the dough resulting in Softer and tastier Rotis.


You can further ensure that the chapati produced by your chapathi making machine tastes fresh and soft by adding a little amount of oil in the dough. However, it is not necessary to mix too much of oil as it might adversely affect the texture of the Rotis.

All you need to do is to gently oil your hands before you start preparing the dough balls. This will ensure two things:

  1. 1
    The distribution of the surface oil is even which will result in even heating and produce delicious Rotis.
  2. 2
    It will also ensure that though the dough itself might be sticky but it won’t stick to your hands.

Nonetheless, you should make it a point not to overdo this. All you need is a gentle surface glaze and voila you can have delicious Rotis with your Roti-maker.


If you are taking the Rotis for your office or school lunch, then the Rotis prepared by a Roti-maker might not serve your purpose of a sumptuous meal well. Rotis prepared using the Roti-maker often harden, and as a result, it won’t be a great idea to consume it much later.

The Rotis prepared with Roti-makers is well suited only when you plan to consume them immediately.

Different Types of Roti makers available

There are two different types of Roti makers available in the market. One, the electric Roti-maker and the second is fully-automatic roti maker or a automatic chapati maker. You can choose the best roti maker one as per your requirements.

  • ELECTRIC ROTI-MAKER: One of the chief characteristics of an electric Roti maker is that the presser is electric. This roti presser consists of two different hot plates that are heated electrically and press against themselves thereby preparing your Rotis well. This is the most common Roti-maker type that you might find in the Indian kitchens. Some varieties of electric Roti makers also come with the ability to cook even other types of flatbreads like Parathas and Khakras.
  • AUTOMATIC ROTI MAKER: In terms of convenience this is the more preferable type of Roti-maker that you want to buy. In this variety, all you have to do is to put in all of the ingredients of Rotis and then you can just walk away or take a break. After some time the Rotis are ready for you to consume. The process is fully automatic and this variety can cook even a good number of Rotis at once besides different kinds of bread other than Rotis.

Features to Look for in Your Roti-Maker

Before you make your decision of buying a roti maker machine, you must consider the budget factor in your mind. However, roti maker machine price equates to the quality it offer. Some other factors to look upon before buying a roti maker are :


Like the preparation of many other culinary dishes, making Rotis is a skill that you need to hone even if you are using a Roti maker. Most people blame the appliance but the fact is that one must know how to use the appliance properly.

Some people can make good round Rotis with Roti makers by a good sought of roti presser, even though those roti maker machine sunflame roti maker costs only a thousand rupees.

Like many other skills, it will take time to master the art of making chapatis in a Roti-maker. Remember that the practice of preparing Rotis in a Roti-maker is an art that saves your time and efforts.

With adequate effort, you too will soon be preparing Rotis from the appliance like a pro. The process to be followed does not vary from one product to another. All you need is the skills to use the appliance and understand the safety guidelines.


This is, in fact, one of the very basic safety features you need to watch out for in your Roti-maker. Most of the Roti-makers come with an On/Off indicator light. This indicator light conveys the information about what is happening inside.

Some of the cheap Roti makers do not come equipped with this mechanism because it will make the manufacturing cost more. But there must be an on/off indicator light to avoid any untoward incidents.


You should opt for a griddle made of aluminum. This is because aluminum is well known for its ability for equal distribution of heat. It should also ideally be coated with a non-stick material so that the food doesn’t stick on the base and the base coating remains intact after cooking.

Oil coating on the tawa ensures the food doesn’t stick on the base, but if the base has nonstick properties, there’s no need to use oil. The size of the griddle varies according to make and mode chapati maker but to make the best quality Roti-makers have griddle sizes between 8 to10 inches.


For optimum results, the cooking surface should have the ability to reach temperatures higher, up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The usage of power by a Roti-maker depends on several factors like the size of the griddle and the material you use to cast the same.

Typically, a ten-inch griddle consumes 750 watts for itself and an additional 250 watts for its cover. This factor is really important to avoid unusually high electricity bills.


If you are keen on getting a good quality of customer support and after-sales service, then selecting a popular brand is the best bet for you. There are plenty of popular brands of Roti-makers in the Indian market. Some of them are Prestige, Jaipan, Philips, Bajaj, Maharaja, and Sunflame.

It would be advisable not to opt for a brand just because it's cheaper than the branded ones as you might end up wasting your money.


You should always make it a point to watch out for this feature. If a Roti-maker has a shockproof body it means that the person using it is well protected from the hazards of electricity.

If your Roti-maker does not have this feature, it can become risky to use especially during the monsoons most Roti-makers these days have this feature but you must ensure that the one you buy also has it.


Remember the Roti maker will be in a state of very high temperature often. If the handle is such that it conducts heat holding, it might lead to burns and injury.

Like other utensils we use must have a non-heating handle, the Roti-maker too should come equipped with a non-heating handle that can withstand pretty high temperatures without affecting the user.


Before you take the final decision on purchasing, it is important to go through the Roti-maker model’s ratings and reviews for purchasing a roti machine online stores. Marketplaces like Flipkart or Amazon show honest reviews from real customers.


You should also keep in mind the length of the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. Most companies extend a warranty period of one year which should suffice for most purposes.

Others like ready to offer a warranty period of two years. To check the best rotimatic price in india, go though the above article and select the best roti making machine for yourself.

Lastly, I would suggest you not to fall for the cheaper roti maker, rather then that check the article and consider varous factors before depending upon roti maker price.

Go through the article above and start your shopping right away! However the roti maker price in india, can be found by clicking on the above link to find the best suited chapati maker price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it worth buying a roti maker?

It depends on your needs. If you do need a roti maker, here are few things you must keep in mind. It should be from a trusted brand for better quality. You must be careful to prepare softer and stickier dough than regular. It should be prepared one hour before eating so that it gets time to rest. Also, the roti prepared should be consumed instantly. If you can agree to these conditions, a roti maker can be a convenient option.

2. Is roti maker safe for health?

Yes, roti makers are absolutely healthy. There is no special type of flour needed to be used in a roti maker. The chapatis are made of your regular ingredients. In fact, using a roti maker can be a great relief for those who cook daily. It is very safe and convenient to use, as well. Perfectly round chapatis can be made without any extensive hassle. It saves you a lot of time by preparing fresh, soft chapatis for everyone.

3. Does roti maker really work?

Yes, but you must prefer to go for a trusted brand of high quality. It works on electricity and is very simple to use that anybody can handle. They can make better rotis, which are soft, thinner, and easy to consume. It is a very economical option in the long run. You should be careful about the technique, though. Once you get used to it, it will be a valuable investment.

4. Can we use oil in the roti maker?

Yes, you can use oil in a roti maker. In fact, it is recommended to use oil when you make the dough balls, which may otherwise stick to your hands. The oil helps in spreading out the heat evenly across the roti so that it is softer and thinner. It also increases the taste of the roti. Be careful not to apply too much, though.

5. Can you make roti on crepe maker?

Many consider a crepe maker to be the same as a roti maker. There is little difference between the two because rotis and crepes are similar in form. So, you can try to make rotis on a crepe maker if you know the right method to it. The dough should be made very soft and a little sticky so that it spreads out in the heat and becomes a roti.

6. How many rotis can Rotimatic make?

The Rotimatic can make up to 15 rotis in one kilogram of flour. The Rotimatic is integrated with all functions to make your dough and make out perfectly round, uniform rotis out of them. Being a smart machine, it uses artificial intelligence to process the performance and make the next processing even better. It makes a fresh ball of dough with the ingredients that are kept on standby for each roti.

7. How do you make round rotis?

If you are willing to make round rotis, it can be very tough. Making round rotis mechanically takes time and practice. The steps are rather simple. Take a small amount of dough in your hand, and roll it into a ball. Flatten it a bit and roll on it with a rolling pin. You are supposed to flatten out the edges with even pressure. Put this flattened dough on a heated Tawa and heat it till it swells up.

8. How do you knead dough in a roti maker?

Some roti makers might have their own function to make the dough with raw ingredients. If you are to make the dough, take the ingredients in a large bowl and mix it with your palms. Add water bit by bit as per estimate and keep mixing together till the dough is ready. It should roughly take you around 5 minutes.

9. How much is an automatic roti maker?

The Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker costs 2.5 lakhs, but it comes with a lot of features and is highly specialized. It can make roti with raw flour within minutes. If you want a simpler roti maker, you can have a quality one for around ten thousand or more. A variety of brands are available, which can provide cheaper options, but you must go for good quality, which can be expensive.

10. What is a roti maker?

A roti maker is a modern solution for a person struggling to make round rotis. It is an electronic gadget that works on electricity and saves you a lot of energy and time. There are different types of roti-makers. Some of them can prepare the dough, and some may not. A traditional roti maker would require you to follow some guidelines to get the best roti. However, it is much easier than making roti mechanically. Roti maker makes a tedious schedule manageable; it helps get perfect round rotis every time and maintains the quality. We hope this article helped you understand about Roti maker and its mechanics to have a clearer mindset about it.


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