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SSRmovies 2022: Latest Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies – SSRMovie

SSRmovies is a free pirated movie site that enables everyone to enjoy free and most awaited films. The website has some extraordinary features such as – free streaming, free downloading, file format options, offline watching, HD print and dubbed versions of films.

It is not always possible every time to afford hall tickets whenever there is a new movie release. The website proves that there is a way in which all of us can see the latest movies without going to theatres or affording platforms.

SSRmovies is very popular among users because it has a well-categorised feed and hassle-free access.

You can be in part of the country and still access this website. Here you can enjoy Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English films. If you feel hesitant due to language then SSRmovies has got your back. It provides you with dubbed versions of every film so that you may not face any lingual barrier.

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Though SSRmovies is very beneficial, it is a pirated website and is considered to be illegal. Nonetheless, people still use and watch films here because of all the free entertainment the site provides for free.

Movies leaked by SSRmovies –

One can get to watch any film here. They can surf through the website feed and select one, he may also search in the search button. The website leaks all the recent films within a short time. The films which have just hit the movie theatres are also available here on the SSRmovies website within a day or two.

It is not known how the website can do it. Because of its fastest movie leaking feature, SSRmovies is so popular and attracts all kinds of audiences all over the country. One can enjoy the latest Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English films here without a complaint. The website has HD quality print and does not let the user compromise on their movie experience. 

Here are some of the movies leaked by the website –

  • Sooryavanshi 
  • Sanak 
  • Mimi 
  • Radhe: your most wanted Bhai
  • SherShah 
  • Darbar
  • Baghi 3
  • Spectre 
  • Raazi
  • Badhai ho
  • Endgame 
  • Thappad
  • Soorarai pottru 
  • Tajhaji 
  • Hippi
  • Pattas

List of similar websites such as SSRmovies –

The popularity of such illegal and pirated websites is increasing day by day. People no matter how much they love movies, do not get time to run to halls or always afford costly platforms. The makers of these websites are taking advantage of this situation and attracting users from everywhere.

These websites are free and effortless. It gives unlimited entertainment and asks nothing in return. Some of the similar websites such as SSRmovies are –

  • A2movies
  • Movierulz
  • Moviezwap
  • Moviescouch
  • MadrasRockers
  • Playtamil
  • DVDwap
  • Cmovies 
  • Kuttymovies
  • Movierulz
  • Tamilyogi
  • Cinemavilla
  • Moviesflix Pro

Government steps to abolish piracy –

Though SSRmovies is one of the greatest and most helpful movie websites, this free movie website has all the pirated content. Piracy means when you are making profits by stealing someone else’s work. This whole process of stealing and presenting others’ work without their prior knowledge is a crime.

Piracy is a crime in the creative world. Letting yourself get involved in piracy-related activities is a great sin that can be done against a piece of art. And movies are the purest form of art that can ever be produced. India does not tolerate or entertain piracy on any grounds.

To prevent piracy the government of India passed the Copyrights act in 1957. This act protects all the original works from getting mistreated and stolen. This act not only saves an original piece of work but also makes sure the offenders get punished severely for the pirated crime they have committed. 

Section 63 ensures punishment for those who have been involved in movie piracy. The guilty can be punished with imprisonment of a minimum of three months and a fine of at least 50 thousand rupees. If the case is more serious, the level of punishment can increase too. One can look up to 3 years of jail time and lacs of fine charges.

One must come up with an original idea of his own, and even if he or she decides to showcase others’ works, they must have legal permission to do so. Without legal or rights bought, showcasing other movies is a crime and must be stopped immediately. Because of its pirated content, the SSRmovies is banned in India. 

It is recommended that people do not use such websites, because by doing so, they are encouraging piracy and taking part indirectly in breaking the law.

Is SSRmovies a safe site?

No, the SSRmovies is not safe. These website owners are mostly anonymous and the websites can often contain harmful viruses. Entering this website can infect your devices with unknown and deadly viruses. Not only viruses but your devices may get hacked too.

People behind this website can be hackers and interested in your data and invaluable information. Your devices can be emptied in seconds and you can lose all your data, and never recover them. 

Once you lose all your data, there is no way of getting them back. You will risk your entire life for the sake of free content and films. The ads shown here are also constant and interrupting. These ads can also be fake and lead to a deceitful ending from a user’s side. 

It is recommended not to use such illegal and risky websites as SSRmovies. Sure, free movies are great but so is your private life. These websites can also make you lose all your money. 

Is it legal to use SSRmovies?

SSRmovies is not a legal movie site. It is filled with pirated and unauthorized movies and content. Every content that you see on this website is either stolen or not legally permitted by the original owners of the work.

By the copyright act of 1957, this website is off limits and the government of India has already banned the website. The country asks everyone not to entertain piracy and break the law. Websites such as SSRmovies disrespect the law and deserve to be banned. 

With SSRmovies, you are indirectly participating and entertaining piracy. It is recommended not to give in any kind of privacy and kindly watch films from sites that are legal and approved by the government of India.

Why choose SSRmovies?

SSRmovies is a free movie website. The site attracts billions of users by promising them to give all the latest as well as the oldest films for free and without any complications. The people, who love movies but are reluctant to pay for them, get very impressed by these websites. 

The website understands their problem and renders free movie service all day all time. With SSRmovies one can stream movies anytime anywhere. The website also allows a free download feature. You can watch the downloaded files offline. 

People choose this website because it gives them hassle-free movie time. The movies here are of top quality. The HD print gives audiences the exact theatre feeling. The audio quality of these films is also very high. The SSR website is set up in a very organized way. The categories and file formats make it easy for you. 

Categories found in SSRmovies?

The categories are the best thing about the SSRmovies website. The site is perfectly segregated and categories between based movie types and contents. These categories make a user’s time on the SSRmovies website hassle-free.

The categories not only help to decide what movie you will watch that day but it also clears all your confusion. The categories are perfectly designed according to the user’s needs. The website’s genres and categories are so well organised that you will hardly have to waste any time. Accessing and choosing what you want to see is very easy on the SSRmovies website. 

The website has the following categories –

  • Thriller
  • Korean Movies
  • Romance
  • Full HD Movies
  • Romance 
  • Suspense
  • Latest Movies
  • Web Series
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Comedy
  • Action

How to download from SSRmovies?

Downloading is a great feature when it comes to movies. It gives the audience ample time and effortless watch. You can download multiple files here and watch them when you are free.  The downloading steps are very easy and take no time. Downloading means you can enjoy the films later when you want. It makes your movie time more flexible and easier. 

SSRmovies gives you multiple formats of downloads. This enables you to be comfortable and sorted. You can choose your download file according to your internet speed and device space.

Here are the steps by which you can download the films –

  1. As SSRmovies is an illegal website, you will need a VPN for accessing the website
  2. Visit the official website of SSRmovies
  3. Surf through the website’s feed and find what you want to see
  4. You can also type the movie name in the search bar and look for it
  5. Once the result shows and you find a film of your choice, click on it
  6. Choose the download format and select it
  7. Your downloading will start
  8. Once the download is finished you will receive a notification
  9. Go to your media file and play the movie
  10. Watch and enjoy your movie time worry less

File sizes available in SSRmovies -

The films and series which are streamed on the SSRmovies website are available in multiple file sizes so that its audiences can enjoy their movies in their comfort zones. A big file requires more internet, so for those who have a limited internet balance, SSRmovies looks out for them as well. Be it Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi or English movies, they are all available in different sizes as follows –

  • 300MB
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1.2 GB
  • 3GB
  • 8GB
  • DVDScr
  • DVDRip
  • Bluray

Conclusion –

SSRmovies is one of those free movie websites that lets you play all kinds of films, from old to latest, from Holly wood movie download to dubbed tamil movies downlaod as well, from HD quality to average quality, from Hindi to Punjabi and from series to movies. You can access this website whenever you want and feel like watching a movie.

The site lets you download your favourite movie and enjoy it in your free time. Users can access and enjoy limitless entertainment here. The website is too good and helpful, especially for those who are obsessed with films. It is very smooth and it is very easy to enter and access. It lets you download HD quality movies in just a few easy steps so that you can later watch them when you are free.

The SSR movies com is very popular and the users find it to be the ultimate solution for free and effortless movie watching. The website costs you nothing and still gives you HD-quality movies. The website makes the latest releases available to you.

But the website comes with some disadvantages too. The site is banned in India because of its pirated content. It goes against the copyright act of 1957. It is advised that one should not break the law for the sake of entertainment.

Moreover, the website and the file links are not safe, they may jeopardize your privacy and hack your devices. These websites are also virus-loaded, which can affect devices too. So, say no to pirated movies and unwanted virus risks. opt for legal platforms that offer you legal and safe movie time.


1. Can you watch a series in SSRmovies?

In this era of blockbuster OTT series, it is very hard to miss and not watch them. We crave to binge-watch these series in a day but sometimes we are unable to because we do not have these OTT accounts. But you do not have to worry anymore because SSRmovies not only welcomes you with recent movies but also popular web series.

SSRmovies leaks the newest series within 24 hours after the original releases. It even lets you download the episodes of your favourite web series.

Some of the most popular web series leaked by SSRmovies –

  • Mitthya
  • Hawkeye
  • Favorite teacher
  • Orchid villa
  • Dark desire
  • Yeh kaali kaali aankhein
  • Campus diaries
  • Ozark
  • Peacemaker
  • Patal lok
  • The family man
  • Call centre
  • Kasak 

2. What are the legal alternatives of SSRmovies?

The number of legal platforms is also many. The legal platforms have their original contents. These original OTT releases have swept audiences by brilliance.

The films and series in the legal platforms are not only legal but also safe. It does not threaten your privacy, nor makes you break the law. The legal platforms should be paid for, but in return, the advantages it bears are better than any illegal websites.

Some of the most popular legal alternatives of SSRmovies are –

  • PopCornFlix
  • Netflix
  • Hotstar 
  • Amazon prime
  • Hulu
  • SonyLiv
  • MX Player

3. Should one use SSRmovies?

If you want to have access to free and unlimited websites then SSRmovies are perfect for you. It has all the latest movies and series. The contents here are HD print and also provided subtitles. The dubbed version of films is equally good on the SSRmovies website. 

But keeping all the perks aside, the SSRmovies is pirated and banned in India. It breaks the law by containing the stolen and illegally possessed movies. The website is also not safe for your device and privacy. 

It is recommended not to use these illegal websites. Legal websites are advised because of their safety and law-abiding nature.  

4. Is SSRmovies better than legal websites?

The SSRmovies is better in ways but it is also illegal. The movies and contents here can be free for sure, unlike the legal platforms that do not want your payment. It is a hassle-free, unlimited entertainment website. But, the law-breaking part of this website is not that appealing. Piracy is not forgivable in India. The copyrights act prohibits piracy and punishes those who are guilty of this crime. 

So, no, the SSRmovies is not better than legal websites. Legal websites are safer and a lot more secure. 

5. Why is SSRmovies so popular?

The SSRmovies website is popular because it is free. You can find unlimited streaming here with unlimited downloads. The website never disappoints its users with fake promises. It leaks all the anticipated, latest, hit and blockbuster movies in a very short time. The website allows its users to access HD films for free. 

It also has the dubbed versions of movies, proving language should not come between you and your love for movies. the SSRmovies lets you enjoy multiple downloads at the same time. Despite its illegal nature, the website is still accessed by many just for watching movies for free and enjoying thoroughly without worrying about the money or time.


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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