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Top 15 Best Steam Irons in India (2020)

Edited by Garima, Reviewed by Anupama

Looking for the Best steam iron in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Life is always on the go and even if we don’t get time, we always want to look our best. To look presentable, your neatly ironed clothes play an important role.

No wonder then, the small gadget of steam iron has become an integral household item these days.

Besides giving your garments a crisp and polished look, steam iron have made ironing easier and less time consuming, than ever. Ironing is a common household task that is constant in all household from hundreds of years. 

Besides all the technologies, advancements and new inventions like Ironing Board, geysers etc.  Steam irons are perhaps the only product that has not been replaced by any technology and has not lost its importance in all these decades.

 Best Steam Irons In India

Needless to say, then, a good steam iron is essential for every one today. Therefore, we are here to help you make the choice for the best one, from an array of steam irons available in the market today. 

But before you go through the list of the best iron brand in India, it will be better that you take a look at few points or Buyer's Guide mentioned below that will certainly help you while making your purchase. These are as follows:

  • Check safety: Safety comes first when using any electrical appliance, always check for automatic shut-off function. The feature switches off the iron automatically if the iron is not in use for 10 minutes or longer. This avoids any mis-happening.
  • Vertical iron: There are irons available in the market these days that let you iron clothes vertically. This is a very convenient feature as it allows you to use the product even when the clothes are hanged and you are in hurry.  
  • Proper steam: Proper steam is vital for wrinkle free and crisp garments never forget to check if the steam press is in proper condition, otherwise you will defeat the purpose of buying the product.
  • Cord length: Always check that the cord of the iron is long enough to allow comfortably ironing of clothes from a suitable distance from the plug point. A smaller cord can become a hurdle.
  • Anti-drip: Never forget to check on the anti-drip feature from the iron that prevents water from leaking out of the water tank. 

Now, to make things further simpler for you, here’s a list of the 10 Best Steam Irons available in India: 

We Highly recommend you to read the Steam Iron Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest steam iron technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 15 Best Steam Irons in India.

Top 15 Best Steam Irons in India

Although my favorite among all is Tefal Easygliss but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Tefal Easygliss

Tefal Easygliss


  • Soleplate Type: Durilium Technology
  • Power: 2200 watts
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
  • Cordless: No
  • Steam Burst: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 270 ml
  • Vertical Steam Feature: Yes
  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Dimension: 32.4 × 14.7 × 17.9 cm

Tefal proudly boasts the Durilium Soleplate Technology in its Easygliss 2200-Watt Steam Iron. After inventing this technology, Tefal has introduced it to millions of its users. 

The soleplate with this technology can last for over 30 years with smooth gliding over a cloth surface. It also makes the soleplate scratch resistance.

This is required while ironing clothes with metal zippers and buttons.

The iron provides a continuous steam output of 35g/min from the steam holes, which are present on the sides and at the centre of the soleplate. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to remove wrinkles from fabrics like pure cotton and denim.

However, this steam iron has a steam boost of 110g/min that helps in removing wrinkles on almost every type of fabric. While the iron is tough on the stubborn creases, it is smooth on soft fabrics like linen with its anti-drip feature.

Similarly, ironing coats, jackets, and curtains become a child-play with the help of its vertical steam feature. It reduces the efforts of adjusting these types of clothes on the iron board and efforts of pushing it hard on them.

Similarly, the 270 ml water tank is enough to iron many clothes without having to refill the tank in between. The 2 m long cord of the iron makes for hassle-free movement along with the ironing board.


  • Comes with two years warranty
  • On-site service is available
  • Water tank capacity
  • Steam boost feature
  • Stable rest hill
  • Fine tip for better movement on jackets and coats


  • The lengthy cord makes using the vertical steam feature a little difficult

2. iBELL 1600 Watt Steam Iron Box

iBELL 1600 Watt Steam Iron Box


  • Soleplate Type: Ceramic coated soleplate
  • Power: 1600 watts
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Steam Burst: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 350 ml
  • Vertical Steam Feature: No
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimension: 26 x 12.5 x 31cm

This steam iron by iBell is one of its best-selling products. The product has some of the quality features that make it worth purchasing. It has a 350 ml water tank, which helps in ironing an entire pile of clothes without having to refill it in the middle. 

Then comes the powerful water spray system that not only works well on stubborn wrinkles but also on seams and buttons. The iron has 23 steam holes that help in even distribution of the steam on the cloth surface.

It does not leave even a single crease and works efficiently on any type of fabric in half the time. Moreover, the iron has a self-cleaning feature. Those who have hard water in their area must use this function every two weeks. Another feature that increases the efficiency of this product is the anti-calc function that uses calc filters. 

These filters reduce the accumulation of minerals from hard water inside the iron. Finally, the ceramic soleplate provides smooth ironing on any type of fabric. The ceramic finish aids in easy gliding on the surface of the fabric without sticking to it or leaving any marks of heavy pressure.               


  • Two years additional warranty; over 1-year warranty, on free registration
  • Large water tank capacityShock absorbent body
  • Steam boost feature
  • Cord does not tangle because of the 360-degree swivel feature
  • Rapid heating
  • Light in weight


  • The high power consumes extra electricity

3. Morphy Richards Ultra Guide 1600-Watt Iron

Morphy Richards Ultra Guide 1600-Watt Iron


  • Soleplate Type: Teflon soleplate
  • Power: 1600 watts
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Steam Burst: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 350 ml
  • Vertical Steam Feature: Yes
  • Weight: 0.50 kg
  • Dimension: 26 x 12.5 x 31cm

This iron by Morphy Richards is less than 1 kg.  That makes it ideal for those who do not prefer lifting heavy appliances. 

Another feature that makes this Ultra Guide 1600-Watt Iron unique is the translucent water tank. It has a capacity of 350 ml.

This large capacity makes it efficient enough to iron several clothes in a single filling. There are 71 steam holes providing continuous steam of 14-15g/min that allows easy pressing and strong ironing. 

The iron also has the self-cleaning feature, which is beneficial in preventing water clogging in steam holes and water tank. 

This also ensures that the iron is durable and lasts long.

Moreover, it has a power of 1600 watts. This means it heats up quickly so you can start ironing almost instantly. Nonetheless, it is recommended to wait for the iron to fully heat up for the steam feature to function effectively.

Otherwise, if used too soon, it could lead to water leakage. It can also be used vertically. This is practical when you have to iron long dresses and jackets that do not fit on an ironing board. Finally, there is a decent two-year warranty applicable to the purchase of this steam iron. Thus, you can easily repair it if anything goes wrong. 


  • Its light weight nature makes it easy to use
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Turbo boost option
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Two-year warranty


  • Water leakage can happen if you use the steam function without waiting for the iron to heat up sufficiently
  • No swivel cord
  • Soleplate may not glide smoothly

4. Usha Steam Pro S1 3417

Usha Steam Pro S1 3417


  • Soleplate Type: Non-stick poly Teflon-coated soleplate
  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Steam Burst: No
  • Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml
  • Vertical Steam Feature: Yes
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Dimension: 26 x 12.5 x 31cm

Usha has been a renowned brand for electronics and the ‘Steam Pro S1 3417 1700-Watt Steam Iron’ justifies the brand name with its performance and durability.

It has all the features that an optimum steam iron should have. The 1700 watt power helps in faster and better heating

The non-stick poly Teflon coated soleplate smoothly glides over cloth surfaces. Similarly, the grip handle aids in firm holding while using the iron either vertically or horizontally. 

Moreover, the vertical steam feature of the iron reduces the struggle of spreading clothes like jackets and coats on the iron board.

The continuous steam output of 20gm/min is possible because of the large capacity of the water tank. The durability of the iron becomes better with its self-cleaning feature. It reduces the water deposits inside the tank and prevents the clogging of steam vents. 

Additionally, the automatic shut off feature makes it safe for both the user and clothes. The ‘fabric temperature indicator lamp’ allows you to maintain the temperature according to the fabric type you are ironing. Last but not the least, the 360-degree swivel cord helps in easy movement on every part of the garment surface. 


  • Large water tank capacity of 300ml
  • Faster heating
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Auto power off option on extra heating


  • While the high power helps in faster heating, it is heavy on the electricity bill
  • Inconvenient vertical ironing because of cord

5. Usha Steam Pro 3820

Usha Steam Pro 3820


  • Soleplate Type: Ceramic coated non-stick
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Steam Burst: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 280 ml
  • Vertical Steam Feature: Yes
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimension: 12.8 x 16.7 x 31 cm

This iron has a competitive price as compared to its counterparts.  However, the brand has not compromised with the quality. The ‘Steam Pro 3820 2000-Watt Steam Iron’ has all the features for it to be a quality product.

The soleplate is made of a ceramic-coated non-stick material that provides an easy slide on any type of fabric surface. The mist spray makes the best use of the 280 ml water tank capacity while removing creases from the fabric. Similarly, the powerful steam burst of 18 g/min aids both horizontal and vertical ironing. 

The auto cut mode on overheating ensures users’ safety and prevents overheating of clothes. Since cleaning is important for the long life of the steam iron, its self-cleaning feature does that for you with the press of a button. Plus, it has a thermostat disc that allows you to control the heating temperature of the iron. 

This is useful as different types of fabrics require you to use the iron at different temperatures. It also has anti-drip feature. Thus is beneficial. It prevents the steam condensation from spilling onto your clothes.  The lengthy cord and 360 degree swivel feature allows it to cover the entire span of your ironing board.        


  • The iron heats up super quick
  • Powerful mist spray
  • Overheat safety shut off
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Self-cleaning functionality


  • The water tank capacity of 280 ml dries up quickly because of faster heating
  • The high power consumes extra electricity

6. Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron


  • Color: White
  • Safety: Double Indicator System
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Non-stick
  • Power: 1000 watts

The white coloured elegant looking iron does not require any kind of illustration as we recommend this Iron as a best electric iron in India. 

It comes with a golden coloured non-stick sole plate and prevents the iron from over heating.

This prevents the iron from sticking on to few clothing materials like satin and cotton.

Its comfortable hand grip and light weight allows the user to use it easily. It's 360 degree swivel cord further enhances its comfort factor.

The electric press is completely safe to use as it comes with fuse thermal safety feature and double indicator system.

The red light glows when the sole plate is heated and green light turns on when the desired temperature is reached for avoiding overheating. It comes with an adjustable knob to set temperature according to the fabric.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with adjustable knob
  • Avoids overheating


  • Green light of the double indicator does not work sometimes
  • Not very good plastic

7. Philips GC1905

Philips GC1905


  • Color: White and Blue
  • Steam Output: 13 g/min
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Aluminum
  • Power: 1440 watts

Philips GC1905 steam iron is the best iron box in India which helps in ironing the super crease clothes perfectly.

It comes with a water tank that produces steam which helps in crisp and neat finish to the clothes as you iron them. While it is easy to fill the water tank, it is equally easier to empty it.

It gives a continuous steam output up to 13 g/min, enough to iron day to day clothes like cotton which gets creased easily.

Philips steam iron machine comes with a warranty of 2 year with a power of 1440 watt. While its water tank capacity is 180ml, it has a 1.8m long Power cord length.


  • Easily removes creases
  • Easy to fill/empty water tank
  • Continuous Steam Output up to 17 g/min
  • Elegant look and finish


  • Water leaks when iron kept in vertical position when not in use

8. Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron

Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Safety: Auto-cut
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Soleplate Type: Non-sticky coated
  • Power: 1000 watts

This Usha dry iron, it easily removes tough wrinkles and it comes with a shock-proof body. It is easy to use and glides over clothes smoothly as it comes with a non-stick PTFE coated sole plate.

The iron comes with a power of 1000 watt that leads to fast heating of the sole plate. Usha EI 1602 dry iron has some of the amazing feature at a very low cost.

Some of them are auto power cut and thermal fuse for controlling temperature in order to prevent the iron from over heating.

The product that comes with 1-year warranty and not only this, it also has self clean function that assures its longer life. It is one of the best steam iron in India, for pocket friendly peoples. 


  • Easy to use
  • Auto cut feature
  • Self-c lean
  • Teflon sole plate
  • Lightweight


  • It gets heated quickly

9. Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN

Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN


  • Color: Green
  • Steam Output: 30g/min
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Ceramic
  • Power: 2200 watts

The stylish looking electric iron press comes with cordless feature, besides being with cord, for convenient and hassle free movement.

Its ceramic coated sole plate distributes heat evenly and is suitable for all clothes types which makes this product as best iron box in India.

It comes with 30 g/min continuous steam output along with 100g/min steam boost.

With 350 ml water storage tank, this iron also has an anti-drip feature that avoids water leakage only if the sole plate of the steam press not reaches its level.

The electric iron comes with additional self clean and steam burst functions with effective steam feature. The iron helps getting professional crisp and crease-free clothes, sitting at home.


  • Steam spray and steam burst functions results in professional crease-free cloths
  • Hassle-free movement due to cordless feature
  • Self-clean
  • Suitable for all clothes type
  • Ceramic sole plate


  • Little expensive

10. Russell Hobbs RTI133

Russell Hobbs RTI133


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Steam Output: Automatic
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Non-stick
  • Power: 1000 watts

If you are looking for a minimalist iron press that is compact and functional, then, this one is for you. Russell Hobbs offers the best iron box in India and its prime feature which makes it the most selling iron is that, the iron easy to use and carry.

The dual voltage iron comes with automatic steam and fine spray that helps in removing creases from the clothes in a better way. It's sole plate is non-stick that doesn’t stick to clothes while you are using the product. Also, it has got a temperature control dial that prevents the product from getting over heated.

The iron comes with a power of 1000 watts and has a warranty period of 2 years. Due to its excellent feature, It is one of the best iron to buy.


  • Easty to carry with foldable handle
  • Automatic steam and fine spray
  • Non-stick sole plate
  • Lightweight


  • Handle bar sometimes creates problem

11. Usha Techne 500

Usha Techne 500


  • Color: White and Blue
  • Steam Output: Automatic/Steam Burst
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Soleplate Type: Teflon coated
  • Power: 1000 watts

The product can be used for steam ironing as well as dry also. It comes with non-stick scratch resistant sole plate which is Teflon coated.  

It has an inbuilt overheating protection system.

It has a vertical as well as horizontal steam burst feature, however, you have to keep the iron in vertical position, when not in use, to avoid water leakage.

It comes with a measuring cup that helps you fill the water tank with right water level.

Its compact size and light weight makes it perfect for travelling purposes.


  • Easty to carry with foldable handle
  • Automatic steam and fine spray
  • Non-stick sole plate
  • Lightweight


  • Handle bar sometimes creates problem

12. Philips GC1010

Philips GC1010


  • Color: Green
  • Steam Output: 5g/min continuous steam output and 90g/min steam boost
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Linished coated
  • Power: 1200 watts

The Philips steam iron promises crease-free clothes as its finished coated sole plate assures even heat distribution.

It is suitable to use for all clothes types. It comes with self calc clean and continuous steam of 15 gram/min.

It has a 150 ml water storage tank that says that you don’t have to refill the iron again and again when using.

It comes with a steam burst and spray function that throws extra steam on the crease clothes making it easier and quicker to iron clothes that have tough wrinkles.

For detailed Philips steam iron reviews, kindly check our video link.


  • Linished coated sole plate
  • Calc-clean function
  • Steam burst and spray function


  • No automatic shut-off

13. Morphy Richards Super Glide

Morphy Richards Super Glide


  • Color: White/Blue
  • Steam Output: 11g/min continuous steam output and 150g/min steam shots
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Ceramic Coated
  • Power: 2000 watts

This product comes with extra large sole plate for faster heating and ironing. It also has an extra long 360 degree swivel cord for easy movement.

It comes with 46 holes for uniform steam release with 11gm of continuous steam and powerful steam Shots of 150gm/min.

It comes with additional features like vertical ironing, self cleaning and anti-calc function that makes it perfect for daily use as well as travel friendly.

Its ISI approved safety standards make it safe for use and it comes with a warranty of 2 years. 

It has an extra feature of turbo boost that lets you get away with tough wrinkles by penetrating 150g of steam into the fabric.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Steam shots for clean wrinkle-free ironing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-calc function
  • Extra large sole plate
  • Turbo boost


  • Less continuous steam output

14. Philips GC1920

Philips GC1920


  • Color: Purple
  • Steam Output: 17g/min
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Non-sticky
  • Power: 1440 watts

The stylish looking iron comes with an non sticky sole plate that glides on clothes easily. It has an easy and fast filling water tank which is equally easy to empty as well.

This Philips product comes with a fine spray feature that evenly spreads moisture on the clothes to make them crease free.

Philips steam iron has a continuous steam output up to 17 g/min.

With a power cord length of 1.8m and water tank capacity of 180 ml, the iron press comes with a self-cleaning function.

It comes with 1440 watt power iron with an power input of 240V which makes this product as best steam iron in India.


  • Stylish look
  • Fast filling water tank
  • Self-cleaning
  • Fine spray function


  • Can leak water if not knob not used properly

15. Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron

Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron


  • Color: Black
  • Steam Output: Steam Burst
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Soleplate Type: Non-stick
  • Power: 1600 watts

The stylish looking iron press, black in colour, comes with a non-stick sole plate that assures easy and safe ironing of clothes of all types.

It comes with variable steam functions including powerful burst and vertical steam with 230 ml of water tank capacity.

Havells Plush 1600-watt is one of the best steam iron for clothes and it also comes with a filling cup that assures filling of water tank till the right level.

It has a powerful steam output with dual sealed steam generator that assures perfect ironing of creases and long-lasting performance with enhanced grip, the iron is easy to use. 


  • Stylish look
  • Steam Burst
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Vertical Steam
  • Slef-clean


  • Surface doesn't slide on clothes smoothly sometimes

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Steam Iron

The above mentioned list and the descriptions would help you choose the best steam iron in India for your home. But, before doing the same you must enquire about other few factors which contribute towards making of a machine with a guarantee of a long life.

Considering its rising demand and functionality, steam press are highly in demand these days. They have become an integral part of our closets today as they have a big role to play if one wants to look groomed and polished and impressive.

This is because wrinkle-free neatly ironed clothes leave a long lasting impression about anyone’s personality. While they speak about your grooming skills and liking, un-ironed and creasy garments show how much effort you make or how much you like to present yourself in a good way, before others.

As iron being an important investment today, if you are not sure how to use steam iron, then you must watch this video.  

Buying Guide Iron

What are steam irons?

During the older days, there were dry irons available in the market. So, in order to iron clothes, people use to sprinkle water on them and then use the best iron for clothes. Following this, steam iron box were discovered that solved the issue and made things easier.

Unlike dry iron, steam iron machine comes with a water tank and has phenomenon of producing steam that helps in ironing of clothes. They also let you spray water on the clothes before you iron them, making them spic and span.

Though they are expensive than normal dry irons, but they are quicker and effective on ironing clothes. So always go for best dry iron in India. Now you must be clear with the concept of Dry iron vs. Steam iron.

How to Use a Steam Iron Properly without Water Leakage & Clean it Using Self-Clean Method

What are iron sole plates?

A sole plate is the area of the iron that directly comes in touch of the cloth. It is the most important part of any iron as it distributes heat evenly on the garment and glides over it.  

Types of sole plates: 

There are three types of sole plates available in India.

  1. 1
    Aluminum soleplate: Aluminum soleplates are least in demand in India due to some of its drawbacks. While they are cheaper, aluminum soleplate do not glide smoothly on clothes and create friction. Hence, they further cause wrinkles on clothes, rather than removing them. Also, aluminum soleplate is less durable as it can get scratched very easily.
  2. 2
    Non-stick soleplate:  As an advanced feature of aluminum soleplate, Non-stick ones are aluminum soleplates that are covered with a non-sticky layer. This helps in smooth gliding and lasts longer.
  3. 3
    Ceramic sole plate:  These sole plates have a ceramic coating over Aluminum or metal layer. These are very effective in heating and distribute steam evenly on the cloth iron. They are highly recommended as they provide best gliding and ironing results.

How to Clean Iron Bottom

Features to look for in an iron: 

  • Heat setting: This feature lets you set the temperature according to various dress materials. Like a cotton cloth will require more heating as compared to a silk outfit.
  • Cord: A good length of cord in an iron helps in comfortable usage and lets you iron clothes from a good distance from the plug-in socket. Also, there are swirl cords available these days. They ensure that the cord do not form swirls while you use it.
  • Auto-shut off: this feature ensures the safe use of the electrical appliance. Auto-shut off switches off the iron on its own when it is not in use for more than 10 minutes. This avoids any mishap or accident. Also, this feature is very useful at places where there are toddlers and there are chances of them touching the iron accidently. 
  • Water tank size: the size of the water tank decided the amount of steam the product will produce. For instance, if you iron a bulk of clothes almost every day, then you should buy the best iron in India with a larger water tank size so that you don’t have to fill it time and again. But in case you occasionally iron clothes, go for a smaller water tank size.
  • Steam burst/steam shot: besides releasing steam at regular intervals, this feature bursts good amount of steam additionally that is helpful if you are ironing adamant creasy clothes.
  • Anti-drip: this feature does not let the water leak of the water tank.
  • Self-clean: this is one of the important features as it increases the longevity of an iron. Self-cleaning keeps the product clean and safe without taking much effort and time.

How to clean iron box? and how to maintain your steam iron? 

Like any other product or electrical appliance, steam press too need maintenance and proper care for it to last longer. Here are few steps that you should follow to maintain your best steam iron box in India for better performance, safety and longevity:

  • Clean the surface on regular occasions: Although steam irons come with self cleaning options, you need to clean the surface of the sole-plates occasionally for better gliding and smooth texture of the iron. 
  • Miniseries leaking: always empty the water tank after the use of iron is over. This not just prevents the leakage of water when you clothes iron next time but also miniseries mineral deposits on the sole plate.
  • Use tap water: you can function your iron with normal tap water unless the water is not too harsh and hard that can effect the surface of the best iron in India.

The steam iron has become a necessity of the closet because of the role it plays in the overall grooming of a person. Ironed clothes are essential when it comes to grooming. Well-ironed and wrinkle-free clothes not only make you look groomed but also speak about your discipline and way of presenting yourself. Similarly, an un-ironed outfit will make you look unprepared and feel uncomfortable. Grooming is about both looking and feeling good.

The above list of products will help you choose the best steam iron for your home by comparing the features and cost of the product. However, there are some specifications that you must consider before making your final purchase. These are:

Type of Iron

There are two types: dry iron and steam iron. A steam iron can be used as both dry and steam iron.  Both are available for the same price.

  • Soleplate: It is the surface of the iron that glides against the fabric. It could be made up of aluminum, non-stick material, ceramic, steel or palladium. The ceramic soleplate is the best option among them.  
  • Weight: A lightweight iron is better to lift and use. On the other hand, a heavyweight iron takes less time to iron.
  • Warranty: Select the brand that has service center in your city.
  • Power in Watts: How much time an iron takes to heat depends on its power. The higher the power, the lesser the time taken to heat up.
  • Features: Some features are subjective to the needs and requirements of every customer. These are steam burst, cordless, swivel cord, and self-cleaning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best iron for home use?

Since people use different clothes made from different types of fabrics, ironing at home has become common. Currently, the market offers two types of iron: dry iron, and steam iron. The major difference between the two is the water tank and steam holes in the steam iron. Similarly, there are different brands that offer various options in both these types. Everyone has different needs and requirements at home. Hence, the features and specifications that suit those requirements the best is the best iron for home use.

2. Which is better? Steam or dry iron?

As home ironing is popular, the market has ample options for iron brands. You can find two types of iron, steam iron or dry iron. The soleplate of dry iron heats up to iron the clothes, while the steam iron has holes on its sole to release steam. The steam then helps in ironing the clothes faster and better on overly wrinkled clothes. The water tank and steam holes make the steam iron completely different from dry iron. You can use steam iron as dry iron when required. Thus, a steam iron is better.

3. Does steam iron really work?

Yes, steam iron does work. However, like any new technology, it takes time and effort to understand all of its features. As such, while using a steam iron, it takes some time to understand the temperature and spray settings. Some types of fabrics are easy to iron while others like denim and 100% cotton need more steam. It is for this reason that many brands provide a user manual with complete details and instructions about its use.

4. Can I use steam iron as dry iron?

Yes, you can use a steam iron as dry iron. It is the most important feature of steam iron that makes it better than the dry iron. Some fabric types do not require steam. On the other hand, some types of fabric have stubborn wrinkles that need steam. Using steam iron in dry mode does not also require any special skills. All you have to do is to empty the water tank and switch the heating setting to dry heating. Different brands may have a different knob or press button to change the setting but the process remains the same.

5. How can I claim the warranty for the product?

Different brands have different periods and terms of the warranty. Similarly, claiming the warranty also varies from brand to brand. Make sure that you purchase from the brand that has a service center in your city. Every product comes with a warranty card with detailed terms and conditions mentioned in it. You may also ask the company representative about these details while you making your purchase. Most brands have a customer care number that you can use to claim your warranty whenever you need. Some brands also offer after-sales paid services even after the warranty period is over.

6. How to prevent water dripping or leakage?

While the steam iron seems to have an advantage over the dry iron, it has certain disadvantages as well. One such disadvantage is the leakage of water. However, some tricks cantricks can help in preventing water dripping or leakage. Watch the water tank lid carefully and close it tightly every time you fill it with water. Make sure that you are not overfilling the water tank. Check the temperature settings because the iron needs to sufficiently heat up to make steam. Regularly cleaning the water tank, steam holes and the soleplate also prevent leakage or dripping.

7. What is the best soleplate for a steam iron?

Whether it is a steam iron or dry iron, the soleplate plays an important role in ironing. Different models of different brands have soleplates of different materials. It could be aluminium, steel, ceramic, palladium, etc. The best material for the soleplate of a steam iron is ceramic or steel. A soleplate made from either of these materials glides better on the cloth, distributes the steam evenly , and irons even the most stubborn wrinkles. However, the quality of end result for ceramic and steel plates may differ.

8. How long should a steam iron last?

The life of any appliance depends on both its manufacturing and its use. The more carefully you use it, the longer it will last. Gone are the days when even the simplest home appliance was made to last for 10 to 12 years. The average life of a steam iron is 2 to 3 years depending upon its use and care. Most brands, therefore, provide one-year warranty based on the manufacturing process and technology used. Additionally, in the world of fast-changing technology, the market offers a new product with new features and specifications every six months.

9. Can I leave water in a steam iron?

Still water leaves mineral deposits and like anything else, these mineral deposits destroy the iron’s material. In the case of the steam iron, the water deposits clog the holes and damage the water tank. This not only causes stains on the cloth but also damages the mechanics of the product. The clogging is not covered under warranty. Thus, any damage caused to the product because of clogging cannot be claimed. Therefore, always clean your steam iron after every use and store it in an upright position. This prevents water deposits from damaging the iron.

10. Should I use distilled water in iron?

Since every home has access to tap water, most steam irons are manufactured to work with tap water. However, in areas with hard water supply, it is recommended to use 50% hard water with 50% distilled water. While hard water builds deposits, distilled water tends to split iron particles. Both these conditions cause leakage in the iron and destroy the product. It also causes stain and spitting on clothes while ironing. Thus, the best option is to use drinking water. It is neither distilled nor overloaded with minerals like hard water. 

Here is the List of the Top 15 Best Steam Iron in India


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