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Top 10 Best Swim Wear for Men in India

Edited By Vaishali, Reviewed By Deeksha

Indians by nature are not very experimental like their foreigner counterparts.

For swimwear also, the men folk in India, in general would like to buy the stuff which is comfortable and fits well which can provide them ease to swim. 

There are several brands floating in the market in the category of swim wear for men and here we are going to focus the top 10 swim wear for men in India:

men's swimwear

We Highly recommend you to read the Swim Wear Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest swim wear for men and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Swim Wear for Men in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Speedo Endurance+ Jammer Solid but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Speedo Endurance + Jammer Solid

Speedo Endurance + Jammer Solid


  • Drawstring waist and internal support for the comfort level.
  • It is 100% chlorine resistant.
  • It is ideal for fitness training also apart from swimming, serving dual purposes.
  • Purchase as per the size, sizes is available.
  • 4 way stretch technology allows easy movement.
  • Durable and snag resistant.
  • Quick to dry.

Speedo is one of the top brand names for swim wear in India.

People rely upon the brand so much so that the brand sells even without getting deeper into the product details.

The fit is good and so are the options in the brand.


  • The fit technology has been so designed that the product provides exceptional fit and comfort in water.
  • As sizes are available, people have the choice of selection.
  • The fabric is highly durable and quick drying too.
  • Drawstring waist provides enhanced fit.
  • Since it is chlorine resistant, the fabric will not degrade in water.


  • Contrary to claim; it is not a very good fitness training option as it is polyester.
  • Size is a problem as people should buy a size bigger than their exact size.
  • It is not skid mark resistant.

 2. TAB Swim Wear Solid

TAB Swim Wear Solid


  • Made with Lycra fabric of imported quality.
  • It has the feature to provide the user with the comfort which can enhance their swimming experience.
  • It has an elastic waistband.
  • The front ties make it further comfortable to wear.
  • It can be easily washed at home with lukewarm water.

Tab is a brand synonym with the swimwear for men. Comfort is their first priority while manufacturing the products. The product is made using imported Lycra and aimed to offer the perfect comfort to the users while swimming.


  • Value for money item.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Stretchable fabric.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy waist tie-up makes it simple to wear.


  • Quality complaints have been reported.
  • It is not durable.
  • Cheap fabric.
  • Ill fitting. Fitting is sometimes a problem.

 3. Nabaiji B-Free Mens Swim Shorts

Nabaiji B-Free Mens Swim Shorts


  • The product is chlorine resistant.
  • It allows maximum movement of legs as it does not stick to the skin. The comfort level is high.
  • The user gets the highest level of fit.
  • It has a built-in brief for superb comfort.
  • The fabric is quick drying too.

Nabaiji is one of the most popular brands in swimwear in India in the recent years. This is because the brand is offering a wide variety and unique design options to the clients. The users find the quality also unmatched and the features are striking too.


  • It is Anatomic design swimwear which offers complete comfort to the user.
  • The product has 2 years of warranty; most of the products do not have this feature.
  • Built-in briefs are an added advantage for the users as it provides double comfort.
  • The main fabric is Polyamide with Elastane lining.


  • The product is very steeply priced.
  • Some users do not find the built-in brief comfortable.

 4. Rovar’s Men Swimwear

Rovar’s Men Swimwear


  • The product is having an adjustable drawstring.
  • It is made of 87% Spandex and 13% polyester.
  • Apart from swimming the product is also very comfortable for cycling
  • The sizes are regular fits and thus it is highly recommended that the healthy men should buy a size bigger.
  • The elastic waist is highly comfortable.

Rovar’s is another popular swimwear brand which specializes in manufacturing swimwear for kids, girls and men. Thus the target audience is diverse and they are able to easily understand the demand of the consumer and thus manufacture the products accordingly.


  • The product is highly pocket-friendly.
  • It has an exclusive design.
  • It has a contrast band on both sides which is a great style option.
  • The swimwear comes attached with a sweat absorb feature which is preferred by some users.
  • Good fitting.


  • After few washes, the elastic tends to get loose.
  • Size can be a problem as it has regular fit.
  • The quality is not up to the mark.

 5. Reebok Men's 4 Way Stretch Swim Trunk

Reebok Men's 4 Way Stretch Swim Trunk


  • There is zipper and gusset in the inside seam.
  • It is super fast dry product.
  • The product is very comfortable.
  • The fabric is nice and stretchable.
  • The product is also very stylish.
  • It can be used for fitness training and cycling too.

Reebok is a brand synonym with style and comfort for all sports activities. The swimwear manufactured by the company has a great fit and the quality of the item is unmatched and un-parallel in the related field.


  • It can offer superb fit t the users.
  • The product is very comfy and the stretchable material makes it highly desirable for the users.
  • It is quick dry item.
  • It has a zipper in the inside which is a unique feature.


  • The product is not affordable for all as it is very steeply priced.
  • Some products are shipped from USA and hence the delivery charges are also very high.

 6. Nike Men’s Swim Shorts

Nike Men’s Swim Shorts


  • It is available in different sizes and the users can easily buy the one which suits their requirements.
  • It is made of Polyester and Elastane.
  • It is ideal for fitness training and swimming.
  • The product is chlorine resistant.
  • The fabric requires care; it should not be ironed or bleached as it is a sensitive material.
  • Fit and comfort is good.

Nike is another very popular label in Sportswear. Even for the swimwear, the products offered by the brand for men, women, and kids are wide and phenomenal.

The product is made with high-quality material which makes it desirable for the users.


  • The product is very comfortable and the users are very happy with the quality of the product.
  • It is chlorine resistant which means that the users can use it several times in water and the fit will remain intact.
  • The product is available in varied sizes.
  • The brand is a very reliable one.


  • The product is not suitable to be worn in the gym.
  • The size chart should be followed before buying.
  • Care should be administered while handling the product.

 7. Adidas Men’s Horizons Volley Swim Trunk

Adidas Men’s Horizons Volley Swim Trunk


  • This product is available in three colour options.
  • It has an elastic waist and front tab on with draw cord.
  • The fabric is quick dry.
  • Mesh lining is very comfortable to wear.
  • The product is easy to wear with a superb fit.
  • Sizes are also easily available.

The world of Sports would sound incomplete without the mention of the brands, Adidas. The company also manufactures high-quality swimwear for men.

The design is unique and the colour combos are also very attractive.


  • As the colour variants are available, the choice is wider for the users.
  • The elastic waistband gives a good fit. The mesh lining makes is comfy and easy to wear.
  • It can be used for fitness training as well.
  • As per the brand, the price is pocket-friendly, and the users can afford the same.


  • For swimwear, lining is not preferred by some people.
  • Fit can be an issue for the healthy users.
  • It has to be maintained and ironing safety should be observed by the users.
  • For some, the product is steeply priced.

 8. Viva Sports VST-006 Adult's Swimming Briefs

Viva Sports VST-006 Adult's Swimming Briefs


  • The fabric used for the manufacturing of the product is Spandex and Nylon.
  • It has an amazing shape which is truly desired by some men.
  • The product is comfortable to wear and offers easy movement of the limbs in water.
  • It is a multi-coloured item as preferred by some users.
  • The fit is great and the product is available in extra large size.

These are very affordable and the V-shaped swimming trunks are preferred by some men due to the easy slip-in and simple maintenance of the product. Viva is a reputed name in sportswear and the product is also ideal for the users.


  • The brand is a reliable one in the world of sports.
  • The product is very easy to wear and maintain.
  • It has a good fit and allows easy movement of the legs in water.
  • It is chlorine resistant also.
  • Pocket-friendly product and highly preferred by the learners.


  • Size restriction is there.
  • The fit is therefore a question mark for some.
  • Though pocket friendly, yet the criteria are reserved.
  • Some people do not prefer the V-shaped swimming trunks.

 9. Arena 000141-28 Blend Swimming Jammer

Arena 000141-28 Blend Swimming Jammer


  • Durable training jammer
  • It is made with Maxlife fabric and is very stylish with printed details.
  • Ideal for boys and men because the fit is good.
  • The product is both sunlight and chlorine resistant.
  • The material is blended and is quality product.

Swimwear should be comfortable and this one promises both comfort and style to the user. The print is pleasing to the eye and can be used for fitness training as well.

Arena is an established name in Sports wear products and has been manufacturing quality products.


  • As it is chlorine and sunlight resistant, the product is durable and can last long.
  • The design is unique and the modern print is also impressive.
  • Very light in weight as it weighs only 10 Gms.
  • It can be used for other sports activities also like racing.
  • From mid waist to above the knees; the length is just perfect and does not interfere with the training of the user.


  • Price is towards the steep side.
  • Availability of sizes is a question mark.
  • Fit may be a problem for some men as the product targets the younger generation.

 10. Nike Swim TESS0051 Men’s Jammer

Nike Swim TESS0051 Men’s Jammer


  • For the adjustable fit, the draw cord in the waist is comfortable and makes the user adjust the waist size accordingly.
  • For better fitting, there is front lining.
  • Spandex and nylon blend fabric to provide the ease of movement and agility while swimming.
  • Chlorine resistant.
  • It has inner support which provides a superior experience to the users.

Nike is an established brand in sports wear products and the swim wear offered by the brand are highly impressive due to the styles and the quality of the fabric. The products are manufactured using highest level of technology and this is the major reason behind the huge popularity of the brand amongst the sports people.


  • The high quality use of the fabrics has made it highly desirable. The use of Nike fabric is the USP of the product.
  • It is chlorine resistant which means that the product is durable.
  • Lining in the front is a comfort feature.
  • As claimed and found to be one of the longest lasting swimming costumes for men.
  • Fit is great.


  • Price is very steep.
  • Stretch can make the fit loose at times.
  • Sensitive to machine wash.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Swim Wear in India

While making the purchase of swim wear, the men folk have to look at certain parameters. These help them to make the right decisions.

The expectations of the buyers often differ and thus they have to look at the factors before making the right decision to buy the product of their choice. First of all, it is important to understand the different types of swim wear available for men in the market.

 The main types of swim wear for the men are as follows:
  • Brief types are very common but not all prefer this type. As per statistics the bold men are the ones who feel comfortable wearing these in public and going for the swim. The V-shaped swim wear is comfortable to wear and several swimmers feel that they get the perfect movement with such costumes. The range of motion in this type of swim wear is very high.
  • Swim Trunks are also very common type of swim wear in India. These shorts type of swim wear has mesh which ensures maximum comfort to the user. These are stylish and have a multi-purpose approach also. These can be used for fitness training, on the beach, or for cycling.
  • Board shorts look similar to the swim trunks but the stark difference lies in the length of both the swim wear. The board shorts are longer than the swim trunks. Second point of difference is that these do not have the mesh. The third point of difference is that the waist band is not stretchable like the counterpart. It is solid. It has got its name Board shorts because it was designed primarily for surfing. But over time, these have come to be used for swimming. The length adds resistance to the swim wear against water.
  • Jammers are also look alike of swim trunks but in reality, these are much advanced in features. These have an amazing fit and allow the users to perform well in competitions. The fabric used for the manufacturing of the jammers are Spandex, polyurethane, and Lycra. The water resistant feature of the swim wear allows the water to past the body smoothly. This may not be the best option for competitions.
  • Square leg shorts are half way between the briefs and jammers. These are longer than briefs and shorter than jammers. The drag in the water is reduced because the length is short. The prefect benefits of briefs are available in this type of swim wear with the length too.

What are the factors to be considered while buying the swim wear?

While purchasing the swim wear, the men folk can make their decision based on the following points:


Fit is the main criteria which works for the costume. Neither it should be lose nor tight. The snug should be ideal which gives the user the comfort level to have motion in the water. It should be waterproof otherwise the entire effort of choosing the right swim wear is futile. A tight swim wear will be a hindrance in swimming. Thus take care of the size chart before buying the product and be sure of your size. Some brands recommend that the buyer should buy a size bigger. The fit should be comfortable around the crotch.


Usage is another factor which should be considered while purchasing the swim wear. Swim wear can be worn to the beach, swimming pool, fitness training, cycling, or a pool party. Thus analyse the usage or the reasons for buying the costume. Is it for competition or for swimming training? These factors help the user to make the right decision.

People interested in snorkelling and scuba diving should prefer the wetsuit as they have to remain immersed in water for a longer period of time. This swim wear offers hem the comfort and the confidence to indulge in the sport with full ease.

Skin Exposure

The men folk also need to decide how much skin they want to show off while swimming. If they are comfortable showing off their skin, then brief can be the ideal one for them. But if they have the hitch, then the selection can be based on the length of the shorts. Board shorts can also serve the purpose. This is also an important fact which helps them to make the right decision while selecting the swim wear.


Colour is another factor which influences the buying decision of the user. If they are bold, then unique colours can be tried. If the approach is tradition then the usual black, grey, and blue will suffice their decision to buy the product.


Plain or print can be decided by the user. These days lot of patterns are available in the market and thus it is personal choice. People who do not like to experiment much with their looks can buy the solid colours. The availability is diverse and thus the users can be at their decisive best.


Pricing is another factor which is a rather crucial one. The diversity in pricing options offers the buyer with a plethora of choices and they can thus make their purchase based on their budget and requirements.


Brand also makes a difference. Some like to buy the branded stuff while some are okay with the idea of buying local ones too. Thus the decision is a personal choice but sports brands are enough in the market which has the power to influence the buying decision of the users.

Order Procedure

Offline of online is one of the latest trends which have come up while shopping. Online carriers have grown and so has the choice. The comparison canvas has also gone wider offering better buying choices to the user. Thus they can easily compare the prices and buy the product sitting at the comfort of their homes.

Men Swim Wear Famous Brands

  • Speedo is one of the most trusted and popular brands for swim wear among men. The brand offers a wide variety of choice and depending upon the choice and requirement, the user can make the choice.
  • Nike is another very popular brand which is engaged in manufacturing the sports wear and accessories. The brand also offers impressive styles and designs in swim wear for men.
  • Adidas is also engaged in making swim wear for men. They too offer a wide variety of choice.
  • The Beach Company is one of the most popular brands which are engaged in the manufacturing of the swim wear for the men folk. Whether it is for the beach or the pool; they have a great variety.
  • Nabaiji is an upcoming brand in India and is fast gaining popularity because of the quality and the pricing offered by the company. This is being highly recommended by the coaches also in the swimming field/sports. The fit is good and allows motion in water.
  • Rovar’s is a very successful brand because they specialise in offering swim wear for both the men and the women. Thus the swim wear is more like a wet suit and the options for usage are diverse as the costume allows indulgence is other sports activity as well.
  • Reebok also offers an impressive variety of swim wear and the brand needs no introduction in India. The brand is a popular one engaged in the manufacturing of sports wear and accessories. The products are easily available in the offline and the online carriers.

The above mentioned points are good enough to serve the purpose of the buyer. They can be an excellent guide to making the right choice while buying the product. A little bit of research can help the buyer to buy the product which has a great fit, comfort, design, and style.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Swimwear for Men in India


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