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Top 13 Best Tower Fan in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Want to invest in Tower Fans but confused about how to choose the best option? Well, read this article to gather some knowledge on the best tower fan in India.

The concept of cooling tower fan reviews is new in India and thus most of the people are unaware of the same. 

Tower fans, also known as column fans, sit closer to the floor with their upper portion throwing out the air at an appropriate height.

These are the best alternatives to the traditional fans and thus these are worth buying.

It is advised to consider some important things before buying these modern-age tower fans. Let’s find out some factors to think over.

Best Tower Fan In India

For a descriptive Buying Guide, you can refer at the end of this article, where all the important factors to be considered before buying, are discussed in detail. For now, we will talk about the top 13 best tower fan in India and their details.

  • Design: Tower fans not only provide relief from the scorching heat but also compliment your interior decor and make your home look praiseworthy.
  • Energy-efficiency: Tower fans are known for cutting down electricity bills, owing to their energy-efficient nature. Purchase a tower fan that meets your expectations well.
  • Naturally cool atmosphere that aids in sleeping: Cooling fan for home helps in providing cool atmosphere that aids in stress-free and comfortable sleeping. Make sure to buy a tower fan that can meet your expectations well.
  • Designed with the latest technology: Buy the tower fan that is designed with the latest technology so that you can breathe in purified air.

To eliminate your dilemma, we have undergone deep research and brought to you the list of top 13 best tower fans in India. Buy any of these and as per your budget and requirements.

We Highly recommend you to read the Tower Fan Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest tower fan technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 14 tower fans in India.

Top 13 Best Tower Fans in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. iBELL DELUXE Tower fan

iBELL DELUXE Tower fan


  • Power: 140 W
  • Speed Levels: 3
  • Design: Stylish modular and sleek design
  • Voltage AC: 220~240 Volts, 50/60 Hz
  • Remote: No
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Special Feature: 4-Way airflow
  • Dimensions: 23 × 28 × 74 cm
  • Air Delivery system: 2250M3/HR, three-speed control

The iBELL DELUXE tower fan provides one of the best products a customer can buy in budget constraints.

With its stylish and sleek modular design and a rust-free body, you can understand its value for money and long life.

Its air delivery system has a range of over 25 feet with minimal power consumption. The three-speed controls on this tower fan let you manage the level of cooling you need.

Already having a one year warranty, you get six extra months on registering with their company, giving you a total of 1.5 years warranty.

Having a minimal weight of 6 kg, moving the iBELL DELUXE tower fan is a piece of cake. You won’t feel the need for a cooler once you get this.


  • 25 Feet air delivery system
  • 4-way airflow
  • Rust-free body
  • Sleek design
  • One year + six months warranty
  • Value for money


  • Excessive noise
  • Airflow isn’t that fast after 10 feet

2. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan (Black)

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan


  • Power: 38 W
  • Speed Levels: Speed control wheel with a swing control button
  • Design: Stylish modular and sleek design
  • Voltage AC: 220~240 Volts, 50/60 Hz
  • Remote: No
  • Colour: Black 
  • RPM: 2600
  • Air Delivery: 700 cubic m/hour
  • Special Feature: Air Buddy
  • Dimensions: 21.6 × 17.6 × 55 cm

The tower fans that we’ve discussed in this list are different from the Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan.

Instead of a powerful air throw, this fan delivers a smooth airflow and comes with an adjustable louvre that helps you direct airflow.

Its airflow is so soft that it doesn’t even disturb the gas stove’s flames while cooking.

Its sleek and tall design helps us fit it into corners. Be it under a cabinet, on a platform horizontally or vertically; this fan can do it all.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it very much portable

This fan can be easily cleaned-up with a single swipe and it comes with hassle-free removable filters for better performance. It’s children friendly as there are no blades in this design. To top it all off, you get a two-year warranty along with rated air delivery of 700 cubic meter/hour.


  • Air buddy system which doesn’t disturb your stove flames but gives a cool breeze
  • Easy portability thanks to the sleek design and compact size
  • Personalised airflow
  • Easy speed and swing controls
  • Provides relief in damp environments
  • Affordable price point
  • Elegant look
  • Good build quality


  • Air throw could have been better
  • Not suitable for large spaces
  • Low power

3. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan


  • Power: 150 W
  • Speed Levels: Speed control & swing control with three levels
  • Design: Sturdy and sleek
  • Voltage AC: 220~240 Volts, 50/60 Hz
  • Remote: No
  • Colour: Blue - Turquoise
  • Air Delivery: 42 CMM
  • Special Feature: Lightweight and portable
  • Dimensions: 35.5 × 32.5 × 82.5 cm

Given its brand name, the Bajaj Snowvent Tower fan is sure to be among the top 10 tower fans in India and is the go-to product for any customer.

Its air delivery system, 42CMM, with a power rating of 150 W lets its sturdy design provide one of the best air throws.

It has an ergonomic control panel with both speed and swing controls having three levels.

 The body is made up of stabilised thermoplastic for long, corrosion-free life. This product is also portable to a certain extent, given its lightweight but sturdy build quality. 

With a two-year warranty on this product, it surely is a value for money under the 3500 INR price mark. Although there may be many products with the same specifications and a lower price, its brand name is the point to notice. This is so because Bajaj is known for its customer service and durable product life.


  • Good air throw
  • Beautiful design
  • Doesn’t heat up even after long usage
  • Easy installation
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight


  • Noisy
  • Price could have been lower

4. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White) - with i-Pure Technology


  • Motor: Powerful
  • Water Tank Capacity: 12 L
  • Swing: Yes
  • Tower Fan size: Big
  • Power: 170 Watts

Symphony Diet 12T High- Speed Air Cooler is a very high-speed Tower Fan.

This big fan is capable of covering a large area and provides soothing breeze during summers. It does not require water and very easy to use.

With a very powerful motor, it helps in providing high speed of blades, resulting in cool air.

The fan is available in white color and comes with an attractive design. The ergonomic design ensures that it can fit anywhere.

It is convenient to move this appliance as it is quite easy to install and covers the maximum area for the even circulation of air

It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. Placed at a corner of the room, one can also have access to swing on/off control option. It does not require water to provide the cooling that you need.


  • The size is compact
  • Tower fan that perfectly beats the heat
  • The anti-rustody looks stylish and saves the fan from regular wear and tear


  • The speed may slow down after some time

5. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan 


  • Speed Levels: Three
  • Wind mode: Natural, Slumberous, Normal Wind.
  • Design: Sleek and Attractive
  • Power: 35 Watts
  • Voltage AC: 220 - 240 V 50 HZ
  • Remote: Yes
  • Color: Black and White

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor is a tower fan that provides an amazing cooling experience in extreme summers. It is one of the best fans that gives a cool breeze without making any noise and has quite a premium look to suit your interiors.

The sleek design helps in providing speedy air propelling, resulting in cool air. This tower fan has a space-saving design that looks elegant as well. Its a modern outlook tower fan for home as well as offices. The fan has three-speed levels and a multi-functional remote control for convenient operation.

Available in two colors, this tower fan has light blades and many other features. This is a suitable fan choice for any of the places like home, kitchen, or office.


  • Looks Attractive and Modern
  • Copper Motor ensures better operation
  • Pro 37-hour Programmed timer
  • Oscillation Function ensures even distribution of air everywhere


  • Airspeed slows down after some time

6. Vornado FA1-0062-06 Duo Small Room Tower Circulator

Vornado FA1-0062-06 Duo Small Room Tower Circulator, Black


  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Speed settings: 4
  • Technology: V flow technology
  • Power: 32 watts
  • Special feature: Dual versatility with adjustable airflow

Vornado Tower Circulator gets you the right airflow required for your room. All you need to take care of is the correct placement of this product as it does not offer an oscillation feature.

There is a good amount of airflow in the room with this fan.

It can be accessed with a remote which can stick inside a bowl-shaped opening and so as not to misplace the remote.

The automatic sleep timer automatically switches off the appliance so that you can have a stress-free sleep. Moreover, this feature also helps in limiting the electricity consumption.

There is a constant flow of air as it has a wide span of air outlets and hence relieves you from the summer sweat. This device comes with a 5-year warranty that makes it more reliable as a brand. 


  • Motor propelling air at a speed of 500 ft per minute
  • Energy-saving timer for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8-hour interval
  • Magnetic hold for the remote
  • Convenient button controls


  • No oscillation feature
  • The timer cannot be set for 5, 6 and 7-hour interval which is odd

7. IVBOX BTF-01 Jumbo High-Speed Tower Fan


  • Motor: Powerful
  • Water: No
  • Swing: Yes
  • Tower Fan size: Big
  • Power: 110 Watts
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 year

IVBOX BTF-01 Jumbo High- Speed Tower Fan is a very high-speed air blower. This big fan is capable of covering a large area and provides soothing breeze during summers.

It does not require water and very easy to use.

With a very powerful motor, it helps in providing high speed of blades, resulting in cool air. The fan is available in white color and comes with an attractive design.

The ergonomic design ensures that it can fit anywhere.

It is convenient to move this appliance as it is quite easy to install and covers the maximum area for the even circulation of air.

It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. Placed at a corner of the room, one can also have access to swing on/off control option.


  • Looks Attractive and Modern
  • It has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase provided by the manufacturer.
  • Big Fan Size
  • Powerful Motor
  • Has a Swing option


  • It makes some noise because of the powerful motor and a big blower.

8. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan 

Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan (White)


  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 18 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colors available: White
  • Power consumption: 60 W
  • Speed of motor: 5000 RPM
  • Speed setting: 4

Kelvinator tower fan is known for quality tower fans for the home. The KTF-131 4 Blade Tower is an efficient tower fan which provides excellent cooling effect with minimal power consumption in comparison to other fans. It's a slim tower fan enough to fit into a small space hence can be carried everywhere.

Cooking in the kitchen becomes difficult as you sweat profusely and this fan can provide you a comfortable cooling if fitted in the kitchen. The slim design makes it flexible enough to fit into narrow and small places making it comfortable for you to place it almost anywhere.

It’s also known for being noiseless with castor wheels for mobility and the moving shutter adds to its convenient features by spreading the air with the three-speed air control.


  • Slim size to fit almost everywhere
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy mobility
  • Cooling by fresh air


  • It does not have a water tank
  • No servicing provided for the tower fan

9. V-Guard Veemagik 750mm Tower Fan


  • Design: Sleek and compact
  • Timer: Up to 2 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Power consumption: 40 W
  • Sweep: 750 mm
  • Parts: Main body and Tower fan

V-Guard is one of best Indian brands in the appliance manufacturing industry and is headquartered in Kerala.

The company introduced the Veemagik tower fan which is sleek and stylish in design.

The fan has an automatic swing movement to deliver higher airflow. The cooling effect is better despite having a 40W motor which makes it a must-have household appliance.

It has three-step speed control which makes it function better than its competitors in the market.

The sleek design adds to your home décor and it has a strong base for a better grip. The appliance is quite lightweight making it user-friendly and portable. This tower fan is one of the most essential appliances that can complement your home or office. 


  • The design adds to home décor
  • Fits in less space
  • Portable
  • Timer
  • No water requirement


  • No remote control available

10. Usha Tornado ZX - CT343 Tower Air Cooler

Usha Tornado ZX - CT343 Tower Air Cooler


  • Speed control: Low, Mid and High
  • Timer: 8 hours timer off
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Installation: Floor or outdoor
  • Remote: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 Liters

Usha Tornado tower fans are designed using advanced technology that makes it more useful for any household. 

This device is very compact with wheel support and a vertical shutter with manual adjustment feature that can be modulated as per your needs.

The best part of the product is that it can be fill water automatically which makes it very convenient to use and you don’t need to get up every time to switch it on/off. 

The operational features are displayed on the control panel, which makes it easy to operate. 

This appliance comes with an LED display so that you can view the speed, power , etc even after switching off the lights. The timer can be set up to 8 hours so that to use the fan as required and not to waste electricity.  The comfort and design of this fan do complete justice to the ambiance and suits well with your house or office decor.


  • Powerful air propelling
  • Convenient to manage using remote
  • Preset timer with selective fan usage
  • Room temperature digital display


  • Unavailability of spare parts
  • Noisy

11. Dyson Air Multiplier Am07 Tower Fan


  • Airflow: 60% quieter than the others
  • Sleep Timer: Remote Control/ Oscillation control
  • Power Consumed: 10% less power consumption
  • Remote Control: Yes with 10 precise air flow
  • Warranty: Not provided

Dyson air multiplier is a fan that uses less power and gives you an uninterrupted airflow. The sleep timer is a feature with which you can do sleep programming.

In sleep programming, it gets switched off after a point of time. you can also set the interval with this feature.

The oscillation control can also be done along with airflow settings, which can help you to control the flow of air to your desired location.

In this season of heat, buy this tower fan that gives cool air and relives you from the rising temperature. Since there are no spinning blades, it is safer than other fans.

Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of cleaning the blades. Intervals of the sleep time are present along with a digital display that creates a pleasant environment. No matter which corner of the room you are sitting, you can get the pleasing breeze of this fan.


  • The bladeless design makes it look stylish
  • Can be adjusted to 10 different speed levels
  • Remote control for a convenient operation
  • Automatic timer set
  • No danger of sticking a finger in the blades


  • Warranty is not provided by the manufacturer

12. Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan

Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan


  • Air Flow : 1324 CFM, upto 20 feet
  • Power Consumption: 130 watts
  • Power Requirement : 230 V
  • Water Requirement : No
  • Warranty: 1 years

The Tower fan from Sajni Ekvira an amazingly designed Tower Fan model. This brand has recently entered the Indian market and has created a buzz in no time.

Because of its highly portable feature and extremely adjustable settings, it has now made its place in the list of the top 10 best tower fan available in India.

It offers 3 fan modes i.e., normal, natural and sleep. You can choose any of these modes and enjoy quality air in the room as per your convenience and comfort.

It does not produces any noise while operating and thus helps you get a good night sleep. The power requirement of this product is 130 volts, making it extremely attractive

 It comes with about ten different speed options and the air that it circulates can be felt up to 20 feet.


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • 3 fan modes


  • Very fragile

13. Butterfly Windi Tower Fan 

Butterfly Windi Tower Fan


  • Number of Speed Settings: 3
  • Power consumption: 140W
  • Swing: Swing On / Off

This Butterfly Windi Tower Fan looks simple and elegant. Owing to its unique design, it can easily fit to even small and cramped places. 

This fan is simply known for its low power consumption quality and thus saves money. Its extravagant features make it an appropriate choice for the consumers. 

This amazingly designed model can match almost any room’s décor.

This appliance is loaded with a plethora of features like vertical and motorized louvers for direct airflow, caster wheels for added mobility and three-speed air controls.

What makes this option more appealing is it’s noiseless and quite functioning.  It never produces any sound while operating and thus allows you to enjoy ultimate silence while sleeping. 


  • Silent air throw
  • Wing on/off control
  • 3 level speed controls


  • Speed could have been better

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Tower Fans

Thorough research has been done before presenting tower fan price list. So, you can take your pick and make the purchase confidently without giving a second thought. These appliances are specially designed to produce a powerful cooling effect in the room and also saving you from sweating in hot and balmy weather.

Unlike pedestal fans, tower fans are new in the market but they are high on demand. People who want to stay on the trend prefer keeping these tower fans because of three main reasons. Firstly, these can transform the look of your room while cooling the place.

Secondly, these are power efficient and lastly, these come with a warranty, which is an added advantage for every customer.

Depending on the needs and requirements in the present market, experts have come up with top tower fan reviews. Every product has been engineered with matchless precision so that you get the best out of the product you opt for. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take your pick.

Tower fans are both stylish and utilitarian. Whether you need one with an inbuilt ionizer or one without the remote control, or you are looking for the best tower fan with low energy consumption, or with a single blade, you can get tower fans with all the features you need.

Even if you are looking for one with a warranty you can get it. Some models come with a warranty so that you can get the full replacement or repairing service within a certain period from the date of purchase. You can do the shopping from the comfort of your home or while working at the office. 

There are many online sites like Amazon and Flipkart, from where you can make the purchase. All you have to do is to browse the sites and check out the images of the products that look appealing and there are also the features that meet your requirement.

Rising temperature and hot atmosphere make people look for these advanced cooling appliances. However, everyone can't buy air conditioners to sustain an icy cool environment in their places. In most of the residential areas, people opt for ceiling fans or windows to ensure proper air circulation in their room.

Unfortunately, it does not work every time. Therefore, opting cooling fan for home which keep your room cool and airy will be a great option. But you should have a clear idea about this appliance before you add any model of these fans to your place.

What is tower fan?

Tower Fans are a thinner version of air coolers that function without water, yet these are incorporated with an advanced mechanism that makes them a better option than regular ceiling/table fans.

Tower fans have been engineered in such a way that they can oscillate the air at an angle of 90 degrees to ensure a high volume of air in the room. Most of the tower fans are integrated with ionizers for activating air purification.

Usually, the ionizer button is located on the control panel and the support base is connected to the motor base so that the fan stands vertically. These have a narrow range of airflow to expand the movement of the air, thus resulting in proper circulation of air.

Great for summer, these can be an excellent choice for small rooms, small shops, kitchens, and workplaces, where you need air.

Why do you need a tower fan?

An amazing alternative to traditional fans or air coolers, tower fans come in a slender design so you do not have to worry about where to place it, especially when you are running out of space.

Another feature that will interest you is that tower fans are more energy efficient and can help you cut down on your electric bills by opting for these kinds fans. Portability is another reason why you should buy a mini tower fan.

These are usually light in weight so that you can shift them from one room to another with ease. Generally, most of the tower fans are considered to be less noisy compared to the ceiling fans, which helps in creating a comfortable ambiance.

These fans have a sleek tower design that allows the air to be distributed evenly and at multiple levels in the room.

Furthermore, tower fans are easy to operate. Usually, these fans come with multi functional options such as auto shut-off, programming, remote access and many more, thus keeping the operation is simple. Some fans are equipped with advanced features like dual-qualities, i.e. humidifying and purifying.

So, you can easily maintain the air circulation in your room. Above all, towers fans are engineered while taking into consideration the safety measures. These tower fans come with blades that operate vertically, thereby keeping them safe for children and pets.

Tower Fan vs Table Fan or Pedestal Fan

There is no doubt that both tower fans and pedestal fans are good options to keep the room cool and comfortable. However, tower fans are ideal for small rooms or offices, as they can fit in tight corners of the room because of their sleek and compact design.

In the case of pedestal fans, there are large blades, which make them a perfect pick for cooling larger rooms. On the other hand, the tower fans come with a long rectangular outlet so it can still blow air at a certain height.

In short, if you have abundant space available in your room, pedestal fans is right up alley but if you have a shortage of space, then nothing can be better than tower fans. In order to check the tower fan price list, check our detailed description about tower fans.

While making the selection, you will also have to take into consideration the purpose of using the fan. If you just need an option to beat the heat in the warmer months then both pedestal and tower fans are suitable.

In case you are looking for a fan that can purify the air of dust, then you can choose from a wide range of tower fans that come with inbuilt features like ionizers and other advanced features.

Tower fans look stylish and elegant. So, if you prefer one that can keep your room cozy and comfortable without disrupting the aesthetics of your room decor then you go for the best tower fans in India for the home.

Best tower fan brands in India?

Below are some of the tower fan brands that will help you to select the right option for your home:

  • Vitek is a leading international home appliances brand that brings you a wide array of tower fans with interesting and important features to meet your requirements. You can check out Vitek VT-1935 BK-I Tower Fan. Its 4-speed control feature and 9-hours timer options make it a classic option for every household. You can also take a look at VT-1933 SR-I tower fan from the same brand.
  • Usha is another international brand that takes pride in providing you with the best quality home appliances. If you want to opt for this brand, then you can go for this Tower Fan Efikas. Its tubular energy-efficient centrifugal blower facility and modern LED display with a multi-functional control feature makes it a utilitarian option for your home.
  • Victory Cool Breeze tower fan can be one of the best options for the one living in humid locations. Sleek and stylish, it assures extra chilling with air conditioning effect.
  • Lasko presents this Lazer All Purposes home blower tower fan, which is a great option that you can check out in tower fans. It is a source of low consumption of energy, which is an added advantage.

Things to Consider

Before you opt for buying a tower fan, you must reconsider certain factors. Let’s go through them quickly:

  • You should consider the size and height of a vertical fan, depending on the space available at your home or office.
  • The adjustable angle is another factor that you should consider while making the purchase. Angling the fan head leads to an indirect breeze, which is useful if the speed of the fan is high.
  • Power consumption is another factor that needs attention before you make the purchase. You have to go for a pick that consumes less energy so that you can save on your electricity. Towers fans are designed to consume less power but the level of power consumption varies.
  • It is important to check the material quality and components of a particular tower fan before you decide to buy the same. It is because fans that are made of plastic are lightweight, and hence are easy to shift from one place to another. Some are also made of aluminum that makes them quite sturdy but heavy. As a result, you have to make the selection carefully. Don’t go for the fragile ones, but if the tower fans are too heavy, you would not be able to move it. That is why mini tower fans are there, which easily fulfills the feature of portability.
  • Not all tower fans online come with the features like auto-off functionality, so when you make the purchase, check if the option is available for that particular product.
  • Some fans are provided with a remote so you can control the flow of the air sitting in a particular place. A remote control mechanism is important when you are sleeping and don’t want to get up from the bed.
  • Some of the tower fans are equipped with electronic indicators to display the fan settings.
  • Some models have ‘natural’ or ‘sleep’ modes available that differs with the fan speed to simulate a natural breeze. Some of them are even integrated with the reduction mode, which switches the fan to the next lowest speed after a set period. If you feel the need of this feature, you can select the one from the available options that has this particular feature.
  • Noise reduction feature is another factor that should be taken into consideration. You should opt for a tower fan that makes less noise so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep at night. It is also advisable to check the fan for buffeting noises, whining or thrumming.
  • Tower fans come in various styles and designs so you can pick one that perfectly complements your room.
  • Make sure to choose the variant wisely, either you can choose a tower fan that provides air filtration or one with an inbuilt ionizer.
  • Some of the tower fans come with multiple oscillation speeds that enable you to have a good control over how your room will be ventilated. Some models also allow changing the direction of the oscillation.
  • Make sure to buy tower fan that is easy to clean and maintain. With many tower fan models (and with other appliances as well) you can get free cleaning/maintenance services.
  • Make sure to check if the appliance comes with a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are tower fans better?

Tower fans or column fans are better than other alternatives such as ceiling fans or water coolers.  because they consume less space, less power and look more stylish than conventional water coolers. Be it the scorching Rajasthan heat or the damp climate of coastal regions like Chennai; tower fans give relief to the customer with their excellent performance, affordable prices and low maintenance cost.

2. Which is the best table fan or tower fan?

Among the tower fans mentioned in this article, the Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler and the Bajaj Snowvent tower fan are the first choices. Both of these tower fans are powerful and have a superior air throw in the given price range. As they both don’t require water and are solely dependent on their powers and design, the Symphony Diet 12T comes out on top with its power rating of 170 W and lightweight design. But if the customer is under a budget constraint, then Bajaj Snowvent is the tower fan they want.

3. Do tower fans cool a room?

Tower fans don’t generally cool a room like a water cooler does. However, they do help generalise the overall room temperature by continuously keeping the heat flowing along with the air in the room. This is also the case with tower fans in a damp setting because they help regulate the humidity levels in a place and give relief to the customer. Thus, we can say that tower fans do cool a room.

4. What is the best fan for sleeping?

Dyson Air Multiplier Am07 tower fan is 60% quieter than other tower fans in the market. With its oscillation control and airflow settings, you can personalise the airflow to your desired location. Also, it has a sleep timer with remote control with ten precise airflows. Along with all this, this tower fan is blade-free, i.e., it saves you from the hassle of cleaning and managing the blades. Also, it keeps us from the danger of having a finger stuck in the blades.

5. What is the most powerful fan?

Both the Symphony Diet 12T (170 W) and Bajaj Snow vent (150 W) tower fans are 2 of the most potent tower fans in this list. With superb air throw technologies and personalised airflow, these powerful machines are the ones to go for if you need power. However, with power comes noise. Another addition to these choices would be the iBELL DELUXE tower fan with 140 W of power.

6. Are tower fans expensive to run?

In India, an average fan consumes about 70 W per hour. Whereas, an average rating for powerful tower fans is 100+ W which makes them a bit costlier than regular fans. On the other hand, with sleek and portable fans such as the Dyson Air Multiplier Am07 and the Crompton Air Buddy kitchen fan are rated only for 30+ W, making them cheaper to use as compared to regular ceiling fans. The only drawback is their air delivery speeds and range which are lower than their more powerful counterparts.

7. Where should a tower fan be placed in a room?

A tower fan should be put in an optimum position to get the desired comfort. Best points for a small room would be in the corner of the room facing the masses. For an even smaller room, if you have a sleeker tower fan, it is advised to put it up horizontally or vertically onto a platform mounted on a wall.

8. What is the quietest fan for a bedroom?

The Dyson Air Multiplier Am07 tower fan is 60% quieter than other tower fans in the market. With its oscillation control and airflow settings, you can personalize the airflow to your desired location.

Also, it has a sleep timer with remote control with ten precise airflows. Along with all this, this tower fan is blade-free, i.e., it saves you from the hassle of cleaning and managing the blades. Also, it keeps us from the danger of having a finger stuck in the blades. Along with the Dyson Air Multiplier Am07, there’s the V-Guard Veemagik 750mm and the Deco Air Tower which are again, the sleeker and less powerful tower fans. However, they run with less noise and are great for sleeping.

9. What is the rate of tower fans?

A tower fan generally lies in a range of 2000 to 7000 INR and may vary based on the customer’s needs. There are quite a few choices to choose from in today’s market, but the general opinion states to go for them with the one that holds value for money. This ensures that the customer spends a minimal cost for the immense comfort they get from the product.

Here is the List of Top 13  Best Tower Fans in India


A tower fan can be your best indoor partner during summers. India’s weather is mostly hot and humid, and no one can deny the need of appliances like tower fans, coolers or air-conditioners. So, if you are planning to buy a tower fan, make sure to get a branded one that is sturdy enough and is loaded with features.

You can get a number of tower fans from your nearby appliance stores or from the e-stores. But buy the best tower fan in India one as per your requirements and beat the heat!


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