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UWatchfree: An Amazing Website for Free Movies

Uwatchfree is a popular entertainment website that started in 2012. The purpose of U Watch Free is to provide free of cost, premium quality, and the latest movies and TV shows. We all are cinema buffs, some of us are obsessed with films and cannot wait to see every latest movie.

But with a busy schedule and high price, sometimes going to theatres and affording costly OTTs becomes impossible for us. That is why we often seek ways through which we can get to watch movies without wasting time and money. Uwatch free is one such way that helps us do it.

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Hundreds and thousands of films, series, shows, and documentaries are streamed online here so that people can enjoy them anytime and anywhere without paying a single dime. The website has all kinds of genres that you might enjoy.

Uwatchfree streams the latest as well as old Bengali, English, Tamil, Telegu, and Hindi films. The films and shows are all available in HD quality that gives you the most pleasure and best movie time.

Movies leaked by Uwatchfree

With Uwatchfree you can watch any and every English, Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil movie. The site leaks every one of the films and series that are set to release. The movies and shows made available by U WatchFree are HD premium quality. It saves your money and also gives you the best experience while streaming the movies online. 

The website has movies from every genre that there is in the whole world – action, romance, adventure, animation, thriller, comedy, spy, war, teen, crime, and horror. The website gives its audience the chance to enjoy all these genre films in a language that suits you. From Hollywood to Tollywood and Bollywood, series and movies from every industry are leaked here. Some of the popular and

blockbuster hits leaked by Uwatchfree are –

  • Sooryavanshi 

  • Sanak 

  • Mimi 

  • Radhe: your most wanted Bhai

  • SherShah 

  • Darbar

  • Baghi 3

  • Thappad

  • Soorarai pottru

  • Tajhaji 

  • Hippi

  • Pattas

  • RRR: Rise Roar Revolt 

  • Pushpa: The rise

  • Tanhaji

  • The unsung warrior

  • Oh My Kaduvule

  • Who’s Your Daddy

  • Dagaalty

  • The Bee Gees

  • Dom and Adrian

  • First Date

Uwatchfree extensions

If you are interested in watching movies on Uwatchfree, the following are its extensions –




List of similar websites

With hundreds of new film content releases each day, our will to binge-watch movies and series has increased. Going to cinema halls for every movie is just not possible these days. While some of us lack time for that, some of us lack money. 

Thus, getting websites like Uwatchfree is happy news for film lovers. The website provides you with every English, Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi movie and shows which have just hit the theatres. Not just that, lets you stream them online in HD quality and you can even download them and save them for later.

All these criteria in just one website are what makes Uwatchfree so special and popular. They are just one click away.

But with the rise of film releases, what else has been growing in today’s times is free movie websites just like Uwatchfree. Seeing the rising popularity of pirated and HD online films, the number of free movie websites have increased immensely in these recent past years, some of them are listed as below –

Government steps to demolish piracy

Keeping all the excitement aside, the most negative thing that comes first and foremost while discussing Uwatchfree is that it is illegal. This free movie website is indeed letting you get all the recent blockbuster films for free but at a greater cost. All the contents that are available in Uwatchfree, be it a TV show, a hit series, or a recent film, are pirated.

Uwatchfree has neither the right nor any permission to stream the movies online on its website. They have been illegally possessed and streamed. The original makers have no acknowledgment of these activities. 

This whole process of stealing and presenting others’ work without their prior knowledge is known as piracy. And piracy is a crime in the creative world. Letting yourself get involved in piracy-related activities is a great sin that can be done against a piece of art. And movies are the purest form of art that can ever be produced. So, Uwatchfree is everything that a pirated website can mean. 

To resolve this demeaning issue of piracy, the government came up with the famous Copyrights Act in the year of 1957. By this act, the government of India condemns any act of piracy. The act prohibits piracy in every field – academic, art, music, movies, and writing. The act protects the original creativity of people and punishes those who defile that.  

Section 63 of the article ensures punishment for those who have been involved in movie piracy. The guilty can be punished with imprisonment of a minimum of three years and a fine of at least 50 thousand rupees. If the case is more serious, the level of punishment can increase too.

Is Uwatchfree a legal site?

The straight answer to this question is no. Uwatchfree is a free website filled with pirated movies and shows. Not a single movie or content available on the site is legal or authorized. So, if you are watching and streaming movies from Uwatchfree, you are indirectly participating and entertaining piracy.

It is recommended not to give in any kind of privacy and kindly watch films from sites that are legal and approved.

If you are caught in any piracy-related activities you may be jailed or fined a heavy sum of money. Most of these website owners are anonymous. They know what they are doing and what punishment follows if they are identified.

But being professional, they have lesser chances to get caught than you. Your source of entertainment can easily turn into a nightmare if the government ever suspects you of streaming and downloading pirated movies.

But saying that, millions of people still access these free movie websites, watches, and download content from them. Knowing the consequences of piracy, people still use Uwatchfree for free recreation and entertainment.

Is it safe to use Uwatchfree?

Uwatchfree is an illegal website that contains all the pirated movies and shows. Using the website and downloading from it is also illegal. And coming to safety, this website does not have any. Most of these free illegal and online websites are anonymous and unsafe.

You do not know who is behind this website and running all the activities. Anonymous websites like Uwatchfree can often be unsafe. There can be hackers or harmful viruses that could affect your device and access all your data. 

The entertainment and movies you get to watch are unlimited but safety is something that everyone should consider in this world of advanced technology and web crime. It is advised that you seek other popular movie platforms which have legal movie rights and no piracy. 

How to download movies from Uwatchfree?

Uwatchfree not only lets you watch free and latest movies, but it also lets you download them. The download feature is the best option one can get. It lets a user download a particular movie or show episodes and see later when he is free. 

Uwatchfree not only streams HD quality films but also helps you to download them. The only thing you will require to download movies from Uwatchfree is an internet connection. If you have good internet speed and sufficient device space, you will have no problem downloading from Uwatchfree.

The following steps show you how to download from Uwatchfree –

  • Open the website

  • Go to the search bar 

  • Type the movies or series name you want to download

  • Select the movie once it appears

  • Scroll down the page

  • At the bottom of the page a download option will appear

  • Tap that option

  • Wait until your download link gets ready

  • Once the link is ready, your device will automatically start downloading the file

  • You will receive a notification once it has finished downloaded

  • Go to downloads, open the film’s file, and enjoy


Uwatchfree is a worthy movie site. The website lets you watch and download innumerable films and series without any effort. It lets you enjoy so much content, all for free. Using, and accessing Uwatchfree is very easy and not at all time taking.

People are growing busier these days; they hardly have time to go to movie theatres. Besides, tickets nowadays can cost you a fortune. So, people are growing more and more dependent on online platforms to enjoy films. But even the OTTs cost you a signifying amount of money. This is where free and illegal websites like Uwatchfree come in. 

Uwatchfree costs you nothing and still gives you HD-quality movies. The website makes the latest releases available to you. It has every English, Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil movie. You can find movies and series categorized under different genres of action, romance, adventure, thriller, comedy, spy, crime, and horror.

You can stream them whenever and wherever you want. It gives you smooth and worry-free movie time.

But the piracy and illegal ways of acting by these websites remain a problem. Uwatchfreehas no legal right or authorization to hold and stream these movies. They all are pirated and stolen. Piracy is the only major bane that this website has. And you can’t just walk past it knowing what a crime it is to illegally possess and stream content online.

Though people still do it, it is recommended not to. The risks and unsafety remain. There are plenty of legal options available that lets you stream online movies; it would be wise and also morally right to avail to those platforms rather than websites like Uwatchfree. 


  1. How soon does Uwatchfree release a new movie?

    You will be surprised by the speed at which this website streams the latest releases. Once the movie or series has been released on the original platform, Uwatchfree gives you that film within or the next day. This is why people are so crazed by this website. It does not let movie lovers wait.
  1. What are the problems you can face while using Uwatchfree?
    Given Uwatchfree is an anonymous website and no one knows who is behind this website, the risk potential is high. Downloading and streaming from these free websites can often hang your devices with a virus or hack all your information.

    Though the website is an extraordinary and beneficial free movie platform, the users often complain about the constant pop-ups, advertisements, and other irrelevant links. The users have to keep closing them until they have the website opened.
  1. Is Uwatchfree legal?

    No, it is not a legal website. This website contains pirated movies and series. Uwatchfree is banned in India by the Copyrights Act of 1957. This act by the government of India condemns any acts of piracy. Any piracy-related activities will be highly punished by the law.
    The government can punish the guilty by a minimum of three years of imprisonment and a fine of at least 50k rupees. So, Uwatchfree is not a legal way to watch movies, it is highly unsafe too. 
  1. Is there a Uwatchfree app? How to download it?

    You would be surprised but yes, Uwatchfree not only has a website but an app too. The app is a replica of the website. The only difference is you do not have to open a browser every time you want to enjoy movies from Uwatchfree.
    The app needs even less time and effort. So, if you don’t want to watch from Uwatchfree, then you have to manually download the app. The problem is that the app is not available in the play store, you have to get the Uwatchfree app from a third-party app. That is the only way.
  1. What are the legal alternatives for Uwatchfree?

    As watching and downloading pirated movies is a crime and can mean that you are defying the government, you should refrain from doing so. A cinephile can still enjoy his movie time without breaking the law. There are legal OTT platforms that let you stream online movies and series. Some of the most popular and efficient legal alternatives of Uwatchfree are –
  • PopCornFlix

  • Netflix

  • Hotstar 

  • Amazon prime

  • Hulu

  • SonyLiv

  • MX Player


Piracy is Illegal. does not endorse the use of Pirated movies websites. We have no intention of promoting xyz website. The article has been written only for the purpose of making you aware and giving information. is not at all aimed at promoting these websites. We want to let you know how dangerous and illegal it is for you to use this xyz site. You must avoid all these illegal movie download websites. You must use legitimate websites to stream movies online. Please keep away from such movie download websites. 

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Babita takes care of fashion related products at TechExperts. She has started her career as a video-editor with a reputed news magazine Punjab Kesari in the year 2018. Though after joining the TechExperts, she is living up her passion by getting herself acquainted with latest fashion trend. She is a fashionista who loves shopping. Her favorite past time is reading fashion blogs and binge watch Netflix. About Babita

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