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Top 7 Best Vegetable Purifiers in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the Best Vegetable Purifier in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry for the past few years.

The world is becoming smarter and its effects are trickling down to our plates.

Naturally produced vegetables and fruits are our source of nutrition. But these days things have changed. 

The time has gone when we relied on farm fresh, naturally produced vegetables and fruits.

The urge to produce more and the pressure to enhance growth within shorter periods have led to an increasing dependence on chemicals like pesticides, insecticides and hybrid seeds.

These have largely increased food production, the harmful side effects of various chemicals used during production is passed on to our food.

Best Vegetable purifier

Recent studies have shown that these are major reasons for a number of health issues. Presence of pesticides and insecticides in fruits and vegetable items can lead to problems ranging from headaches and nausea to dizziness and vomiting.

In extreme cases and due to long term exposure, these chemicals are also capable of causing serious ailments such as cancer

For detailed information about all such features and more information relevant to best Vegetable purifier which help you make an informed choice, please consult the buyers guide at the end of the top 10 list of vegetable purifier.

In order to tackle some of these issues, there are a number of vegetable & fruits purifiers available in the market which can remove contaminants from our food. These purifiers not only remove visible dirt and grime from the surface, it is also capable of removing the chemical remnants left over on fruits and vegetables.

Things to keep in mind while buying Vegetable purifier:

  • Price of the product:  Sometimes the most expensive product is not necessarily the best product in the market. So, make an informed choice.If you are planning to get one of these amazing vegetable cleaning machines for your home, here are the top 5 vegetable and fruit purifiers in India.
  • After Sales Service: Any company that is selling a product with a warranty must offer after sales service. If you need any help with the product there must be a provision for contacting their customer service. Check out the after sales service of any brand before buying a product.

So without much further time here are the Top 10 Vegetable purifier in India:

We Highly recommend you to read the Vegetable Purifiers Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest vegetable purifier technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 7 Best Vegetable Purifiers in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Always fit Ozonizer Purifier but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Always fit Ozonizer Purifier

Always fit Ozonizer Purifier


  • Purifies: fruits, vegetables and meat
  • Deodorize: meat and seafood
  • Timer function: 10-30 minutes
  • Technology: Ozone purification to eliminate pathogens and chemicals
  • Portable: Yes

With its simple design and functional configuration, this cleaner works easily on vegetables, fruits, and meat. The straightforward design of this cleaner makes it a comfortable addition to all modern kitchens.

Place it on your dining table and cleanse all the produce you bring home from the supermarket or keep it on the countertop for quick purification of vegetables before cooking. Due to the slim design, it takes up very little space and can be used even in a small kitchen.

For people who are looking for cost-effective vegetable cleaners, this is one of the best options. It is a one time purchase with no maintenance cost. There are no parts in this cleaner that need replacement even after regular use. It makes use of the Ozone purification concept and cleanses, sanitizes, and deodorizes food.

There is also a timer function to automatically complete the task when you are busy. If you are looking for a portable vegetable purifier, this compact option is what you need. It is also light in weight, and so you can carry it wherever you want. It can, therefore, be a handy product to carry with you when you are traveling. It lets you cleanse your food before consumption wherever you are.


  • Quickly cleanses food for busy mornings.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.
  • Easy controls let anyone tap into all the features.
  • Zero maintenance design adds to the value.
  • Works consistently with both vegetables and meat products.


  •  Timer function is slightly inaccurate at times.
  • Build quality is not the best in the segment.

2. Grapy International

Grapy International


  •  Purifies: fruits, vegetables and meat
  • Deodorize: meat and seafood
  • Timer function: 15, 30 and 45 minutes
  • Technology: Ozone purification
  • Portable: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

If you need a premium purifier that works consistently with all types of ingredients you want to cleanse, then this product is a great choice. It is a slim and lightweight cleaner that quickly and reliably cleanses a variety of items.

Relying on Ozone based purification like most other products in this segment, this reasonably priced purifier can clean meat as well as vegetables and fruits.

If there are antibiotics or hormones present in the packaged meat you buy, this purifier can break them down. Seafood can also be deodorized, and therefore, cooking becomes much more enjoyable with this little gadget in your kitchen.

There are invisible fungal spores on some vegetables and fruits, and that might lead to infections. This purifier takes care of the elimination of fungus while also killing pathogens. It preserves the nutritional value of the food item while also making it healthier by eradicating any chemicals and other contaminants. 

This is, therefore, a gadget that lets you buy vegetables and fruits from any store you like, with confidence. There is a quick timer function that lets you turn the purifier on and carry on with your work while the purifier does its job of cleansing the ingredients before you cook.


  • Compact easy-to-use design.
  • Efficiently cleanses vegetables and meat.
  • Timer function is easy to use.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Takes up less countertop space.


  • Not very durable in terms of construction quality.
  • Cord length is short.

3. Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer

Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer


  •  Purifies: fruits, vegetables and meat
  • Deodorize: meat and seafood
  • Timer function:10 to 30 minutes
  • Technology: Ozone technology removes all harmful contaminants
  • Warranty: 1 year

Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer is a bestselling item and it is rated as one of the best products in this segment.

It is equipped with the very powerful ozone disinfection technology which efficiently cleans and purifies your fruits and vegetables.

Prestige ozoniser removes all visible as well as invisible residues from food, keeping the natural taste and flavor of fruits and vegetables intact.

This purifier can also be used for keeping meat, seafood and poultry items fresh.

The product doesn’t require any maintenance and therefore, offers a great deal for customers. It is also an excellent quality product available for a very affordable price.

Purifier Produced by a renowned home appliances brand like Prestige, you do not have to compromise on quality when you choose this purifier. This purifier takes care of the elimination of fungus while also killing pathogens. It preserves the nutritional value of the food item while also making it healthier by eradicating any chemicals and other contaminants. 

This is, therefore, a gadget that lets you buy vegetables and fruits from any store you like, with confidence. There is a quick timer function that lets you turn the purifier on and carry on with your work while the purifier does its job of cleansing the ingredients before you cook.


  • Compact machine, ideal for homes
  • Effectively removes chemical traces, kills bacteria
  • Zero maintenance
  • Timer functions
  • Deodorizes meat, seafood


  • High electricity consumption

4. Hul Pureit Marwella

Hul pureit marwella


  • Purity: Double purity lock
  • Advance feature: Auto shut off
  • Purifies: Can remove impurities from fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and water
  • Technology: Utilizes ozone disinfection technology
  • Warranty: 1 year

Hul pureit marwella Another great product that will keep you tension free is Crusaders Fruit and Vegetable Purifier.

It comes with large storage tank of 8 Litres, and has an Auto shut-off feature that allows you to purify all kinds of food.

This purifier can be used to remove impurities, harmful chemicals, bacteria and germs from fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and also water.

It is an energy saving and durable equipment which can be used for a long period that can save your good amount of money.

The compact design makes it easy to install and operate wherever you have an electrical connection.

This purifier takes care of the elimination of fungus while also killing pathogens. It preserves the nutritional value of the food item while also making it healthier by eradicating any chemicals and other contaminants.

This is, therefore, a gadget that lets you buy vegetables and fruits from any store you like, with confidence. There is a quick timer function that lets you turn the purifier on and carry on with your work while the purifier does its job of cleansing the ingredients before you cook.


  • Energy efficient
  • Hassle free operation
  • Compact design
  • Brand provide free installation
  • Pesticide removal at 2times faster than other vegetable purifier


  • Expensive product

5. ARG HEALTH CARE Ozonizer 



  • Purifies: Powerful fruit and vegetable purifier
  • Technology:  Utilizes ozone disinfection
  • Quality: Removes all kinds of impurities from food
  • Warranty: 1 year

Coming from a renowned purifier brand like ARG, this fruit and vegetable purifier is ideal for homes.

It is compact, sleek and portable, making it extremely easy for you to carry around your home. 

There is no need for its installation and it can be simply plugged in and operated anywhere.

This purifier is extremely capable of removing all kinds of harmful chemicals, pathogens, impurities and residues from your food.

Besides, it helps to keep food odor free and increases its shelf life.

ARG Vegetable and Fruit purifier can also be used to remove contaminants from other foods such as meat, poultry or seafood. Its powerful ozonizing technology oxidizes all harmful residues and makes it ideal for human consumption.

The purifier has a timer setting of 5 to 30 minutes, which can be adjusted according to your requirements. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Along with Multipurpose usage as Air purifierwater purifier at an affordable price.


  • Smart and efficient machine
  • Sleek, space saving design
  • Deodorizes food
  • Increases shelf life


  • Delicate machine, needs to be handled with care
  • Smell of ozone may be discomforting
  • Low power consumption.

6. KENT Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier 

KENT Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier


  •  Technology: Powerful disinfecting
  • Purifies: Ideal for all kinds of food
  • Timer:  settings of 15 and 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Kent Wall Mount Vegetable Purifier is ideal for cleaning and removing harmful bacteria and chemical residues from fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

This kent vegetable purifier sterilizes the food and makes it ideal for human consumption.

While washing may remove visible dirt from your food, kent vegetable purifier does not effectively remove all contaminants.

With this purifier, all you have to do is put some water in a bowl, add fruits and vegetables and place the ozone tube inside the bowl.

Switch on the purifier and as it starts emitting ozone, the harmful elements will be oxidized and removed. Similarly, water can also be purified with this purifier.

The purified, ozonized water is ideal for bathing, for keeping your skin safe from allergies and different types of infections. 

This Kent fruit and vegetable purifier also comes with an automatic 15 or 30 minute timer. Depending on your usage, adjust the timer setting. This model is a wall mounted type and therefore, you have to opt for installation.


  • Keeps food odor free and fresh
  • Modern design ideal for all kinds of kitchens
  • 3 year free servicing facility
  • Free installation


  • Requires installation
  • Slightly Expensive

7. Kent Counter Top 

Kent Counter Top


  • Purifies: All kinds of food purifies
  • Other feature: Ozone Disinfection Technology
  • Weight: 1.73 kg
  • Timer: 15 to 30 mints
  • Warranty: 1 year

Kent vegetable purifier & Fruit Cleaner comes is a great product that is perfect for keeping our food safe.

Kent vegetable cleaner is a wonderful appliance which can be used to purify fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Its powerful ozonizing technology removes chemical remnants of insecticides and pesticides from your food.

Besides, it kills harmful, disease causing bacteria and germs present in different food.

This purifier is an amazing sterilizer which can be used regularly in your homes. The appliance is energy efficient and has a very low power consumption.

Kent purifier made with good quality plastic, this purifier is durable and can be installed easily. This multi-utility ozonizer can be used for a number of purposes.

This kent vegetable purifier is not only helps to purify food but also deodorizes freezers, refrigerators and rooms. This is an added advantage of vegetable purifiers, it helps in getting rid of bad smells in refrigerators. And the most amazing feature of this model is its affordability.

When compared with other ozone purifiers in the market, kent vegetable cleaner one is quite cheap and you can easily order online and enjoy its numerous benefits.


  • Multi-utility appliance
  • Good quality, durable product
  • Affordable purifier
  • Low maintenance cost


  • None

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Best Vegetable Purifiers

Why Buy a Vegetable Purifier?

All of us are used to washing fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating. While the water removes all visible dirt and impurities, is it effective in killing harmful bacteria or does it remove the harmful chemicals from your food? No. Plain water is not capable of doing these jobs.

Equipped with ozone disinfection technology these fruit and vegetable purifiers are capable of removing insecticides, pesticides and all harmful contaminants from the food. It can also effectively kill bacteria, fungus, viruses and other pathogens.

Since cleaning does not remove all the impurities, it is strongly recommended to use one of these purifiers for a healthier life. Learn about how to remove carbide from fruits better with the help of video :

A specially designed purifier can get rid of these problems and is the perfect solution to all your food related issues.

  • Utilizing a powerful ozone disinfection technology, fruit and vegetable purifiers have the ability to remove harmful contaminants ranging from insecticide and pesticide residues to disease causing germs, bacteria and virus. These modern appliances are a boon for your family.
  • It keeps you and your family safe from several food borne diseases and prevents the occurrence of life threatening ailments such as cancer. Choosing the right purifier has thus, become a necessity.
  • Most vegetable purifiers are easy to use. All you need is a bowl of water with all the vegetables, fruit, meat or seafood that you wish to sterilize. Put the ozone tube inside the water and switch on the machine. Set a timer and let the machine do its job.
  • Once it is purified, the food is safe to consume and you can use it immediately or store it in your refrigerator. Sterilizing has another great benefit, it deodorizes food and increases its shelf life. Therefore, it is a healthy choice and you must start this practice at home.

If you have made up your mind and want to invest in a food sterilizing machine like an ozonizing purifier, there are certain things you must look into before finalizing a purchase.

Here is a basic guide to what you should or should not look for while making your purchasing decision. Take a look.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Purifiers

  • Check the Brand Quality: When it comes to safety, quality is the first and foremost factor that you should be concerned about. There are a number of brands in the Indian market selling different types of food sterilizers or fruit and vegetable purifiers. Look out for renowned home appliance brands selling good quality products.Some of the products may be quite costly, but do not let it deter you from selecting something that will not compromise on your health. Conduct a thorough research about the brand and the product you wish to purchase. Compare similar models on the internet and if possible, visit a local store to check out some of the models. Try to look for useful features and find out how one model is different from the other. Check the company’s market reputation and the kind of after sales services provided to customers.
  • Must be Useful: When you bring home any appliance, it is necessary to determine its feasibility. It must be useful and cater to your specific needs. A vegetable & fruits purifier is a product that will be used on a regular basis. Therefore, it must not be difficult to operate. Find out if there are any installation procedures, whether it operates on auto timers or has to be used manually.
    It is also important to choose an energy efficient appliance. The power consumption of your purifier must be low. A purifier that consumes a lot of energy will simply be a burden on your expenses and it cannot be a feasible option.Purifiers that are easy to maintain are the best choices. Also, make sure that you purchase a vegetable purifier that do not require a lot of manual intervention. A noisy product is also not recommended for your home. Try to check the noise level of a vegetable purifier before buying it.If it operates silently, it’s the best choice. A noisy product will irritate you and disturb everyone around you. As a result, its usage may be reduced over time. So, always try to find a product that meets all your requirements.
  • Design and Size: The size of a product is an important factor that must feature in your buying decision. A big, cumbersome home appliance will be difficult to use in any home. It cannot be carried around or placed in a small kitchen.So, opt for vegetable purifiers that have a sleek, classy and compact design, one which can be easily fitted on your kitchen counter or any other place equipped with an electrical point. A table top vegetable purifier is the best option as it saves space and is very easy to use. Although, wall mounted models are also available in the market, these require special installation processes and will be fixed at one place. So, you cannot move them to any convenient location later.
  • After Sales Service: Make sure that its spare parts and accessories are easily available. In most cases, vegetable purifiers do not use any consumable products and therefore do not require frequent maintenance. But, it is always safer to choose a product that can be replaced or repaired.Efficient after sales service will also make your future dealings with the manufacturer hassle free.
  • Side Effects: When you are buying a product that ensures the safety of your family, make sure that it does not have any side effects. At times, odd health risks arise from the things used in appliances. Try to understand the operation method and make sure that it doesn’t pose any health risk.
  • Price of Product: One of the major factors that influence a buying decision is the price of a product. Try to find out more about the features and compare it with similar models.Find out why a certain brand is charging more than the other. If the reason is justified, always opt for the better quality product. Remember, although it is necessary to remain within a budget, it is never advisable to opt for a product that will compromise on quality.
  • Conduct Market Research: A thorough market research will help you to buy the best product at the best rate. So, before you order your favorite product, conduct your own market research. The internet is a treasure house of information, if you utilize it. Try to invest some time in your research and find out about the bestselling products in the market.Look for their brand reputation, pricing, features and added benefits. Search online for reviews, feedbacks or ratings of different products. These will give you a fair idea about the product from users who are already using the product. Some e-commerce websites also provide an option to ask questions regarding a product to users who have already used it.Make use of this facility and know more about the product. Try to find out drawbacks, if any.

Buying a fruit and vegetable purifier is certainly one of the wiser decisions of your life because it is directly related to your health. If you do not wish to compromise on your family’s health, bring home an amazing ozone purifier that will remove impurities from all kinds of food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What technology does the fruit and vegetable purifier use?

While there are many ways to sanitize fruits and vegetables, Ozone disinfection is one of the predominant technologies. Ozone is used to enhance the oxidation of the cell wall of the pathogens and eventually kill them. Bacteria and other pathogens in vegetables and fruits, as well as fungus and contaminants on meat, can all be eliminated with the use of Ozone.

2. What is the general time setting of the purifier?

While fresh vegetables can be cleaned and sterilized quickly, meat and seafood can take a longer duration. Depending on your needs, you can choose the time with the help of the timer function found on most purifiers. Most of them come with cleansing modes ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes or more based on the items they can handle.

3. What are the items which can be purified in the purifier?

There are some purifiers designed particularly to be used with vegetables alone. Considering the diverse needs of modern kitchens, most purifiers today come with the option to purify a variety of items. Fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat of all kinds can be cleansed with the help of the purifiers. You can easily pick a purifier that fulfills your needs based on your budget.

4. What is the general mode of connectivity for these purifiers?

Most of the purifiers are built with compact designs and long power cables. These run on electricity and can be operated by directly plugging into an electric socket. They can be used in standard wall outlets in the kitchen or dining space. Built compactly, these can be placed even in a small counter space where you can place your bowl of vegetables, etc.

5. Are there any other expenses incurred, such as the maintenance charges?

On picking a top-rated purifier from credible brands, you would enjoy a maintenance-free use of the purifier. There are very few parts in these purifiers, and there are no complicated cleaning and maintenance requirements. The parts are all durable and do not need to be replaced. Unless there are some manufacturing defects or damage in the purifier, there is no maintenance charge involved.

6. Is buying fruits and vegetable purifiers a good investment?

For anyone particular about hygienically cooking food, a vegetable purifier is a great investment. It lets you be sure that only the cleanest of vegetables, fruits, and meat go into your dishes. When you have kids at home or if you are concerned about the presence of contaminants in the fruits and vegetables you buy, these purifiers can be reliable options.

7. Does the purifier contain any side effects?

Vegetable purifiers do not have any side effects. They only use Ozone to kill germs and remove chemicals from food without affecting the nutritional composition. There are no chemicals used in the sterilization process, and therefore you do not have to worry about any harmful effects on the vegetables and meat being treated. It only works by removing traces of unwanted chemicals in common food ingredients.

8. Is there any need for buying a particularly shaped purifier?

Purifiers for cleansing vegetables come in all shapes and sizes. It is only the capacity of the purifier that you should check and the power consumption details. There are compact designs available even with the most powerful purifiers. Depending on the space available in your kitchen, you can easily find the most suitable size to pick something practical.

9. What is the warranty period of the purifier?

This is one parameter that varies from one brand to another. You would be able to find the warranty details along with the product information. Most of the products in this segment come with a standard 1-year warranty. This covers any manufacturing defect in the product. You can also find clear warranty terms in the product manual when you purchase the product.

10. What are some other factors to be concerned about?

Make sure that you choose a product that has earned a good reputation. Something that has been known to perform consistently would be a reliable choice for a family. Pick something that comes with simple timer modes. Versatility is another aspect to consider, especially if you want to be sure that you are obtaining the best value for your money.

Here's the List of Top 7 Best Vegetable Purifier in India


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