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Top 11 Best VR Headsets in India

Edited by Piyush, Reviewed by Shashank

Looking for the Best VR headset in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Among all the innovations in the arena of Virtual Reality, VR headsets are the quickest, easiest and most pocket-friendly way to take a thrilling stride across the avenues of Virtual Reality.

Each VR headset offers a different experience, has varied hardware requirements and comes with a price that can be hard to justify.

Moreover, manufacturers are continuously adapting to new feature updates, and add-ons, to flood the markets with attractive deals in the VR headset.

Best VR Headsets In India

Here are certain pointers that you need to take care of when buying a the virtual reality glasses. We highly recommend that you read our buyer's guide at the end of this article to gain an exhaustive understanding of VR headsets and buying them online.

While these are just a few basic things that you need to consider before buying the headsets, there is more to it.

  • Quality and Immersive experience: Immersive experience is what teleport you into a new world.
  • The display: The display quality that a VR headset gives you is another vital feature that simulates the real-world for you while you’re viewing or playing on your VR headset.
  • Comfort: Comfortable VR headsets are more frequently used without any adverse health effects.
  • Cost: Quality of a VR headset makes up for its cost but there can be many hidden costs that you need to take care of when buying VR online.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility ensures the optimal working of the VR headset with your smartphones.

It will help you benchmark different VR headsets and find the best virtual reality headset as fits your requirements. Keeping the above-listed factors in mind we’ve curated some of the most coveted VR headsets in the market right now with their features, pros and cons in the upcoming top 10 VR headsets list.

We Highly recommend you to read the VR Headset Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest VR Headset technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 11 Best VR Headset in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Procus ONE virtual reality headset


  • Weight: 290g
  • Lense Type: HD 40MM
  • Special Features: Adjustable headband, foam face cushioning, Leatherhead support
  • Control functions: Built-in touch button, Detachable magnet-based materials
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android and iOS

Procus ONE is one of the first two launches of PROCUS, that makes up for a budget-friendly VR entertainment.

It comes powered with Google cardboard technology and decent build quality.

The headset supports smartphones that have a gyroscope, and a screen size between 3.5 inches to 6 inches.

It perfectly satiates a beginner’s taste for an immersive experience of VR content watching and gaming.

With an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees. Users ranked this product on 1st position in the top 5 VR headsets list because of it's classic look and affordable price.


  • Integrated headphones
  • Cardboard with free apps
  • Inexpensive compared to counterparts
  • 360 degrees of videos and cinematic viewing
  • Ample cushioning for comfort
  • Portable with an easy-to-use interface
  • Simple layout with black ivory


  • Medium grade optics
  • Not much external control
  • Restricted field view for some Games
  • Abrupt button placement



  • Weight: 327g
  • Lense Type: 42mm Resin lenses
  • Special Features: Anti Haze technology, Large FOV, Soft Coaching
  • Control functions: Free Remote and Built-in touch button
  • Compatibility: Android and IOS ( with screen size of 4.5-6 Inch)
  • Warranty: 3 months

This is one of the best VR box in India which set by IRUSU, features a curved ergonomic look and feel with a chic front bezel. A foam protector, along with a suitable Head strap.

The Headset is lightweight and therefore can be used for prolonged duration without discomfort. It offers two ways of lens adjustment:

  • InterPupillary Distance that helps people to fine-tune the lens as per one's eyes distance.
  • Focal Adjustment can be used to focus on the mobile screen for a sharper picture.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation with removable front tray
  • Touch button works without magnetometer
  • Highly calibrated lenses for optimal view


  • The remote doesn’t work well with iOS 11
  • Requires AAA battery that discharges quickly
  • Mediocre lens quality

3. Procus Pro VR Headset


  • Weight: 413g
  • Lense Type: Japanese PMMA lenses
  • Special features: Headband, Adjustable earphones, 3D vision
  • Control functions: Inbuilt Headphones, 3.5mm audio cable, Inbuilt touch button
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Warranty: 3 months

Procus Pro VR definitely wins out others with its superior design. It offers an experience closest to reality with an impeccable immersion quality.

The primary module is a tad broader, yet sleek and harbors an out casing with heat-relaying capability. It also has adjusters for focal length and papillary to fit your eyesight.

It's finest lenses quality diminishes eye fatigue and lag letting you experience an immersive VR at utmost comfort and hence for a longer time period. We recommend this product as the best VR in India.


  • Suitable for people in 0 - 800 range myopia, and 0 - 400 range hyperopia.
  • The adjustable and secure tray is suitable for phones of many different sizes
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Free VR game
  • Ample space to attach headphones/Earphones


  • A little overpriced
  • Mediocre lens quality
  • Bulky/Heavyweight
  • Doesn't support 360 degrees viewing for some games
  • Picture quality depends upon your smartphone pixel density



  • Weight: 376g
  • Lense Type: 42mm Adjustable lenses
  • Special Features: Comfortable headband, super face foam protector
  • Control functions: Customizable Front mobile holder, Bluetooth remote controller
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android models (Gyroscope)
  • Warranty: 3 months

With a motive to offer its customers an affordable VR experience, with high-end features and HD lenses, Irusu brings you. Play VR headset with remote, in its medium-range section.

Irusu PLAYVR is given the title of best VR box for beginners among the gamers because it is easy to use and comes at an affordable prices.

It comes with the robust build quality and has lenses made of vacuum ion refined plating.

That can easily block electromagnetic radiation and protect your vision.

It effectively dodges the visual fatigue, and restores 3D reality with the broad vision, demonstrating a lossless VR landscape.


  • Optimized for Google Cardboard Apps
  • Safe vision with lenses
  • Suits the needs of people with vision problems
  • Affordable
  • Ventilation holes for inserting earphones and charging
  • Microphone to enable call receiving during the headset usage


  • Heavyweight headset
  • The Bluetooth remote controller doesn’t work with the latest IOS version
  • Compatibility issues for android updates with Oneplus 3T
  • Compatible Mobiles need accelerometer for head tracking

5. Ocular Grand VR Headset


  • Weight: 435g
  • Lense Type: 42 MM PMMA HD Optical Resin lenses,
  • Special Features: 120 Degrees FOV, Adjustable focal and pupillary distance, elastic head strap
  • Control functions: Inbuilt Adjustable Headphones & 3.5 MM Jack, Inbuilt Volume  Controller
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android (4- 6-inch screen size)
  • Warranty: 3 months

Ocular Grand is an amalgamation of innovation & creativity. Powered by Google Cardboard technology.

The headset is made from all Environmental friendly material.

The headset also features a unique design with an inbuilt Volume Controller that aids in controlling volume and answering calls while using the headset.

The Touch Button operates as a clicker and hence eliminates the need for any external support.

It also features an aptly placed window access that facilitates heat dissipation for the smartphones. If you are looking for vr headset for pc to improve gaming experience then this is right product for you.


  • Total Noise Cancellation
  • Integrated Headphones & Mic allows
  • Easy to use and portable
  • 3-Dimensional Visual Sensation


  • Heavyweight headset
  • Mediocre speaker quality
  • No remote control – requires manual operations

6. Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA


  • Weight: 318g
  • Lense Type and Quality: 96 degree Field of view (FOV), 101 ̊ Eye relief, 10mm Gyro/Proximity sensor
  • Special Features: USB Type-C & Micro USB, Controller Holder, Gear VR Controller
  • Control functions: Hard Button for Back and Volume, Adjustable head strap
  • Compatibility: Samsung (S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+)
  • Warranty: 1 year

This set is perfect for the VR newbies. The new Samsung gear comes with a controller that is one of the easiest gears in VR to operate.

Samsung vr box also forms the most affordable line of products in VR headset.

If you have a Samsung phone with a processor no older than two years, this product is the one you need.

The latest Gear VR also boasts of a streamlined and better design with features like a USB-C connector.

The controller is a remote that is akin to other existing controllers like HTC Vive‘s, with a raised touch pad, and a punchy trigger. Positioned at the left and right ends the controller is easy to be paired with your smartphone.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good immersive experience
  • 1-year warranty
  • Multi-function USB port
  • Adjustable head strap


  • Works well only with Samsung flagship phones
  • Controller batteries, not rechargeable
  • Uses phone batteries unless connected separately
  • Heats up quickly

7. AuraVR Pro VR Glasses Headset


  • Weight: 376 g
  • Lense Type and Quality: Large 42 MM lenses
  • Special Features: Adjustable Focal length and IPD, Non-sweating cushion, 110 Degree FOV
  • Control functions: Removable front lid, Single Hand Operation Bluetooth, Gaming Remote with Joystick
  • Compatibility: Operating system android 4.1/iOS 5.
  • Warranty: 2 months

AuraVR pro is a design exclusive for an amazing gaming experience. It is also one of the best sellers headsets from the company.

Its unique construction along with a free gaming Bluetooth remote makes it stand out amongst all other range of headsets in this segment.

The gaming Bluetooth remote functions well with VR as well as non-VR games, it also can be used as a prop to click selfies and a remote presentation controller.

It can be used for playing games on virtual reality glasses, watch enhanced 360-degree view of content, see virtual tours as well as a 3D cinema on your phones.

The piece is will definitely redefine your taste in VR technology.


  • One Finger Phone Insertion Mechanism
  • Easy Bluetooth control
  • Sleek design
  • Can also be used as a remote selfie clicker & as a wireless mouse for the smartphone
  • Breathable cushioning
  • Easy mobile insertion mechanism.


  • Works best only with android smartphones
  • No supporting native remote control app
  • Drains batteries fast

8. Irusu Mini 3D VR Headset


  • Weight: 381g
  • Lense Type: 42mm Diameter HD Optical Lenses
  • Special Features: Short-Sight Suitable: 0-600, Heat dissipation mechanism
  • Control functions: Bluetooth controller, Android button for pairing, IOS button for power
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android with gyroscope (4-6 inch screen size)
  • Warranty: 3 months

Irusu Mini 3D VR is one of the lightweight headsets with strong build and a magnification of 5.2 fold for a wonderful immersive experience in VR.

The Mini Box Headset is also versatile in can be used to watch 360-degree videos, adjacent 3D Videos.

This is the best vr headset for mobile because it's support most of  the smartphone devices.

It is also perfect for a Google Street View experience on the Cardboard App. Featuring a Unique holder on the front.

It helps to tightly hold mobile phone till 6.4 inches. With an open-end built on the front, it allows easy heat dissipation. You can also wear virtual reality glasses while watching and playing. It even supports some mobiles in Augmented Reality setups.


  • Reduces Deformity & Glare
  • Prevents Visual Fatigue
  • Features ’Irusu Vr Zone’ app to store all VR Apps At One Place
  • Unique front panel design


  • The Remote Does Not Work Properly With Latest Ios 11 Version
  • Lack of button on VR

9. Irusu Play Virtual Reality Lenses 


  • Weight: 381g
  • Lense Type: Hd Optical Resin VR Lenses
  • Special Features: Comfortable Headband, Super Face Foam Protector, Ideal Heat Dissipating
  • Control functions: Adjustable On Pupil And Object Distance, Design Holes - Earphone And Charging
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android with gyroscope (4 - 6inch screen size)
  • Warranty: 3 months

This masterpiece has made another cohort of distinct users within the VR landscape.

With a cutting edge construction technology Irusu, adjustable VR Headset has lenses made of refined Vacuum Ion Plating.

That holds the potential Of Blocking harmful Electromagnetic Radiation.

The lenses come with 8-Layer Nano-Coating and 5 Times Polishing. This headset is also optimized. For loads Of high-end Google Cardboard Apps.

It helps you get rid of excess heat that comes with overuse with an innovative front lid, that can be removed from time to time to enjoy a VR experience.

That lasts longer without any interruptions. If you have low budget and searching Vr with decent feature then this is best VR headset under 2000 you can find in the market.


  • Reduces Deformity & Glare
  • Prevents Visual Fatigue
  • 3D Reality Broad Vision
  • Reproduces Lossless VR experience


  • The Remote Does Not Work Properly With Latest Ios 11 Version
  • Lack of button on VR

10. Ocular Swift VR Virtual Reality Headset


  • Weight: 159g
  • Lense Type and Quality: Hd Optical Resin VR Lenses
  • Special Features: HD IMAX Cinema Effect, Elastic head-strap, Ventilation holes for heat dissipation
  • Control functions: Adjustable On Pupil And Object Distance, Easy connectivity
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android models with gyroscope(4-6inch screen size)
  • Warranty: 3 months

Ocular Swift one of the most adored devices for VR lovers. It is built to take up a unique design with attention to detail. It is powered by Google’s Cardboard technology & is totally free of hazardous material.

This is the best VR headset for pc because it provides the best gaming experience and especially build for gaming purpose. Apart from being lightweight and easily portable, it also protects all smartphones from unprecedented damage or scratches.

It also uses adjustments on unilateral myopia, to let you adjust the interpupillary distance in Range 55 - 75 mm along with the smartphone distance of up to 8 mm. This even helps to enhance focus. It works best with Smartphones that have Gyroscope & Accelerometer and produces a distinguished 3D Experience.

Swift can generate signals to forge an actual environment in an imaginary set up to stimulate your presence let you interact with it.


  • Extra room for eyeglasses
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • No simulator sickness
  • Unparalleled FOV
  • Safety padding for smartphone


  • No good software integration
  • Difficult to use for a long time
  • Difficult setup
  • A bit uncomfortable on the nose

11. Irusu Play VR Plus VR Headset Box 


  • Weight: 690g
  • Lense Type: HD RESIN lens
  • Special Features: Built-in Microphone, Adjustable HD Lenses, Adjustable Headphones, Inbuilt Touch button
  • Control functions: Built-in touch button, Detachable magnet-based materials
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android 5.0 and above and iPhone 6 and above

This is one of the masterpieces and comprehensive VR headsets that will fulfill all your needs and even beyond that. 

You would be amazed to know that while playing games, watching movies, or taking a virtual tour, this headset provides you with innumerable possibilities.

With this headphone, you get a 3.5 mm jack, and you also get a button that helps you to answer calls and control volume without even touching the phone. 

This VR headset comes with a Bluetooth irusu remote controller. With the Bluetooth setting on this VR headset, you can play games like - Dino VR Shooter; House of terror VR 360 horror, or Sachin Saga.

With this VR headset, you get advanced lensesin-built headphones, and this is well connected with mobile phones to ensure that you get the best experience. 

This is one of the most comfortable headsets and it comes with adjustable functions. You can increase or decrease the functions depending on your head size and comfort. 

This VR headset comes with an anti-blue lens that filters the blue light and thus protects your eyes in the long run.


  • Headset quality is superb
  • Design is quite elegant
  • Can connect with two smartphones at one time
  • Magnetic ear buds
  • Long battery life


  • Connecting controller with the phone takes time
  • Focus of the lens is not that sharp
  • No inbuilt battery
  • Can work only for 6.5-inch devices
  • Mobile devices must have a gyroscope sensor and accelerometer 

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase VR Headsets

VR headsets are fast flooding the markets. With every new launch, the road to buying a perfect VR devices becomes tougher and longer, and every little difference between the headsets will matter intensely through it. From functionality to costs, everything will play an essential role in your quest for the best!

In this section, you have at your disposal, every single thing that you might need to know before you lay hands on your VR box. We’ll start by listing all kinds of headsets that are available in the market followed by your purpose identification of buying a headset.

Thereafter we’ll drive through a list of factors that you need to take care of while buying the best VR gear.

Beginners Guide to Virtual Reality

Types of VR Headsets

There are 3 main categories of the VR headsets each with its niche products.

  • TETHERED HEADSETS: A Tethered VR headset implies the presence of a physical connection of the headset device to a computer through cables like HDMI, USB, etc.Claiming a larger screen size with more resources, these headsets are naturally touted to offer one of the most exhilarating virtual reality experiences. They can deliver high-end content quality and need some setup space along with a cable connection to a powerful gaming PC. Hence, this option becomes a bit expensive for those on a strict budget.A range of VR headsets comes under the category of tethered devices. These include HTC VIVE Pro, Lenovo Mirage, Oculus Rift & Samsung Odyssey. So, choose good VR headset for pc and mobile device that can connect easily without any problem.
  • STANDALONE HEADSETS: A standalone Vr headset as the name suggests needs the minimal possible external aid to function. They are plug and play kind of device that runs without the plug. They just need a few basic things like charging the device’s battery and creating a user account to get access to some free VR platforms and apps, nothing else.They have built-in functions ranging from that of controllers, batteries, sensors, memory, and displays, therefore they don’t need external connection with a PC or even a smartphone. No wonder people prefer calling them all in one headset. This makes them a perfect pick for an initial drive of VR experience.The category features some eminent headsets from the market including Lenovo Mirage Solo, HTC VIVE Focis, Pico Neo, and Oculus Go.
  • SMARTPHONE HANDHELD HEADSETS: Smartphone VR headsets use smartphones to offer virtual reality functions. You can just slide or hold in your smartphone inside the headset with its screen positioned right in front of your eyes. They make use of special lenses to create a display of depth and VR perception.

Some recently released smartphones are exclusively designed keeping in mind the needs of VR users with these headsets. For these headsets, the quality of your display is not something you’ll be unaccustomed to as it adjusts according to the streaming quality of your smartphone.

Also, some of these headsets use the phone’s camera along with their accelerometers as control functions, like the ones discussed above. This by far is the cheapest way to satiate your VR streaming desires.

So now that you know what kinds of VR headsets exist in the market, it's time you decide the actual purpose of buying a VR headset. Are you buying it to fulfill your high-end gaming needs?

Or just want to have a taste of the experience it offers? Or maybe you’re looking to buy one for your commercial needs. When you know this, you’re ready for the next big step in your journey. Look for the following factors based on your needs while browsing through the web:

Factors to Consider 

  • Quality and Immersive experience: These are the very first factors to look out for when browsing through the web for headsets. Where you might have certain budget requirements, you also want to make sure you don’t end up with trash under the ‘for beginners or ‘pocket-friendly’ tags. Some off the shelf VR headsets like Oculus Rift offers unmatchable immersive quality. Amongst the budget-friendly ones from handheld and smartphone categories, PROCUS pro and IRUSU offer significant-quality deliveries.
  • Cost: This is yet another factor that goes a long way in a satisfactory VR experience with headsets. There are some upfront costs as well as some hidden costs that arise from compatibility issues as well as hardware and resource requirements of VR headsets. For this, you need to take special care while buying online. Don’t get fooled for a high and chirpy sales pitch or discount on a website. Thoroughly research the headset you’re interested in, its compatibility, its specifications, and any other requirements to understand your costs.
  • Comfort: You don’t want to end up with puffy eyes or worse, a headache, binge-watching or playing a game on your VR headset. Since these devices rest on your body, buying an uncomfortable one will be the most dreadful thing to do to yourself. Look out for soft cushioning, lightweight of the headset, foam components, head straps, along with grip qualities of your headset. Readout personal experiences of people with the device or the least find yourself a VR buying guide on the Internet.
  • Design: Design captures interest. If you fall for creative and sleek designs, you're spoilt for choices again. There are some elegant and sophisticated designs in the best vr device available in the market. Some are even pocket-friendly like PROCUS One. But then again you require research and benchmarking to get your hands on the most attractive designs out there.
  • Display: For most popular ones, display is directly proportional to the headset’s cost. The higher you’re willing to shell, the better quality display you get. Although, you can go for smartphone VR headsets if you own a high-resolution and high-definition screen smartphone. For these headsets, the display quality entirely depends on the smartphone’s display quality.

Let’s now look at some important use cases of VR headsets to get your VR goals even more specific and useful.

Use Cases of VR Headsets 

There is a big debate around enterprise expectations of virtual reality’s potential, and fortunately, VR has found a number of ways to make businesses and industries more effective and efficient.

  • eCommerce: VR can enable you to streamline your buying experience. From finding products, viewing deals, and reaching customer service you can do so much with it.And doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a headset every time, retailers can implement VR technology into their apps that will enable people to reap its benefits. For example, stores can showcase the latest fashion collection, or can transport customers to store virtually as they were shopping normally.
  • Medical: Virtual reality can be beneficial in medical facilities too. For people who are scared of needles, injections or blood can simply put on a VR headset and escape into a deceptive world. This can be very useful for parents in pediatric treatments. For instance, put a VR headset on your child and let him experience a thrilling ride across the mountains, unknowingly getting injections at the same time.
  • Training students/employees: VR reality is widely used as training and learning means for certain institutions. For example, Walmart is using Oculus Go headsets to enhance the onboarding and training process for new employees, teaching them new technology, company compliance policies, and sales skills. Simulating real like experiences, VR can effectively create an ideal and real-time environment for training, analyzing and assessing candidates for roles.
  • Visualizing data: Making data-based decisions can sometimes take up to hours of struggle in front of a monitor. VR headsets are setting the pace for progress and productivity in this sense too. Visualization of data in the form of numbers, charts, graphs in a virtual environment will expedite decision making and services for organizations.

What did we learn about buying Best VR headsets?

VR headsets are making huge strides towards development in every existing industry. Hence it is very essential that these VR headsets are bought according to the entailed purpose so that they can give promising results for individuals and groups.

Make sure to compare various headsets on different sites for specifications before you buy them.

Read a number of different buying guides to have a clear cut distinction between similar looking products. If you follow all the rules listed in this top vr headsets in India guide, we promise you’ll be glad about the end results.

So, good luck and we hope you find your VR partner soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best VR headset 2020?

Irusu Play VR Plus VR Headset Box with Headphones and VR Remote Controller Mobiles is considered to be the best VR headset in 2020. This headset can be connected with two smartphones simultaneously. It comes with adjustable settings so you can adjust the size as per your head and comfort. The anti-blue lens of this headset is a huge plus because they take care of your eyes in the long run. With this headset, you get numerous control options, and you won’t even need to touch your mobile phone every time. Overall, this headset is a complete value for money.

2. Which is the best VR to buy?

AuraVR Pro Fully Adjustable VR Glasses headset is one of the best VR to buy. The Bluetooth feature of this headset is top-notch. This headset comes with a free gaming Bluetooth remote which you will not find in other VR headsets of this price range. This Bluetooth remote functions well with both VR and non-VR games. You can even click selfies with this remote. With an enhanced 360 degrees view, a virtual tour using this VR headset is surreal. It has one finger phone insertion mechanism, which is world-class. With a breathable cushioning and affordable price range, this is one of the best VR to buy.

3. Which is the best VR headset for PC?

Ocular Swift Fully Adjustable VR Virtual Reality headset is one of the best VR headsets for PC. The design and look of this VR headset are unique and eye-catching. This one works on Google’s cardboard technology, and thus this is one of the best VR to look forward to. This is extremely lightweight and highly portable, and therefore it would protect all smartphones from unprecedented damage. When connected to a PC, this VR headset will give you the best gaming experience ever.

4. Do you need a PC for VR?

All VRs don’t need PCs. There are several new-age VRs that can work equally well without a PC. Some of the modern age VRs get connected to mobile phones and then show their magic. So, if you think that you need a PC for your VR, then you need to do research. Without a PC also your VR will work quite fine. So, don’t worry about getting a PC for your VR. Go with a modern-day VR with updated specifications that can be used completely well without a PC.

5. Is VR dead2019?

Nielson’s owner SuperData said that the PC VR market has reduced over 8% as compared to 2018 to 2019 sales figures. So, if you are the one who is a developer for PR cum VC then the future is quite bleak. But standalone VRs have quite a fair chance. VR is in the stage of maturity and not growth, and thus a technological breakthrough will set it apart. In a nutshell, VR is not dead in 2019 rather it is on the path of progress.

6. Is VR dying 2020?

With Beat, Seaber VR is attaining new heights. This is the very first all VR game that has made to steam the top 100 best-selling games list. VR enthusiasts who own Oculus Rift CV1 or HTC Vive are looking forward to more VRs shortly. And also soon we will see more standalone VRs than PC VRs. VR has always been a niche sector, and thus it will continue being so with all-round developments to make VR more and more user acceptance.

7. Is phone VR dead?

Smartphone VR is closing down very soon. The two most prominent players – Google and Samsung have said no to phone VRs any more. Google is also discontinuing it’s daydream view mobile headset. Oculus CTO has already entered the back counting stage. Phone-based VRs had several constraints, and it was quite natural that one day it will no longer see the sunshine in the market. Battery draining was one of the biggest cons of this phone-based VR and not to forget it is quite cumbersome as well.

8. Is VR worth it right now?

Since 2016 VR can be seen in the market and it has taken the world of hardcore gamers by storm. With the best controls, stylish design, and innovative technology, VR is going to see more in the future. Earlier VRs were dependent on PC, but thanks to the new age technology VRs are coming up which can perform excellently without PC and only with mobile phones. Thus, VR is worth it, and with time it will take new leaps in the technology sector.

9. Which VR headset has been sold the most?

Irusu Play Adjustable Virtual Reality lenses with a magnetic clicker are one of the best VR headsets which have the maximum sales figure. It comes with a cutting edge construction technology which is a breakthrough in itself. This VR headset comes with a unique ability to block electromagnetic radiation. It also comes with an innovative lid that can be removed from time to time and then you can get rid of excess heat. This VR headset lasts quite longer without any interruptions.

10. How many calories do you burn in VR?

You won’t believe it, but VR cardio games are a fab workout. You can do this but make sure that you are physically comfortable and don’t exert yourself a lot. Depending on your age and physical criteria, you can try VR workout for as long as 20 minutes. And you won’t believe it, but with this, you will be able to lose a minimum of 20 calories. No one would have ever thought that VR might even prove to be helpful in the weight loss scenario too, but it is true. This is a fun way of losing weight.

Here is the List of Top 11 Best VR Headset in India


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