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Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

Edited By Garima, Reviewed By Anupama

Looking for the Best washing machine brand in India? Great!

You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

In all honesty, you just cannot escape dirty laundry, but you can definitely clean your clothes with the help of a washing machine which serves to ease your load.

In this day and age, when life is becoming fast paced and more and more couples are opting to work outside their homes.

Washing machines are a boon as they ease the burden of doing laundry; thereby enabling you to relax and perform other chores.

The buyer’s guide that follows our list of top ten best washing machine brand in India is intended to help you choose a washing machine best brand according to your budget and needs.

Some of the big brands engaged in manufacturing top washing machines in India are listed below:

 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

How to select the correct washing machine? Well, We compare washing machines and the answer lies with you because there are various factors to choose from like load, capacity, and function.

However other additional features are even provided due emphasis such as wash program, temperature control, child lock, delayed beginning, etc.

We Highly recommend you to read the Washing Machine Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest washing machine technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brand in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is LG but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. LG

Technology Highlights

  • True Steam Technology: Allows the users to destroy the allergens present in the clothes and eliminate bacteria.
  • Inverter Direct Drive technology: provides direct connection between the drum and the motor. This ensures minimal noise and saves energy.
  • Turbo Drum Wash: Provides a perfect wash to the lot. The clothes are washed without any tangles, thereby ensuring that they are cleaned to perfection and no  damage is done to the fabric. Water consumption is low and regular washing is an optimized experience for the users.
  • The Balance of machines provides a vibration-free washing experience to the users.
  • Auto Pre-wash technology: Allows the stained clothes to be washed with competence. 8 minutes of pre-wash ends and then the actual washing begins.
  • 6 Motion Technology: Means different washing options.

LG is the best selling washing machine in India and one of the most trusted and reliable home appliances brand in the country.

It has state of the art technology and innovative ideas which are amalgamated in the R&D department to produce impressive products.

They take care of the pricing strategy and provide a wide range of options to suit the budget of diverse buyers.

It is also counted as the best washing machine brand in India.

2. IFB

Technology Highlights

  • The Cradle Wash feature: of the machines ensures that soft and fragile clothes are maintained.
  • Smart Loader Technology: means the machines manufactured by the company with this feature can ensure that the special requirements of the clothes are taken care. This feature is not available in traditional washing machines.
  • Aqua Energie: Help deal with hard water problems. Hard water can damage the colour and texture of soft clothes. However, this technology prevents any harm to clothes and converts hard water into soft water.
  • Triadic Pulsator: means that the top and best front loading washing machine in India have soft scrub pads for the effective removal of stains on the clothes.
  • Ball Valve Technology: ensures that detergent wastage is avoided.

The list of Fully-automatic washing machines will be incomplete without the mention of IFB . 

The company is known to have launched first best front load washing machine in India.

The brand has occupied an extremely credible position in the Indian society in the segment of front load washing machines.

The quality of the machines manufactured by the company is superior and it comes in different weight like ifb washing machine 8kg,6kg etc.

IFB includes in the list of top best automatic washing machine in India.

3. Samsung

Technology Highlights

  • Flexwash Technology: Allows hybrid design and is equipped with both front and top load machines. Front load machines allow easy washing of bulky fabrics like blankets and curtains.
  • Eco Bubble: Makes the wash more effective by allowing the penetration of the detergent in the clothes. Bubble soak helps remove tough stains from the fabric.
  • Airwash technology: helps to reduce any odour from clothes and sanitizes them.
  • Eco Drum: Cleaning aids in the removal of allergens from clothes. Detergent residue in not found in clothes on account of this technology.
  • The diamond drum design: In top loaders prevents clothes from sticking out and ensures longevity of the clothes.

Samsung is a company from South Korea and has made an impressive mark in the Indian consumer market.

Washing maching in India offered by the Samsung company have fetched great appreciation from consumers. 

The Quick Drive Technology has come forth as a breakthrough feature which is known to reduce the washing time and uplift the washing results.

Samsung is one the best brand among the top brand washing machine in India, these machine are ideal for small and big rooms.

4. Whirlpool

Technology Highlights

  • Sixth Sense technology: Adopted by the machines is one of the most talked about feature of the machine. It can change the drum movement depending on the type of fabric being washed. The features allowing this facility are slow motion, wave motion and power shower for synthetics, etc.  Cradle wash for wools is also allowed by the machine.
  • 360 Degree Spray Technology: Ensures optimum water consumption and a better wash. The 3 nozzle spray paves way for clean water to come in and facilitates a better rinse for the clothes.
  • In-built Water Heater ensures a germ and allergen-free wash. It also deals with tough stains.
  • Hexa Bloom Empeller : Allows 360 degree circulations was motion. Fabric abrasion is minimal and cleaning is maximum.
  • Intellisense Inverter Technology: Prevents the wrinkling of clothes after drying. You get bacteria and odour free clothes after the wash.
  • Hot Catalytic Soak: Allows the formation of concentrated detergent solutions which ensures that tough stains are also removed from the clothes.
  • Smart Sensors: In the machine can indicate power fluctuations and water pressure.

Whirlpool has acquired immense popularity in the field of home appliances and the washing machines manufactured by the company are superb in design and quality.

The Front Load machines are particularly very popular. Whirlpool have the best fully automatic washing machine in Indian market.

Whirlpool is the best washing machines in India which delivers great work quality, well above user's expectations. Creative also focuses on meeting excellence product design.

5. Bosch

Technology Highlights

  • VarioDrum Technology: It is an important feature which allows dealing with tough stains without creating any damage to the fabric.
  • ActiveWater PlusWith 256 load sensing levels is a clever feature which means that water level can be adjusted as per the load. It ensures even water distribution in the tub.
  • Anti Vibration Design: ensures that your clothes are washed without much noise and vibration.

Brand wise Bosch has established its mark in the field of home appliances and is capable of yielding maximum results despite power fluctuations.

When it come to trusted product bosch washing machine reviews are the best, this German product has found a prominent place in the Indian consumer market. 

While looking for which washing machine is good. Bosch includes in the list of top washing machine brands in India.

6. Haier

Technology Highlights

  • ABT or Anti-Bacterial Technology: The dispenser and gasket that comes with the ABT equipped Haier washing machines are specially made with ABT technology which serves to get rid of more than 99.8% of all bacteria and germs. With ABT your clothes are not only clean but remain protected and intact as well.
  • Laser Seamless Welding Technology: The use of this technology ensures that the 3.5 times stronger vis a vis electric resistance welding is used which boasts of making the machine highly reliable, robust and increases the shelf-life of the product.
  • NZP or Near Zero Pressure: Say goodbye to all the  problems faced due to water pressure in India. With this technology being put into use, the washing machine can work with ease even with water pressures of 0.001- 0.002 MPA.

As a company, Haier is relentlessly striving towards innovating new technological concepts so as to enhance the lifestyle of its customers and enable them to live healthier and happier lives.

Other attributes that set Haier apart are its firm commitment to manufacturing environment friendly and green products and upholding its social responsibility.

Haier provides best washing machine at affordable prices in Indian market. 

7. Godrej

Technology Highlights

  • Allergy Protect: This serves to get rid of 7 different types of allergens commonly found in homes besides 4 types of bacteria from the clothes you wash in the machine. This means that by making use of this technology you not only get clean but also germ-free clothes.
  • Eco-Balance: This works to optimize the water and energy consumption automatically as per the load of the laundry. It saves you up to 50% energy consumption besides saving water as well.
  • Anti-Crease: The anti-crease feature of Godrej Washing machines makes sure the cloth wrinkles are kept to a bare minimum which makes ironing relatively easy.

With over a century of operations, the Godrej Group has its roots firmly planted in the Indian Independence and Swadeshi Movements.

The group’s founder, Ardeshir Godrej became an entrepreneur after a stint as a lawyer. Godrej is one the best top load washing machine brand in the industry.

His ventures finally succeeded when his locks business picked up steam and became a national success. 

With a customer base of over 1.1 billion and counting globally, the brand has become synonymous with trust, effectiveness and security.

Godrej also includes in top washing machine brands in India list.

Today it enjoys revenue of US$ 4.1 billion and the group has set the target of achieving twice the amount for the year 2020.

8. Panasonic

Technology Highlights

  • Stain Master: With the use of the Stain Master technology one can get rid of stains with the simple push of a button. This is done by mixing water and scrub wash effect. This technology deployed by the company has been developed specifically for Indian consumers to help them get rid of the toughest of stains. It can handle different types of stains like sweat stains, soya or sauce stains and mud stains with different courses for their removal, respectively.
  • Econavi: Econavi is a specially designed intelligent sensor that can detect the load of laundry as well as the water temperature. It automatically decides about the optimum use of water, energy and time.
  • Active Foam Wash: Through the Active Foam Wash Technology propeller rotation and water in high pressure helps detergents dissolve with ease. The pulsator is equipped with fins on its rear and the result is the production of fine foam in the tub’s bottom which is then poured rapidly on to the clothes from cascades. The resultant foamy water helps in cleaning the clothes.

Panasonic professes to be committed to providing a better lifestyle to its customers all across.

The globe and plays an active role in ensuring that their overall lives are healthier and enhanced. Panasonic is in the list of top 10 washing machines in India.

Being a multinational, Panasonic realizes that there are unique geographical needs of its consumers and its technology enabled solutions need to address the local requirements accordingly.

This is the core philosophy of the company as it proceeds towards creating solutions meant for India for a wide range of customers across various spectrum of business.

Its reputed brand name ensure you never face trouble with after-sales service makes panasonic popular brand among all other best washing machine brand in India. 

9. BPL

Technology Highlights

  • Automatic Imbalance: This technology serves to automatically correct imbalances in the laundry load and will even out the clothes accordingly, thereby ensuring optimal cleaning.
  • Auto Shutdown: This best front loading washing machine in India can shut down automatically after a wash without the need for humans to carry out the task.
  • Air Dryer: This ensures that the air moisture inside the tub is kept at a minimum so that you can iron clothes right after you have taken them out of the tub.

BPL Came out with ECG machines and Panel Meters way back in 1963 and quickly made its way into the hearts of consumers as India’s only indigenous brand of consumer electronics of international quality.

Superior technology, quality products and elegant designs made BPL televisions, washing machines and refrigerators find a place in millions of households throughout India. 

Their products are characterized by world class quality at a price middle-class Indians can afford.

BPL is known to have introduced quality consumer electronic products without having to import them.

Over the course of the last half-century, BPL has cemented its place in the hearts of the Indian public. It's the best automatic washing machine in India.

This legacy which is an amalgamation of elegance and quality at an economical price is something BPL is proud of.

10. Mitashi

Technology Highlights

  • Lint Filter: This serves to ensure that the pipe is not damaged or blocked due to the presence of internal or external material as you start and continue with the laundry wash.
  • Self Balance: The machine is intelligent enough to re calibrate the washing program in case it detects excessive laundry, thereby ensuring normal washes living up to the performance you would expect of it.
  • Self- Cleaning Drum: This technology makes the drum clean itself, thereby ensuring that the overall performance is enhanced by clearing unwanted debris from the machine drum.

Mitashi is a brand with a strong belief in weaving a dream through each and every product they launch in the market.

While synchronizing emotions and interlinking hearts they seek to add some spice to tingle the senses in the recipe of life.

Their products cover various sectors like entertainment, education etc. In these sectors, the company adds creativity and thought with total dedication.

The end result is to provide products manufactured through detailed precision.

The highlights of this product include its highly efficient energy-saving design feature adds Mitashi in the list of  best washing machine brand in India,

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Best Brand for Washing Machine 

Good washing machines in India is typically cost around Rs 15,000 and upwards in India. The price is determined to a large extent by the type of best semi automatic washing machine and its capacity and the features it boasts of. Granted, washing your clothes is not an exciting task; but washing machines come with abilities that spruce things up a bit.

Find out which is the best washing machine in India and then option satisfy your requirements well and then begin the searching process for best fully automatic front loading washing machine in India.

You can take your pick from multitasking washing machines that let you wash two different washing loads at once and front loading all-in-one washing machines that can get into dryer mode at once, to pre-treat features that are built in, front-loaders that dispense off with pods and much more.

Types of Washing Machines

Our list of options is compiled by using the best top loading washing machine in India reviews and investing in them is really a good idea.

There are several types of best washing machines in India which come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you are unable to bend and want to load the laundry from the top of the best automatic washing machine, you can simply boost the height of the best front load washing machine in India.

However, the pedestal needed will set you back by approximately Rs 2000. You must keep in mind the fact that the washers equipped with more than 4.5 ft 3 inches of washing capacity will smoothly fit a king size comforter. Usually best fully automatic washing machine in India come with a one-year warranty.

As mentioned earlier, each machine comes with its own pros and cons while searching for which washing machine is good and we mention below:

Agitator Top-Loaders


  • Typically, these types of washing machines are the cheapest.
  • Usually the cycle times are shorter.
  • Go in for this type of washing machine if you are looking for something that cleans soiled load well.


  • This type of washing machine is also often tough on fabrics.
  • It requires more water for operation.
  • It takes longer time for drying and is noisy.

HE or High-Efficiency Top-Loaders


  • Very good cleaning is typically provided by this refrigerator type machine.
  • Impressive increase in capacity size as compared to the majority of agitator top-loaders.
  • Uses lesser amount of water and extracts more of the same in dryer mode which shortens the drying time.
  • Comparatively quiet operation.


  • Long wash times with heavy washes requiring 60 to 90 mins of your time.
  • Is not very gentle on fabrics.
  • The laundry load can get easily tangled with the low amounts of water, long wash time and greater spin speed.
  • Some of the high capacity models may come with deep tubs which will prevent you from reaching out to the bottom.

Front Loaders


  • Usually excellent cleaning performance is displayed by this refrigerator type of machine.
  • They are mostly gentle towards fabrics.
  • Minimal amount of water use.
  • Saves energy and time while drying.
  • Stackable design saves space.


  • Long wash times stretching to 1-2 hours even while using normal mode.
  • Transmission of vibrations to the floor can cause problems with wooden floors.
  • Mold issues are common with these types of washing machines.

Compact Front-Loaders


  • Limited amount of width space makes this washing machine ideal if you are low on space.
  • Like the other type of front-loaders, they too are stackable which saves space.


  • There are only a few compact top-loaders which limit your options especially when you consider that front-loaders are not necessarily preferred by everyone.
  • They only have matching electric dryers. No gas models.
  • They are expensive despite their small size.
  • Cycle times are typically long for both the washer as well as the dryer.
  • They have pronounced vibration.

Size Does Matter

We compare washing machines while opting for a best washing machine brand in India with a large capacity you must understand that they are wider by 2 or 3 inches than the standard 27 inches size. Keep in mind that this size is the rule of thumb and is valid for dryers in addition to washers.

This might affect your decision to buy the washing machine due to space constraints. If you are particularly low on space you might consider any of the decent compact washer models of the brands listed in this article.

For some people the noise level of washing machine comparison is also an important factor that needs to be taken into account. Thus, make sure that the model gets a good score on its noisiness in tests and reviews. I think that the noise levels should not at all be disturbing while the machine is functioning.

With recent developments in technology, vibrations caused by washing machines have been minimized and are no longer a nuisance.

The Capacity to Contain

Washers of different sizes can easily fit in anything including  17 to 6 thick, full sized bath towels. If we talk about capacity of contain there are various types of best washing machines in India which have great washing capacity that you eventually opt for. Most likely which washing machine is better can be determined by your budget, space and laundry load.

Look Out for These Features

Keep in mind the common rule of thumb while searching for which company washing machine is best with higher prices have a better set of features and are bound to perform well.

The right way to go about choosing a latest washing machine in India that is ideal for you is to narrow down your search to a few high performing washers within your budget, then think of looking for features that make them more convenient to use and help you save time.

 features you should look for in top washing machines in India are as follows:

  • Automatic Dispensers: These have been specially designed to dispense or get rid of the used detergent, fabric softener and bleach within a suitable time-frame, otherwise your washing machine could end up accumulating several months of residue.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Automatic temperature is yet another important factor to ponder upon while buying the best top load washing machine in India. This refers to the fact that rather than mixing cold and hot water in predetermined proportions, it works by changing the water temperature to a desirable amount as determined by its setting.
  • Extra Rinse Cycle: If your skin is particularly sensitive to detergent or if you need to get rid of pet hair or other types of stubborn stains and messes, then the extra rinse cycles that front-loaders and HE top-loaders provide can be particularly useful.
  • Stainless Steel Tub: If the tub is made of stainless steel then it can not only withstand higher spin speed than its plastic counterparts but is also capable of extracting more water, thereby cutting down on the dryer time.
  • End of Cycle Signal: This is really helpful and serves to intimate you when the laundry has been cleaned and can be moved to the dryer. A beep string or a snappy tune is what the washer uses to make you aware of the same.

Especially For You (Special Cases Considered)

So You are on a Shoestring Budget

If you are on a particularly small budget, there is no reason for you to lose heart as it doesn't necessarily translate to sacrificing on performance. However, you will miss out on some of the fancier features found in best selling washing machine in India.

Also, keep in mind that if you choose a white colored washing machine brand you stand to save around Rs 5000-Rs 10000. If we talk about people reviews then the best top loading washing machine in india reviews are the best for people who have tight budget.

If Tough Stains are Part of Daily Life:

If tough stains are a part of your daily life then look for a washing machine comparison that has a special mode to remove tough stains or presoaking cycles or perhaps even one that has a steam feature which is a temperature setting particularly useful for getting rid of stains.

In this setting, a bit of hot water is mixed with cold water which helps the detergent in its powder form to dissolve fully for better removal of stains.

If Clothing Care Matters:

A number of individuals particularly care for their clothes. In such cases, avoid agitators in your front or top-loading washing machine.

Agitators are not only hard on fabric but also cause the clothes to tangle. High-end washing machines nowadays, come with some cycles with special use which have been specifically designed to clean certain types of materials.

You should get a good washing machine that lets you adjust spin speeds which help reduce tangles, have the steam feature which gets rid of stains with ease and are equipped with sanitizing cycles which ensure germ-free clothes.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India


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