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Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men in India (2020)

Edited by Jhalak

Looking for the Best Watch Brands for men in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a watches brand name list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

“I know most people use their phones to tell time, but there's something very romantic and beautiful about a timepiece.” - Padma Lakshmi

Even with the overwhelming popularity of smartphones and smartwatches, millions of people in India continue to wear watches. The humble watch is not just something you wrap around your hand to tell the time but an important part of people’s wardrobe that portrays their personality and style statement.

India has some great domestic and international watch brands which ensure every consumer’s budget and style are met. If you are dazed by the dozens of names that pop up when searching for watch brands in India.

best watch brands in India

We will walk you through our take on the top watch brands for men. Apart from that television has come a long way from their old models and offers various features such as internet connectivity, quality display, bigger screen size etc. So if you’re looking to buy a new TV, this article is worth reading.

The price of the television depends on its features and in this article we will focus on TV’s that are within the range of most people i.e under 20000. Before jumping on cream of the article, it’s better to have some basic knowledge about the product you’re going to purchase.

Thus we recommend you to have a look at our buyers guide at the bottom of our article to gain some basic knowledge about TV, it’s parts, features and specifications. Given below are the most important features you must keep an eye on before purchasing the product.

If you are out to buy a watch before you choose a branded watch and for that look for a brand you need to decide what you are looking for. check out our buyer’s guide of Best watch brands for men names and its feature.

Here are some of the factors that should affect your purchase decision. For in-depth knowledge of best brand for watches.

  • Watch Movements: You need to choose between mechanical, automatic and quartz watches which can drastically influence your budget.
  • Price: You need to have a fixed budget for your watch and choose from an assortment of watches accordingly.
  • Size: Your watch should complement the size of your wrist and you should avoid picking watches that are too large or small. 
  • Strap Material: There are plenty of watch materials to choose from including stainless steel fiber, leather, and rubber.
  • Added Features: You should opt for products that meet your requirements instead of going for the fanciest watches available.

This list was compiled keeping in mind a watches brand value for money, the watches quality, and finally, the designs collection offered by each brand. Let’s quickly take a look at our top watch brands for men list you should consider on your next shopping spree.

We Highly recommend you to read the Watch Brand Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest watch for men and the technologies on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men in India.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men in India

Although my favorite among all is Emporio Armani but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Emporio Armani

If you keep up with the fashion industry’s latest happenings you will have heard of the brand Armani. This is the best watch brand in our watch brand list. 

Emporio Armani is part of the larger Giorgio Armani brand and it specifically focuses on accessories which include watches.

The Italian luxury fashion house offers some of the most expensive watches in the world.

If you are someone who wants nothing but the most fashionable products in the world, then Armani has the right branded watches for you.

There are timeless classics and limited-edition watches that you can pick up from the brand.

The best thing about owning a limited-edition watch is that there will be very few people in the world.

Emporio Armani is on the top of list of branded watches for men. Emporio Armani will be able to imitate your style and that’s something to be proud of if you love showing off your unique sense of fashion. If you are on the lookout for a brand where you do not care about your budget and want nothing but the best, go ahead with Emporio Armani.


  • Luxury Collection
  • Timeless design


  • Highly Expensive

2. Fossil

Fossil is one of the best brands for watches for men all around the word, the first foreign brand in our top list. Fossil is a brand that prides itself on innovation.

Their men's collection is simply unparalleled if you are looking for watches in the mid-range segment.

Designed for storytellers and explorers, Fossil takes a far more casual approach than other brands.

Recently, Fossil also delved into smartwatches which took the world by storm.

They managed to mix classic designs with modern technology to offer some of the best smartwatches on the market.

If you are looking for something more classic, you have access to dozens of minimalist designs as well. Their hybrid and mechanical watches stand out from the crowd and offer a sense of style that no other brand can match.

Style and functionality go hand in hand when it comes to Fossil’s philosophy.  Don’t be left out when it comes to this futuristic watch designs and check out their collection of watches today.


  • A large collection of men's watches
  • High-quality materials
  • Renowned for smartwatches


  • Some of the watches are bulky
  • Very few low-end options available

3. Titan

Titan is easily recognizable and reputed comes in the best watch brands for men in India.

Led by the TATA group, the brand has been dominating the Indian watch market for decades.

International style and competitive pricing for the Indian market come together at Titan.

According to the company website, Titan currently owns 60% of the Indian watch market and the brand shows no signs of stopping.

Their watches are just as popular abroad as Titan continues to market and expand its presence in foreign shores. With over 440 showrooms across the country and a strong online presence, Titan surpasses most other watch brands in India.

There are absolutely no compromises when it comes to Titan watches. Whether it is their stylish Edge series or the women’s Raga line-up, the bold and beautiful designs define Titan.

Sales and after-sales service is an aspect that Titan is well recognized for, the brand has over 740 service centers throughout the country and offers instant after-sales services. We recommend this product as the best watch among Top watch brands for men because of it's popularity in India. 

There is something for everyone at Titan whether you are looking for a sports watch or something to gift to your child.


  • Affordable Line-up of Watches
  • Great collection
  • Easily accesible service center
  • A spectacular line-up of kid's watches


  • The high-end segment is lacking
  • Sports watch line-up is lackluster

4. Sonata

The very next in the list is another well known Indian brand among the all watch brand names.

Sonata has many popular watches among the Best men watch brands in India.

Sonata watches are known for their great collection and durable design. Unsurprisingly, Sonata is owned by TATA as well which automatically inspires trust in the brand.

The watches are designed with top-notch materials to offer amazing quality at affordable prices. Sonata is among India's fastest-selling watch brands.

If you want to get watches that boast of contemporary design at affordable prices, Sonata is your go-to brand. The brand’s watches have been worn by Indians for decades. With over 11,000 authorized outlets and a strong online presence, finding a Sonata watch is as easy as it gets.

Sonata comes in the top 10 on world watch brand ranking list. Sonata prides itself on being able to offer something that fits every budget and style. Whether you are looking for a premium watch to wear on special occasions or something affordable for daily wear, you can browse through hundreds of designs and find the right one for yourself.


  • Sonata watches are lightweight and are very comfortable.
  • There are fresh designs introduced all the time.
  • The timepieces of Sonata are reliable.
  • Sonata watches are highly affordable.


  • The watches lack fancy features.
  • Sonata's high-end offerings are rare.

5. Casio

Casio is one of the most recognizable Japanese watch brands in the world.

Japan is known for its advancements in technology and Casio lives up to the country's philosophy and works ethic flawlessly.

If you are looking for watches that mix style with substance, Casio is your go-to brand.

Most of their watches are targeted at watch lovers who need as much functionality as possible. The rugged G-Shock line-up is famous for the stellar features that it offers.

From digital chronographs to an altimeter, Casio manages to pack some of the most advanced features. Their Edifice line-up for men is just as impressive and you will be able to find some classic watches to your liking.

If you are looking for the perfect companion watch that is packed with interesting features. The chronographs by Casio are among the most beautiful you will find in India check them as you’ll surely find something you like.


  • Extremely durable watches
  • Excellent chronograph line-up
  • A specialist at making digital watches
  • Top-notch after-sales service


  • The premium segment is lacking

6. Timex

Timex USA group or Timex is a combination of Italian design and German manufacturing.

They have their distinct style when it comes to watches and they have been in the Indian market for decades.

Timex provides its customers with almost every type of watches ranging from analog to digital.

Timex watches are reasonably priced which is why it attracts the Indian audience as they offer great value for money compared to international brands.

Timex is among the oldest watch brands in the world with the company being established in 1984. They have had some notable collaborations including one with Walt Disney in the past. The brand constantly drives innovation in the industry and they’ve earned it for sure.

Timex watches look very fashionable but also boast of top-notch durability. If you’re on a low budget but still want a value for money watch, then Timex watches are the best bet.


  • Afforable and reliable watches
  • Impressive watch collection
  • Easily available throughout India


  • A large number of watches without water resistance
  • The premium segment is lacking

7. Fastrack

When it comes to the watches for the younger generation of the country our first choice is Fastrack watches for men.

First introduced by Titan, Fastrack has now created its own identity in the among all watch brand names.

It is the most loved brands of the modern generation of this country.

If you are a young adult and happen to be looking for something stylish and affordable, Fastrack is the best watch brand you can think of at this moment.

They not only have a large collection of men's watches but you can also choose from an impressive collection of unisex products. If you are a fan of sports watches, Fastrack is so hypnotizing that you can't even take your eyes off. Also, the watches of this brand are highly affordable and reliable.

Fastrack’s after-sales service is taken care of by Titan, the brand’s parent company. It means that you will have the same excellent after-sales service as Titan while also being able to access affordable watches designed for the younger consumer.


  • The casual collection of the watches is superb
  • Fastrack creates value for money watches.
  • The watches of this brand are durable


  • It doesn't have a great formal collection.
  • If you are looking for a sophisticated watch this brand is not for you.
  • Fastrack watches are quite heavy.

8. Skagen

Skagen is one of the fastest-growing brand in India and for good reason. Just like how Fastrack is a subsidiary of Titan, Skagen is Fossil's subsidiary.

If you are looking for formal watches for men, Skagen is one of the best brands to go for.

Their timepieces are beautifully handcrafted and most of them are built around a sleek design philosophy.

If you are a fan of minimalistic watches you will love what Skagen has to offer. One thing that we all can agree on is Skagen’s designs are by no means traditional.

Skagen has the highest rating for the category of top ten watches brand in India. They constantly try to break down existing norms and offer something brand new to consumers

Unlike some of the other all brand watches on this list that have been around for hundreds of years, Skagen was founded fairly recently in 1989. Yet, they managed to leave a mark in the watch industry in just three decades. Their expertise goes far beyond the realm of men's watches and we can't wait to see what they have on offer shortly.


  • Timeless design
  • Partnership with Fossil makes the watches easily accessible in India
  • Skagen watches are very durable and you get almost a lifetime’s worth of usage out of them.


  • There is more focus on fashion over functionality.
  • Steep pricing

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an international brand which has also made a huge name in India in comparison of all other brand names of watches.

This brand comes from an American manufacturing company with a name in quality product designing.Both men and women adore this brand for their variety and quality of products.

Tommy Hilfiger's designer brand watches are so much popular among the watch lovers.  

If you are will to buy a watch with great brand value and dapper look, you can certainly go with Tommy Hilfiger.

The watches of the brand are innovative in technology and super classy in design. The men’s collection by Tommy Hilfiger watches is breathtakingly beautiful.

This brand also has a unisex collection which is also worth buying. Tommy Hilfiger comes in a category of expensive watches however the watches are valued for money. The brand has been trying to capture the Indian market with more affordable options without compromising on quality and you should check their latest products out.


  • A large collection of watches
  • Modern design
  • High-quality design with premium materials


  • Steep pricing

10. Citizen

If you are someone with rich taste and like to wear the classic collection watches you can give Citizen a shot.

Citizen is also an amazingly popular brand with a variety of watches to choose from.

As is a Japanese brand, it comes with innovative technology and impeccable design and it is one of the biggest competitors to Casio.

Though the watches are a little expensive from the other watch brands, it gives you satisfaction of owning the best classic look watch.

Talking about the high-end features, Citizen introduced the solar panel watches to the world and ultimately proved to everyone that they have all the mechanical skills.

Citizen, the brand is also known for the electrical appliances in Japan, though watches made this brand popular across the globe. Citizen watches holders amazing chronograph collection and that is why men love to go with this brand. When it comes to durability, Citizen Watches easily live up to the same.


  • Citizen watches are known for their amazingly stylish chronograph collection.
  • The metal collection of this brand is also very much popular amongst the men.
  • You can certainly expect a huge variety of timepieces from this brand.


  • Very few entry-level products.
  • Competing brands offer cheaper alternatives.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Best Watch Brands for Men

There are many best watches for men and women in the market today. Now when you know about the top 10 branded watches for men you should turn your attention to how you can get the best watch for yourself.

10 Best Watch Brands for Men in India

So, here we are going to help you with choosing the right fit among best watches brands for mens. So guys, are you ready! One thing makes the importance of watch clear here those women have so many things to accessorize like a bracelet, rings, necklace, hair accessories, etc.

Men usually stick to watches only which makes owning a stylish watch very important as it accentuates your personality that's why it becomes important to select the best among top watch brands for men.

As every man is different, having a different lifestyle and persona, the message delivery by the watch also varies from one to another timepiece. This makes it important for every man to get the Best brands for watches as per their profession, mood or their lifestyle.

An example is, you can't attend a business meeting while wearing a sports watch. And you can go on swimming when you have a formal watch. For this, you need a top men watch brand that can coordinate and fit in the situation.

Let's find the top brand watches for men. When you have to make a style statement, I classify the watches into five types namely field, dress, aviator, dive, and racing. Let's explore each category in-depth:

Field Watches

These are best watch brands were designed during the war period and for the officers. These watches look formal, with minimal design, are durable and show accurate timing.


  • FACE: The face of these types of watches is generally black or white with the number index of opposite Colours. The hands of these watches illuminate to show time at night.
  • SIZE: You will only find small to medium size dial in a Field watch.
  • BAND: As the metal is heavy these watches never have the metal strap. They only have a canvas or leather straps.
  • CASE: Field watches are always covered in titanium or stainless steel case.
  • COMPLICATIONS: You will rarely find any complications in a field watch. And if present it wills only the date.


As these watches are very simple looks and made tough you can wear in your regular office, special occasions or can even be worn while playing with some adventures.

Dress Watches

The dressed watch was designed during the 20th century, especially for the rich class of the society. These watches were designed to convert the pocket watch styling into the wrist ones. And keeping the sophisticated section of the society in mind, these look very simple and elegant.

Dress watches are all about simplicity and it draws attention in a very sophisticated manner. It is also very important that you are dress what should complement your dressing style.


  • FACE: The face of the dress watches are very simple and slick looking. It generally has number, symbolic or Roman number index.
  • SIZE: Normally this type of watches have a medium size dial with a very thin and sleek look. This is because the watch should easily go inside and come out of the shirt cuff.
  • BAND: Leather is the symbol of the dress watches. Though many companies also come with the option of thin metal belts however the leather is a forever style of dress watches.
  • CASE: Luxurious dress watches come in a gold or silver case however the shape of the case can vary from circular to square.
  • COMPLICATIONS: Normally you will not see any complications in the dress watches. Though sometimes it even comes with a date or day or moon display.


Dress watches specially designed for wearing when men are properly dressed like with a coat suit or tuxedo. A man can wear this type of watch during a business meeting or any formal occasion.

The address watch will never look good with a casual t-shirt and jeans. The black watches for men is mostly in demand as it goes well with all outfits. You have to go a little formal like a shirt and trousers if you want to wear the dress watch.

Aviator Watches

Back in the year 1904, Aviator was the Best watch brands for men, Louis Cartier designed a watch for his pilot friend and ever since then the trend of a pilot watch or Aviator watch has begun.

Later the passage of years, designers keeping the original design of the Aviator watches added chronographs to it making the watch handy for the users. The chronograph is nothing but a sub-dial present inside the case, generally used for showing day, date, time of others GMT and sometimes it even has a compass.

In the year 1940, the first chronograph watch was designed for a Royal Air force pilot. And that is how the aviator watch with chronograph came into existence.


  • FACE: The dial of the Aviator watches are normally black with a white number index. The hands of the watch are always illuminated to make the time reading easy even in the dark cockpit. You will normally find an oversized dial in these watches to provide pilots with easy and quick reading.
  • SIZE: The size of this watch can vary from medium to large.
  • BAND: as the watch was originally designed to fit inside the jacket of the pilot, you will normally find an aviation watches with a leather belt.
  • CASE: The case of these watches is usually made up of stainless steel.
  • COMPLICATIONS: pilot watches are way more complicated than the other two we just saw. It always comes with a chronograph showing date, day, moon, time zone, etc.


As the watch is stuffed with chronographs and looks very stylish, it will be great if you wear it in a casual gathering. Also, this watch will complement your t-shirt and jeans look.

Dive Watches

Other than the field watch, the live watch is the most common one you will find in a man's hand. It is pretty much clear by the name that the diodes especially for those who spend most of their time inside or near the water.

This type of watches is highly water-resistant and can even show the time when you are swimming inside the pool. The first water-resistant watch was designed in the year 1930 by Rolex Oyster.

We can say that I watch became very popular when it was touched by James Bond. In the movie, Mr. Bond wore Rolex Submariner and that is why dive watches are also known as submariner watches. You will always find Dr 007 flaunting some or the other type of dive watches in his movies.


  • FACE: the face of the watch is normally made up of sapphire or some other strong crystal. It always has an easy to read and a strong appearance. The number index of the watch can be either normal numbers or Arabic numbers.
  • SIZE: dial watches usually have a medium size dial.
  • BAND: as the watch was designed to fit around the dive costume it always has the metal strap.
  • CASE: counter-clockwise rotating, unidirectional bezel is the signature feature of a dive watch. This rotating bezel tells the diver since how long he is in the water. When the diver enters into the water it markers the bezel with 0 which is lined up with the middle hand. And that is how the diver knows how long he was in the water.
  • COMPLICATIONS: Dive watches usually come with a single complication and that is the date.


Though the watch was originally designed to be worn underwater, it's the metal case and bold clock makes it a good choice for everyday use. You can easily pair it with your formal office wear and even with your casual party wear apparel.

And you and if you are inspired by Dr 007 you can even wear this watch with your handsome-looking tuxedo.

Racing Watches

Racing watches boys especially design for the car races. As we all know that the time plays a very major role when it comes to racing and the accurate time measure is very important in the same. Show the watch was designed during the 1930s to gauge the time for the car races very accurately.

The first racing watch was designed by Rolex oyster during late 1930. Though the most accurate racing watch was designed by TUG Heuer.

It was in the year 1940s when TUG Heuer declared as the Best brand watches for men come up with the design of the most accurate racing watch. And during the 1950s and 1960s TUG Heuer, come up with the racing watch having a chronograph that can measure the car speed and the distance travel.

TUG Heuer brought the revolution in the field of watches when in the year 1971, a very famous actor Steve McQueen wore their Monaco 1133, in a movie Le Mans.


  • FACE: these watches often have bright colors with an Arabic number index and large dial.
  • SIZE: these watches can have a size from medium to large.
  • BAND: strap can easily vary from metal to leather.
  • CASE: as the watch is especially for the car races, it has to be tough and that is why the case of the racing watch is made up of stainless steel.
  • COMPLICATIONS: These watches usually have a chronograph and can even show the date.


As the way racing watches are very bold looking you can never wear them with your formal suit. However, these casual looking watches can surely complement your semi-casual or casual look. I hope this guide helped you find out and choose the right watch for yourself.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Watch Brands for Men in India


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