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Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women in India (2020)

Edited by  Jhalak

“Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet.”

 - Jeannette Walls

Looking for the Best Watches for Women in India?

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry for the past few years.

Like the time it represents, a watch is best when used. It is an integral part of a woman's wardrobe.

It not only keeps her on track with what is to be done throughout the day but also makes a sublime statement about her personality, taste, and style.

Best Watches for Women in India

It must be admitted that slowly watches have lost their place as an everyday clothing accessory. This is because there are many devices today that can keep us updated regarding the current time and date.  

Isn't it surprising that in this day and age where several devices can tell you time, the watch still retains its pride and place in the hands of millions of men and women across the world? This is largely due to watches also contributing towards status styles as well as a style among other reasons. 

For detailed information about the best watches for women and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer's guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best watch for women in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the Watch for Women Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest watch technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women in India.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women in India

Although my favorite among all is Fossil but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

 1. Fossils



  • Well-built watches suitable for everyday use
  • Particular designs that are the champions of their look classification
  • Eclectic combination of classic designs

Fossil is an American watch and lifestyle brand that thrives on its creative edge.

Having firm roots in classic and vintage designs that exude authenticity and sincerity.

Fossil watches are by design meant to be of the highest quality that makes an exceptional effort at preserving the best that the past has to offer and combines it with the best of today.

Fossils new range of women watches comes with a fusion of analogue displays as well as with smart watch features which allows the user to connect their watch to bluetooth.

This allows for basic functions to be used delivering further flexibility to the users. People recommend this product as the best watches for women in India.

So, with their product range, you get the unbeatable combination of clean lines or the middle years of the previous century with the dictum's of modern looks. The result is an eclectic combination of classic designs in new materials and hues.

2. Tissot



  • Fabulous quality watches
  • Appealing designs
  • Reasonable price
  • The reputation and the history of the watchmaker brand

Tissot along with the previously mentioned Omega, and also Breguet, Longines and Blancpain belong to the Swatch Group which is Switzerland based conglomerate.

Coming back to Tissot, this brand had in its kitty of achievements a considerable number of firsts.

This stellar accomplishment includes the first pocket watch that went into mass production.

In 1853 Tissot came up with yet another first- a pocket watch that could display times of two time zones.

To add yet another feather to its already checkered cap the company in 1929-30 introduced the anti-magnetic watch, yet another first. In 1930 the two companies Tissot and Omega merged.

Among the wide variety of Tissot watches that are there available in the market for sale. It combines a classic design that transcends time, a face that is unmistakably modern and minimalist. It resists water for a depth of 30m or 100ft.

3. Steve Madden

Steve Madden


  • Designs that convey authenticity
  • Distinctly individual style
  • Fashionable and unique watches
  • Innovative, daring and inspiring design

The rise of the Steve Madden brand from its humble beginnings to the high world of exquisite footwear, apparel and accessory items like watches areas you know the stuff of lore.

The brand has indeed come a long way from the modest single factory in New York's Queens.

The result of its combination of one of a kind designs and creative takes has resulted in something of a revolution in the world of fashion.

This has been possible only due to the vast experience of the founder.

The design tendencies of Steve Madden are firmly rooted in the New York ethos as well as the euphoria of rock and roll. Due to these features this Steve Madden is one of the best watch brands for women.

With a stated focus on inspiring and daring innovation in design while at the same time meeting the season trends, the company crafts watch modern design watches. Fashion enthusiasts prefer Steve Madden over most brands when they want to project their authentic individuality.

4. Titan



  • Introduced a wide number of firsts in the Indian market
  • The constant flow of new collections
  • World-class designs
  • Meets the needs of the domestic watch wear imagination well

The Titan brand of watches is nothing short of being iconic in its homeland, India.

This brand is credited with a large number of firsts, especially when it concerns the domestic Indian market.

In the following articles we've mentioned Best Titan watches for women.

It was the brand the first introduced watches making use of quartz technology in India at a time when there was only quartz watch of Swiss make being sold nationally as imports.

However, what has truly marked out Titan from its contemporaries is the world-class styling it has brought to Indian hands. In fact, for long Titan has directed the fashion image of the Indian public as far as watchers are concerned.

Another quality that has made the brand name so popular over several decades. It is the constant introduction of new watch collections that give the people to express themselves in ever new ways. 

5. Sonata



  • Has the distinction of being India’s most popular watch brand
  • Contemporary and stylish looks
  • The beautiful and bold appearance
  • Reflects the imagination and the aspirations of the Indian people
  • Wide range of 600+ designs
  • Available from 11,000 outlets

Sonata happens to be India's most popular or the biggest selling watch brand.

This range of watches is characterized by their stylish and quite contemporary designs meant to be work by everyone.

The designs have successfully made its way into the hearts of the Indian masses. 

particularly, the people with a young heart as their beautiful yet bold appearance reflect the imagination as well as the aspirations of the people.

Sonata offers the Indian audience a choice of every 600 different models. The Sonata brand of watches is available through Titan's wide network of 11,000+ watch outlets apart from the World of Titan chain of exclusive stores.

The Sonata range has a watch to suit every mood. The quality of the range of watches is truly world-class with their exquisite looks delighting millions of Indian consumers. This is one of the few watch brands that has managed to evoke the customer's confidence and pride continuously.

6. Fastrack



  • Designed to Tell more than simply the time
  • Bears out the standards you set for yourself
  • Has a design that suits every occasion
  • Wide funky range of watches
  • Designed for precision for every age group

If you want to give out the message that your watch is more meant than simply to tell the time but rather to convey that your time matters and serves to make a difference. 

In the following articles we've mentioned Best Fastrack watches for girls.

This is the watch brand meant for people who hold that their watches bear out the standards.

They hold and simply refuse a one size fits all or rather one watch for all occasion’s time wear solution.

Irrespective of whether it is that grand party or just chilling out with your circle of friends during your leisure hours. The funky Fastrack range of watches has something that will make you the focus of attention. The wide range of watches let you select one that was designed for precision and to suit every age group.

7. Apple Watch



  • Measure just much have you worked out and have other sorts of data related to your health right at your fingertips.
  • In the measurement of human effort, Apple's smartwatches are smart and know when a person is doing some activity or not.
  • Play music
  • See photos
  • The Apple Watch can do double duty as a remote control
  • Send and receive messages
  • Use Apple Maps
  • Answer phone calls with the watch itself.

Make no mistake about it Apple is one of the biggest brands there are there right now. And it's brand positioning is something that is the envy of every other company.

You might be surprised to know that Apple Watches have overtaken Rolex as the biggest selling watch brand.

Apple watch focuses on design, on providing the user with a cutting-edge technological experience without sacrificing on quality.

The Apple Watch makes use of aluminum classified to be machine grade, with stainless steel or solid gold to impeccably craft to the body.

The face of the watch has a Sapphire Crystal or strengthened Ion-X glass for protection. Being a device that’s high on technology, the Apple Watch enjoys a seamless integration with the latest IOS versions

The iPhone’s rectangle screen aids the app developers who don’t have to make separate UI s for rectangular and circular screens. This results in a more intuitive experience while working with apps.

8. Michael Kors

Michael Kors


  • Fully Round AMOLED Screen
  • Software is Android Wear 2.0 
  • Customizable Watch Face Through Special App
  • Sleek and Sim
  • The thin bezel has several pave accents

The Swiss and Americans seem to dominate with the U.S. Michael Kors coming in number 8 on this list is the luxury fashion watches for women.

The brand is named after the celebrated designer of the same name and was founded by him in 1981.

The brand is celebrated the world over for the style and quality of its footwear, apparel, handbags, watches and other accessories.

Michael Kors has is fashionable and hi-tech watch. Deserving of special mention is the "Michael Kors Access Sofie" touchscreen smartwatch.

It is an absolute stunner in terms of looks and is made in gold. It is just right for the women who want to vaunt their feminism being designed to be light and thin. The watch comes with 7 wrist straps which can be interchange.

Android Wear 2.0 from Google is the tech that powers this beauty and is compatible to chug along smoothly with both Android as well as Apple smartphones.

9. Rado



  • Swiss automatic movement 
  • Monobloc case construction
  • Scratch-proof full high-tech ceramic case

Rado is one of those rare brands that has successfully placed itself in the eyes of the customers as the epitome of individual style and quality that lasts.

This Swiss watchmaker started its operations in 1917.

It is perceived as one of those luxury watches that you buy expecting it to be a constant companion throughout the travails of your life.

Rado has several innovations backing it which include introducing the first watch which is scratch resistant.

It has also pioneering high-ceramic watch models. It is the creator of the "monobloc injected ceramic case". It is essential for every woman of style to have at least one rado adorning her wardrobe.

The Rado True comes to mind immediately when we speak of style and Rado. It is a ceramic watch in all black and times beauty which makes it the best women's watch brands. The black case made of ceramic measures 27mm and 8mm in diameter and thickness respectively. The watch adorns your gentle hands in any casual or formal attire.

10. GC



  • Swiss Made Movement 
  • Features Two Time Zones 
  • Sapphire Coated Mineral Crystal 
  • 316L Stainless Steel 
  • Mother of Pearl Dial 
  • 100m water resistant 

The trump card of GC is the unmatched marriage of Swiss watchmaking magic and awe-inspiring design.

The GC line-up of watches feature both watches crafted to perfection in Switzerland in entirety as well as the more affordable Swiss Movement line-up.

It should be noted that at their heart both feature the GC precision movement crafted in the Swiss.

This includes things like mother-of-pearl dials, certified diamonds 316L stainless steel, hi-tech ceramic and leather straps that have been patterned to exquisite perfection.

Some features include things like a screw-in crown, deployment clasps and screw-down the backside of the case all of which ensure water-resistance to optimum levels.

The ceramic GC LadyChic model is particularly popular. It is mid-sized, luxurious and light. For another level of sophistication, it also features a mother-of-pearl dial which stands out by its fine details.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Watch for Women

A watch is very much a staple part of a woman’s wardrobe. It not only keeps you on track with what is to be done throughout the day but also makes a sublime statement about you and your tastes.

It must be admitted that slowly watches have lost their position of importance as an everyday clothing accessory. Function wise, there are so many devices these days that can keep us posted about the time and do much, much more.

How to Purchase Best Watch Brands for Women ? 

Why Watches Still Remain Relevant and Popular 

Proving its detractors wrong, watches have managed to remain relevant for the following reasons:

  • If you check your phone all the time, it is considered to be rude: Restaurant chefs, mothers, and brides are united by their common hatred for the annoying habit of taking out your phone to have a look at the time. But this is what exactly happens right in the middle of something really important like an interview or date or perhaps a wedding. With the help of the humble and elegant watch, you can check in on the time at a roll of the wrist.
  • Roll, Wrist Roll: Just imagine a situation when you have both of your hands full of shopping bags or books or other stuff. You also need to check in on the time at that moment. Well taking out your smartphone is going to be difficult. With wristwatch tasks such as these is as easy as child's play.
  • You Don’t Want Your Phone To Be With You: The distractions posed by smartphones are considerable. When you have just managed to distance yourself from the mad online world, you do want to ruin your two minutes of peace by keeping the phone with you just for the sake of knowing the time. Watches can help.
  • You feel you are incomplete without wearing a watch: Wearing watches becomes second nature after maintaining the habit for years. Considering this, it is only natural that people get attached to their watches. It is quite common to feel incompletely dressed in the absence of a watch. Watches help you feel complete in convenience and style.
  • When you wear a watch, it appears that you put in your best to look effectively dressed: Wearing layers of bracelets, necklaces or rings can always easily compliment an outfit. Now think about it, it requires much tedious effort on your part too. When you wear a watch you can complete an outfit by simply strapping it on. With watches and simple jeans and t-shirts, you are ready for anything that needs you to be efficiently dressed.
  • Let’s us be wild: There are few items in your wardrobe with which you can truly be wild in their appearances. Watches are one of them. Not to mention that this wildness is accepted on all occasions too. You can't wear t-shirts of neon colors or those with logos characterized by being risqué to the office. But you can easily carry such things off as reflected in the design of your watch. And the people managing dress codes too opt to overlook the subtle style statement conveyed through watches.
  • Your watch is a part of your very identity: Much like the female accessory of handbags, watches are a great visual status symbol. They represent your identity and the class you are associated with. Each watch conveys something about the person wearing it. A Rolex watch is the norm with businessmen while you are likely to find a hipster wearing Casio Gold.

How to choose the best watches for women ? 

Like there is an abundant source of fashionable wear coming out each season, the same holds for women's watches that make a huge statement about the style and identity of the women of substance wearing it.

In case you are not particularly sure which women's watch you want to buy, then you must consider the kind of lifestyle you have as well as the taste exemplified by your wardrobe.

Irrespective of whether you want your watch to be part of the latest red-hot fashion trends or something more quintessential, something timeless, you just must wear your watch with confidence. The following types of watches are commonly worn by women:

Kinds of Watches

1. Smart Watches

The tech behind smartwatches is getting better by the day. This variety of watches appeal to both genders and provide new and innovative features which make the wearer stay one step ahead of the crowd with regards to ease of access to relevant information.

The days of clunky smartwatch is over and today's smartwatch sports a refined, a sophisticated look.  The finish of a smartwatch these days is varied and can be anything from a traditional look to something sporty.

2. Rose Gold Watches

In the world of watches and jewelry rose gold is one of the hottest trends. This metal characterized by its blush-tone color has made quite a comeback. It can suit almost any occasion and the metal is being used to manufacture different watch parts like cases, bracelets, and even dials.

This metal gives the device a feminine yet classy appearance. If you decide to invest in a watch of this variety it is indeed a wise decision. The elegance that rose gold provides a watch with is simply incomparable.

3. Skeleton Watches

We know that tastes vary from person to person and a great extent. For the people looking for an alluring look coming out through their bold watches, the skeleton watch is perfect. This type of watch is no longer limited to be worn by men alone. This skeleton watch is the current rage among luxury craftsmen of watches.

If the name skeleton watch is new to you then you should know that such watches have exposed dials that give a peek, and a beautiful and fascinating one at that, into the inner mechanics and gears of the instrument.

4. Boyfriend Watches

For the woman who has no hesitation in expressing confidence and class with an elan that was formerly done only by men, boyfriend watches give an aura of boldness to the feminine wrist. They are big and chunky. They are deliberately over sized. They speak of an attitude that is characteristic of the women of our times.

5. Floral Watches

The world is coming back to where it all started- the garden. Fashion is going back to this place for inspiration and the watch too is following suit. Floral watches are great for perking up an outfit and can blend into any occasion from work to parties.

The floral watches are the best watches for women in today's life. Accompanied by bands with floral prints and dials that are embossed with flower motifs make you stylish in an attractive and flirty kind of way.

6. Interchangeable Watches

Versatility is a great virtue in the world of fashion and style. It adds value and gives you the maximum bang for your buck. With interchangeable watches, you can change the overall look of your watch with ease at regular intervals without spending a fortune.

Removable bands let you modify your style to suit the occasion to perfection. The customization options offered by interchangeable watches make it a great buy.

7. Printed Watches

If you want to draw attention to your beautiful wrist, then adorn a bold timepiece then the printed watch is just perfect for you. Options are aplenty in this space. Chevron dials, leopard bands, the fashion-conscious person is sure to go gaga over the number of options presented by printed watches.

They do not merely keep you alert about the time but also give you dollops of style.

8. Wrap Watches

Go bonkers with the chic style by getting hold of a wraparound watch. It is better than the typical watchband. The bands are extra-long and easily double wrap along the wrist which give it the layered look. \

The materials this type of watches is available in are varied and include everything from casual leather to glittery stones. Marry the world of style and functionality with Wrap watches.

9. White Watches

For exuding that ultimate aura of confidence, wear a white watch. Pair it with diamond accents or just wear a plain stark white watch. A bold persona awaits you when you wear this variety of watches.

10. Bracelet Watches

Doing double duty as both bracelets as well as watches, this watch variety is just what you need for a special occasion. It is an impeccable blend of function and fashion. The jewelry style bands can be anything from a dangling charm to a polished bangle. 

11. Two-tone Watches

If you intend to use your watch regularly and require a versatile timekeeping solution, then two-tone watches are exactly what you need.

The metal of the watch has hues that may be both cool as well as warm. It gives you a casually stylish look at almost any place from the gym to the office. Two-tone watches also blend nicely along with jewelry which makes it a practical and effective timepiece that you want to wear.

12. Map Watches

Map watches are just what travelers spinning all across the globe need. It is a stylish ticket to board the trending trend. If you intend to go out to different places spread out all over the globe then this watch variety gives you that needed boho-chic look and style when paired with a few bracelets.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Watch Brands for Women in India


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