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Top 10 Best Watch Brands In India

Edited by  Jhalak

Watches are so named as a reminder – if you don’t watch carefully what you do your time, it will slip away from you.” – Drew Sirtors

Looking for the Best watch brands in India

Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a famous watch brands list that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Wanna add class to your personality? Own a watch and project the reflection of your image on other people. Indians simply love to wear watches.

Best Watch Brands in India

As the world recognizes us for our punctuality and productivity, a watch in our hands helps us to complete our work on time. Apart from just telling the time a wristwatch portrays your style statement or can even add sparkles to your personality.

  • Strap or Chain: Watches are available in both strap and chain. Figure out your interest and then start the searching process.
  • Watch face: Think about how you want your new watch to look before making the final selection.
  • Price: Prepare your budget and search accordingly.

Indian online market is flooded with watches and with the timepiece there are comes multiple brands. But before you start the watch hunting process; let’s just find out certain things that can help you in finding the elegant and classy watch for your hand.

For detailed information about top brands in India, and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer's guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best Indian watch brands.

There are some best watches brands in India, which have made their name in the watch market Rock solid. Watch isn't just a tool to show time; rather it is the sign of your taste and a symbol of class and royalty. 

Scroll down to learn about the top 10 watch brands in India and find out which option justifies your personality.

We highly recommend you to read the Wristwatch Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest wristwatch technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India (2022)

Although my favorite among all is Titan but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Titan



  • Industry: Lifestyle
  • Founded: 1984
  • Founder: Xerxes Desai
  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Titan is the perfect timepiece to complete your attire. This brand is the phenomenal blend of elegance with an edgy style.

Doesn't matter whether you are a man or women, Titan creates a watch for all and every occasion.

Titan watch for men is also the most demanding wrist watch in India, with more than 300 retailer center in the country and also the best watch brands in India.

With so many options to wear Titan is also the fifth largest watch selling company.

Models launched by Titan are highly admired all over the country, be it a classic Raga collection, stylish Octane watches or elegant Aqua collection.

Keep up your style game with a chic gold dial and spruce the look with light-colour linens or floral prints. Be it your 18th birthday or wedding reception gift, Titan watches are the perfect gift for people from all walks of life.

Click our link in order to get desired watch with ease.  

2. Timex



  • Industry: Manufacturer 
  • Founded: 1854 
  • Headquarters: Middlebury, Connecticut, with various operations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia

Timex is a Luxury brand holding great value across the globe.

Blended with the combination of Italian design and German manufacturing Timex comes from the Timex USA Group.

This brand has specialization in both vintage and digital category of watches.

These watches are very affordably priced making it available for almost all the categories of the society.

In addition to the reasonable pricing, Timex also provides its customers with value for money technique and designing

Whether you are a man, woman or a kid, Timex has mesmerizing collection for everyone which makes this as the best watch company in India. Its recently launched collection includes Quartz, Metropolitan, and Expedition.

Browse our new collection of Timex watches and up your style game with ease. Our styles, collection, design, and accessories are constantly changing, so you're sure to find something perfect for any attire.

3. Fastrack



  • Industry: Fashion Accessories
  • Founded: 1998
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

A brand introduced by Titan, Fastrack is on the third position in the list of top watch brands in India.

It generally deals with youth-oriented watches which has made this brand immensely popular among the Indian youth.

You can even call this as India's largest selling brand for youth.

This watch deals with styles, innovation, durability, and affordability. Most of the fast track watches art design keeping the funky statement in mind.

Fastrack always try to experiment something new with their smart watches and to come up with the demand of modern India which makes this as best watch brand in India

The colour, design and the texture of the Fastrack watch for women are nowhere less than the international level. Pair this fashion accessory with any of your attire and set your fashion game on fire. 

4. Sonata



  • Industry: Lifestyle
  • Founded: 1984 
  • Founder: Xerxes Desai
  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Next on the list of watch brand is Sonata.

Almost every Indian love and admire the beautiful timepieces created by this brand.

The key attractive point of Sonata is their affordability which makes this brand as top watch companies in India.

This watch brand offers highly affordable watches so that you can easily buy the same without shaking your financial budget.

In addition to this, these watches come in creative design and are manufactured with an innovative technique

This is the largest watch selling Indian watch brands and thus provides bold and contemporary watches for all, be it a kid, college student or a corporate professional. 

All products are 100% original and go through several quality checks before finally arriving in the market. Sonata watch is committed to redefining a watch from just a casual accessory to a symbol of pride and confidence.

5. Fossil



  • Industry: Recreational Goods
  • Founded: 1984
  • Founder: Mohammad Irfan
  • Headquarters: Richardson, Texas, U.S

Fossil is one of the top brands in India and is known for its sophisticated and snazzy watches. It creates timepieces for all the age group and gender of the society. 

Though the brand is very much popular among the ladies, the men and the kid's collection is also impressive.

Whether it is a smart watch, analogue watch, and chronograph watch it digital watch Fossil is the master of all trades.

Fossil watch brand is also known for its design variants, Innovative technology, and amazing features

It offers premium class wrist watches, this is why it is one of the best wrist watch brands in India.

Fossil offers endless colour options and thus you can easily find the watch that suits your personality and outfit as well. Its ultra-light design and contemporary looks make this watch irresistible.

Shop Fossil’s latest collection now and find a true amalgamation of style and technology.

6. Maxima



  • Industry: Retail, general merchandise
  • Founded: Vilnius 
  • Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania 

When it comes to brand value, Maxima is also giving tough competition to all the big brands for years.

This is the seventh most popular top wrist watch brands in India and is known for its wide collectionspectacular designs, and numerous quality features.

In addition to this, Maxima are also known for its couple watches, where you get the same design watch for gifting the marriage couple.

You'll glad to know that the concept of couple watches has made popular by this brand.

If you are looking for the affordable watches Maxima should be your final destination. Here you will find watches starting with Rupees 400 to 40000 with a variety of designs.

These trendy and youthful watches are available in the collection of sports, analoguechronograph, and digital. With a sleek design and phenomenal product standards, Maxima are counted amongst the leading best watch brands in India.

7. Casio



  • Industry: Consumer Electronics
  • Founded: April 1946; 73 years ago (as Kashio Seisakujo) June 1957 (as Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
  • Founder: Tadao Kashio

Casio is a Japanese famous watch brands and hence you can expect it to be Top notch in mechanization.

Busted with technically strong manufacturing and fashionable design, the timepieces of Casio are superbly admired in India, Unlike ordinary watches.

Casio watches are designed keeping the trend and style in mind. From formal to casual, from funky to sporty and from simple to smart watches.

Casio offers a vast collection to entertain people of all ages. However, before proceeding towards these watches, let me clear you one thing that these watches are little expensive.

So, if you are looking for a budget option then Casio watches won't work for you. These watches offer a unique fusion of function with fashion.

Casio watches not only elegant and graceful but also feature absolute toughness and lasts for a pretty long time. Add this fashionable and trend watch to your collection and show your class. 

8. Citizen

The list of the watch brands is complete without mentioning the name of yet another leading brand, which is none other than Citizen.

Standing at the position eight and a widely accepted brand in the country.

Citizen is loaded with top-notch technique and offers a gamut of watch options to the customers.

You'll be surprised to know that fact that citizen is the first company who introduced the concept of solar panels in watches.

Citizen is admired for its collection, be it digital watcheschronograph, and analogue. However, these watches are a bit expensive but trust me, it is worth investing.

Citizen watches perfectly blends technology with style and therefore, come up with the classic collection which never goes out of style. These watches look fantabulous at all occasions, be it a family function or a corporate party.

Pair it with your denim and excel your fashion game with ease.

9. Emporio Armani

With their super classy designing and dynamic technique, Emporio Armani is standing at the ninth position of the most popular best watch brand in India.

This is an Italian brand and thus offer sophisticated designs infused with high-end technology. From digital, chronograph and analogue to smartwatches, Emporio Armani has it all.

These watches are manufactured by keeping current fashion trends and technology in concern which makes this best brand for watches in India.

Emporio Armani mainly designs watches with old-school gear technique, therefore these watches are very accurate and also highly expensive.

Being an internationally popular watch brands Emporio Armani is perfect to make a class impression and a fashion statement. If you are a big fan of watches and love to collect the beautiful pieces then going with Emporio Armani will add the stars to your collection.

Shop for the latest collection now and reflect your sense of fashion and style. 

10. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger


  • Industry: Fashion industry, Apparel,Perfume
  • Founded: 1985
  • Founder: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tommy Hilfiger is a name not just famous watch brands in India but also widely accepted by the world.

This is an American manufacturing company known for its fashionable products and value for money designs.

After proving their domination in the perfumes, clothes and bags industry, now this brand has stepped in the world of watches and set the competition on fire by offering specially designed wristwatches.

Being an internationally popular watch brands, Tommy Hilfiger offers a fashionable and stylish collection of watches which you simply can't resist.

Tommy Hilfiger watches brand is also known for the sporty and the classic watch collection. Though watches of this brand are a little expensive, but its modern designing is worth to be paid for.

They offer numerous design variants and trust me you'll get confused that which one to choose and which one to left. Shop for their collection and complement your style with these premium watches. 

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Watches 

Whether you are a working man, a housewife, a teenager or a kid we all love to accessorize ourselves with one common thing and that is a watch. The watch makes a usual accessory irrespective of your gender and the occasion you are about to attend.

We have some of the top 10 watch brands in India with hundreds of collection and thousands of watches. These watch brands are known for their darling timepieces which are designed for every generation of the time. These brands have different categories for every moment and everyone.

For instance, all top brands of watches in India, have their collection for men, women, and kids. Also, they have a different type of watches like formal, sports, funky, kids and cocktail collection. With so many timepieces, it is very difficult for a buyer to select the watch from top 10 list of best watch brands.

So, we have brought you a buying guide which will help you select the best watches from all the top Indian watch brand list.

Factors to Consider


Deciding on pricing is the foremost and a valuable step of buying anything and the same applies to the best watches in India as well. If you have a strong budget you can pick from the top watch brands and if you are a little low in pricing you can opt for the reasonable ones.

And that is why you have to first know your budget for the watch and then start moving to the other watches. There are many luxurious watch brands with their watches starting from Rs 50000 and also have timepieces for Rs 5 lakh.

We also have mid-range list of branded watches, with the collection starting from Rs 1000. You just have to decide which one is pocket soothing for you.


As I have already told you India has numerous popular watch selling brands and selecting one is a tough call. You can do the same very easily if you know your budget and the watch features.

Like, if you have a rich estimate you can go with the best watch brands in India like Rolex, Emporio Armani, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and more. And if you just buying a watch for the sake of wearing you can even go with affordable Indian brands list of watches like Maxima, Timex, Titan, Fastrack, etc;

These watch brands are budget-friendly and are known for the durable timepieces they manufacturers.


It is said that your watch should always compliment your persona and hence what is your style and who you are is an important question to be answered while selecting the Good watch brands in India.

Like if you are a swimmer and you want to keep track of the time even while swimming going with a metallic watch will be nothing but the waste of money. Similarly, if you are a banker a funky watch with a colourful strap will create a bad impression on your clients.

And that is the reason why we ‘who you are’ is important and one should buy the watch depending on that.


Every watch has a vital asset and a dial is that thing. Dial or its mechanism plays a vital role because it is something leading to the price and style of the watches. We have divided the section dial into two subsections which will help you to choose top watch brands in India.


Mechanism tells you about the criteria used in the construction of the watch. Normally the watches have three types of mechanism.

  • MECHANICAL: Mechanical watches are the old school ones working on the gear system. These types of timepieces have several gears connected with a handspring which provides the gear energy to keep working. This is a very complex type of mechanism and you will find this in only luxurious vintage watches. This type of mechanism is also known for its Accuracy in timing.
  • QUARTZ: The next one is the most common type of mechanism used in the manufacturing of the watches. Quads mechanism also has the gears but here instead of handspring, a battery provides the energy of rotation to the gears. This is the most common type of mechanism found in today's watches. This one also gives accurate reading however even the mid-range watches have this mechanism.
  • DIGITAL: Digital is also a very common type of watch mechanism these days. There are numerous watches luxurious brands are designing which are based on the digital platform. In this platform, gears are almost absent and all the work is performed by the batteries and the intelligent system.

" How to Choose the Right Wristwatch for YOU! "


Gone are the days when you just had a single sized dial. The modern generation is very specific about their looks and the dial size of the watch has a major role in that. If your choice is of a normally sized dial you can go with the dial size of 32 mm to 44 mm.

As the bigger dial size is in the fashion these days you can also find the dial with the diameter of more than 46 mm to 52 mm. Before selecting the size of the dial you should also have the information about your wrist and where you are going to wear the watch. 

If you have a thin and round wrist you should go for a small dial watch and if you have a big and broader wrist going with the bigger dial watch will work. Also, formal watches should have an average size dial however if you want to go funky you can opt for the bigger size dial.


Straps are also very much important in making your look watch just appropriate with your personality. In the market, you will find metal straps, leather straps, plastic an even fiber straps.

  • METAL: metal straps are good to enhance your personality. It gives you a heavy look and is a great casual accessory. Metal straps are normally made up of stainless steel. Many luxurious brands even have pure gold or platinum straps. You can select the one as per your budget.
  • LEATHER STRAP: if you want to go a little more professional going with the Black Or brown leather strap would work. However, the leather straps of the mid-range watches are not that impressive. On the other hand, expensive watches have a very fine quality leather strap.
  • PLASTIC STRAPS: you will normally find plastic straps in the kid's watches. Though, watches designed for the professionals working with or underwater also have plastic straps.
  • Fiber OR CLOTHING STRAP: this type of straps are normally found in the women watches. There are some collections of fiber straps watches with multiple strap option. Watches with multiple straps provide the women with an option to pair their watch with the dress.


As I have already mentioned in the article your watch should always speak about your style. There is a huge collection of watches in the market today and getting the one soothing your personality is a task. So we have provided you a list of branded watches, select according to your need and requirement.

Type of Watches

The market is stuffed we with watches and choose the one that will make your time go happily is a critical part. So, before you understand your personality and make a budget to buy the watch of your will, you should know about the best watches in India, and what makes it different from each other:

  • ANALOGUE: Analogue type of watches is the most common ones in the category. I prefer it as a usual tick-tock watch. But even this type of watch has changed a lot. There are beautiful analogue watches with a different type of stripes from metal to leather ones. The analogue watches with leather belts are a perfect formal accessory and the analogue watches with a metal strap are good for parties.
  • DIVING: Diving watches are highly water-resistant and designed keeping in mind a diver. These are the type of watches specially designed for those who work under the water like a swimmer, diver, etc.; this type of watches is normally made up of plastic or plastic-like fibre.
  • DIGITAL: Digital watches are also good as it creates a different impression. Though these types of watches are normally coming under the category of sports watch you can also find formal and casual digital watches. Apart from the time this type of watches can even show date and day and can also work as a stopwatch.
  • CHRONOGRAPH: chronograph watch is designed on the concept of sundials inside the main dial. This is best for you if you want to keep the track of the date, day, direction and different time zone. Chronograph enhances the beauty of that I am making it look complex yet stylish.
  • SPORTY: sports watches are the most durable watches of the collection. There is rigid watches are waterproof, scratchproof and shows very accurate time. Which makes it perfect for those who are involved in outdoor physical activity? Luxurious brands have a super stylish collection of sports watches. Even the mid-range brands provide their customers with very durable sports watches.
  • SMART: the very newest at the category is the smart watches. As the name says Smart, this type of timepieces can do hundreds of things more than just showing the time. Other than the regular features like stopwatch, day and date, it is very easy to connect your smart watch with your smartphone. You can also keep track of your heartbeat, your steps, and even your location. 

Multiple brands have thousands of collections and keeping these points in mind you can easily find the relevant watch for you. So, what are you waiting for time is ticking go grab the top 10 watch brands in India for you.

Here is the List of Top 10  Best Watch Brands in India


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