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Top 20 Best Watches for Men in India (2020)

Edited by Jhalak

Watches are something that never goes out of fashion. There are numerous brand available today with thousands of watch and it is tough to find the perfect piece.

In this complicated situation, we look forward to the ones with some unique features and made-up of good material.

And if you are budget cautious you have to be a little picky about the watches. Men are always found to fond of watches and they want it to be just perfect for their personalities and from all the other aspects. 

This year is a great year for watches men have got tons of collection, which has chosen the best one really a difficult task.

Luxury brands also came up with some beautiful timepieces and make the selection process even more complex.

watches for men -feature-

So, to make it easier for you we have selected Top 20 best watches for men in India. We have picked up these watches depending upon their innovative features, the material they are made up of, quality the watches provide and a lot more. Let's explore the list and have a look at the Top 20 best watches for men in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the Men's Watch Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest men's watches and tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Let's explore the list and have a look at the features along with the pros and cons of the Top 20 Best Watches for Men in India.

Top 20 Best Watches for Men in India

Although my favorite among all is Sonata Digital NK77004PP03 but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Sonata Digital (NKNK77004PP03)

Sonata is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy brands in India. You can surely go for any of the Sonata watches and you are going to get the best quality watches.

If you want to go digital then Sonata Digital Black Dial Men's Watch -NK77004PP03 is also a great option.

You can go with this dependable brand and get the quality, look and innovation in hand.

And the next very important thing is this watch is not so expensive and that is why it will not harm your pocket.

2. Fossil Dean Chronograph (FS4542)

Fossil is a great brand for those who want something kicky but can't afford expensive watches. This silver stainless steel watch can enhance your stylish appearance.

Fossil Dean Black Dial Men's Watch - FS4542 is a Chronograph Analog watch which is also resistant to water. You can definitely go for this long-lasting timepiece.

3. Casio Edifice Chronograph (EX194)

This is another super handsome watch in the list of semi-expensive watches. Casio Edifice, belongs to the chronograph type of watch.

It has an always stylish brown dial and brown leather makes it look even more mesmerizing. The chronograph shows split time, date, direction and it even has a stopwatch.

This is truly amongst the best watch in the category.

4. Casio G-Shock (G340)

The G shock section of Casio is a must have in your watch collection. Casio is for those who want to show off their sporty look by maintaining their swagger. This digital piece is water and shockproof and is made up of mineral glass which gives it added durability. It has LED flashlight, timer, buzzer and many other attractive features.

5. Casio G-Shock (G485)

Men are using digital dial since a very long time to make this simple look go sporty.

Casio G-Shock Digital is a handsome timepiece design for the men's who don't want to take out their watch and ready to do almost everything wearing it.

This watch is 200m water resistant and tough solar. 

This is a radio controlled watch which means you are going to get temperature, barometric pressure, direction, and altitude on your fingertips. Isn't this one a great gift too?

6. Timex Analog Watch (TW000EL07)

Want to go with something affordable yet fancy, then you can buy Timex Analog Grey Dial Men's Watch-TW000EL07. We can call this watch anywhere and anytime wearable watch.

It is so fancy that you can wear it in your office and even at some party.

And it is so affordable and durable that you can definitely wear it as long as you want irrespective of whatever you are doing.

As this one is not that high in the range you can even gift it to your male friends.

7. Titan Karishma (NK1638SM01)

You can call Titan one of the most popular and trustworthy watch brands in India. People blindly trust the quality and the durability of the Titan watches. Titan Karishma Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch -NK1638SM01 is the best in the category and we suggest you make this one your first preference.

This is a silver stainless steel model redefining elegance. Its simply is what makes is majestic and a great choice for men.

8. Fossil Explorist (FTW4002)

Fossil is a superlative brand every man would choose to go with. Fossil Q Gen 4 Hr is a smartwatch with really handsome features.

This watch has a display screen and uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone.

Every time your phone gets a notification your smartwatch will notify you with a gentle buzzer.

I think this watch is a great pick.

9. Skagen Connected Hybrid Smart Watch (SKT1103)

This hybrid smartwatch from Skagen is also a good pick for men. This watch will let you do almost everything you do with your phone.

You can receive calls, respond to the messages, look for the direction and much more.

In fact, this one also has a pedometer, you can also check your heart rate and can also use it as an activity tracker.

10. Titan Karishma (1774SL01)

I really like this collection of Titan. This one has the look, affordability and sustainability. Titan Karishma Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch - 1774SL01 also a very much popular timepiece of the brand as men are in love with it. With a beautiful dial and brown leather belt, it looks more sturdy.

11. Diesel Chronograph (DZ4297)

Diesel has also come up like a great brand when it comes to providing value for money to their customers.

The model number DZ4297 of diesel is a chronograph design, with black painted dial and copper coloured dial cover. Its high-toned black leather makes it look simply fabulous.

It's textured belt and copper coloured look makes a difference from all the silver appearing watches.

12. Casio G-Shock (G737)

This classy watch of Casio G-Shock edition is everything a man would desire.

The perfect combination of stainless steel and tough leather will perfect to give every man a rigid look. And as it a G-Shock you would never regret it.

13. Omega Men's Watch (21230445203001)

Let us include one more super expensive watch in the list, here comes Omega Men's 21230445203001.

This is especially for those who have a rich taste and never go off the fashion.

Omega Men's 21230445203001 has blue ceramic bezel dial with a chronometer. Its bracelet is made up of stainless steel and the dial has a sapphire crystal.

Its blue colour makes it look elegant and this timepiece is something that can never go off the trend.

14. Alpina Analogue Watch (Al-525Ns5Aq6B)

If you are a fan of watches, you can never give a skip to this one. Combining fashion and elegance all together there comes Alpina Analogue Blue Dial Men's Watch.

This is another expensive timepiece which is perfect for those who love luxurious watches.

This what is water resistance and that means you don't have to take it off while swimming or at the gym.

The dial of the watch and the bracelet is made up of strong stainless steel and design in a way to make your wrist look all stylish.

15. Giordano Analog Watch (1723-00)

Giordano is also a much popular brand in India. This beautiful timepieces of Giordano are chronograph Analogue with model number 172300 and look extremely fashionable. This piece is also water resistant and crafted out of stainless steel.

16. Alpina Analogue Watch (Al-525Br5Aq6)

Looking for a handsome timepiece, here we have Alpina Analogue Black Dial Men's Watch for you. this is a beautiful alpine analogue all black watch. It's completely black dial and the black leather belt gives it a stylish look. the metal used in the body is high-grade stainless steel which makes it highly durable.

If you are looking for a watch that you can wear in your office and also while parting with your friend, you can definitely go for this one.

17. Fortis Cosmonauts (647.10.11M B-42)

Since years Fortis was making the perfect watches for every man and Fortis Men's 647.10.11M B-42 Official Cosmonauts watch us an example of that.

No man has the power to Kosay NO to this creatively designed timepiece. Round black dial and stainless steel bracelet give this watch the sophisticated appearance.

Going with a watch like this will never disappoint you as it is something loved by every man.

18. Tonino Lamborghini Chronograph (8901)

If you want to go a bit different and choose something out of the box you can try Tonino Lamborghini Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch - 8901.

This watch will not just give you brand satisfaction but also its look will make your fashion, just on the point.

This is the ‘Cult’ model of tonino Lamborghini and chronograph has made it look even more ravishing.

This is just the thing for those who want to ride along with the fashion.

19. Omega Planet Ocean (

If your taste is rich this beautiful watch from Omega is perfect for you.

Omega Men's Seamaster Plant Ocean Black Dial Watch is completely made up of stainless steel. This one also comes tag inside a stainless steel case.

You can let everybody you know how classy you are, by wearing this super expensive and luxurious watch.

It also comes with four years warranty which means this one is to stay for long with you.

20. Mont Blanc (112539)

Are you willing to ignite your passion going with MONT BLANC Heritage Vasco Da Gama Special watch, will help you do so? This is a perfect combination of innovative design and a great brand. As this one comes with a black original leather belt this what is perfect for every occasion.

You can simply wear it to your face or can even where the same at the cocktail party it will always make you look classy.

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Men's Watches

Ever since childhood, we love to wear a watch and showing it to our friends was the best to do things. As we grew up the passion for the watches has also become stronger. Whether it is a man or a woman everyone wants the perfect watch for themselves.

You will find thousands of brands selling the countless number of watches and making your buying decision even tougher. Watch is something whose work is to display time without any failure, however, the modern innovations have modified it to the core.

Buying Watch Tips for Men

Do you think only the look which matters? Absolutely not! Watch has way more details then the way it looks. Watches has developed to such a great extent and hence became a creative timepiece. Indian market is stuffed with, international and Indian brands known for designing the stylish timepieces.

Let's explore these watches and tell you guys how to buy the men’s watches. First of all, there a few points which you should always consult every time you are up to a new watch.

Factor 1: Calibre or Movement

This describes the internal working style of the watch. In technical terms, these movements inside the watch are called as calibre. This a kind of complex task done by a super complicated mechanism. There are three types of movement in the watches:


Quartz Stricker the market during 1969 and brought a revolutionary change in the mechanism of watches. Unlike the older mechanism, quartz is battery operated phenomenon. This type of timepiece has a Quartz crystal for the transmission of electrical signals generated by the battery.

This signal makes the quartz piece to vibrate 32768 times per second. A circuit counts these vibrations and converts the same into a signal after one second. Since quartz work on a battery, they are easy to use. Accuracy is the most important benefit of Quartz motion.

It doesn't have many moving parts which ultimately reduces its maintenance. It is way more durable than the watches with other types of calibre.


To run the mechanical calibre watches a mainspring holds the complete responsibility. We need to wound this spring regularly to ensure the proper working of the watch. Though from the inside mechanical timepiece is almost the same as that of Quartz ones.

However, I will give it the first position when it comes to the fascinating looks. This one also serves accuracy to a great extent. Being the one designed with a really complex mechanism this kind of watches have become a piece of collection rather than the normal wearables.

Such type knows f watches has an automatic winding mechanism, where you just have to wind the mainspring and the gears will work accordingly. Being described as the piece of art it is like a legacy which a father can give to his son and later on the son can pass on to his heirlooms.

Many mechanical watches are transparent from the back which let you see the complex gear mechanism making such watches even more fascinating.


You can even call this one the cell for winding watches. Such timepieces harvest energy from the movement of the wrist and the kinetic energy of your moving hand. This helps the mainspring to wound automatically. This type of watches is usually thicker than the normal watches.

It has a complex mechanism additional rotors making the watch heavier than others. All these things help you decide which type of watch what you actually desire.

Factor 2: Types of Watches

Watches are basically divided into five very important categories. What is your usability and how you are going to use this watch these two questions play a vital role while deciding the type of watch your persona will suit?

Aviation watch

Aviation what is especially design keeping in mind the requirement of a normal pilot. The dial is crafted to make the time visible even in the dark. Its bezel has to provide the gigantic volume of information to the aviation guy. Negation is also a major aspect of Aviation watches.

Diving watch

this type of watch is crafted especially for the diverse. Swimmers and divers spend a huge amount of time in or under the water and hence they require a watch which is completely water resistant and should have a display highly visible under the water.

Just like aviation and diving, even driving has its own genre of watches. This type of watches comes with a tachymeter, using which one can view the speed of the vehicle. These kinds of watches give the rider tough yet smart look along with utility.

Many brands have their own drivers collection and the popularity of designer test on the sky.

Dress watch

This kind of watches works like a piece of body accessories and nothing else. Normally it comes with a very simple and thin dial and a high-quality leather belt. These watches are designed to look simple and elegant enough to go almost I noticed.

Most of the men's like to wear expensive dress watches and that is the reason this collection is generally crafted out of expensive metals.

Minimalist Style

These are the simple and the classic collection of watches. The most vital part of these watches is there gears. These watches generally have manual mainspring mechanism and some even deal with quartz ones. You will normally notice high-quality metal and Roman numbers in the minimalist style watches.

Factor 3: Product Pricing

Pricing is the most complicated part of the watches. You will notice a very simple looking watch with a price tag of Rs 100,000 and the identical watch will be of only Rs 1000.

So, let me inform you the price of any timepiece is decided with its manufacturing time, the material used in the manufacturing, calibre and brand heritage. Local quartz watches are cheaper in pricing than the Swiss quartz watches.

According to me, instead of being confused you first should decide your budget as this will reduce your stress around 50%.

Factor 4: Watch Size

Here we are talking about the size of the watch’s dial. Usually, the watchers have 34mm to 44mm diameter which is an ideal size. If you have a thin wrist or an average one then you can definitely go with the above-mentioned diameter.

However, if you like the bigger dial watch, going with 44 mm to 46mm will be a great option. also, the thickness of the watch matters a lot when you search for a properly fitted watch. Obviously, the ten the watch will be the better it will settle in your wrist.

Whenever you get the chance to go with 10 mm thick watch rather than going with the 15 mm one.

How to Choose the Best Watch for YOU!

Factor 5: Chronograph

Chronograph is nothing but the complications you wish to see in your watch. Chronograph may include stopwatch, date, and an extra watch which you can set according to your GMT. we all know that we do not require a complex watch in a situation when we have the very handy smartphones.

But let me tell you this is not about the complications this is about the look of the watch. Chronograph enhances the watches look by making it look more complicated.

Factor 6: Straps

The next very important thing you have to look for is the strap. Scrap is what actually blinds your watch’s dial to your wrist. If you like to go with the Hercules or fashionable look then going with the metal straps would be nicer for you. 

And if you are looking for something less complicated and the one which makes you love gentleman go with the leather strapped one. Also, remember if your lifestyle involves lots of sweating and water-related activities you should never go with the leather strap watch.

Factor 7: Accuracy

What is to show the time and time is something which matters a lot to all of us. In general, if you look for the accurate time please you can pick quartz as a good option. Though, quartz losers or gains around 30 seconds in a week still it is good for normal people like us.

And if you want to go with the most accurate watch pick the mechanical chronograph, also known as COSC. But this type of watches is super expensive. if you are very very much concerned about the accuracy then only you should go with COSC, otherwise, quartz is the best option.

These points will take you to the watch you desire and deserve. So, what are you waiting for order your watch and start showing off it to the whole world.


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