Actress Who Exposed Casting Couch

Vardhan Bhardwaj

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Back in the early days when Sohini was acting in a TV serial, she had faced the casting couch.

Sohini Sarkar



payal Sarkar

Being one of the witty and sensible woman she knows how to deal with perverts and this actress also escaped casting couch once.

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Darshana Banik

Darshana had faced the casting couch once in the southern film industry.

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Sulagna Chatterjee

Back in 2017, he releaved how the middlemen tend to exploit newcomers and use them for the casting couch.

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Rupanjana Mitra

In 2020, the popular actress made a sexual allegation against filmmaker Arindam Sil.

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Rii Sen

Rii sen is among the very few other actresses who exposed some dark secrets about the industry and the existence of the casting couch.

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Anurupa Chakraborty

Back in 2019, this talented actress made a serious allegation against young filmmaker Pavel.

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