launches its Hair Serum In India


Adon Hair Care

Vaishali Bhatt 01/03/2022

Adon Hair Care has launched a new treatment that is formulated to combat hair loss. Adon has been very careful in the way it's being promoted, appealing to both males and females.




For the first time In India, a hair care product has a composition of 17 molecules such as redensyl, procapil, anagain, Caffeine, Melatonin, Green Apple extract, Procyanidin , Vitamin E, etc.


The USP of this product is that it has minimal side effects. However, one thing that should take into consideration that it has some drawbacks of minoxidil finasteride is it may have sexual side effects.


Growdense Hair Serum is best in controlling hair loss and also, it helps in the regrowth of hairs up to 10%. After applying, you would not find any complaints such as itching, irritation, or dandruff.


This Hair Serum comes in a 35 ML bottle, which is more than enough for one month. however, if you are facing aggressive hair fall then you need two bottles of this hair serum. 




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