Former child star Amanda Bynes is freed from conservatorship

By Prakash Kumar

24 March 2022


Amanda Bynes became famous for starring in her own sketch comedy Nickelodeon All That and The Amanda Show



The sitcom WB Whta I Like About You and movies like the comedy Easy A. Mar in 2013, when she was 28 years old





Was placed under the conservatory after several unfortunate events, such as the alleged burning of the driveway

His lawyer, David Esquibias, says his parents are worried about his well-being "and that seems to be the right thing to do right now



The following year, Bynes tweeted that he had been diagnosed with bipolar and manic depression 



And that he was being treated and visited a psychologist and psychiatrist every week



He is now 36 years old and a Southern California judge has ruled that his mother no longer has to worry about him



Esquibias says that Bynes has been working on his own for many years and has regularly reported to the court



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