What To Eat Or Not To Prevent Acne!

02 March 2022
By Pinki Bakshi

Must keep yourself hydrated always to optimize your physical processes. 

1. Water

You must avoid alcohol as they are super rich in sugar and thus, it is bad for your health. 

2. Avoid alcohol

To regulate the body's pH you must have a rich alkaline diet. 

3. Green leafy vegetables

It is high in sugar content. And thus, consumption of dairy tends to increase acne. 

4. Avoid dairy

Having a diet rich in these vitamins helps to reduce the effect of acne. But you must consult your doctor before consuming Vitamin A.

5. Vitamins A and E

Processes food are very high in sugar, salt, and fat and you can not alter them thus, you must focus on homemade items more. 

6. Avoid processed food

A low glycemic diet is low in sugar and prevents acne. 

7. Low-glycemic diets

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