Here's a list of Anti-aging Tips for your skin to maintain the glow and a radiance!

01/03/2022 Pinki Bakshi
The lack of collagen and elasticity in the skin are some of the biggest reasons causing premature skin aging. Genetics, hormonal changes, sun exposure, and smoking are external factors that greatly impact a person's health. 

1. Healthy Eating

People who eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables tend to look younger than those who don't. People who follow an anti-inflammatory diet rich in antioxidant foods appear to have smoother, firmer-looking skin with better elasticity.

2. Applying Face moisturizer

As you age, your skin loses moisture. This results in a dull and dry complexion. It is essential to seek a moisturizer that deals with the dry regions by trapping moisturizer onto your face. Eventually, this soothes the skin and gives you the opportunity to have a soft and luminous glow. 

3. Wearing Sunscreen

Getting some sun and getting outside is essential for your health but too much of it could lead to reddening and inflammation. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun every day by applying plenty of sunscreens!

4. Practice exercises

A few studies found that a moderate amount of exercise can increase circulation to the skin and boost immune system function. This increased function may improve skin condition, making it look younger.

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