Chia Seeds Health Benefits & Uses

02/03/2022 Pinki Bakshi

1. Eliminates free radicals 

Antioxidants present in Chia seeds help to fight free radicals that cause stress and cell damage. 

2. Maintains blood sugar level 

It is high in fiber, which helps to reduce insulin resistance and improves blood sugar. 

3. Improves bone health

Chia seeds are helpful in providing calcium which is important for improving bone health. 

4. Eliminates Inflammation 

Antioxidants found in chia seeds help to fight inflammation in the body and decreases risk like heart disease and cancer. 

5. Improves heart health

Quercetin available in chia seeds helps to reduce the risk of several health issues. 

6. Rich in fiber

Chia seeds are also rich in fiber which helps to improve the digestive system.

7. Hydration 

Helps to keep you hydrated for long as it absorbs water and makes you feel full.

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