Emerging Benefits and Uses of Papaya Leaf

-Pinki Bakshi


The papaya fruit, leaves, and seeds are used in medicinal practices for a long time. Whereas, the leaves are used for various health and illness treatments. Check now to discover emerging benefits!

Papaya leaf provides treatment to some extent for managing dengue symptoms of fever as it helps in increasing blood platelet. 

Treats dengue fever symptoms:


Papaya leaf is enriched with Vitamin C which is considered good for healthy skin & radiant glow by reducing the free radicals. Also deals with skin problems like acne & pimples

 Improves skin health:


The papaya leaves are also known to be capable of supporting the digestive system. As the fiber present in the leaves supports healthy digestive functioning. 

Improves digestion:


The juice of Papaya leaf is helpful in acting as a powerful remedy for healing chronic liver-related diseases by cleaning the liver. 

Considered Good for lever:


The papaya leaf extract is helpful in promoting hair growth and preventing hair thinning. Also acts as a powerful ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoo. 

Promotes hair growth:




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