Fruits Rich in Calcium

 Pinki Bakshi

01 MARCH, 2022

The 100g of dried apricot contains 5mg of calcium. Especially hikers and bikers prefer this delicious fruit. 

 1. Dried Apricots:

Each pear is capable of providing 58 mg of calcium. This is also popularly known as Red Tunas. 

  2. Prickly Pears:

Mulberries are great source of calcium as they provide 55mg of calcium in just 1 cup serving. It is also rich in carbs, proteins and calories. 

 3. Mulberries:

Kiwi is a delicious fruit which helps to rejuvenate you and provide 34 mg of calcium in just 100g of serving. 

 4. Kiwi:

It contains up to 12 mg of calcium and helps to boost greatly.  It is also rich in Vitamin A and C. 

 5. Kumquats:

100 g of blackberries provides 29 mg of Calcium. It is rich in fiber, Vitamin C,  K, manganese as wella s supports oral health. 

 6. Blackberries:

Packed with Vitamin C , A, nutrients and Fiber it is a great source of calcium as well.  A 100 g of it provides 12 mg of calcium. 

 7. Passion-Fruit

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