By Pinki Bakshi
02 March, 2022

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Immune Booster Foods

1. Garlic

Often added in every cuisine, helps to fight infections & lowers blood pressure. It is helpful in improving immune by its sulfur-containing compounds. 

Plain Yogurt helps to stimulate the immune system to fight diseases. Paired up with healthy fruits and honey it is more beneficial. 

2. Yogurt

The seeds are loaded with the goodness of nutrients, like magnesium, vitamin B6, and E. Vitamin E is very helpful in maintaining immune functioning. 

3. Sunflower seeds

It is highly rich in nutrients like potassium, Vitamin K & C. Vitamin C helps to improve the WBC to fight off the infection. As well as promotes proper body functioning.

4. Kiwi

It contains antioxidant properties that help to boost the immune system. The flavonoids present in it helps to fight infection and the common cold.

5. Blueberries

Sweet potatoes are highly rich in antioxidants. It is rich in Vitamin A. Helps to make skin healthy and heal it if it is damaged with UV rays. 

6. Sweet potatoes

Red bell peppers are an excellent source of Vitamin C. This is also rich in beta carotene. It is very often used in boosting the immune system and promotes healthy eyes & skin. 

7. Red bell peppers

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