How To Make These Masks For Healthy Skin. 

By Vaishali Bhatt
07 March 2022

Must Learn

This anti-aging maks deals with dull skin. Helps to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin , brings radiant glow.

1. Coffee + turmeric + yogurt

Massaging this paste you can give a perfect moisturizing session to your skin also eliminate signs of ageing. You can also reduce dark spots and dryness.

2. Coffee + honey

This paste helps to maintain an even skin tone, coffee and milk is the effective solution for this. Also reduces impurities from skin.

3. Coffee + milk

Coffee and lemon assist in eliminating sun tan and gives clear complexion. You can also get rid of dead skin. 

4. Coffee + lemon

Aloe vera is popularly known  as an antiseptic which helps to fights skin related issues whereas, caffeine fights dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes. 

5. Coffee + aloe vera

Coconut is able to hydarte your skin whereas, the mixture of both will act as a scub and mask that will reduce dead skin cells. 

6. Coffee + coconut oil

The mixture of both will help to give your skin a rejuvenating feel. It will also act as an anti-ageing agent for your skin. 

7. Coffee + pumpkin

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