Are the microplastics in your food dangerous to your health

By Pinki Bakshi

What is microplastics in food?

Microplastics are a mixture of those that manufacturers deliberately add, such as fillers and stabilizers, and those that accumulate as by-products, such as residues and impurities. Some common health risk are given in the next slide

Disrupting hormones

Research continues to show that exposure to BPA plays a role in infertility not just in females, but males alike. New studies are coming out regarding the harmful effects of BPA and its ubiquitous presence, even in products that claim otherwise.


Risk of chronic disease

A study suggests that eating food contaminated by these microplastics causes as much harm to the health of a person and raises their risk of chronic conditions to the same degree as following an unbalanced diet.


Impairing immune health

A review from 2020 found that exposure to microplastics leads to poor gut health and weakened immunity.


3. Use glass or stainless steel water bottles
2. Choose eco-friendly packaging
1. Limit highly processed foods
We can't completely avoid microplastics, there are some easy things you can do to reduce your exposure by putting them directly in your body. 

How to minimize exposure?


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