Perks of Mountain Pose in Yoga


-By Pinki Bakshi-

Also, known as Tadasana, this pose offers multiplex benefits including balancing muscles and growing awareness. It impacts your daily movements as well. 

1. Benefits Self Esteem:

This asana affects your body as well in positive ways such as an improved sense of self-esteem that too in just 2 minutes.

This pose is also helpful in boosting your digestive system performance. As your core is engaged in this asana.

2. Improve your digestive system performance:

3. Helps in building strength:

This asana is also helpful in strengthening the complete back of the entire body. This pose is also an alternative for strength training. 

This pose aims at standing tall and that too straight which helps in improving your body balance and awareness. 

4. Develops Balance:

5. Helps in improving flexibility:

This asana is also helpful in improving body flexibility. When this pose is done perfectly your back becomes more flexible. 

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